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Aj Sever

2 years ago

Although they took good care of my dog, the price was astonishing. No shots just a 207 dollar blood work up and the total bill was 453 dollars. I had sticker shock

Edgar H. Saavedra

2 years ago

They are really late on answering their customers when customers call. They need to improve on their quality. Animal are family, and people don’t need to worry for one more night of what to do.

Steve Miller

2 years ago

I brought my female cat in for an eye issue and possible cold infection. I was in a complete panic the day before the appointment thinking all the worst things: She's going to be dead in a week, I am going to get a $3,000 vet bill, they won't be able to treat her, etc. However, I am so glad I took her to this vet. They are not only very local to me, I also had the good fortune of getting a very good vet as well as the staff being unbelievably friendly and helpful with a very reasonable final bill. They now have a permanent client. I don't understand why all vets aren't in business like this wonderful place. They would all have return clients.

Hyunil James Kim

2 years ago

So caring professionals who make you and your pets feel at ease and welcome.

rick remington

2 years ago

Dr Block takes care of our 2 dogs and she always takes care of us at the last minute with emergencies. We have total confidence in this practice and we will never use another vet under any circumstances. If you love your pet and want the best care possible this is where you want to take them.

john conway

2 years ago

First time visit for my two birds they did a very professional exam and were very friendly. My birds and I will be back in six months for beak and nail trim.

Bryan Nelson

2 years ago

Great overall experience... but a little higher in expenses

Gerald Green

2 years ago

The staff love animals and do everything possible to help them!

Annie Douglas

2 years ago

I have 2 boys Soft Coat Wheaten Terrier. My older one Gummy was 15.3 yo when we have to put to sleep on January 2021. Dr. Sheree Block helped us tremendously for the smooth transition and we had closure. All the vet doctors never failed to see my boys when there are emergencies the soonest we call for help. The staff is amazing!! Follow-up calls all the time. I feel assured and happy with their services. The Best!

Jess Vargas

2 years ago

I found Dr. Dornhoff while searching for vet care for my cockatiel and budgies. She's AAV (Association of Avian Veterinarians) certified. She does great work with my babies. Dr. Dornhoff is very knowledgeable.While Country Court can't do a lot of the specialized stuff for birds, they're great for well visits and nail trims (which is thankfully all we've needed).


2 years ago

We have been bringing our dog here since she was a puppy ????. We are and have always been happy with the care ❤ that Olivia gets. Keep up the GREAT work.

Julie Wulff

2 years ago

Nothing at the moment! The office has dealt with the COVID pandemic in the best way they can. Thank goodness for cell phones and parking lots! Thank you all for taking such wonderful care of our pets!

Dawn Koelsch

3 years ago

Surprised to have the request of my thoughts of this place I have worked over 20 years. We treat every patient if he/she were our own pet

Nancy Bulat

3 years ago

Very friendly staff. They do a very thorough checkup the first time you are seen and I had a coupon. Prices are comparable to other vets I have taken my dog to. Update 6 months after, my dog had a nail bed infection and the vet not only swabbed the nail bed but then came back and did in between his paws so I got charged twice for that. Same infection of course. I’m on disability so it’s very difficult just paying for a vet bill. Then the vet basically insisted I pay for one of those round donuts you put around their head so they won’t be licking or scratching anything. I didn’t feel I needed that but felt very pressured into buying that. It stayed on him a day and came off and I never put it on him again. I can see him or hear him if he were to start licking his paw. Changed 5 stars to two stars.

Katarina A

3 years ago

Super friendly staff, and my dog actually loves going there, she wags her tail as soon as she sees someone coming out to pick her up. We had her spayed a few days ago, and they have been the most helpful in answering a million of my question and concerns. The best animal hospital and staff I have ever seen!

John ZUG

3 years ago

the staff is great and friendly and pays attention to not only our puppies needs but ours also, they are very through

Pete Wisnieff

3 years ago

Just took our new pup there for his first checkup and our first impression is very positive. Would definitely recommend this clinic.

Bryan Brickey

3 years ago

Both of the main Vets at this place have been fantastic. Not always the best table side manner with the human, but both of our dogs love their vet and both wag their tails like crazy when they see we're going to the vet.

Kari Brewer

3 years ago

The love and speed Tank was cared for by Dr Dornhoff and the entire staff is way beyond my expectations. You really can tell the live you all have in your hearts for animals. I’m telling everyone that I know how wonderful y’all are.

Lori Chandler

3 years ago

I was very impressed with the care my puppy and I received at Country Court Animal Hospital. With Covid-19 happening, they had me pull up and talk to the doctor on the phone before they came to get her. Dr. Lewis talked with my husband and I for 45 minutes on the phone and she answered all of our many questions. She was very patient and thorough! Also, our puppy Maggie was well taken care of.

