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a year ago

I cannot praise the sensitivity, sympathy, and professionalism of these people enough. We learned of our beloved cat's end-stage heart disease suddenly, so needless to say, there was a lot of grief, shock, and making decisions quickly. I am so glad that allowing Watson to complete his life's journey at home was an option, and that Roxanne and Dr. Emily were there to guide us through the painful process.

Marissa Trichardt

a year ago

Beyond thankful for Dr. Jen and her staff❤️ My family had a situation where our Saga declined rapidly and needed home help urgently. Dr. Jen and staff were extremely professional and compassionate and explained the process of euthanasia every step of the way. Thank you for everything ❤️

Colleen Marie

2 years ago

They made my Bella's transition so peaceful and calming. Dr Jen is simply the best. I will only choose her for my animals end of life care. Thank you for being so kind. ❤

Elizabeth Oppriecht

2 years ago

During this immensely difficult time, I waited and got scheduled for an afternoon outdoor service for my 16 year old cat. The doctor then refused to attend unless my family could either 1) prove we were all vaccinated, or 2) would wear masks outdoors in the 92 degree heat. That is NOT the last thing I want my pet to see -- the idea is to be able to comfort her, nor does it make ANY scientific sense. So incredibly disappointed. This is the only provider of this type that will serve our area, and we have no one to help our cat. The State of Emergency was lifted in IL weeks ago.

Kristin Serenda

2 years ago

This was such a caring and peaceful experience, from the initial contact to the care provided afterward. It puts my heart at ease to have found such a compassionate group to help with the transition of our furry little one to the Rainbow Bridge. Megan was wonderful with coordinating, scheduling, and making sure we understood the process. Dr. Jen was a very positive, tranquil, and reassuring presence the whole time she was with us. She explained everything in the beginning, and also each step of the way. She made sure that not only the humans, but also the other pets in the house (this was very important to me), were comfortable with everything she was doing, and she made sure we all had adequate time to say good-bye. As much as I wish our little ones would live forever, they don't, and because of this, I'm so very grateful to have found Peaceful Endings.

corilla 90

2 years ago

I mostly had questions they answered without making me feel bad Didn't need their services but sounds like they do great work at home euthanasia to keep the pet around family .

Max Bruhnke

2 years ago

They were very very understanding and accommodating. Thank you.

Melyssa Cordero

2 years ago

Who knows the right things to say and do during a time of grief when a family had to make this decision for? Dr. Bethany Mano treated us with much compassion and sensitivity during the process. She was patient with our questions and definitely was a great support. Weeks after the passing of our love, she still took time to handwrite us a letter for condolences. I can only say thank you and spread word of how wonderful ans grateful to be taken of someone so genuine. Thank you Dr. Meno!

Nickol Sorrentino

2 years ago

I’m writing this just 24 hours after having my dog of 13 years put down. I will never use anyone but peaceful endings when the time comes for any of my other 3 dogs. From the first phone call and speaking to Mallory, to Dr. Jen coming to the house for the euthanasia, everyone was so compassionate. Like an human i was having second thoughts thinking my yorkie had more time and was okay. Dr. Jen reassured me it was time and showed me things i had not noticed about how Rocco was feeling. She was knowledgeable, compassionate and did not rush anything. She explained every step and let my family and i take as much time as we needed to say goodbye. I can’t thank you guys enough for making a hard day just a little bit more peaceful. I’m forever grateful!

Linda Hebert

2 years ago

Am so glad I chose to have them come to my home....My Sophi was my Best Friend ,and saying goodbye to her this way, at home, made it easier. Dr.Jenn was wonderful and so thoughtful and caring. Thank You again.

