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Robert Cameron

a year ago

I’ve depended upon this veterinary practice for six years to care for my pets. The new facility at Broadway and Granville is so handsome! I feel lucky that such professionalism and compassionate care is available (and I include office managers, technicians, and doctors) to our feline family members.

Vanessa Tercero

a year ago

The new facility is so nice. Also the staff have always been very friendly, professional, and knowledgable whenever I’ve visited with my pup.

Meredith Rocconi

a year ago

I came home from Christmas holiday to a sick kitty and they saw me right away when I called. I was unable to get in with our usual vet and they were not even helpful so we made the switch. So far so good!! My girl is improving every day!

Amy Velez

a year ago

The staff was really nice and Coconuts doctor was great with her.

Chloe Vastag

a year ago

Really beautiful new location. They dig a great job on dental surgery for my cat, Noodle.

Gabriel Paz Castillo

a year ago

I have been taking my kids ( a dog and a cat ) their whole life. It is always a great experience for our family. They are professional and passionate for the job they do taking care our pet. I gotta thank to Miss Laura Perez. She helped us so much on my last visit and did a great job with so much professionalism. Also I must thank Dr. Perry he is amazing Dr. And finally the whole team at Broadway Animal Hospital, thank you for the amazing job you do. Super highly recommended.


a year ago

Awful. Up selling all the time for 2 cats at the end of their lives that needed to be put to sleep. I was waiting to hear that the cat should see a animal psychiatrist and nuerologist and be sent to an old age home for cats...anything that can bring in the money. When an animal is 20 years old and can't walk, you don't send him to a surgeon. They are predators. it's a corporation used to be privately owned by a Dr. Kaz who was realistic.

Lily Gleicher

a year ago

They were extremely responsive when we noticed our cat was having issues in the litter box - we thought it was a UTI and it turned out to be just that. They treated her and provided us with medications and followed-up after the visit. They were able to get us in the same day and were very responsive.

Richard Spinelli

a year ago

I Have an 18 year olds dog that I brought to this vet in the summer. The only think my dog needed as for as medicine goes where some drops, I did a full examine and all checked out good especially for his age. Nothing other than old age stuff. I need a refill of the eye drops but this vet wants me to bring Luke in for an appointment. He doesn’t need anything except for some eye drops. I guess this vet needs puts money above comfort. My dog has been to the vets only once other than his regular routine vaccinations, which at his age isn’t necessary anymore, there is no other reason than money to bring him in. He can only walk a block or two before wanting to lay down and sleep. I rent a car to take him to the groomers which is 5 blocks from home. I am not dragging him to Broadway Animal Hospital for an unnecessary visit. I’ve been to this clinic before the vet that they have was born. Greed is ugly Doctor! Luke says “ thanks”!! It’s eye drops seriously!!

Britne Amick

a year ago

My dog received excellent care and the staff were amazing. I will definitely continue to bring my dog Sasha here. Highly recommend!

Jeri Hammond

a year ago

Wonderful service - Dr. Perry takes really great care of our cats!

Megan Stephenson

a year ago

Very helpful and kind! The new building is beautiful and clean. The staff were kind and sweet to my cat. It’s right next to the red line stop. Great place and people there.

Vanessa Snyder

a year ago

I always love going here. The staff are friendly and take care of my cat whenever she comes in. My cat does not like getting her nails cut and yet every time she is with Broadway Animal Hospital she does amazing.

victoria young

a year ago

Nice staff, very to handle fractious dog

Sydney Smith

a year ago

Avoid Broadway Animal hospital at all costs. Their staff is deeply unprofessional, condescending, and gives substandard care at best. Unless you enjoy: being left on hold for 15-20minutes at a time; never receiving a call from the vet because he apparently can't read a phone number (!), and being left to wait for appointments because, as the receptionist said, she "got starbucks and just forgot about it," this is not the place for you. The best care we got was from substitute vets and sympathetic techs, who made it clear that they know Broadway Animal Hospital's care has been going downhill for a long time. There are many other places to take your pets, where you know they will be seen by someone competent and caring.

Robert Wilson

a year ago

Great service. We never had any complaints. This drop is and pick up during covid works smoothly.

Mia Al

a year ago

I love this place and the staff, always take amazing care of my dog, and the vet always makes sure I speak with him and addresses any questions or concerns I have! My favorite Vet for my favorite dog ????

Kyle Herring

a year ago

My dog Marlee’s teeth cleaning was a great experience within itself. The before & after pictures was like night & day. The sample bag was very well put together with a lot of helpful treats & oral care stuff.

Patricia Redberna

a year ago

The employees act like this is just a job. I expect this type of "care" from mcdonalds, not my vet clinic. Makes me wonder how the new owner treats staff, the lack of care or regards from the staff shows their lack of commitment to the hospital, which screams poor staff treatment from the owner. Ive been a client since 2009 and the past 4 years have severly delinced. I wish dr kaz still owned this hospital.

Dominique Chaney

2 years ago

I called two months in advance to schedule for my pets travel clearence and it was cancelled (via email) 4 days before the appointment due to an “emergency” the receptionist claimed happened a week ago. Not only is it possible that my family is going to have to leave our pet behind for our PCS/move to Germany, but the receptionist tried blaming the mishap on me, making excuses like they didn’t have my phone number because I called “private” which I’ve never done in my life. You’d think the person who booked the appointment would have asked me for ALL of my contact information. The head receptionist also tried to send me to the USDA and used the words “It’s a lot of work for us.” I thought this was a veterinary hospital, and was under the impression it was their job to do this kind of work. This was completely unorganized and lazy. The receptionist showed no remorse, had a terrible attitude, and didn’t get me another appointment within the 10 day time frame we need clearance by. This is more than an inconvenience, our pet has been a part of our family for 8 years. It’s just sad, I wouldn’t recommend this establishment to anyone.

