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Lauren Barone

2 years ago

Dr. S and his team are a really wonderful and compassionate group of people. They are responsive and attentive for my senior pet. I love them.

moe stenson

2 years ago

First off I'm not one to leave reviews.... That being said I have never heard of so many people who have worked with Compassionate Veterinary Hospice. It's been 4 years since I had to say good bye to my fur baby Lucy. I cannot recommend this Doctor & his team enough. I had only 1 initial visit before things drastically took a turn in the middle of the nite, just before our 2nd/ follow up visit. I called at 2 am frantic,distraught & of course extremely emotionally. Within 30 minutes the Doctor was there in my 3rd floor walk up to help me & Lucy in our final moments together. Having pets my whole childhood, this was MY first pet & I couldn't imagine us parting ways any differently. Forever grateful for the compassion and services provided

Jean Liang

2 years ago

Thank God for Dr. Shanan and the rest of the team at Compassionate Vet Hospice. The care they provided for our dog Baxter and for us, his family, in his final months was truly and genuinely compassionate. With the help of Dr. Shanan, we were able to understand how to assess and consider Baxter’s quality of life which had become increasingly difficult to evaluate on our own as he grew older. With help we were able to enjoy an extra few months with our dog with confidence that we were doing the right thing. When his time came, it was a tremendous relief to know that his final moments were spent in his bed in our home as peacefully as possible. Dr. Shanan was so respectful during the process, giving us all the time and space we needed to wish our very good boy goodbye. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life but I’m so grateful we had Dr. Shanan there to guide us through it. Everyone else we worked with on the team was equally helpful and kind. You can tell they genuinely love and care about the pets and families they serve. Thank you so much Dr. Shanan, Casey, and Rebecca for all your kindness and support during a very trying time.

Nicole Onorato

3 years ago

My husband and I were completely unprepared when our beloved puggle, Marlon, was diagnosed with an inoperable GI tumor. Our regular vet could not tell us how long he would have, just not long. We knew we wanted to spend every precious minute with him and wanted him to be at home with us when he passed. Our friends gave us Dr. Shanan's information and we contacted his office for help. This was the best decision we made during this time. The care, compassion, knowledge, and empathy we received from Dr. Shanan and the staff at Compassionate Veterinary Hospice was amazing. They were with us every step of the way to provide guidance and comfort. We cannot thank them enough for everything they did for us and for Marlon. Dr. Shanan and our nurse, Irene, made certain that Marlon never suffered and his last days were filled with comfort and love. Our hearts are broken by this loss, but we are forever grateful for the time we had with our best friend.

Liam Brown

3 years ago

If you're reading this you know the end is nigh for your pet. My experience with Compassionate Veterinary Hospice was reassuring, convenient, and nonjudgmental. It was a nightmare experience losing my pet, but Dr. Shanan and his team helped us walk through her end of life with dignity.

Lisa Paschal

3 years ago

We called “Compassionate Vet Services” last night and found them to be anything but compassionate. Don’t waste your time calling this organization - Amir Shanan is rude, unprofessional, uncaring and anything but compassionate. Should you actually need a compassionate and responsive end of life vet A DO NOT CALL-THIS QUACK! Instead, consider Downers Grove VCA - they are true, caring professionals. I will contact ever get I know and ask them to avoid AMIR Shanan - won’t even call him doctor - he’s an embarrassment to the profession.

Jon Lapo

3 years ago

Dr. Anderson and staff are wonderful, very compassionate, answers all our questions our dog Buddy Jr loves her

dominika jaswiec

3 years ago

I was incredibly lucky to have found Dr.Shanan... what a Godsend! He came and helped when noone else would. A true animal doctor with a genuine and deep understanding of his calling. His staff is also fantastic. There is noone else I would recommend more. IPrecious and I are forever grateful!

Andrea Chow

3 years ago

Dr. Shanan's consultation after our cat’s cancer diagnosis helped me and my husband mentally prepare for caring for a terminally ill animal. We are able to get so much support from the veterinary professionals every week - I don’t know we’d do without them!!! A+ group of passionate humans!


4 years ago

What an amazing veterinarian and team.

Stephen Brothers-McGrew

4 years ago

Dr. Shanan was wonderful to work with during a difficult time. He and his staff were all exceptionally kind, caring, and knowledgeable; and the end-of-life experience was incredibly personal and peaceful. Hope to not have to use his services again for a while, but when we do, I’ll gladly return to CVH.

Karen Keller

4 years ago

I was so impressed with Dr. Shanan's in home consultation for our terminally ill dog Rocco. We were indecisive about when the right "time" would be to put him to sleep. He encouraged us to continue treating him in a palliative manner until he quality of life deteriorates past what we think he can take. He is very compassionate and I am very happy we called him!

Jesse Chavez

4 years ago

Great job at what they do.

