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Amanda Szramiak

2 years ago

Dr. Scott & Arianna were the sweetest, most compassionate people ever. Kora was very anxious and timid, but they instantly got on the floor with her and tried to make her feel welcomed. Their approach and intense passion was evident, and I’m so thankful to have them as Kora’s healthcare providers.

Eric Kaufmann

2 years ago

Dr. Cohen and the rest of the Blum team were extremely accommodating of my highly anxious dog. They made the experience comfortable for everyone involved. Highly recommend their services.

Caroline Godellas

2 years ago

I had two visits with my dog. The first visit they pretreated him with a steroid after telling me they were using Benadryl. The second visit, I made and appointment for a heart worm vaccine, and they gave him two extra vaccines without asking. They did not check his vaccine records so he wound up getting canine flu and Bordetella twice in one year. I won't be going back.

Donn Abril

2 years ago

We have been a Blum client for over 4 years and loved dealing with Dr. Yohanna. We stayed with Blum despite moving out of the Lakeview neighborhood as Dr. Yohanna was great. We then worked with Dr. Hudson, who was also very helpful. Both vets left this practice, which was a shame. Tonight, I took my dog in due to an ear infection and was late for 15 minutes due to traffic, which Blum was aware of. They told me that I will have a longer wait because they had to attend to another appointment that was after mine, which I fully understand. They also said that there is an extra $20 charge for being late. I was fine with it. After waiting about 10 minutes, one of the vet assistants, who was very nice and very apologetic, told me that Dr. Scott refuses to see my dog and would want me to reschedule instead. This set me off. All the times I've gotten here on time, I've never been immediately attended to. At best, I would have a 20 minute wait after check in. There was someone that came after me this evening who was told that she needed to wait and I assume they are not compensating her by giving her a discount for waiting longer despite arriving on time for her scheduled appointment. Clearly, the quality of care at this place has gone down significantly. Either that or I was simply given a vet who didn't care that my dog had an ear infection. I would not recommend considering this practice at all. My experience this evening validates that they have vets like Dr. Scott who don't care about your pet or how long you've been a client since they clearly have enough business going through that door. If you want actual care and value for your pet, I would say look elsewhere.

Juli Johnson

2 years ago

After 20 + years of taking our pets to the same veterinarian, it was time for a change after the practice was bought out and the level of care dropped significantly. My mother-in-law recommended Blum Animal Hospital and we recently took our 2 two-year-old Huskadors for their first appointment. Dr Sheehan quickly defused our girls’ anxiety with her kind & gentle demeanor (and a piece of cheese ????). Dr Sheehan and the vet techs at Blum went above and beyond to not only keep our girls calm during their exam and while administering their vaccines but to also reassure us that our girls will receive quality care. Blum Animal Hospital and their staff truly are all about the experience.


2 years ago

Would recommend that no one ever uses VCA Blum Animal hospital. We have an Aussie mix that we adopted that started having neurological issues - after spending a thousand dollars on tests the vets could not determine what was wrong with her and suggested she go on anti-seizure medication. After a 30 minute google search on my end I determined her breed is susceptible to MDR-1 mutations and stopped giving her her heart worm medicine which stopped her symptoms. How can trained vets not think it could be a contraindication in her medication?? Then we took her to a ShotVet for vaccines (because they were about $300 cheaper) and we found out she is Lyme positive. VCA Blum never tested her for Lyme disease even though she came from a rescue and even when she was having neurological issues (which could be a symptom of Lyme) AND she got vaccinated for Lyme back in February. They quoted us abut $400 to re-test her and do more tests to see the status of the disease. I just have never met such an incompetent team. They are negligent and I would never trust them with my pet. We are going to go to another vet after giving VCA Blum chance after chance to redeem themselves or at least provide some sort of discount in services for the useless tests/ tests that should have been done. Please save yourself heartache and money and do not go to this vet.

