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Briann Barnes

a year ago

Duke Animal Hospital was great. Ive taken my dog here a couple times and they were very helpful. They were able to squeeze my cat in for an appointment last minute when she was sick. They are very thorough and generally care about your pets health. The staff and doctors are so friendly.

Han Chen

a year ago

Good service for my parrot's psittacosis test.

Melanie Greyson

a year ago

Love the folks over at Duke. They take care of all of my babies (3 cats and a dog) One of my cats was a very sickly rescue, and with help from Duke, his health has improved GREATLY. They’re always busy, and I can understand why! They’re always great, trustworthy and knowledgeable when it comes to my fur children!

Nate Braga

a year ago

I had to bring in my cat, Winnie, for an unscheduled appointment. I adopted her 2 years ago and this was her first official vet visit (she got her vaccines last year at the shelter). I called the day of and they squeezed me in. Dr. Sadler gave me multiple options for Winnie’s UTI. I keep on telling her to wipe front to back (this is a joke people). He left it up to me how extensive I wanted to go with treatments. I decided to do a diagnostic and an antibiotic. Everyone was so kind and reasonable. Winnie is not a fan of leaving the house, but everyone at Duke was gentle while examining her. I had such a great experience and this will be my permanent vet while we are in Chicago.

Pete Agosto

a year ago

My son and I went to a neighborhood vet by my house and was extremely unhappy with the lack of communication I received. As a new puppy owner I went with convenience of being 5 blocks away incase something happened but I made a mistake and luckily I found Duke Animal Hospital!!!! they squeezed me in the same day I called and was so impressed. THANK YOU MACAELA!!!! she was sooooo sweet and professional and understanding that it calmed me down immediately. When we walked in, we instantly saw how clean and spotless the hospital was, also, they met or exceeded all COVID procedures to insure safety for all. Went into the patients room and Alex, the tech who was so calm and cool. She was Informative and a professional all the way, and super kind with my dog. Then Dr Phelan walked in and she educated us!!!! she was wonderful!!!! answered all of our questions and concerns with care and a understanding that we're rookies at this. She fed us tips and things to look out for and a plan for a healthy strong puppy.....free parking, clean clean clean office and professionals all around from the second you call, till the second you leave... WE WERE BLESSED TO FIND DUKE ANIMAL HOSPITAL!!!

Rachel E

a year ago

If I could give them 10 stars I would. I have a kitty who is adjusting to a new illness diagnosis and we had a bit of a scare yesterday. My old vet has closed his office temporarily (hope he's OK!) and with the specific services I needed (bloodwork, teeth cleaning), I decided to look for a new vet in the form of an animal hospital instead of a small practice. I asked a neighborhood FB group for recommendations, and Duke was one of them. I called a couple others first, who were all booked up for months and couldn't fit me in as a last minute request. Totally understandable! I decided to give Duke a call and I'm soooo glad I did. They went out of their way to get me in to see someone today, even as a new patient. Dr. Sadler was kind and engaging, very easy to work with, and kindly humored all my questions. The vet techs were amazing and patient. And, the prices were totally competitive and reasonable. Now, I don't want to promise that they can accommodate everyone at the last minute because I might have just caught them on a stable day. But, I couldn't not give them a shout out and excellent review for what they did for me and my fur baby. I immediately made an appointment for my other cat for a routine check-up.

Ryan J

a year ago

Had to take cat in for emergency visit. They squeezed us in even though they were booked solid. They ways take great care of our little fur babies. The docs are amazing there.

annette jonas

a year ago

Everybody was very gentle n caring with my cat Boo! On his final day! ^;^

Dan Landerman

a year ago

This isn't the vet you want. Seriously, do yourself a favor and read the other poor reviews and the responses to those reviews by defensive Dr. Duke here and on Yelp. Her own words speak volumes. I find this to be truly indicative of the pompous attitude held by people here and the general lack of care and customer service you will receive at this practice. I would say more but Dr. Duke will only refute it by way of more condescension and phone recordings since they cannot take criticism and generally believe they can do no wrong. Just read for yourself... pretty sad really...

Ira Sanchez

a year ago

TLDR: Good people. They'll remember you, treat you and your pet with kindness, and figure out how to work with your family's needs in moments of compromise. ---- I've unfortunately had to take my 2 dogs there for several reasons this last year. From routine follow-ups, to eyeball scratches, and inexplicable swelling, they've always been patient and kind with me. I love my dogs and have a big personality, so I can be a bit extra when I'm worried about them. They do their best to reassure you and keep you in the loop. I really like that I can text them updates and questions. It's much easier and more accessible to me than email. With all the spam in email, I can find my notes to and from them so much quicker in my text message history. I use loom.com to send them video updates, and they use those videos to get a better sense of what's going on, which is nice. I'm the type of patient/client that asks A LOT of questions about why, how, and what. I need details, reasoning, and evidence in order to understand what's going on and do my best with at-home care. They're never annoyed with my questions or nervous rambling -- or at least they are compassionate enough to never show it in the moment. I don't know how they spend all day with sad animals and stressed pet parents while still being super nice. But I'm really glad that they've been here to help my little dudes this last year.

