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Lauren Alison

2 years ago

Very happy they finally got their stand-alone clinic. Huge fan of Banfield practices. Took my girl for a dermatology appointment and was able to get her the treatment she needed. Anti fungal medications, shampoo, and ear cleaner..$200..not bad at all considering how much this would have been at a private practice. $650+ I love their wellness program…it’s not insurance. But helps when you do need treatment. Preventative medicine is the best care! And when they get sick you can bring them here too..but don’t wait to book an appointment they are incredibly busy.

Renaldo Tassin

2 years ago


Elena Suslova

2 years ago

Worst location! Please if you care about your pet go elsewhere.

Amber Nicole

2 years ago

It's my responsibility to warn other pet parents. This is the second time we've brought our senior cat to the South Loop location. It has by far been the worst location. At the first appointment, our cat ended up needing a splint. We agreed to put our trust in this Banfield location, but we never received any of the x-ray photos they claimed took of her. After bringing her home, we realized it was not fitted correctly and was dragging behind her. Our cat could not even get in and out of the litter box. I called this location and left a message to talk with the vet the day after to see if we could get a better fit. However, no one called us back. Why do they have a voicemail system set up that they don't use? I also needed to make a follow-up appointment, so I had to call back and thankfully got through. Had Banfield South Loop not picked up the phone, I would have had to wait for one of two things; they call me back or wait nearly TWO MONTHS for an appointment using their online appointment scheduler! For her follow-up appointment, I was able to get her in at 8:30 AM. On the day of her appointment, we brought her in earlier, around 8:00 AM. I also never received an update of when I should expect her back. Instead, I had to call them using multiple phones because they never pick up. When they finally did pick up around 3:30 pm, I was put on hold and waited for 15 minutes before speaking to someone. Unfortunately, the person at Banfield told me that they were just getting back from lunch and had not had time to see our cat. This tells me they lack time management, forcing my cat to sit around all day when I could have kept her at home until they were ready. This is unacceptable and completely unprofessional. If you cannot get to people's pets who have morning appointments before noon, they should call them with an update as to what's going on. As a pet parent, I'm embarrassed to say I brought my pet here. I will never make that mistake again. Don't make the same mistake I did. Avoid this location at all costs.

Latoya “Pbljhp1” Harris-Pickens

2 years ago

I called and these people never returned my call or anything. I ended up going somewhere else

Angel Cordova

2 years ago

Great staff friendly and take good care of your pets.

Brooke Tavajian

2 years ago

I like the new facility. The main issue for me is now they do not have a parking lot and you have to street park.

Carolee Stanmar

2 years ago

Needs an automatic door to be fully accessible.

Celestine Gildersleeve

2 years ago

I use to be a fan of Banfield in the south loop however my last couple of experiences have been very disappointing. The new location is not a great one, you have to park on the street, there is no added convenience of shopping for your pet while caring for your pet, and the quality of care from one particular vet is very sub par. I will be looking for another place to care for my dog

Melissa R

2 years ago

Ever since moving out of PetSmart they have never answered the phone and the service has been horrible. I kid you not I've called 50 times in one day and not one call was answered. If my dog is in need of seeing the vet and no one answers this is a disgrace of a "vet hospital."

Nada Moustafa

2 years ago

This is literally the worst. Let me start by saying they are the most unresponsive place you will ever encounter. I have been trying to contact then for 2 weeks now; I literally call several times a day every day and no answer AND the voicemail box is full so I can't even leave a message requesting a call back. I have the wellness plan and my dog is now overdue on her vaccinations and won't be accepted into daycare which is impacting my day to day and travel plans. I'm stuck in this wellness plan for 10 more months and wish I could just get out of it and find another vet that will actually answer the phone and make an appointment.

Tania Martinez

2 years ago

I’ve been calling every day for a week a few times at different times and NO ONE picks up the phone! It’s very upsetting that we are paying for a plan that isn’t being fulfilled. I am going to cancel both plans for both my dogs since we are not receiving any services and paying $65/mo for nothing! What a waste.

