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a year ago

Since they started the appointment system rather than walk ins, the experience has been much better and I decided to continue using their services.

Cameron Lamir

a year ago

The staff is always friendly and helpful, I’ve always had a good experience and I leave feeling like my dog is in good hands. The examine rooms, lobby, and restroom are all clean, well lit, and welcoming.

zachary Lloyd

a year ago

Old town has always given my pet Sam nothing but the best care. Even during this difficult time they always do their best to have us seen and if not possible due to the amount of pets they see on an everyday basis, they will let us know how and where we can receive urgent care if necessary. I always feel confident that my pet is receiving the best care. Super kind, knowledgeable and understanding. I can’t say enough good things about old town and the staff!

Tony Kremer

a year ago

Had some severe difficulty in having enough vets and employees to give the best customer service over this last year. But things are changing with the acquisition of some fantastic talented doctors, technicians, and staff. Looking forward to a great 2022 for all of our clients and patients!!

Seanna Mullen

a year ago

Update in light of their response: You can't find us in your records? How many other dogs have you done this to?!? You probably have it under Ali from One Tail at a Time - not her parents name or her name. And there isn't anything you can do to improve the situation. I wouldn't ever trust you with my dog again. Wish I could give a zero star review. We experienced just absolute lack of care and negligence from start to finish. Do not take your pet here. We brought our puppy in for a spay and gastropexy, and they only performed the spay. We didn't find out until we picked her up. We were shocked and saddened to say the least. Soon after we learned our dog had kidney disease. This isn't something Old Town let us know about because they didn't actually do blood work on our dog either.

Nick Maslanka

a year ago

Fantastic staff & great service!

Kaitlyn Vasko

a year ago

It pays to have a relationship with your vet. As an ongoing member of their care plan, they always seem to take care of us if we have an emergency or a concern.

jennifer kalem

a year ago

Not only is the staff wonderful to me when I put my dog down they were so comforting and when I took my other dog they were so nice took very good care of her reasonable prices I love this place

David Civitarese

a year ago

Have been taking my pups here for about a year and always have a great experience. The team has been adaptive with all the challenges surrounding COVID and still manage to thoroughly answer all of my questions. The vets are very knowledgeable and always take the time to make sure I understand how to best care for my pets. I always recommend them to my family / friends as many of them have gotten new pets recently.

Chris Haris

a year ago

I have revised my review to 2 stars, because I understand the pandemic played a role in mine and other’s frustrations; BUT it is horrible policy to separate people from their pets, and to misquote people on wait times. I was bringing two little, easy going dogs to this clinic regularly and it is is across the street from where I live, and I was so turned off by my treatment here, that I drive across town now to a business that appreciates us. Thank you and I hope this helps.

Cliff Helfer

a year ago

This is the worst business in town. They don't answer their phones. They aren't very responsive in emergencies. They hang up on you. If you want to have a bad experience, then go to Old Town Care Center. If you want to have a better experience, go just about anywhere else.

Haley Smith

a year ago

I recently switched my vet in Chicago to Old Town Animal Care Center. I have been extremely please with their care. The providers are very responsive and knowledgable. Their hours make it easy to get in for appointments and they make quick appointments for vaccines or a follow-up check up extremely easy and convenient. They recently switched from walk-in to appointment based care- I was able to get my dog in right away and I had no wait! On top of that, their wellness plan is a great deal.