jas s

a year ago

I recently moved into the area in a new apartment and my cat had what appeared to be some sort of allergic reaction I noticed very late at night. I called Duke the next morning and spoke to the receptionist who was extremely nice and kind. Even though they were completely booked I explained the situation my cat was experiencing including small open wounds from the scratching and the receptionist was able to speak to the doctor and squeeze me in for that afternoon so my fur baby could be seen. I arrived and staff was extremely nice. I didn’t wait long and they gave me updates throughout my entire visit when I was not in the rooming area when my cat. My fur baby was so comfortable there and was so calm with the staff. They did a thorough examination and labs as well as gave me estimates for everything that they were going to do or that could be done before they completed it just to make sure that I was able to afford it. They emailed me the visit summary and invoice right away. They even emailed to check in and see how my fur baby was doing with the meds at home. I got the lab results two days later with a very thorough and detailed email explaining the labs. I absolutely love it here and I will be a regular whenever my for baby needs to see the vet!

Jordan Affeldt

a year ago

I had such a great experience here! They were able to fit my cat in very last minute for an emergency visit, were super transparent about price, and were all around so kind and helpful! Cannot recommend it enough.

Kyla Kuhns

a year ago

I have known Dr. Duke professionally for a couple years. She is caring and compassionate and a totally awesome vet. PS. If you are a jerk or a bully to her or her staff, she will come to their defense. Aka the amazing "defensive" Dr. Duke. Keep up the great work, Dr. Duke! And, be kind, people! Kindness matters!

Lev Kalmens

a year ago

I have been taking my 12 year old dog, Frankie, here since rescuing her 6 years ago. Recently I took her in for her first (as far as I'm aware) dental cleaning. I was nervous about putting her under anesthesia for this procedure. Dr. Duke and her staff ran all the necessary blood work and were wonderful about answering all of my questions and reassuring me that my senior dog was fit to be put under. The procedure (skillfully done by Dr. Sadler) couldn't have gone better. Frankie's teeth look great and she recovered quickly. I am extremely pleased with the care that she has received at this hospital and would recommend it to anyone looking for a vet in the city in a heartbeat.

Bryan Watt

2 years ago

We just brought our pup home and wanted to get him to the vet to make sure he was on the right track. Megan was super helpful and nice and squeezed us in. Both the doctor and vet tech were incredibly informative and answered all of our questions, without judgment. We opted for some additional vaccinations and offering, but never felt pressured to purchase. In fact, I thought both the doctor and vet tech were down to earth and empathized with having a new pet. We look forward to having the folks at Duke on our side as we raise and enjoy our new pup!

Jason F

2 years ago

I had a terrible experience here after I brought my dog in for stomach ache, The vet demanded to know (rudely) what kind of food I fed my dog. I responded that I fed him Pedigree and she derided me for not feeding him better quality food. She provided no additional examination or guidance on the issue, only to change his food to pet store brand "if I can afford it." I took my dog to Blum Hospital who explained, after obtaining a stool sample, that my dog had a parasite. I've never felt so embarrassed in my life. DO NOT COME TO THIS VET!

Sandra Juarez

2 years ago

The place is great the staff very friendly and helpful the doctor has love all there patients very kind and list to you there the best

Winnie Stevenson

2 years ago

If you are reading reviews to decide whether or not to take your pet here, I strongly urge you to go elsewhere . We took our puppy here a few times for routine care and every visit it felt like we were at the car dealership- pressured to buy X, Y and Z (implication that I was a bad pet owner if I didn't). We would be asked literally 4-5 times in one visit if we wanted extra tests, vaccines, pills, microchip, schedule neuter before leaving the office, etc. The final straw that made us leave this practice was when our dog was poisoned. We brought him to the office after calling poison control. They first told us we called the wrong poison control center and that they couldn't see him until we called a different poison control they were affiliated with. When I questioned the logic of that, they said ok fine we will see your dog but fyi we charge x dollars to evaluate and can't guarantee we can treat him. When we asked specifically if they did any of the treatments for poisoning (charcoal, stomach pumping, IV, etc)- they said no. So they were basically trying to get the "evaluation" fee knowing they couldn't do a thing to help my dog (all while we were standing there holding a really sick dog, extremely stressed and worried). We have switched to a different vet office and are very happy. No sales pitches or guilt trips, and this vet actually explained the research on neutering and told us there is no rush to do the procedure. (Putting patients before profit!)