Ginger Michels

2 years ago

I will never go through the end of life process with my pets without Peaceful Endings being by our side. Before I met Kari I had to put down my 2 cats of 18 years. I took them to the Vet for this. Both experiences were different and so difficult. As do most pets, mine knew as soon as the carrier came out they were going to the vet which caused them great stress. Being in the office with them as we waited for the doctor was so emotional for me and I knew I was effecting my cats by how they were responding. There are so many other details of this process I’d like to share but I will summarize that it was the most unpleasant experience of my life. Fast forward to needing to put our dog down. I had met Kari and learned of the services she provided. When it was time, we called Kari to our home. And, while laying comfortably in his favorite bed, at home, surrounded by his family he went peacefully over the rainbow bridge. The experience of being in a Vet office compared to our home was unbelievable. And, Kari was so amazing, gentle and supportive. I will NEVER let another pet go without Kari by our side. Thank you so much Kari. So grateful for your compassion.

Cara Haines

2 years ago

This is by far the best Peaceful endings for pets I have ever been to. Even with COVID19 going on, the continue to service pets and have drop off , pick up service. They did everything with care and keep my Dog happy and healthy.

Colleen Cope

2 years ago

I cant thank this team enough for what they did for me. They came on a Sunday. It was the the most amazing goodbye I could ask for. The sun was shining on us and I held my 136lb Rottie until he passed. Thank you Peaceful Endings.

Whit Verser

2 years ago

They handled the passing of my pet with an amazing amount of grace. She was running a little late because she allowed the family before us to grieve as they needed and was quick to communicate with us. She took care of our pet with a gentleness that made it feel like he meant as much to her as he did to us. It was our first in home euthanasia and I believe that we will go this route from now on, and wont hesitate to contact Peaceful Endings for Pets.

John Menze

2 years ago

Peaceful Endings for Pets madeIn summary, would very much recommend Peaceful Endings for Pets whose staff was very considerate, helpful, and empathetic to make the best out of a terrible situation. Peaceful Endings was able to accommodate a same day home visit when we made the decision that it was time to put our cat down. Megan was extremely helpful in preparing us what the procedure would be like and even offered for my wife to call her and receive a similar walk through. Dr. Jen was extremely professional during the visit, making sure that our cat was comfortable throughout and helping us as we saved some of his fur and made a paw print memento, beyond the wonderful one that she made and personalized with our cat’s name. The simple things, such as taking him out in a basket rather than a box, which family members of mine have had experiences with, help to make this very difficult night easier. After the procedure, a follow-up call from Mallory was a thoughtful touch, especially since she was asking us specifics about our situation and not just reading from a script. We were also very pleased with the cremation services that Peaceful Endings for Pets used, Hinsdale Animal Cemetery, who were able to complete the cremation services within a week so we could get our cat’s remains back promptly.

Juliette Miranda

2 years ago

Peaceful Endings was such a blessing to our family. Our 22 year-old tabby The Bugaboo was able to have a completely peaceful and calm experience in her own home, surrounded by her family. Dr. Trotsky was compassionate and professional, and never rushed us. We even received a follow-up call the next day just to see how we were doing. I can't tell you how much I appreciated having this service as an option.

Kathleen Badon

2 years ago

Dr Jennifer Wahlund came to our home and assisted us with saying goodbye to our beloved Weimaraner, Tori. She was gentle and kind, she explained every step and prepared us for what to expect. She allowed us all the time we needed to say goodbye to Tori and to kiss and pet Tori throughout the whole process. We are so thankful for your service and for allowing us to give Tori such a peaceful passing. It means EVERYTHING to us, and is comforting to know her last day was surrounded by her loved ones and she was not stressed. We were worried with the COVID pandemic that we may not be able to get your service, but it was NO problem and we are grateful Dr Jen was here. I will highly recommend your company for anyone faced with this difficult decision.

Laura Kiblin

2 years ago

I have nothing but good things to say about this company. The doctor was kind, patient, understanding, friendly, and compassionate. I’d definitely recommend Peaceful Endings to anyone who would like to say goodbye in the comforts of their home.