Rafael Zendejas

2 years ago

Poor customer service. I’ve been waiting on my dogs lab biopsy results for over 4 weeks now. I was supposed to get the results one week later. Made multiple calls and even called headquarters to make complaint. I’ve been bringing my two small dogs to Banfield for 12 years and I have pet plan. They used to treat me very well . The quality is no longer good. I’ve requested a refund and to speak to manager but to no avail. Not going to this vet anymore and going to cancel my pet plans. Also, the new location is terrible. You now have to pay for street parking . The old location inside Petsmart was way more convenient. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this place. It’s no longer a quality vet . Actively looking for a caring vet .

Caroline Cotto

2 years ago

I am very saddened that I must write a review and ultimately cancel my wellness plan after about 5 years. I used to live in Miami where I began using Banfield —when it was still part of PetSmart— *not saying that’s the reason of their poor service, but maybe that does have to do with it* I have always had 2 felines and at some point 3 on the wellness plan and it was a great experience and I used to recommend it to everyone. However, two years ago I moved to Chicago and the closest clinic was the Banfield South Loop. I was very excited to make a new clinic home for my pets, but sadly the experience has left me in tears. Starting with the clinic and headquarters wasn’t much better. Every time I take my cats, there is always something negative with one of them. The first time my cat was returned behaving so aggressively I genuinely was scared. Cats can be feisty but I had never and have never after that occasion seen my cat behave like that with nobody, at no other vet. I thought it was a one time thing but sadly this last time they did not want to do work on her. After I tried to cancel the plan I was convinced to keep it and speak with a manager and get a personalized team since I fear that it might be the way the team is handling my cat (must be very aggressive for her to respond that way). I agreed to do that. After trying to contact the manager (Named Cara) for TWO WEEKS almost everyday I was always told she wasn’t in and that I could leave a message. Today, I called again because the next appointment date is around the corner and I still have not received a call back. When I called, and asked if there was any way to contact the manager they hung up the phone on me. I called again because it could’ve been an accident but no, when I called and said that I had just been hung up, they hung up again, I called multiple times after that and nobody responded. The level of disrespect to the pets and pet parents is just beyond me. I cannot believe I experienced this and that there was no way to fix it since the other clinics are too far from me. Situations happen but an employee disrespecting someone else in that way after I am just trying to get my feline treatment cannot be fixed. Do yourself a favor and find a different clinic. I would stay away from Banfield at this point but if you still want to use Banfield at least don’t use the South Loop clinic.


2 years ago

I have two babies that have been coming here since they were puppies and 8 and 9 years old . My recent visit with my lil one were serious in nature and come to find he had thyroid issue but it took another doctor to make that observation in which he always went here and kept his comprehensive exams , x-rays , blood work etc they never told me he had it. Yet, i his exam and when he went into the e.r around the same time he had his comp at Banfield the other office found he had thyroid issue. I was told early in that his baby teeth would fall out and not to worry and now he had an underlying issue he has swollen lymph nodes no one mentioned but now can’t be addressed on account he has a more serious issue and can not be done at the present but no one spoke of his lymph nodes swollen even during his last exam in which I declined as we had a plan that included it but when they renewed it they down graded to me not knowing; so we simply have to deal with this while addressing his more serious condition. Never gotten a update on the re-location and on multiple occasions sat on most busiest corner while phone rang no answer watched the rep thru the window hang the phone up even denied on one occasion we even had an appointment. Out of all the empty store fronts they picked the most limited parking, busiest and dangerous for the patients they see. It’s sad to see so many money motivated , zero empathy companies and when your problems or issues displayed their return response is , “ so sorry”

Cody Powell

2 years ago

The biggest challenge was the new location and not being able to go in. Where is the parking? Why is the vestibule so small? and why do little dogs keep peeing in it?!

rajiv shah

2 years ago

Please answer your phone! I have been trying to get needed medication for my injured dog for days and it is still not ready. They don’t call to update on the status. My wife and have repeatedly called to get updates and that only helps if they answer. Yes. I’m venting. I’m fed up with the poor customer service. My advice is to go to a vet that cares about your pets and not the number of pets it sees on a day.