Lindsay Beyer

a year ago

Communication is terrible!!! My dog broke his elbow on Sunday, so we showed up for an emergency visit. They could not get the correct X-rays so made me come back on Monday to confirm that his elbow was broken, which meant I had to pay for 2 vet visits plus 2 sets of X-rays. I dropped him off early in the morning and by early afternoon I still had not received an update on how he was doing. So I called and the front desk had no idea what was going on yet would not ask anyone and just told me to wait for a call. When I picked him up that afternoon the vet did not even discuss the plan with me, I just checked out and paid the bill. She did call me later in the evening which was appreciate but he was on pain meds and at time of discharge I was not given any directions. It was confirmed that he broke his elbow and he had to wait 2 days for surgery! He was in so much pain but the ortho surgeon was not in until Wednesday, so we unfortunately waited. When I picked him up from surgery the discharge papers stated he would need range of motion exercises and when I asked what that was the vet tech told me the vet would come out and discuss. Well, I waited and the vet tech came out and told me "the doctor will email you videos." I just felt like this entire experience was terrible and overall communication was beyond unprofessional. We have been going here since he was a puppy and even though we have always had long wait times we have been a loyal client but after this experience we are considering on finding a new vet clinic.

Mauricio Martinez

a year ago

This was the only vet close by that would accept my cat as a new patient on short notice. Our building management needed proof of Rabies vaccination but due to her being a strict indoor cat and never socializing with other animals, we’ve never felt the need to get one for her. I will admit some of the reviews made me skeptical at first but once I arrived, it was completely different. You can tell how well maintained the place is. We waited less than 15 mins to be seen after checking in for our appointment and waited maybe 10 minutes before the doctor came in and gave my cat a psychical first before the vaccine. The entire appointment was less than an hour overall which was perfect because my cat hates being in a cage. Dr. Williams was 100% transparent with everything and what made the experience 1000x better, was her ability to make my cat completely comfortable and calm throughout the entire appointment. The entire staff were so kind and professional even after me having poor time management and having to reschedule. The total was also pretty inexpensive for a vet like this in the city. There is also free parking in the front lot which is a bonus. Will definitely be returning here if needed.

Wesley Anne Barden

a year ago

I've been going here since our dog was a puppy (3+ years now) and I would never recommend this place to anyone. I only continued going to OTACC because of the close proximity to my home; but it's just not worth it anymore. I honestly don't know how they're in business. I have never had a visit last less than 3 hours, including regular vaccinations/check-ins. Despite arriving at "slower" business hours/days and with only a few people in the lobby, the wait is hours. People try to remain patient but you can tell everyone is frustrated. I've also never had a visit where my bill was correct; I'm either charged for a service that didn't happen or there is miscommunication with the front & back desks. You can also expect to wait on the phone for 20+ minutes just to speak to someone; sometimes I've even been hung up on! DO NOT GO HERE. Update: I saw they recently responded to my comment and mentioned they’ve made changes to appointments since my last visit in Nov 2020….To be clear- I’ve tried to make 3 appts since. One visit they told me they weren’t able to fit in my dog (despite being an emergency) and recommended I go somewhere else. And the two other times I waited on the phone for over 20 minutes only to be hung up on. Again-Avoid this place.

Cat Murdock

a year ago

We are new Chicago transplants, and just wanted to say how much we LOVE Old Town Animal Care Center. First, the pricing for metropolitan veterinary care is great. Plus, with the Center being in the city the selection of doctors is really high caliber so well worth any cost. Second, I love that they allow appointment scheduling ahead-of-time. Previously, they were walk-in-only which was challenging on my schedule. It's great that they allow clients to pick a time that works for them, and when I've taken my pets in there was no wait at our appointment time so we were in-and-out as expected. However, when my puppy swallowed something she shouldn't have swallowed, they were more than happy to provide an urgent same-day appointment when I called for the request. Apparently, they set aside some time specifically for emergencies. I'm sure these appointments are limited as resources are finite, but so far I've never had a problem and I know they have other emergency resources to recommend if they are too busy. Also, times are weird these days, and given the challenges of a customer facing business that requires in-person appointments during a pandemic, Old Town excels. They are very supportive of masking culture and adhere to local guidelines. They have ample hand sanitizer available, and I was really grateful for the professional approach to both patient/pet and human health.