Zachary Holladay

2 years ago

Unfortunately I’ve had several negative experiences with this vet: 1. I took my cat Rufio in for an ear infection. During the visit, the veterinarian was very rude and demanded to know why my cat had not been vaccinated since 2014. The question was rather accusatory. I responded by explaining that my cat normally goes to Blum and those vaccination records would be available through them. I understand why the vet was concerned, however the tone of the question and the way I was treated was far from ideal. I must stress that I understand the doctor’s concern, but again, she was not remotely polite about it. She was extremely condescending. 2. I needed a refill for a RX for my pup. He occasionally gets irritation in his eyes due to allergies. He was prescribed some drops. When I called for a refill, I was told he would need to come back in for a complete exam, even though I had these drops filled just a few months prior. Also- I had these drops refilled no problem at another vet WITHOUT them having to see him. I strongly encourage people to consider a different vet. They seem mostly unconcerned about the bottom line. Just my experience.


2 years ago

everyone is super friendly and are loving to your pets. they were able to help both of my pets back to health! the prices are worth it for their treatment :)

Christine Carroll

2 years ago

I have been here several times with my 2 kitties and I am so impressed with the care we received! First, the basic details. I like that there is a parking lot - I can't imagine lugging 2 cats in carriers several blocks after finding parking to the office. I also appreciate their hours, as it's hard to find vets who have weekend and evening hours at all. You can usually get an appointment within a couple days too. They are very organized and efficient from a basic paperwork standpoint and send you your pet's medical records, bloodwork results, x-rays and itemized receipts immediately via email. You'll get email confirmation of your appointments, both when you book and 48 hours prior to confirm. (You'd be surprised at how many vets DON'T confirm appointments or give you your medical records, even after several weeks of requests!!) They even follow up with a personal email the day after each appointment to see how your pet is doing. Sure, it may be routine, but it's a very nice touch that makes you feel cared for. Both of my cats needed a routine dental cleaning, which I had never done before and was dreading (for mostly safety reasons, as well as financial). But the entire staff at Duke (DVMs, vet assistants and reception) was wonderful, patiently answering all my anxious questions and giving me reassurance throughout the whole process. They were in the office promptly for our 7:15 a.m. drop-off and TEXTED ME WITH UPDATES the whole day when either one of my cats was going under anesthesia, coming out of it, and recovering. I can't even tell you how much of a comfort this was for a worried cat mom. Dr. Sadler did a phenomenal job! We have also been there to see if one of my cats had something wrong with her throat (she had been meowing very hoarsely for several days)...nothing ended up being wrong, but my concerns were validated and it is obvious Dr. Alore and her assistant are just wonderful with cats - gentle, quiet, calm, and kind. I highly recommend this animal hospital to anyone looking for a new vet in Chicago!

Daniel Jakubczak

2 years ago

Very professional and have been able to handle all our turtle and dog needs. Reasonably costed but having animals isn't cheap.

Meghan Knichel

2 years ago

The staff here are very thorough They've ally listen and take the steps to diagnose and give the right treatment for your pet. Expensive, but worth it if your pet has a difficult or mysterious illness.

Aimee Frantzen

2 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about the team at Duke Animal Hospital. I had an emergency with my 9 year old Goldendoodle - we are not patients of Duke's, and in fact we have just moved back to the area after a few years away so I don't have a vet here. Megan took care of squeezing us in on a Saturday morning and we were seen right away. The vet tech was incredibly knowledgeable and empathetic and Dr. Duke took great care of us even while handling another emergency. I have one other dog and plan to continue at Duke Animal Hospital for their veterinary care.

Carlye Owens

2 years ago

I took my cat to Doctor Duke when my regular vet's office was closed due to COVID. She was having some strange side effects after surgery. It turned out she actually had a heart condition and had to be placed on oxygen and taken to the emergency room. If it hasn't been for Doctor Duke she wouldn't have made it. Thanks Doctor Duke and all the staff!

Noe Silva

2 years ago

Great care and very considerate

Jolanta Baczkowska

2 years ago

Not a "favor" place to go , but stuff there are really amazing, helpful, professional, and I wouldn't take my babies anywhere else

Raechelle Evans

2 years ago

Very caring and thorough. Highly recommend.

Isabelle Gottschalk

2 years ago

The Duke Hospital staff is spectacular. Dr Leaver and Dr Phelan have both seen my Molly, and took great care of her during the visit. While I can’t go in with her during this Pandemic time, I know she’s in good hands as when they call she’s snuggled right in to their lap sometimes. While this isn’t in the neighborhood for me, I am always will to take the extra few minutes travel to get great quality care and know my pup is truly cared about.

Lisa Selleg

2 years ago

Great experience at Duke's!! Wanted to switch to primary veterinarian services for better hours and close to home. Super nice and don't recommend unneeded services.

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