Sergio Ceron

2 years ago

don't go waste your money with this new Vets, I asked for a treatment for my dog backed up by veterinarian literature and the Vet, Dr. Warren refused to give it to my dog, even when she knew that my dog's trachea was compromised. she just dismiss me saying that she had an appointment, she didn't even showed me the X-ray that I asked for. she as a vet should be LEARNING EVERY DAY ABOUT TREATEMENTS FOR HER PATIENTS. DON'T GO THERE.

Emily Rutherford

2 years ago

A "fear free" practice makes a big difference for pets, and I see the proof every time I bring my cat to Blum. She loves exploring the exam rooms, and even thought she typically refuses treats at the vet, she loves the little cups of tuna they keep on hand for cats. Dr. Yohanna is wonderful with Olga, has been so helpful in managing her medical conditions, and always reaches out personally regarding any test results. I know my pet is in good hands every time I visit Blum, and I couldn't ask for better care.

Sarah Lu

2 years ago

They were very gentle and professional with my cat. That building is clean and they have separate waiting rooms for dogs and cats as to not cause any anxiety for the pet. They also have other resources available in the waiting room for your pet, like towels to cover pet carriers. Would highly recommend.

Jarrod Godfrey

2 years ago

This place is probably the most overrated Vet in Chicago. My dog was in pain and had a terminal condition, Blum refused to accept him and only offered an appointment two weeks later. They didn't even try to fit him in with cancelations or anything. Caveat Emptor, go somewhere else.


2 years ago

I love bringing my cat to Blum! She's a very anxious kitty so I really appreciate the separate waiting areas for dogs and cats. In the cat area many seats have side tables intended for you to place the cat carrier so they can be leveled and still be able to see you, which really helps my cats anxiousness. Overall, everyone here is incredibly nice, but Dr. Cresswell is so wonderful! After our first visit we received a hand written note which was really sweet.They really go the extra mile for your pets here, from making them feel as comfortable as possible to those little extra touches. I've tried two previous vets in the past (mostly due to moving) but I can't see myself going anywhere else now. We've been visiting Blum for two years.


2 years ago

Dr. Enriquez is so nice and knowledgeable and the vet techs are all super nice and amazing too! I’ve taken my dog here for a couple years and would definitely recommend it to anyone

Stephen Roberts

2 years ago

Took both my pets for their 1 year wellness check up and shots. Dr Cresswell and the entire team are outstanding. They answered my questions thoroughly, anticipated my needs, and they were friendly. I don’t know how they do it!

Rachel Edwards

2 years ago

I've never had a vet be so thorough and thoughtful for my dog, Shileaux. They do not rush you through the visits or conversations, and in my case our vet spent a lot of time looking into Shileaux's history and researching solutions. Also, my dog has severe anxiety at the vet's office, and they were very good at doing what they could to not make her feel threatened. Our vet also would answer questions and check in via email in between visits and stayed very involved when I had to take Shileaux to the emergency vet.

Elizabeth Elser

2 years ago

Wonderful people! From the assistance at the front door right on through. Long hours, triage, knowledgeable staff with extra doses of courtesy and compassion to go around. I never ever feel I'm being rushed either. …

Kevin Stearns

2 years ago

I’m not a person that writes poor reviews nor am I a person to complain but the experience we have had going to Blum Animal Hospital has been more than upsetting. We have been going for a little over a year bringing our 1 year old puppy. Ever single time we’ve gone, we have had to wait outside for at least 15 minutes (past our apt) sometimes up to 35 minutes, which we would be okay with if it were communicated with us. Almost every time we have gone, our dog has had to see a new vet that does not know his profile and is unprepared. He is not a difficult dog, just a high energy puppy and we understand that. However, during each session apt they call us to tell us how poorly behaved he has been and is biting (which we have NEVER seen him do). It worries me why my dog is so upset every time he goes there. He is well trained and has never exhibited problem behavior. During his last apt, I was asked if I wanted to go in or take a call with the vet during the session and I was unable to go in because I had to drop off my partner, and they said that was perfectly fine and that the vet would call us. 10 minutes later we received a call saying they couldn’t “restrain” our dog and that we needed to pick him up and reschedule our appointment. Again, I was shocked to hear this. I am hoping that my dog has not been labeled at a problem dog, and if he was I wish they would have asked me to go in with him (to help calm him down) before the appointment not when I am 10 minutes away already 20 minutes late to do their poor time management. I am also hoping that everyone has had better experiences and maybe ours was just an unfortunate rarity; however we will be trying a different vet clinic in the future. I apologize if this is taken the wrong way, we just want adequate care for our doggo.