Sara B

a year ago

Had to call for an appointment but was able to get in quickly. When I came In for my appointment the tech saw me right away and the doctor came in shortly after. The doctor was wonderful and talked me through everything. Location is very convenient and pricing is equivalent or better than other places I have gone in Chicago.

The Couponing Millennial

a year ago

Really great with getting our pup in quickly for a tooth extraction. Then after the surgery, the following day, they called to check in to see how he was mending. Great service, clean facility and helpful staff.

Leland Hamilton

a year ago

We came upon Old Town Veterinarian when we purchased our new puppy. This is a great place to take your pet.

Olivia Bonilla

a year ago

Used to go there all the time, until they kept trying to get a payment out for the monthly puppy package when my mom couldn’t pay anymore. Never stated on the paper they would report that to credit services. Misleading information. Beware.

Cindy Nava

2 years ago

Just found out my dog has a huge kidney stone that is the size of her bladder. This vet has been seeing my dog since she was 6 months old! They told me she was peeing blood because of her anxiety! This kidney stone is huge! Which they could have detected when I took my baby to them months ago and supposedly had an ultrasound ! I am furious my baby could have prevented all the pain if they would have done their job!

Clemen González

2 years ago

Poor customer service during the previous two visits! Most of the staff and doctors are great, however there are a couple of staff members that the administration should give them customer service training.I know you are getting a lot work during covid, because other clinic are having less capability of taking patients, I hope you realize you are facing this problem too. I believe Administration needs to review again their appointment policy of “no appointment necessary!”, and the new “Covid-19 policy” of calling to check in before coming to the clinic, because is not working. Even if you call in advance as requested by the new policy is a nightmare to check in your pet to be seen by the vet. This because sometimes “phone is not working”, no one answer or if you are lucky your call is answered you are place on hold for long time and your call for some reason gets disconnected. Once you talk to someone the answer you get is: “sorry we are book, try later or tomorrow”. If you try to explain that you were waiting In the phone and calling at the times the policy stabling to check in, the answer you get is “you can go to a clinic that take appointment or go to the Vet ER we will send the records” this answer sound like you are getting rid of your patient. I know that I can do that, but when you guys are treating a patient and symptoms come back, you don’t just get rid of him.

michael williams

2 years ago

I have the wellness plan for my dog to get vaccines. That is all he ever needs. I call ahead to make an appointment and they tell me they put me on the schedule. He never sees a doctor he only get a shot from the tech. They always tell me it’s an in an out. I mean they don’t have to discuss it with the dog, so why wouldn’t it be. Yet every time I go, it’s the same thing. I get there and they tell me they will add me to the schedule (for an already made appointment). Then I have to wait 15 min in a waiting room with 2 other people. Either they need more techs or they need to just admit they have no appointment system. It’s really just first come first serve. And once I came about an hour before close. Checked in, waited in car till about 5 min before close and they never called to say they obviously couldn’t see me. So I left. I bet they would have just locked up and walked right past me in the parking lot.

Monica Townsend

2 years ago

My best advice is to seriously run from this place. Everytime I go here, there is always one problem or a thousand. Short staffed, system down, overcrowded schedule, payment processing issues, never really know anything upon check in, long hold times or just hang up on you. I had a package plan with them for 3 years now and they have seriously gone down hill. Their customer service is terrible. They are not transparent on prices before your dog is treated for things not included in the package. There is always the excuse of short staff, COVID-19, or the staff not knowing anything about pricing as they do not handle that. They are always busy. Walk ins are a nightmare and they try to keep your pet to get a boarding fee out of you because of they lack time management skills. They put a sign up stating if any one displays rude behavior or uses foul language they will be turned away and terminated permanently from services in the future. I laughed so hard. Maybe if they had a better system and a more organized and transparent process people wouldn't lose their patience and become rude. Everyone is responsible for how they react to old town animal care center's blatant all over the place way of doing business that clearly isn't working or appealing to customers and their pets needs. But the best reaction is to not go at all, not go back, and write a review to inform others to go elsewhere. I have not been turned away but I've come close as the frustration from their terrible customer service and miscommunication and lack of transparency on prices gets to you and builds over time dealing with them and their terrible business ethics makes your patience run thin and eventually its best to call it quits and go elsewhere as they refuse to listen to the negative reviews and fix these issues. I'm at my new vet office signing a new care plan now and it was very informative and easy. For emergency situations go up the street on North Ave and Clybourne the design within reach building. They have place called Veterinary Emergency Group. They are helpful, friendly customer service, organized, and transparent. They tell you the price upfront before they do anything and you can refuse and not be charged. But they are so excellent it's hard to refuse such great care and hospitality. Plus they have snacks and a comfortable sitting area for you and cushions for your pet to lay on while you wait.

