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David B

2 years ago

Thank you for all the services you provided me and my son!

Mary Dries

2 years ago

Buyer beware! The picture for dog turkey tendon shows a bag with many but you actually just get one treat. Over 7 dollars.

Amie Roche

2 years ago

Great local pet shop with a huge selection of toys, treats, and anything else you'd need!

Jami Ippolito

2 years ago

I love this store. Best pet supply shop in the city. Especially if you're into natural food, raw food & gently cooked food. Most freezers I've seen in a pet food store. They have a spectacular bakery and birthday cake section fully stocked with seasonal cookies pastries and other treats Their goodie bars down the middle of the store are packed with penny candy type treats, jerkies, sausages, bones, & chews of all kind so much to choose from, my dog was going berserk. Also their customer service is wonderful. Michaela took the time to understand my dog's current diet & condition, gave me samples and of course I was back the next day to buy what my dog loved. Can't recommend this store enough. 10 stars

Mary Wade

3 years ago

WOW talk about price goughing this is the place. I was looking everywhere on line and wanted someone closer to me to deliver the food. 3.99 a packet where everyone else is charging 1.73 a packet. Then I paided extra for what the website says 1 day shipping and received it 3 days later. I made the store aware of this and the girl who answered the phone says "sorry" seriously. My suggestion is to check around this is not the only place to get what you need. UPDATE COMPANY DID REFUND THE SHIPPING BACK TO ME SO I GAVE THEM ANOTHER STAR

Doug Crocker

3 years ago

Friendly neighborhood pet store for cats and dogs.

Angela B

3 years ago

Such a great service. Michaela Q. is so professional, patient and nice. She helped me a lot today, when we were looking for a leash. My dog loves it. Highly recommend! ❤️

Libby Youkhana

3 years ago

Stay away from the baked goods they have. I spent almost $30 on three cute looking Oreo cakes with candle on them. Come to find out that they were hard as a rock. So I called the store to find out if they were edible or not and the store clerk informed me that they were and they actually were just delivered to them the day before. I told her that all my three dogs were not able to bite into them and they spent a lot of time trying to figure out how. She told me to soak them in water to soften up. So just for fun I tried it. The end result was the water turned green and the cookies did not soften up.

Roswell SmokingWoman

3 years ago

Charge $23 for shampoo that is otherwise $6-$9 IN EVERY OTHER STORE. I will never purchase from this store again. Huge ripoff.

Megan Lenzen

3 years ago

I came here in search of new food for my senior girl who is in congestive heart failure. We were given several recommendations based on our needs, and were very pleased with the selection and service. We will be back!


3 years ago

Very pleased with my shopping experience. I went in to get my dog some frosted birthday treats & a new plush toy. You’ll definitely find everything you’re looking for & more. Knowledgeable & friendly staff. Will be back! :)

Jasmin Benavides

3 years ago

Employee was very unhelpful. We were looking for the brand Under the Weather for a bland diet for our sick dog. Online for this location said it was in stock. Employee pointed over to the section but didn’t help us find what we were looking for. Even after he finished his lengthy conversation with another customer and saw us still searching he was not trying to service us. We walked around the store several times looking and then could not even suggest any other options.

Elizabeth Auggie

3 years ago

This is a nice enough store with lots of fun toys and treats, but I did have an issue with price gouging on a particular treat my dog loves that I usually order in bulk. To be clear, I am normally more than happy to support a small business even if the price is a little higher than an equivalent product from amazon/chewy/etc A when it isn’t totally exorbitant. However, this week I went in to buy a couple pet n shape treats to tide us over in between shipments and was absolutely floored to find that they cost TWENTY FIVE TIMES as much as they would if ordered online. I have to assume there was some labeling error because this is a truly unbelievable markup. I mean seriously, twenty five times????! We left the treats on the counter and left in shock...

Cheryl R. Sprouse

3 years ago

Great product lasts for years, quick shipping.

Brian Wilson

3 years ago

Insanely expensive not sure why anyone would shop here regularly.