Jadesky Moon

2 years ago

I will always highly recommend Broadway animal hospital to everyone! I've been going there for years, and through everything, all ups and downs as pets age, they've been through it all with me and always are so kind, compassionate and extremely helpful! Just this week, my 19yr old got ill over the weekend, and they took her in immediately on emergency on Monday, and went into quick action, and possibly saved this old girls life, again ???? Adam, Sarah, and all of the vet techs, crew and receptionists are so caring, explain everything to the minute detail, even demonstrating how to administer everything with full instructions on all, and they also take the time to check on them after the visits. They have and always save the day for me and my little ones, and I look forward to many more years of taking my little guys to them. So many thank yous from me and my family to the team, you all are the absolute best!

Justin Corp

2 years ago

Every part of the experience was great! We can’t wait to come in to appointments whenever that option becomes available again. In the meantime, they’ve kept great communication with us during the appointment! Every few minutes, they would send out a friendly employee to ask questions, deliver results, and estimate costs.

Sarah Powills

2 years ago

They are wonderful! Easy to get ahold of, affordable, and so kind to both animals and their owners.

Ian Taylor

2 years ago

I’ve been bringing our dog, Adele, here for years and am very happy with the care she gets here. Dr. Perry and Darlene are amazing with her. She’s very friendly but also very hyper and they are always so patient and loving with her. I can also be an overbearing (pain in the a—) pet parent and they have always been very patient with me as well which I am grateful for.


2 years ago

First time for me here as my other animal hospital, who I dealt with for 30 years, could not take me until September, so I made the appointment at Broadway Hospital and I was pleased with everything, especially their caring for my new dog! I will return!

Zachary Sanderson

2 years ago

The past year of vet visits with my dog at Broadway Animal Hospital has been really awful. It started with conversations from the receptionist, Mary Jo. I had to call and get my dog's prescription food reordered. It also happened to be the case that my dog also need her annual check up and shots. Mary Jo refused to talk to the doctor about renewing the prescription until I set up an appointment. I set up an appointment and it took another day before the doctor approved the prescription for the food. Once my dog made it into her appointment, the vet told me that my dog needed to have a teeth cleaning and potential teeth extractions. My dog is an older, smaller dog, so I wasn't surprised. I asked the vet what I could do to help with brushing her teeth because my dog adamantly tries to avoid getting her teeth brushed every time I have ever tried. The vet told me to "try harder." She also tried to sell me on the teeth cleaning by saying they were having a "sale" on teeth cleanings (it would have saved me $70 when it was estimated to be a $1400 procedure anyways). Now I finally was able to schedule time to have my dog's teeth cleaned. I dropped her off yesterday morning. I got the call from Dr. Perry that the procedure went well, but then he proceeded to tell me that I had to do a better job in caring for her teeth in the future. It felt like he was lecturing me. I asked him if he had any tips, and he said we could discuss it in person once I came to pick my dog up. I never even ended up seeing Dr. Perry in person to discuss my dog's care and how the day went. I was greeted by a vet tech. The tech had a bag and a folder with some papers in it. It was rainy out that day and because of COVID procedures I had to stand outside. The vet tech pulled out one of the papers in the folder and said "make sure you read this" without elaborating on anything written on the paper. He then pulled out the pain medicine and said "make sure you give this to her tomorrow." He then said "Feed her wet food tonight at 7-8 PM." This was frustrating because the vet knows that my dog is on a prescription diet, and I do not have a wet food version of this. This was easily resolved because he told me to just wet the dry food... but I was confused why the vet didn't consider this when telling me about after care for my dog. He then handed me the bag and said he would go get my dog. I asked for dental care tips since the vet originally told me we could discuss that in person. The tech told me I didn't need to worry about that for 2 weeks. I said "I am not going to come back in 2 weeks to talk about the after care treatment for my dog. I want that information now." He stumbled around and struggled to identify any kind of helpful info. When I got home, I found several items in the bag for dental care... but yet the tech didn't even tell me what they were or were for. The tech brought my dog out and she looked like a mess. When we got home, I had to come several knots out of the hair on her ears. She looked very dirty and miserable. The tech promised me that a tech would follow up with me between 9-10 AM to see how my dog was doing on the day after her procedure. He also told me I could follow up with any additional questions I might have that he couldn't answer that day. It's almost 11:30 AM and I still haven't received a call. It's disappointing to leave your dog in the hands of somebody and feel like she was just another dog that the vet could make $1400 off of. There was no personal care or attention given to her, and I'm really sad that I put her through all of this.

Ella McCann

2 years ago

I recently just adopted a cat and was looking for a vet within walking distance of my home. I called Broadway Animal Hospital and Mary Jo was immediately able to get me registered in the system and set up with an appointment in one call. Dr. Trice was able to clearly explain things to me about what they had done and what they may need to do. They kept me informed as I waited. They have a good COVID-19 policy in place as well and everyone was very helpful and kind. Thank you!

Jess Jankowski

2 years ago

I love Broadway Animal Hospital! They are always timely, considerate, and patient in answering any and all questions. I would and have recommended them to friends!

Audrey Berns

2 years ago

I’ve been very happy with Broadway Animal Hospital since we got our new puppy back in February. It doesn’t take forever to get an appointment and they really seem to care.

James Plummer

2 years ago

Excellent people that are quick to respond and never overcharge. The Docs will always do a thorough breakdown of what they see and the different courses of treatment that are available. They've also been very safe and considerate during the pandemic.

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