Maria Rojas

3 years ago

Love the doctors, so caring and the staff so helpful


3 years ago

We took our sick bird for a checkup. The curbside drop off was perfect and the staff were very nice.

•døggy Drawz•

3 years ago

I finally got answers after two years of going to a different vet. I’m one hour they diagnosed my cat and finally sent him on the road to recovery! Yay ❤️ Affordable and loving.

Nicole Lindsey

3 years ago

My childhood pets and now my pets have always trusted our dogs to them for vet appointments to boarding. They care and call to check back in if there was a previous problem.

Cecilia Woerner

3 years ago

It seems like once this pandemic took over we’ve been congratulating human doctors and nurses, but we have to remember that our pets need to be seen and our vets and aides are out there working and risking their well-being to give them care. Seems like I never went to the vet, then my dog and my cat started having issues that required multiple visits during this time. They had to go through so many hurdles just to get my pets. Then repeat it when I had to get them back. Congratulations to all the staff at Country Court Animal Hospital. Job well done!’

Angela B

3 years ago

I have been coming here for 2 months now! Dr. Lewis is super amazing and hands on. She will even follow up with me after we have left the facility in case we have any questions or need any further assistance! I greatly appreciate that warm welcome as it’s my first time having a pet from a young age. Yesterday, I went to see a new vet at the same facility. Her name was Dr. Block. She was 30 minutes tardy to begin with and didn’t even apologize when she called me. She seemed to know nothing when she got on the call which made little sense to me because it wasn’t our first visit so I would imagine she would have an idea about her patients prior to because there are records on file in addition to when I made the appointment, I informed the receptionist of the vaccines we were scheduling for. She seemed to not want to be at work from the start! When Dr. Block came out to the car, she was very nasty and rude to me. Sad to say it, but I hope it wasn’t because of my skin color. That’s personally how I felt when she came out because a poor attitude led to an even worst attitude when she saw me. I politely told her that she wasn’t giving proper customer service when I’m entrusting my puppy in her care in which I can’t be present for and that I didn’t feel comfortable. She then said “Ok you can take the dog” as she handed me back the dog and told me to have a good day! It proved to me that she didn’t care for my services and one rotten apple can ruin the bunch. I didn’t get my puppy checked as planned and although I did call to make a follow up appointment with Dr. Lewis, I’m not sure if I feel comfortable going back to the facility at all anymore and have sought out new vets in my area. Sad to have such an experience! To follow up, per the response received from the facility, my mask wasn’t on for interaction. The issue here is that Dr. Block and I weren’t interacting. I was outside. Her only job was to take the dog and contact me by phone to follow up as services have been before. I’m outside in 89 degree weather after waiting a half hour and I didn’t see her coming out because I was ensuring the dog got more water so all I did was hand her the dog when she came out. Her response was still nasty and rude so it’s no excuse because customer service is customer service, never excusable. My mask was right in the car but because I was tending to my dog for water and she walked up to the car out of nowhere, my first instinct was to hand her the dog as I’ve done in the past as previously stated!

Ammar Iqbal

3 years ago

Absolutely terrible! I had a 4pm appointment, I called them at 4 and the receptionist said the doctor is just running a little behind. @ 4:27 pm they do not call so I call them they said the doctors is on the phone and we can not tell you how long she will take. Completely inconsiderate !

Rose Cantilena

3 years ago

We brought our cat there for the 1st time 9/25/2020 only because they do Vet visits and grooming. This review would be 2 pages long if I told you everything that went on so I'll summarize it. They left my cat in her crate from 7:30 AM until 6:30 PM...OUTRAGED to say the least. When I called at 11AM to check on her, they hadn't even examined or groomed her. I told them my cat was skittish and hates crates, that's why I made the appointment. We have had our cat for 10 months, adopted a very health cat and 3 days after getting her back from this place, our cat got very sick with an URI. I shuttered at the thought of taking her back to Country Court because they won't let you go in the building at all. That in itself tells you something is not kosher. Today is 10/6/2020 and we have an appointment with a new Vet who will let you in the exam room(with a mask). So BEWARE of this Country Court...AND I agree with everyone saying Dr. Block is rude because she is and has no personality, all that for $510.21. Now we are looking at, who knows $what with a new Vet to get our cat healthy again.

Nancy Stade

3 years ago

No improvement is needed! Everyone at Country Court is wonderful, professional, friendly and caring. Dr. Block has been treating our cats for many years. She is very thorough, caring and kind and we are fortunate to have her as our vet.

Uri Adanin

3 years ago

My experience was great and Dawn did an amazing job and my dog came out smiling! We will be back soon!

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