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Lindsey Rives

a year ago

Thankful for the doctor and entire team on staff during 1/16-1/17. They were compassionate and provided excellent care to our Annie. We also appreciated their safety measures in place during this time. Thanks for all that you do.

ann dailey

a year ago

They saw my dog with zero notice on Christmas Eve. She had a check-up, anesthesia, operation, and was ready to pick up in an hour. The instructions for her meds and care were straightforward, staff were friendly, and the price was reasonable.

Gilbert Quintanilla

a year ago

I took my dog there to get help with birthiing a litter yesterday morning . They charged me 300 for the visit x-rays and exam . Said pups were still alive and my dog would be fine to deliver by herself. I took my dog to Atkinson Illinois to see vet and get c section ALL THE PUPPIES WERE DEAD AND MY DOG IS IN REAL BAD SHAPE . THIS PLACE GAVE ME SOME BAD INFO BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT I WAS BROKE . TOTAL GARBAGE ...

Kilee & Chris

a year ago

Nothing like calling an Emergency Vet Clinic for an EMERGENCY and them REFUSING TO help your furbaby. Do NOT go here! Plus the lady on the phone is JUST PLAIN RUDE!

Samantha Vandyke

a year ago

DO NOT GO HERE! Refused to help my cat & undemined her EMERGENCY. Wish I would've read the reviews. Ended up having to drive to Peoria, and she was DYING! QC DESERVES A BETTER EMERGENCY VET, this one is awful!!

Troy Nova

a year ago

I wish I could’ve gave zero stars. The lady who was on the phone was not helpful. She was insanely rude. I felt like I owed her something that she was mean to me. Such a shame

Morgan Evans

a year ago

An awful experience will never be bringing my animal here you guys need to get it together

Adam Wood

a year ago

Woke on Sunday 10/31 my 15 year old lab mix daisy had fell down steps and believe she may have broke her hip over night she chewed it raw called clinic within a hour we had her there in the room with and staff was so nice and accommodating .rest in peace to the best dog .thank u clinic for professionalism 5 star from me .

Jillian Russell

a year ago

Whatever you do, do not go to this place. Please read this if you're thinking about going here. I have never experienced worst bedside service to a sick animal than when my dog went in for an exam. My 10 year old dog had an episode related to vestibular disease. Since she was elderly this is a very easily diagnosable disease (that I found out from Google afterwards because they didn't tell me about it) but I didn't know it at the time. They charged me $100 for an extremely rudimentary exam, the doctor was only in there for 2 minutes and all they did was look at her eyes and ears and take her temperature. They didn't offer me any advice on what the problem might be, just told me I needed to euthanize her that day(!!!) or spend $100s more dollars on tests. My dog ended up living for another year without an episode, and if I had taken their advice I would have lost a precious year with my dog. Even though I was visibly devastated, they were very unsympathetic and rude. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I only went there the first time because it was a Sunday and I didn't have an option. If you care about good service, I implore you not to go there.

Alexandra DeNeve

a year ago

This place continues to let pets die! Anytime I’ve called with a pet emergency, they “can’t fit them in until the next day” and they’ve died. I am not the only person experiencing this. They tell you if you can’t wait until the next day to drive from the Quad Cities to Iowa City, which is an hour away- during the emergency.

Kyle Major

a year ago

I arrived around 11 am and got told the wait was going to be 4 hours and that if we left and they would call us it could potentially not allow us to be seen that day. Kerri then called back to give us an update stating that two cars just showed up so it would get pushed back even further. Yet while we were waiting me or my girlfriend did not see any cars pull in. She then recommended some other places to go but after calling the other places they were just as backed up. We then called back to ask some questions. All I was trying to do was to ask if a tech could come out just to see her in person because if you are going to triage someone or something you at least need to see them in person. Kerri then started to raise her voice at me stating that they are triaging the pets but would not allow me to finish my sentence. I then tried to ask another question and Kerri then again, raised her voice at me practically yelling at me stating that they are in fact triaging because they are taking dogs that aren’t breathing and told us the people that walked out, their dog stopped breathing (while still yelling at me over the phone.) which to me is some confidentially concerns that she’s telling people this. I then tried to tel her that she did not need to yell at me and that I wanted to talk to the person that was in charge. To which she yelled again that there was no one in charge but the administration won’t be here until Monday. I then asked for the administrator’s name to which she yelled at me over the phone that her name is Kerri. I explained that I needed the administrator’s name. I would not recommend anyone to ever go here unless it was a last resort thing. The amount of unprofessionalism that was shown is not somewhere people should be going.

Paul Milton

a year ago

I took my 10 month old dog apollo there 9/26 and they gave him fluids,gave me prescription for antibiotics and sent me home.Today is 9/27 and my dog Apollo has died

Debra Woodside

a year ago

They do not know the difference between a stroke and allergies!!!! Think twice before going!

Christy S

a year ago

Having a pet emergency is very stressful and scary. I had a scare with my dog tonight; I knew something wasn’t right. We went to the AEC and received nothing but kindness from receptionist to veterinary technician to doctor. Our concerns were validated and they helped put our mind at ease. After some diagnostic tests it was determined my dog didn’t need to stay in the hospital and could come home with us. I’m so grateful we have a service like the AEC in the Quad Cities. Thank you for your help and kindness

Sara Davisson

2 years ago

Curb side still? Must be hiding something? You can not be with your animal when they are stressed and sick. Be prepared to wait 2 hours or more unless your animal is almost dead. While waiting in the parking lot I got to see two people leave in tears with dead animals. Had to call the front desk since there was no word from the office on what was going on with my animal during my extended wait. They are not friendly, will argue with you, and feel no obligation to keep you informed. Emergency rooms at this point in the pandemic allow one person to wait with the patients... Needless to say after reading the reviews while waiting I got my dog and left. Should have read the reviews before wasting my time. Went to the Animal ER in Cedar Rapids. Update: Beware if you dislike their service they will send a report to your normal vets office bad mouthing you and saying what a horrible person you are, for simply worrying about your dog and wanting your dog back. Avoid this place at all cost.

