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Yuriy Faktorovich

a year ago

Awful vet. They euthanized my pet cockroach with a magazine against my wishes

Dul Melo

a year ago

Despite the rude receptionist, the Dr seemed good during the visit, however the following day she called and left a voicemail with the blood work results and said to call her back with any questions. Since I did have questions I called back, she was busy and I was told by the receptionist that she’ll call me back. It’s been a week now and still no call back. I called today because I need them to transfer the blood work results to another vet and same receptionist answered. She’s saying how the doctor is in surgery and they cannot release the records without having me speak to the doctor first. Makes absolutely no sense to me. And obviously my dog doesn’t seem to have gotten better if I’m taking her elsewhere, and now I’m stuck having to pay again for blood work AGAIN!!!! Beyond annoyed with this clinic.

Hugo Alvarez

a year ago

I had a pleasant experience the first time I took one of My babies there a few years back. The Dr. Was professional and cared for my little girl. So I decided to take my other munchkin in today 11/2/21. We true going on the door was closed. So some young lady came out and looked at us up and down with a disgusted look on her face. Totally unprofessional and not helpful at all. All she said was "we're close" did not say. You can come tomorrow from 9am-4pm. I will try one more time on Monday. And see how everything goes.

Caesar Oleksy

a year ago

I've been to this clinic a few times with my 3 cats - just called to schedule an appointment - what a rude person on the phone gosh!!! But previous visits were in reasonable prices and doctors were great.

H Ketcham

a year ago

Don't mind the yuppies and their reviews.... This place is great!!!!!

Lexie coon

2 years ago

I called to retrieve the records for my puppy (who had visited once for his first round of shots and we never went back) three times. Twice I was placed on hold for over ten minutes and could hear everything going on, including the lady who answered the phone being extremely rude and unprofessional with a heavy attitude. At one point she even told the dog crying in the back to “shut up.” Once I was hung up on, and another time I was told to call back 30 minutes later because they didn’t have the time to help at the moment. I understand short staffing, but there was no level of professionalism in any of the minimal correspondence. I still haven’t gotten the records or had a chance to speak with anyone.

Felix Vogele (HUGWOLF)

2 years ago

The wait was very long, but they were very friendly and professional. They took care of our dog same day while other places were booked for weeks. It's appointment only, so get there early for less wait. The team looks like they are working non-stop too, so be friendly. It's also nice to see a neighborhood vet instead of corporate owned places that are taking over. Thank you for your help!

Maria Nevarez

2 years ago

Don't stand outside too long it's a cuteness over load! Perfect place to get all your furry friends medical needs.

Jacqueline Lopez

2 years ago

I love this place. Highly recommend. I have 5 furr babies have been bringing them all here for the past 3 yrs. Had all my furr babies fixed here and shots. Price is unbeatable. Friendly and fast service.

Ethi Ethi

2 years ago

-Long waiting times (1hour and more),regardless to appts. or walk-ins. -Rude customer service. The male doctor was horrible to his staff (yelling at them in front of customers) and his appearance was disheveled and dirty, he was constantly ordering people around. -They don’t provide information to new customers such as “we’re charging for something” with no explanation upfront, “ just wait to see the charges on your account”.... -And the shots took every bit of 2 minutes after waiting 2+ hours my first time going and 1.5 hours the second time.

Rodrigo Cazares

2 years ago

Took my 12 week puppy for a 2nd round of shots. I asked the doctor a question about her ears and he said they were fine . Then he offered to show me how to clean my puppys ears , also he offered to show me how far to cut the nails on my pup. He didnt not sanitize nothing no gloves also used the wrong nail trimmer meant for large dogs on a puppy . Hurting her blood coming out of the nail. Then charging me 70$ for the "advice". So unprofessional will not be coming back here agian. They have no signs up saying what they charge and for what service. If i would've know i was gonna get ripped off for asking a question , would've took my pup somewere else. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE !!!

Elsa Acevedo

2 years ago

Been going there for years great service affordable.

