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a year ago

Friendly staff and good service.

Christy Michelle

a year ago

Please hire more people my phone call never gets answered anymore. I have been going to banfield for 8 years all over Nashville and Texas and have never experienced this issue until coming to this location. My dog gets very stressed out when she has to go for car rides - not even prescribed medication really helps. I took her in to get everything updated the other week. I receive a phone call that Juno did so great and she’s ready to be picked up only to arrive and receive a kit to retrieve a urine sample because they couldn’t get it from her. I’m sorry I just don’t understand why that wasn’t communicated over the phone call. I would have absolutely asked for her to be able to stay a little longer - she had plenty of time it was only noon. Later on I look on the banfield app just to see she also didn’t have her parasite control updated when I specifically asked about that when I dropped her off. It’s a real bummer because this location is the only one I can get an appointment that isn’t months away but I am really unhappy and hope I can find a better option.

Jeanette Thompson

a year ago

I called to have my dog seen. I had to wait a few days, but got in. Check in was still curb side, but my pet was checked in within 10 minutes and the doctor called me a few hours later and explained how the exam went and suggestions to keep him healthy. Scheduled a pick up time and was done. Very convenient. Staff was friendly and helpful. The office was busy but they were doing they best they could.

Carrie Miller

a year ago

They are rude on the phone and not professional at all!!!!

Luis Rodriguez Jr.

a year ago

Overall good service and my dog was happy.


a year ago

They couldnt diagnose the ecoli that my dog had. I had to hear it from another vet AFTER they took all my money and left me still with no answers. It appears like they have amateurs working there. Avoid these losers if you can

Robert Sowul

a year ago

I did have an appointment set for 5pm with my puppy for a first visit. My wife called in 45 min prior to the appointment that I am running behind and was told that the latest my puppy will be seen is 5:15pm. I made it at 5:15 pm exactly and I was told that it is too late now and that she could get me rescheduled for another day. Thanks but no thanks if they wanted to have it rescheduled they should have done it over the phone. What was the point of having me rush unneccessarilly if they had no intention of seeing my puppy. That was very rude and unprofessional.

Maria E. Pietanza

a year ago

I've been with Bandfiel for 9 years since I adopted my furry baby and today for the first time they let me down! I needed a doctor to see Mia asap becsuse he was having some bumps on her head and body, she has seasonal allergies but she never had bumps like that, I called five Banfiels in the area and NONE ond them couldn't get me in to have her checked. Very dissapointed after giving them 9 years of business. I finally found a pet hospital near me that took very good care of Mia and she is feeling much better.

Crazy Rabbit

a year ago

Had my dog seen at this location this week. I had my appointment made in advance. Great experience. Check in took a little bit of time. But with so many pets being seen I understand. I know almost vets are booked out for months. Preventative care is the way to go!

sumeet dhingra

a year ago

Unprofessional !! This has happened twice, you get the appointment you reach there and call them. First they don't pick your call, after trying several times they pick and ask you to hold. After 15-20 mins calls get disconnected and you call again and they say your appointment time is passed and you are late so we cannot take you in. It feels so stupid like they don't have any value about your time. And this has happened twice. Seems like banfield bloomingdale needs to understand how to manage appointments. I would not recommend Banfield to anyone.

Rodger Haight

a year ago

I’ve been going to Banfield Animal Hospitals for years all over the Chicagoland area, but the experience I just had at the Bloomingdale location was BY FAR the worst experience I have ever had. My girlfriend took my dog into the hospital around a week or 2 ago to get blood work, and when she asked about feedback regarding my animal, the doctor was very condescending. Dr. Moswick was very unprofessional. She didn’t answer my questions and spoke down to me in a very rude manner. The manager was not the nicest either. When I asked to speak to the manager, Jennifer, she was disrespectful and made me feel like it was inappropriate to ask questions about my pet. Because of these reasons, I will never be using a Banfield hospital again, and I will strongly recommend to everyone I know not to use this location. My hope is that the management at this location is entirely reconstructed. I strongly suggest that upper management takes a little more time when hiring veterinarians, because they clearly lack compassion and empathy at this hospital. This establishment is clearly failing because of their management (or lack thereof), and as an pet owner, I hope they figure things out because this is down right not okay.

Cheng Heng

2 years ago

We have the Wellness Plan from Banfield for 14 years for our dog and never used any other services besides the annual/semi annual wellness checkup as he’s been very healthy. My poor dog recently not interested in eating much so we brought him in for a checkup. They recommended all sort of lab works and x-ray which would cost almost $800. You would think the doc would call to discuss the findings and to go over the recommended tests. Spoke to the receptionist and other staff a few times to go over questions. We requested to speak with the doc but was told Dr Mozwecz is too busy to call/speak to the clients. Their lack of concerns or empathy for your pets, always rushing and quick to tell you their costs for the services is troubling. They’re careless that you’ve been paying thousands of dollars for 14 years. Would not recommend this group/location/heartless staff/doc to anyone.

We Travel Enjoy & Explore Life

2 years ago

Took my little guy in for what we thought was an ear infection. The doctor was very thorough and professional!

Marco Sanchez

2 years ago

Talked to Stacy to ask if I can do an in person appointment and she said no problem to come by. I live 40 minutes away. Wasted gas and time all so that they would tell me at the door to give them a call and make the appointment. I dont know if that was Stacy but she was rude and closed the door on me while repeating to make an appointment thru the phone. I also needed more information. Really aggravating!! I hope the vets aren't as incompetent as the staff inside.