Zac Dewar

2 years ago

One of the worst customer service experiences I've had in my entire life. I tried getting an initial pet exam here and the person I spoke to was nasty and disrespectful about their lack of availability. I looked past it and tried getting a follow up appointment here. I've left 5+ voicemails and have submitted an application online and have still not spoken to a live person. Terrible, 1 star, I'll drive further before I ever go here.

Iza m

2 years ago

My dog Avalanche needed surgery in his abdominal region and I can say that Dr. Tony Kremer did an amazing job on him. His stitches were well done clean and I had no issues after. Avalanche has the wellness package and has been coming here for 2 years and they have given him all the care he needed and vaccines under the package deal. I think all clinics should have wellness packages but Old Town was by far the most affordable and reliable packages for your furry friend's health compared to other clinics that charge outrageous prices just for you to be seen and for the smallest things. Overall, I can't be happier putting Avalanche in this clinic for his health. Also they have a wonderful vets, Dr. Allen is also amazing and she has been looking after Avalanche when I bring him. She is very caring and attentive towards peoples pets. You can tell she gives her all into helping each one of her patients and owners. She is always reassuring and guiding owners on what to do and how to care for their pets. I highly recommend her for first time visitors. She is AMAZING! Thanks again to Dr. Kremer and Dr. Allen for the work that you do and the help with Avalanche, and to all the staff.

Taylor Williams

2 years ago

I love them!!! My fur baby loves them and they see him for everything from boarding, vet appts, and grooming. This last time was my last time trying a full groom as my pet was well overdue for a post pandemic/summer cut. I picked him up and he looks perfect!!! I highly recommend

Bartek Likon

2 years ago

They’ll try squeezing out every penny for services your dog doesn’t even need

David Interdonato

2 years ago

After being a client of OTAC since our dog was a puppy we have noticed a significant deterioration in service. When calling for an appointment for a possible ear infection, I was told the next available was 8 days out. This is after multiple poor service interactions over the last year being left to wait exorbitant lengths to receive simple care. Ownership has failed to properly staff the facility and simply relies on the increase in demand for pet services in the area. Not an excuse for wasting people’s time. Would highly recommend going elsewhere if your dog needs urgent care or even routine care.

Michael Matranga

2 years ago

I've been a customer of Old Town Animal Care Center (OTACC) for a couple of years now. My dog had an incident this past weekend, which we needed to see a vet immediately because of a potential life and death situation. I called first thing in the morning and was told they were short staffed that day and couldn't see my dog. However, they did tell me that the situation was serious and that my dog needed medical attention right away. I had to take my dog to another vet and pay out of pocket for the vet visit, as it should have normally been covered at OTACC. I later called back OTACC and complained that when I needed our vet the most, I was turned away. I wasn't expecting to be reimbursed for the $3000 out of pocket expenses I incurred as a result of them being "short-staffed" but I was hopeful they would at least help out. I was told that wouldn't be possible and there was nothing that could be done. I cancelled my dog package and feel like I have been lied to about the services they provide. Why would I pay $38/month for something I can't even use? I wouldn't recommend Old Town Animal Care Center to anyone. If I could give them a "0" I would.

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