Apple Valz

2 years ago

Love Dr. Leslie and her dad and all the staff!! Have been going there for years and I have recommended them to all my friends. I have always had a good experience and I highly recommend them.

Denis Vale

2 years ago

Did a great job on my dobes ears

Swati Kumar

2 years ago

They just genuinely really CARE!! <3

Isabella Russo

2 years ago

Was very gentle with my fur baby. And now on path to recovery ❤️????❤️????thank you so much. Xoxo Reall animal lovers here .❤️❤️❤️

Kristian McClendon

2 years ago

I was so disappointed by this establishment. I called in advanced and asked questions about their availability. My dog had hurt herself so I wanted to be seen sooner than later plus she needed her yearly vaccines. The lady who I spoke on the phone with told me to come in and call her once I got outside. Due to the pandemic, they can only accept one patient at a time. When I arrived, I did exactly what I was told. She took my information down and told me the wait should be no longer than 20 mins. When I got off the phone I noticed a white man pulled up in his van. I didn't think much of it. After about 30 mins I called, she then informed me that there was now two people ahead of me (The woman who was already there before me ) and now a man, which is the white man who pulled up after me. Keep in mind, all of these are walk ins. The lady told me they were not accepting appointments anymore, which I thought made no sense by the way. After another hour, I finally got out the car. By this time the white man was no longer in his vehicle and was instead being seen by the vet. There was an older white woman with two dogs waiting outside the place. When the white man finally walked out, the older woman walked in. I was expecting thing them to call me. But of course they never did. When. I called to ask why they have now let two people in front of me they could not provide any reasoning. They only kept telling me I am next. I asked to speak to the manager and was told she was busy. All the while, my dog is in pain. I eventually left after wasting an hour and a half of my time and went to another hospital. I will Never come back here again. They are not welcoming of "certain guest". If they can't guest what you look you like through the phone, don't waste your time.

linda moran

2 years ago

If i can give a 0 rating i would I took my dogs there to get groom and shots as I waiting my male dog pee and the Dr which is an older woman cant speak proper English rolled her eyes She said my dogs would be sedated when i went to pick them up they look normal and scared like they been abuse i bring them home they were extremely scared didnt wanna go out wanted to sleep in bed with me and my husband for comfort I WILL NEVER TAKE THEM THERE ILL keep them with portage pk as they show the animals love I will be reporting this place and all other that deal with them shame on me trying to go a cheap route ill spend money to assure my dogs safety


2 years ago

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the passing of my beloved cat Mumpsey who was 14 years old. This time has been very hard for me and my family. I want to thank Dr. Luka and her staff for their kindness and care of my cat during his last few months.

Natalia DeHabdank

2 years ago

My god passed away late in the day and doctor was so kind and waited me to bring my dog after hours. The staff was very kind. Also doctor gave me a good price for service. I also have two cats and I definitely coming back.

Natalie Nalepa

2 years ago

I went to get mine and my boyfriends cat neutered because my primary vet was very expensive for a time like this. Although everyone is nice, they did not inform me as much as my primary vet did when we took our first cat to the vet. It’s been 2 days and my cat is depressed and his incision looks horrible. He received no stitches , which is odd because an open wound can obviously get infected. I picked my cat up and sat in the car for about 15 minutes making sure he’s okay, he had turned around in his carrier and I seen his incision was bleeding, I called and they said that they cleaned him before giving him to me but it looked unclean and the blood looked dry. The office was as well very dirty and it didn’t look like a vet you would take your cats to, they cater to dogs not to cats. I definitely will not be coming here ever again. I would not recommend it either. Another thing was they cut my cats claws even though I said it’s not necessary and they did and they cut them extremely short.