Ann Pollack

5 years ago

Thank you, Dr Shanan, Liat, Jodi, Greer, Gretel, Leigh, and Armando for all your help and support during Cupid's later years and also for helping with Tiger from 2005 until her passing in December 2010 at age 22. I am glad I found you in September 2005 after I had surgery and was not allowed to lift more than 5 lbs for a month, and Tiger needed veterinary care at home. Also, I will always be grateful for your support and counseling towards the end of my Mother's life, especially how you called me on Thanksgiving morning, 2013, when my Mom was at Seasons Hospice at Weiss Hospital. Other than Seasons Hospice where the doctors and staff were VERY helpful and supportive, none of her doctors bothered to call, visits, or provide support. I will always remember how you visited us on my Mom's 99th birthday, two days before she died. You provide an invaluable and much-needed service to pet parents throughout Chicagoland.

Anne Polick

5 years ago

Dr. Shanan and his staff were compassionate, appropriate and supportive as our dog Murphy neared the end of life. Murf was on hospice for a few weeks before he passed. The medications, recommendations and perspective provided during this time were invaluable to my whole family. Murphy's pain was treated, as were my anxieties that I'd waited too long or that it wasn't yet time, as it was emphasized that Murphy's tolerance of pain and his declining functional status should be the guiding principle in his treatment. Dr. Shanan gave Murphy a dignified and fair death, a true compliment to the fourteen years I spent with this loving, strong and fun companion.

Ed Gjertsen II

5 years ago

There are not enough stars to give Dr. Shana for his compassion, professionalism, and patience when we said goodbye to our beloved dog Brody. Knowing Dr. Shana would be the one in our home, taking care of our pup, was a terrific decision during a very difficult time. Thank you Dr. Shana and staff for all you did for Brody and our family!!

Kingdom Music

5 years ago

It was rough putting my dog down. She was suffering with cancer badly.The doctors came out, explained everything with such care and details, and took their time. They did every possible thing to make sure EVERYONE was comfy, including the dog. You could tell there was absolutely NO pain. I live on the south side of Chicago. These doctors travelled at l LEAST 30 MILES to come right to the on their knees (they did everything right there in the living room on the ground). They were also helpful with payment suggestions. 5 stars is not enough. Impeccable! Jerry C. King Kingdom Music Group

Andrew White

5 years ago

Dr Shanan and his staff are incredibly caring and genuine animal lovers. We never thought we would have to use his services but when our beloved dogs health rapidly declined, Dr Shanan came to our house quickly (we called late evening and he arrived 8 am) . We wanted advice/guidance for hospice care. Unfortunately, Dr Shanan recommended we bring our guy into a full service vet ASAP. (He was just at the vet 3 days before). His calm demeanor helped calm our other dog down also. Dr Shanan and Jody contacted us repeatedly to check up on him. So rare to find someone who really cares.

Alex Dannenbring

5 years ago

Excellent care for your pets. Thank you!

Laurie Norris

6 years ago

Dr Shanan supported us during our beloved Oliver's final days with kidney failure. Words can not express what it meant for us to care for him at home. He was terrified of the vets and we wanted him be as comfortable and peaceful as possible. Dr. Shanan's support and service allowed us to spend quality time with Oliver. His death was difficult and Dr. Shanan came out in the middle of the night to shorten his suffering. Dr. Shanan was warm, calming, reassuring and professional. We were able to say goodbye to Oliver with love, respect and befitting a best friend. I can't recommend Compassionate Veterinary Hospice enough.

janet dahl

7 years ago

Kind and reassuring. He is helping us with the hospice stage, easing pain, teaching us what to watch for. He is closer to a counselor- reconciling fears with reality, assuring us of our choices, informing us. He is " on call" if we need him, and of course, we will. Glad Mabel has him.

Lynn Basa

7 years ago

When our magnificent cat, Spike, was diagnosed with his terminal illness we didn't want to stress him further by taking him to the vet. It's such a comfort to have found a vet who makes house calls. Dr. Shanan and his staff came to our house to give Spike his treatments and then taught us how to do it. It prolonged his life and made him more comfortable. When he was in his last hours Dr. Shanan rushed over and put him to sleep in a quiet calm way. Spike died in the room he had chosen with the dignity and peace he deserved. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Shanan.

Nancy Chico

7 years ago

Thank you for calling me back regarding our Hunter a 9 ur old Golden. Hoping a second dose of medicine will help him relax through the night.

Dora Petschenko

8 years ago

Dr. Amir is a gentle and very kind man. My family and I couldn't have asked for anything more when we had to do the hardest thing we've had to do. I know that it was the right thing and Dr. Amir came to our home and wanted to make sure we understood exactly what was going to happen. He was a comfort to us and showed so much Compassion for our 17 year old kitty cat (Cha-Cha) Thank you! The Petschenko Family

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