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Kevin Fraser

2 years ago

We've filed a number of claims for our 16 month old chocolate lab and FIGO has been great! Always quick to respond and no push back on claims. Stoked we made the choice to get our dog Finnly pet insurance.

Jacquelyn loos

2 years ago

My dog got osteosarcoma and had many claims. Figo was always available for any questions and paid the claims fast. It was a great relief to know I did not have to worry about the expense and I could give him the best care possible.

Linda Niemi

2 years ago

New to this pet insurance, but good customer service so far. I'll let you know how good they are when there is a claim.

Harris Smriko

2 years ago

Stay away!! They will hit you with "policy exemptions" and collecting anything from them is really difficult. No transparency on why they deny claims.

Alyson Snelling

2 years ago

I cannot stress enough how much you SHOULD NOT use Figo. Without question, the worst choice of insurance company for your pet. My dog nearly died this year from an idiopathic condition that 3 vets and at least 3 specialists have been unable to diagnose. Yet the underwriters at Figo were able to miraculously determine his illness was merely a pre-existing condition due to an unrelated wellness chiropractic visit from 3 years prior. How silly of me to put my dog through nearly 8k worth of tests, vet visits, and emergency treatment when I could have simply consulted Figo for a diagnosis. I spent almost a year fighting with them to get his claims closed and covered. I was told all documents were received, but instead the acct rep marked documents were still needed in the file and I was never notified. So claims just sat there to expire. I lost count how many calls and emails I had to make in order to get the correct information in my dog's file. And after all the battle, every single claim was denied, including my appeal. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY.

Gerard Gagne

2 years ago

My premium payment was processed immediately. Naturally, there was zero problem in FIGO's processing of this transaction. …


2 years ago

Normally I don't write reviews. But with Figo I was pleasantly surprised. A recent emergency episode with my dog had me filing a claim doubting I would get anything back. The claim filing was a pretty easy process and the payment to my surprise came through. They really mean what they say. Highly recommend it to any pet owner.

Lynn Ferlisi

2 years ago

Filing a claim is the most easiest process. The health insurance industry should take notes from Figo. I upload the invoice, the notes from the session and within a few days they have processed the claim, and a few days later the money is in your account! I have told many people to use FIGO just for this process. Super satisfied.

Ally Giarratana

2 years ago

Figo is the best of the best! Their claims process is so simple and your reimbursement is just as quick.

Mike Leone

2 years ago

Total joke, they skirted every possible charged and paid nothing, total waste of money

Jamie Boerboom

2 years ago

We are very disappointed Figo's Insurance. *READ the policy & the 150 page amendments. MAKE SURE you read the amendment. SO many loop holes. All the poor reviews fall along the line to what we experienced also- For 2 years and they rejected every single claim. We rescued our dog from a "Puppy Mill" and purchased pet insurance immediately. We have insured with a different pet insurance company and it's already proved to be easier and offers more coverage within the same monthly cost. And if they post a rebuttals (Kevin) that FIGO focuses on new injuries, then maybe that should be on your website. It clearly states hereditary conditions are covered up to $1,500. FIGO's site makes it seem like they over all kinds of conditions. In 2 years is spent $1,748 in premiums. I also spent over $2,000 on a surgery that looked like it would be covered. I also spent another $837 on regular care that I know would not be covered. After 6 months of asking more more documents they denied the claim citing an obscure 6 month waiting period for knee specific injuries. (They call it orthopedic). In short, since you aren't a vet and don't know every condition your pet may have, there is no way to know until the denial comes through that it wasn't covered. Do yourself a favor. If you expect to have your pet for more than 5 years, save the $2884.00 you would pay in premiums in an account and use that for your pets care. You'll be better off.

Bonnie Hoffmaster

2 years ago

Thanks to FIGO Pet Insurance, the only thing I had to worry about during Buddy's surgery was him and his welfare. This was a huge relief. Such was not the case with the last pet insurance I had signed up with. I am so glad I switched to FIGO. They were so friendly on the phone and filing was extremely easy. Thanks for giving me peace of least with the financial part. I definitely recommend them.

Robin Mina

2 years ago

My cat, Mirabelle, passed away last week, so I feel I can fully rate every aspect of Figo’s insurance experience. You can use the app to file claims and it is VERY easy to use. I would say the majority of my claims were processed within 12 hours. Even at like, midnight. Which was great, because my cancer-stricken diabetic cat with irritable bowel disease and anxiety requiring fluoxetine was not a cheap cat to take care of. The premium did go up quite a bit over the 5 years I had her, but Figo always gave personalized reasoning (new, more reliable underwriters) and were very responsive to emails. I also appreciated their flexibility with the time it took me to file claims — I’m a huge procrastinator and sometimes it took me months to do. (There is a time limit, but it must be pretty long.) I was pleased by how much they covered. Of course all of the reasoning for my claims was legitimate, but they never once gave me a hard time for anything. I feel like insurance companies are constantly trying to get out of paying you, but Figo faithfully paid what was due to me. When Mirabelle was euthanized and I submitted the claim, they contacted me 12 hours later to offer their sympathies and to tell me they refunded the premium for the rest of the month. It was really nice to not have to reach out on my own in the midst of my depression and all the other things I have to take care of. If you research, you’ll see that there are some pet insurance companies rated higher, but when I get my next pet I’ll stick with Figo. They are honest, accessible, and timely. And the app is a VERY nice touch. Thanks for taking such good care of my sick Mirabelle, Figo. And me. My finances thank you.