Nathan Pineda

2 years ago

What can I say? Unfortunately, yesterday Tuesday June 29th my poor little man had to be put down at this very vet however it most definitely was not their fault. I'm glad they were able to do the best they could to keep him calm and sedated enough to pass away peacefully and with less pain than he would have at home with such a panicked family. I hold no grudge or anything else whatsoever with the first assistant who was only doing her job and was trying to give us an actual emergency hospital for animals since they did not have the equipment nor proper treatments on hand for what my little man had come in with. I do apologize to the doctor who helped us and to the whole team here who had to push back their patients just for us but I'm glad that they were willing to do what they could for us what many others didn't unless paid upfront. The doctor and her technician(s) were very helpful and I'm forever grateful that they succeeded where others couldn't, they dropped everything and went straight away with no questions so thank you. I wish I could have gotten the doctor's name, or maybe I did but was too lost to even acknowledge it. He may not have come home with me, but at least he's no longer suffering. When I've finally healed and learn to love another little boy or girl again, I know where to come.

Tiffany Zanin

2 years ago

Blum is the BEST Vet practice in Chicago! The ENTIRE staff is efficient, friendly, professional & caring. We recommend all of our friends to go here!

A. Haider

3 years ago

I was very excited about Blum since I live nearby and was happy to have somewhere so close if needed. I brought my puppy to get spayed here. It went fine but they upcharged us $300 from what they originally quoted us. We had lots of issues with her recovery and kept calling and would constantly get told we’d be called back and most of the time we had to follow up to get answers or we’d just not hear back. Most of the time they would either contradict themselves from something they said previously or they would forget information we already had told them, for example my puppy’s medication wasn’t working for her and after 4 days of constantly telling them the exact medications and prescriptions they called me and told me to try that exact combination, not noting or remembering that that’s what I’ve been telling them a thousand times was exactly what was not working. In addition, every time I’d call they would laugh off when I mentioned I had never heard back the previous day, and would laugh at my mentioning the medication isn’t working as if it’s cute. My dog is in pain, can’t get her energy out, and is miserable but it’s cute that nothing seems to work on her? This coupled with the final attitude of the last lady we spoke with, that claimed I didn’t tell her something about our puppy (which I had SEVERAL times, she was just too lazy to check the notes like everyone else we had spoken to) confirmed we won’t be returning to Blum.

Josh Gleason

3 years ago

Blum has taken great care of my two cats! Dr. O’Reilly is professional and caring for our pets.

Alexander Sharos

3 years ago

First off, I can't speak highly enough about Dr. Scott and her team. Their professionalism and care in which they treat all of the animals going in and out of the clinic is unprecedented. Incredible people work there. With that being said the prices are absolutely ludicrous and VCA should be ashamed of the asinine up charges they have on their medication. VCA did $2.1 billion in revenue in 2015. I couldn't find more updated figures and I'm already tired of writing this review. VCA was acquired by MARS in 2019 for $9.1 billion who does $35 billion in revenue annually. Screw it lets charge everyone more!!! 1. Clindamycin (simple broad spectrum antibiotic) 30 capsules - 300mg -VCA Cost: $45 -Marianos (Kroger owned) Cost: $6 (with free membership) = 750% up charge (dope - thanks MARS, VCA and Arthur and Robert Antin - Brothers and Executives of VCA Animal Hospital and their $2.8 million salary each in 2017 plus the $364 million they made off of the acquisition of VCA from MARS in 2019) 2. 4 vaccines and some fungal/antibiotic ointmeant that I don't know the names of because I didn't receive an invoice totaling $485 that included the examination. I have zero knowledge nor the inclination to find out the cost of these vaccinations but going to the vet and spending $530 total is just a little outrageous. I wish I could've done a breakdown of the ridiculous up charges the vaccines had, but I'm tired and a glass of wine is calling my name. In summary good people inside Blum animal hospital, but VCA, MARS and the Antin brothers you suck. All the best, Alex