Jessie Thomas

2 years ago

I have been a member of Banfield Wellness Plan for over 15 years starting with one deceased dog and now have three dogs on the plan. I was disgusted two weeks ago not knowing the South Loop location had relocated. Did not receive any notification about the relocation. If I had not scheduled a grooming appointment at Petsmart and was notified that one of my babies rabies shots had expired in March would had continued to wait until South Loop (hopefully) noticed me regarding scheduling an appointment. When I called Banfield was told by a clerk that they moved the 1st of May. I inquired if they had parking was told limited. Anyone who travels west on Roosevelt Rd understands the traffic congestion just before the expressway. I was so upset; I have moved my pets to another Banfield location that has parking. Perhaps the oversight of notifying me was due to COVID everyone is a little off-kilt. I loved the previous facility including the staff and veterinarians but cannot deal with hassle of finding parking and walking with a large dog on public walkways plus I'm a senior.

This & That Crafts by Gaby

2 years ago

Always great service! Everyone bis so nice here. ????❤️

K Elizabeth

2 years ago

The staff is wonderful! I have a bullmastiff and he hates his vet visit but he loves the staff. They rub, pet and hug on him when he arrives and leaves. They're a great group.

amber leslie

3 years ago

Vet was very knowledgeable, and thorough. Answered questions thoughtfully, and had a sense of humor ????. Prices very reasonable when you have the monthly plan.

Fernando Vera

3 years ago

Amazing staff. My pug loves his visits.

Kamille Joseph

3 years ago

2nd time calling today and no answer. The phone keeps ringing for longer than a minute. JUST HIRE SOMEONE TO SOLELY ANSWER THE PHONE TO SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS!!!! Not the first time this has happened and I'm so over it.

Lisa Hernandez

3 years ago

I have been a customer of Banfield since 2009, have had a Wellness Plan too, as a matter fact I just upgraded to a senior dog plan. It pains me to write this but the last few visits I have had such a hard time reaching anyone by phone!! My last visit left my heart quite heavy due to the nature of some findings in my dog. Same thing today. He went in for a dental cleaning just to find out it couldn't be done due to other underlying serious issues. His news is not what I'm disappointed in, it's leaving me hanging when 'someone will call you back' and I can't even reach anyone after 4 hours. I feel like my hands are tied here! I either get non-stop ringing or a busy signal. It's happened to me three times within the past few MONTHS so this is not a recent issue. I would appreciate someone answering a phone especially when our dogs are in your trusted care. All Im asking is for your phones to be answered!!

Vignesh J

3 years ago

This was our first time taking our pup here. The staff are quite friendly and helpful. The vet clearly explained everything. But at that time, only a drop off and pick up was available.


3 years ago

We pay our monthly dues to them, but when we needed to go in as a walk in they turn you away and tell you to go somewhere else. Whats the point of us paying monthly dues if they just tell you they can’t help you. Now we gotta go somewhere else and pay more money. They didn’t even try to accommodate us. They just gave us a piece of paper with other places we can go. Meanwhile this place will continue to charge monthly dues. They used to have walk ins but not anymore. I guess it’s time to start looking somewhere else.


3 years ago

Always a "happy" spot for my lil' baby

Aracely Anisko

3 years ago

My young cat had suddenly developed ear issues late in the evening. I woke up early the following day and checked up on her. Her condition worsened. I couldn't go back to sleep. So I waited for vets to open and proceeded to call vets in my area as they opened. I either got: we are too busy we can see you next week or not taking any new patients due to COVID-19. I have a problem with too much empathy. I can't see my pet suffer for days. Banfield accepted me that day. From the cashier to the assistant and the doctor: all were so kind, informative, patient and personable. The vet called me the next day to see how she was doing. I was so surprised! It was a little pricey. However, I don't know prices on pet services and we don't have pet insurance. It was so worth it for the customer service and our pet to get better. The photos are before and after. She had greatly improved the following day! We are definitely taking our little Chops back and our other cat here in the future. Thank you so much, Banfield!

Better Believe

3 years ago

The vet is not available to ask question during covid19.

Robb Mysiewicz

3 years ago

Our Yorkie always gets a great cut there, and the staff is wonderful! Reed, you will be missed!

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