Rosa Marquez

2 years ago

Absolutley dont go here! I was there on Wednesday, told the doctor that my dog was yelping, tucking his tail, and dragging his lower body on the ground. He tried to say, that he was in pain and gave me medicine. Mind you it didnt work! Before I went back, my friends mom works as veterinarian, therefore I asked her opinion. When I told her and sent her the video, right away she said it could possibly be intervetbal disk disease. Then I went back on Saturday and told him that I have a video. He basically didnt want to see the video. Then he tried to say it was speration anxiety. Gave me pills to give my dog that were such a waste of time and money. Please tell me, how Dr. Luka wasnt able to tell my dog could possibly have intervertebral disk disease but my friends mom who didnt even get to check the dog out herself was able to tell me what he can possibly have. I'm disgusted wasted $190 dollars for absolutely nothing. Please, dont go to this place. On top of that, on Saturday when I wanted to confront the Doctor, the receptionist was about to pass me to him mind you I can hear him in the back, she asked for my number so he can call me back and what happens? Never called. After all that I decied to take my dog to medvet which they did a full examination on him to determine jf he can possibly have that, and the next step is MRI. Medvet actually does pay attention to your pets and see the possibilities of what they can have. Medvet told me to do a follow up with this vet or go back to them, but I'm going back to Medvet or a different vet. I advise you to be careful where you go and who you trust. Absolutely never going back there ever again!

Shirley Smith

2 years ago

Dr. Luka is a very good Dr. For my pets she is very patient and so kind. I really like her formy baby Brandi. I would deeply recommend her to any pet lover.

Sofia Nieto

2 years ago

Terrible...If I could give negative stars I would, They lost my dogs records of shots, and gave me an incorrect re-written record in a pamphlet. The assistant said she gave my dogs record to another patient on accident. The staff is Ukrainian or polish and they are never able to understand anything I ask and are always rude...I am happy I moved my dog to another vet but this new vet, upon receiving records from delta said they missed on giving him two vaccinations...and Delta told me he was fully vaccinated!!! I am beyond dissapointed..My dog contracted kennel cough twice as well, probably because he wasnt fully vaccinated as they said he was..SMH...Terrible!

Mark St. John

3 years ago

Dr. Luka is an outstanding vet who is super friendly and great with dogs. She has consistently provided great care for our Labradoodle for the past 7 years. Delta is a great local business with fair pricing for veterinary services. Highly recommend!

Josephine Cro

3 years ago

Dr. Luka and his daughter do I need to say more. They are a family taking care of your family with all the love and care they deserve. The Doctors where excellent!! I called to get a quote in price in regards to my Dobormans cropped ears being infected and my dog was in horrible pain. He ript his ear post and was bleeding and broke some stiches. I could not believe price the receptionist gave me, it was a third of the price that The rest of the vet office in Chicago gave me. In addition The receptionist truly sound consern about the situation and was very polite, when I heard the price the Doctor gave her when she asked. I could almost start crying. I was not able to afford taking him in to the other locations and I thought my baby had to continue suffering until the weekend came because I could not afford to have him seen. The doctor that did the job can not be contacted until the weekend. This should of been a red flag. Beware when you receive only weekend hours because the doctor I went to did a horrible job. He taped over the ear that was just cropped by him but since this is our first time getting this done we did not know. This caused our dog to suffer he did not give no pain or infection prevention medicine. The Doctors took turns caring for my baby and they gave him medicine it was truly beautiful how much love they have for my baby and the other pets they seen. The other customers where happy and so where the pets.???? May God bless Dr. Lukas and his daughter and everything they do. They truly care about your pet family member's

Kwesi Oliver

3 years ago

It I can give them 0 stars I would they did such a terrible job grooming my dog they cut all her hair off and tried to over charge me . The dogs stay in terrible living conditions

Laura Gonzalez

3 years ago

I had an emergency situation with a sick cat that was impossible to handle. Delta Animal Hospital was willing to take on my case when other clinics were not. The vets were knowledgeable and competent. I am grateful for the services they provided.

Sonia Moreno

3 years ago

they only care to charge and they don't give good medicine to come back several times. I have the worst experience in this place

victor carrasco

3 years ago

I take my dogs there for vaccines and ear cropping they do a great job with my dogs, pricing is very affordable great staff.

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