Nancy simon cooper

3 years ago

Not a better Veternairy hospital in chicago

Sally Sachar

3 years ago

We had to bring our 13 3/4 year old labrador/golden in for an emergency visit on Saturday. Dr. Yohanna was very responsive, kind, communicative, thorough and determined to get to the bottom of Nala's problems, which are now diagnosed as a UTI. The entire staff with which we interacted was supportive, calm, competent, and very helpful. Nala is on two meds now and is doing so much better. We could not be more pleased or appreciative. Blum has been Nala's vet since we relocated from the East Coast 6 years ago. I highly recommend them!

Susan Erdman

3 years ago

This is an update. With Covid and not being able to go in to the office it is difficult with our high anxiety dog. They work with us to get him the right anxiety medications and this last visit Antonio was excellent in working with our dog. As always appreciate the time Dr. Cohen spends with us on the phone after the visit to explain all results and answer all questions. They are so caring. So professional and such excellent service. Can’t say enough about how well they treat our dog (high anxiety) and us. Always make us feel comfortable. Thanks Dr. Cohen, all the Techs’s and the front desk !!

Christine Obrien

3 years ago

I’ve been taking my pets to Blum for decades. Dr Marks is now the go-to vet for my dog Callie. Everyone at Blum is kind, helpful and caring, and I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Marks. They might be pricier than some others, but to feel that my pet is being so well-cared for makes it worth it to me.


3 years ago

My 9 year old lab was misdiagnosed with arthritis when in fact he has no arthritis and instead a tumor on his paw that needs his whole leg amputated now. This would have easily been avoided if the the doctors there cared enough to actually feel his lump and suggest alternate ideas to me. I will be taking all three of my animals out of this hospital, because I cannot trust their opinion anymore. They didn’t even offer to pay for any of the 10k amputation surgery or refund my previous x rays / arthritis medication.

Lauren Potthoff

3 years ago

My partner and I brought our new puppy, Stella, to VCA Blum for her first check up. Dr. Baker was incredibly helpful and patient in answering all of our new puppy parent questions. She was detailed and clear regarding the care plan (ie vaccination schedule) for Stella. Additionally, as we were unable to go into the clinic with Stella due to COVID-19 safety precautions, Dr. Baker and her assistant ensured that Stella felt safe during the appointment without us physically present. Dr. Baker provided her contact information in the event that we had additional questions. We look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Baker in the future as we were incredibly impressed by her expertise, professionalism, and warmth.

M Rice

3 years ago

I don’t know what to think or say after a second opinion I got for my dog’s surgery. Blum Animal Hospital told me that I would need to have most of my dog’s teeth removed and a cyst removed and it would cost $2,400. I took her for a second opinion to my family vet of 20 years 4 hours away and was told she didn’t need to get as many teeth removed and they would laser off the cyst and it would cost $500 - $700. I’m starting not to trust their opinions and I think they are up-charging me and telling me to get surgeries and tests my dog doesn’t need. I’m going to find another vet.

Maggie Acosta

3 years ago

Updated 5/12/2020. I am really sad to be updating my five star review of Blum Animal Hospital. I …

Melanie Billow

3 years ago

We went to Blum to get a second opinion about a mass that was found in our schnoodle. We met with Dr. Cohen and he was very welcoming and helped us process what he found and how to proceed moving forward. Our dog was very scared being in a new vet and they handled her so well and gave her plenty of treats to help ease her anxiety and make it a positive experience for her. I would highly recommend Blum.

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