Stephen Stewart

3 years ago

High end dog supplies with large selection and knowledgeable staff


3 years ago

Not a very good cat supply selection, but if you have a dog there are lots of options.

Blanca Orozco

4 years ago

The customer service was awesome ????

Heather Murphy

4 years ago

Sam is awesome. I've been here twice and he was there both times to help me try to change foods for one of my dogs who's been having issues. He's extremely knowledgable about raw food which is hard to find, and I ended up finding the perfect food for my dog. Yes it is pricey but it is worth it if you care about your babies! I will definitely be back!

James Whealan

4 years ago

Sam is a knowledgeable and helpful advisor on pet nutrition. He is also a generous host to our dog Jackson, who always enjoys his visit to the store.

jojo Walsh

4 years ago

If there was a zero, that's what I would give this pet store. The most lackluster staff member, OVERPRICED by miles, limited selection. When asked if they carried covers for the cat food, "Yes, but they're too big for the cans." HUH? Then, when I came back in to inquire about an overcharge (price on bag higher than price charged on receipt), "Come over here to look at the screen - this is the price." Well - that's not the price marked on the bag. . . "I was told to go by the price in the system, not on the bag." Well - whoever told you that was a way to treat a customer is W.R.O.N.G. bye bye - won't EVER COME BACK.

Joshua Lampert

4 years ago

Paw Naturals is no different from any other fancy pet food shoppe that caters to the affluent. I initially began shopping here due to its location, but remained a client solely because of Sam. This person has given me a real education on pet food, which has translated to a wonderful diet for my puppy. I never knew how to calculate the sugar content in pet food, until I met him. If you or someone you know is interested in giving their pet a better diet, I highly recommend taking a trip here to visit Sam.

Margarita M (immargarita)

4 years ago

Unfortunately, I've not been to the shop being that we live in Pittsburgh, however, just recently placed an order through their website and they were fantastic even after I hit a glitch at checkout. I wrote them about the matter and they contacted me immediately and it was like 8pm. They resolved it rather promptly and I was able to complete my first purchase later that day. Next morning I got an email and a call about an item that was sold out and they quickly offered a resolution and shipped my order that day. Just received our first order a few minutes ago, packaged securely and not skimping on the tape, everything arrived in excellent condition, in addition, they threw in several samples for our 3 funny felines. They are gonna be ecstatic if they ever wake up from their afternoon slumber ???? I'll be back for sure because of their excellent healthy options for kitties and excellent customer service. Hopefully they'll be adding more stuff for kitties. YIPPY!

Maximano esquivel

4 years ago

Rude customers bad service over priced

Xiaochen Wang

4 years ago

They have very good quality pet food and treats. Sam helped me when I visited the store to look for a new brand of cat food. When I asked for recommendations, he didn't just point out some brands, but also read the ingredient lists to identify which ones might be more suitable. When I told him that my cat is very picky, he gave me some samples to try out before purchase a whole bag. It might be a little pricer than online store, but the custom service makes it totally worth the price tag!

Nancy Aguila

4 years ago

They have raw cat food here! Awesome! I kind of wish they had more things for cats though..most of the store is for dogs and they have a small teeny section for cats holed up in the corner of just foods and catnip

Nicole D

4 years ago

Absolutely agree with the other low-rating reviews here. A small can of cat food for $3 when everywhere else is $1.50?! This place is ridiculously overpriced. I’ll do my shopping elsewhere.

Stephanie Arnold

4 years ago

All things pet food cats dogs you name it and knowledgeable and courteous customer service

Shawn Lai

4 years ago

This was a nice pet store. They stock unique brands that are organic/natural/holistic. The staff was very friendly and helpful. We passed by while browsing the neighborhood and ended up purchasing some dog treats. It is a welcome change from the standard Petco or chain pet store and was interesting seeing all the local or organic brands/items. They offered whole bones, frozen or dry, all types of antlers and other marrow products. We will definitely be visiting again when in the neighborhood. Prices are on the higher side, as expected from organic brands, but I felt the quality was worth the extra money.

Lisa Tintner

5 years ago

Great store, great staff, great location, who could ask for more

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