Carolyn Janke

2 years ago

Awesome !! Very comfortable bringing my pets there

Audre Rathburn

2 years ago

I have really liked having banfield take care of Kayloo. All their people are courteous. They like to take care of pets.

L. Nicole Trottie

2 years ago

Thanks for the reviews folks. I’ll pass on Banfield.

Katie Schroeder

2 years ago

Took my cat there for a sore on his lip. They told me it was an allergy and gave me a medication for it. 300 bucks. Not to mention they had my cat for 6 hours. That medication didn't work, so they gave us another one. 50 bucks. We ran out and I specifically asked if I could get the medication on chewy to which they told me yes. I found a comparable medicine for 5 dollars. To which they denied because it wasn't the same exact cream they've got.. Come to find out the cream they gave me was specific to Banfield. What a joke. Avoid this place at all costs. They don't care about your animals. Only care about making a quick buck.

Melissa Guerra

2 years ago

Recently we had to make the decision of putting our bestfriend down. I called banfield, told them the news and asked if I could cancel our insurance with them because we unfortunately would not be going back. I immediately recognized who answered since I knew almost everyone who worked there from going there for so long. I was surprised that she completely ignored it and told me that I was calling the wrong number to cancel our insurance. After 12 years of seeing him at their hospital, I was completely shocked to hear no remorse from her. I was very disappointed, upset, and hurt after this phone call. We have other concerns about this hospital, but this really showed me that I will not be bringing another pet here again.


2 years ago

After waiting a week for a appointment in the morning, was never told to call to check in. Lady comes out says they will call me when they are ready. I say I have a appointment she said yes but I have a few people in front of you. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me there. Jen is unprofessional does not like negative feedback or being told how wrong they are. They have no problem taking your money!

Sehee Rim

2 years ago

I've had the Wellness Plan from Banfield for many years for my two dogs and used their services in different states. This location in Bloomingdale, IL is by far the worst in my experience and I could not be more disappointed. Their lack of professionalism, genuine concern for your pets, always rushing and being extremely rude to the clients, etc. The list goes on. They will need a lot of work to earn back the trust and respect from their clients, but empathy is a good place to start. Such a rude group of people and I do not recommend this location to anybody.

Matthew McKeown

2 years ago

Dropped my dog off at 9:30 for them to take a look at the sore on her neck. An hour later they called to say all they need to do is shave the area and clean it. I did not get a call back. My wife and I tried calling all day, but kept getting a busy tone. We finally got through and picked the dog up at 5:00 p.m. Seven and a half hours to cut hair and clean a scab? This was after they cancelled and rescheduled our last appointment three times.

Maegan Lee

2 years ago

So rude, unhelpful and uninterested in your pets wellbeing. Also said a nail trim would be 16-20 bucks and charged me 40+ but my puppies nails were barely even trimmed at all. A joke. Don’t be a vet if you’re not going to be caring and compassionate.

Kristen Kelly

2 years ago

I like being there. They are pretty quick with getting my pet in and out. It’s convenient with them being attached to the place I buy the food from. The new hours of only doing comprehensive exams on weekdays is extremely inconvenient when you live alone and work 5 days a week. I work off hours so for the near future I will be finding a new place for my pet to go. I don’t even have the pto to take time off to take my pet there and the ONLY reason I come is for a 6 month comprehensive exam. They have definitely lost me as a customer and I have been using Banfield locations for over 10 years. Also, my cat was attacked by a stray and was bleeding I thought they are an animal hospital they should have open slots for immediate care. Nope, they had nothing available and I spent an hr and a half looking for any place that could take her. So if you have an emergency I don’t recommend coming here please don’t waste your time calling them I highly recommend Wheaton vet hospital in Glen Ellyn they were very busy and still had time to get her in. I only waited 30 or less.

Amanda Staley

2 years ago

Had an appointment scheduled for routine wellness at 8:45-9:45am. I go to drop her off and I am told they don't guarantee time slots and I have to leave my baby in a darn cage for 8 hours. I will get a call after 3:30 pm. Seriously, they don't care about the wellbeing of your fur babies, its just a conveyor belt of $$$$ to them. Knoll animal hospital got us in that morning and they did it all while I waited in the parkinglot.

taniqua white

2 years ago

This was the worst, they have you pay for services that they state they cannot do. They are very unprofessional, they hang up on you when you have to keep calling back. I have never heard of a vet that do not put animals to sleep to do procedures, and they do not like to give refunds for services they state they cannot do. Pitiful place to take your furbabies to.

Tony Rudnik

2 years ago

amazing staff. stacie is always very helpful when i come in and takes care of my dog every time. don’t listen to all the negative reviews.

Young Freddy

2 years ago

Staff is very friendly and willing to work with you. Get the wellness plan, it's a lifesaver!

Anna Colbert

3 years ago

Very rude staff and customer service. I left a message for the vet to call me back regarding our dog she recently seen and 4 days later still no return call. I called back and I’m being told by front desk Nicole that she doesn’t know if I ever called because she doesn’t see any notes. So unprofessional!!!!

April G

3 years ago

Worse place ever. They rather my dog die than help him smh.

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