Charlene Unger

2 years ago

I've always had easy claims. My cat had developed asthma at 2 years and every 2 months I get back $250+ because the inhalant costs so much!

Brooke Samuelson

2 years ago

Was great at first, but premiums have become ridiculous, the hoops you have to jump through are like going before a judge to prove your case and between the premiums and out of pocket costs I might as well just have an emergency fund set aside. Guaranteed the follow up appointment for a minor murmur that needs to be monitored will now be denied because it is now preexisting. The policy information is so unclear and purposefully so. Even my vet acknowledges how difficult they are and if they don’t choose their words carefully….denied.

Bob McCarty

2 years ago

I attempted to use the chat bot and 'Evie' disconnected me multiple times. I finally was able to leave a voicemail. A human called me back, was polite and professional and addressed my question appropriately. So humans win, bots lose. I'm new to Figo so other than this one interaction, I'm liking the service.

Jeanette Heideman

2 years ago

Excellent coverage, sometimes claims are completed the same day.

Lee Abraham

2 years ago

Had Figo for 4 years for my 2 cats. Only had to use it once and they reimbursed me quickly. Their service was good. My complaint with them is that their rates are very unstable. Each year rates went up from 40-90%. They were still cheaper than the competition, at least until this year. This year was too much and I canceled.

Pixel Rubin

2 years ago

We've been paying this pet insurance for the past 3 years. And just recently our pet had to do a Urethrostomy Perineal Surgery (PU) that cost us over $5k. This insurance is being very difficult to fulfill our claims. They're giving us all the explanations possible of why they won't pay. And so I wonder why have we been paying this insurance for the past 3 years if they don't show up when you actually have a bill to pay? I extremely disapprove this insurance and don't advice it to anyone. Please do yourself a favor and go find another insurance.

Raney John (Ren)

2 years ago

They barely cover anything. I have filed many claims paying for the max amount of service and find out they have fine print that gets them out of most things. Their insurance that covers "everything" is really just for medical emergencies like all other insurances, but for $20 more per month. They put limits on all the add-ons they have. I paid extra 120 extra for the "wellness" package, in which they will only cover up to $120 worth of why buy it?

Tamer Balci

2 years ago

They asked two years of medical record for a one year old dog. They keep asking imaginary documents so that they don’t reimburse you. Stay away from them. They will never pay your claim and drag it for weeks with unreasonable excuses.

jim leary

2 years ago

fantastic company with quick dog suffered from 2 broken knees and the 13,000 cost of surgery and rehab was covered!

Steve Crayne

2 years ago

Loving Figo, process claims fast and easy. Great piece of mind. So happy I chose them after doing my research. My Clover beagle is happy too.

Perry Blalock

2 years ago

Extremely helpful and pleasant! Thanks

Nicole Cannizzaro

2 years ago

Figo has made uploading and getting reimbursed for claims so easy. Thank you for taking good care of our pup!

Meg Pucino

2 years ago

My experiences with Figo have been great! Most of my claims are covered. It's EASY to file a claim, and easier to receive reimbursement. My claims are pocessed within 24-48 hours! I love Figo!

Cal Boyington

2 years ago

What a pathetic company. Simple tooth extraction, claim denied after months of paying into this scam. Says it is covered in clear print, paying for premium care, tooth got infected recently. These people should be put out of business. No reason as to why, just claim closed. Run from this criminal enterprise.

Alanon Monday

2 years ago


Alison White

2 years ago

I was considering switching to Figo from another pet insurance company that I have been with since 2017 because my current pet insurance raised my monthly premium by 70% this year. They told me the increase is based on state of residence. I called Figo and asked for the past 5 years' average percentage increase per year for my zip code (as they confirmed that zip code in part determines whether the monthly premium will increase annually). I was told "We don't have that." And I was asked to enter different ages for my pet online to see what increase might look like. Yes, it may give me an idea based off AGE; however, YOU JUST SAID it's also based on zip code. If you can't answer basic questions about trends in your company over the past few years specific to different locations... that's a red flag to me. After reading more Google reviews I will just take my 70% increase and move on...

Walter Harriman

2 years ago

We have 2 Golden Retrievers who have weak hind legs and have to go to physical therapy twice a week. Figo is the best pet insurance we have ever had no question! Their Website is easy to work with and their service and response time are unmatched.

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