Melissa Henderson

2 years ago

The staff here are incredible! They care so much about the animals and their families. I am thankful for each and everyone of them and I know I am getting the best care for my pet.

Laurie Engleking

2 years ago

I know they are there if needed for an Emergency. They are professional and know how to triage and treat the sickest first! The Quad Cities is grateful for their service!

Jamie F

2 years ago

Luckily I’ve only needed them a handful of times but they have always been so compassionate and kind. It’s comforting to know there’s a place like this that’s there when you need it. They’ve been with me during a couple of losses and were very comforting. Thank you to all the staff from the front desk to the vets, you guys are all great!!!

James Patrick Schmidt

2 years ago

As our dog aged and dealt with heart failure and back problems, they gave us excellent treatment several times overnight and on weekends when we couldn't get to our regular vet. Always had excellent treatment of the dog and for us, and having a 24-hour vet made the last 3-4 years of the dog's life better and probably helped extend his life with quick access to treatment. They also helped us say goodbye when our dog's health deteriorated rapidly overnight. I highly recommend this facility for the care they've given us in critical situations.

Anita Swearingen

2 years ago

So thankful to have such excellent ER care available! Between one visit for a ripped out toe nail, a couple other visits to stitch them back up after a disagreement between housemates and another visit for severe middle of the night pain, it's comforting to know that we have access to excellent care even after hours, on weekends or over holidays. Thank you for all you do!!!

Kaylee Dammeier

2 years ago

My dog was misdiagnosed and I was not told proper side effects of medication which ended up leading to my dogs death. I had been told it was just a UTI and she would be fine and walking again. I was also told her numbers were fine when they really weren't. I called and followed up with my vet more than once. Then when the Dr called me he yelled at me over the phone for information I found out they had not told me. If you have to go here and they give medication to your animal PLEASE do research on the medication they gave them and watch them closely. But I recommend you stay far away!! Every pet is going to react differently to any medication!

Amber Vick

2 years ago

Great service! So professional, quick and understanding! If you have an emergency over the weekend I recommend skipping City Line and going straight here. They got us in and evaluated our girl ASAP. Thank you again for your compassionate, kind, caring, and professional service! ❤️Leelou’s Mom & Dad


2 years ago

Very rude front desk person. Driving all the way to this facility with an injured pet and to only be treated poorly and told to come back in 4 hours and “maybe” the doctor would be free. Maybe? How do you tell someone to come back after midnight with an injured dog and say “maybe” the doctor will be free. I would not recommend unless absolutely necessary.

Noah P

2 years ago

Refused to see my bunny who was on its death bed and caused her to suffer for multiple hours. They saw another one of bunnies before but claimed they don’t see bunnies anymore. Completely unprofessional and showed no sympathy towards my situation. I’d advise only using this vet if you have no other option because they do not care whatsoever about your animals.

Michelle Petty

2 years ago

I'm not sure why this place doesn't have a 5 star rating! I've been in the past with my cat and they were wonderful!! Last week they saved my English Cream Golden's life!! I'm forever grateful to the kind, compassionate and skilled staff!!! Please be comforted in knowing your fur baby will be in great hands here!! Thank you all for saving my boy's life!!!

Aaron Lay

2 years ago

My cat had a broken fang hadn’t eaten or drank water in 48 hours. I took her to the walk in clinic on a Saturday morning after calling several vets who all told me to take her to the ER. Called the ER they said they can not help her because they don’t have dental tools and they couldn’t do anything for her. It being Saturday the cat is left to suffer in severe pain for the 3 day weekend since Monday is a holiday. What kind of emergency facility can not extract a broken tooth. And what kind of facility that is supposed to care for animals is ok with letting a cat suffer for 3 days in severe pain and unable to drink water or eat. Was told over the phone that the cat will not die. How compassionate is that

Kelly Bliss

2 years ago

This Place was truly wonderful for my Sweet Molly, she had to be put down and they were so gentle and kind to her, they treated her with the most respect, she was peaceful and wrapped in a cozy blanket for us to say our Good byes. She was never in any pain and went very peacefully. I received a very nice hand written sympathy card as well in the mail today. Thank you so much for being so kind. Kelly Hobart (Molly’s Mom)


2 years ago

Absolutely HORRIBLE place!!!! Please don't take pet here if they are a member of your family. We were told nothing appeared on the x-ray so we wanted to bring him home. He died there by himself, most likely due to lack of care and a feeling that we abandoned him there.

Jackie Kendall

2 years ago

A HUGE thumbs up to Dr. Benge. My dog had been in a very stressful illness for over 2 weeks. Neither of his vets put him on the treatment that he got from Dr. Benge and within just a few hours, things started to improve remarkably. I can not thank you enough and I’m sure my dog is very grateful to you. Also, the staff there is great over the phone since the clinic is still on curbside service.

William Hitzhusen

2 years ago

This Sunday my dog Craig was hit by a truck while he was chasing a cat. The staff were friendly and very helpful while he was being treated. They kept us informed about the costs of the procedures and medications. Craig is recovering well. I would go here again but hopefully I'll never have to.

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