Melissa Wingo

2 years ago

Dr. Jen is wonderful. Our little 10-year-old Bichon Tucker had been battling cancer for months and we knew it was getting close to the end because of his difficulty breathing. We contacted Dr. Trotsky on Thanksgiving morning and she arranged for Dr. Jen to come over that same evening. Dr. Jen explained everything so thoroughly and with such compassion. She helped us to make this heart wrenching decision, and had such empathy in doing so as she had been through this herself having had to put her own dog down on Valentine’s Day. She made the entire process as peaceful and as loving as possible. She cried with us too! As much as I never wanted to have to make this decision, having the ability to do this in the comfort of our own home was the best way. Tucker has been such a gift to us, and I am comforted in knowing that he left us in the most peaceful way possible, in an environment he knew so well. Thank you, Dr. Jen, for everything.

Sally Castro

2 years ago

DR. Trotsky came to my home twice for both my Huskies. She is so compassionate. God Bless her. I would highly recommend her. My first husky was 17 but my 2nd was much younger. DR. understood this and had the patience and experience for this. She was very ill and all the best consideration was taken to keep her comfortable. Dr. Trotsky in my opinion is the best Dr. for these situations. I would like to say THANK YOU for making this as wonderful for my fur babies as possible. God's Blessings for you. Thank You again Dr. Trotsky. Sincerely Sally...Sapphire and Phoenix 's Mom.

Shawn M

2 years ago

From the moment Megan answered the phone we felt such love and compassion for the difficult but necessary decision we had to make. While I struggled to talk at the beginning she knew exactly how to navigate the conversation to put us at ease. Jen was also so kind and really made the process as comfortable as possible, she was very thoughtful in her words and explanations of what to expect through the entire process. Thank you Megan and Jen for being the people you are and for giving our girl the peaceful passing she deserved.

Tiger Time

2 years ago

A few days ago, I said goodbye to my best friend for the past 13+ years. One of the most painful moments of my life was made much easier with the help and assistance of Peaceful Endings. They were kind, understanding, and extremely helpful in making this decision and giving me time to speak when I started to break down. Shenron, my best friend, fought for over a year after going into congestive heart failure and was doing well, until it started to REALLY come back. To make sure he didn't suffer any more, as he could barely eat or move without great assistance, I reached out to them as he would always panic in the car, and I did not want him to have his last moments be of a panic. Peaceful Endings allowed me to say goodbye in the comfort of my own home. Dr. Bethany Meno was the one who came to help us say goodbye. She was kind and informative, and beyond patient with us. She helped the entire process feel more comforting, and the entire time I felt empathy and compassion as opposed to a business transaction. I cannot say enough about them, as they gave the right amount of space, patience, and guidance throughout. I recommend them to ANYONE in the area if you have the misfortune of saying goodbye to a dear furry friend. I hope to never have to use them again, but if I do have the unfortunate luck to have to deal with this again, I will be reaching out to them for help. Thank you to all that work there and allowing me to say goodbye to my best friend in a kind and peaceful way. ~Jason Hanes

Brian Basilico

3 years ago

Kari… I don’t know how you do this with such patience, professionalism, and compassion. You were so great during his hospice care that we provided him over the last few months, but when his tail stopped wagging we knew it was time. He was comfortable, and it was so painless and peaceful. He came to this forever home and went to his final forever home in the best way possible. We did not have to do that stressful final trip to the vet. Having done that multiple times in the past, I know it was a better experience for him and us. Kim and I thank you from the bottom of our broken hearts. You are truly a blessing and we can’t say THANK YOU enough!

Britt Knoll

3 years ago

I wish I could give 10 stars! Dr. Wahlund came to our home the same day we called and helped us say goodbye to our girl in the most peaceful, loving way. Our Zuka was able to be cozy in her spot, me holding her head, and my husband snuggling her, too. Our kids were able to say goodbye to her, as well. Dr. Wahlund was kind, compassionate, and empathetic. I cannot say enough good things about his company and the service it provides. The scheduling woman I spoke with was incredible. From the first contact until our final goodbye, the experience was more positive and peaceful than I could've ever imagined. So much better than going to a vet facility and saying goodbye. When she had passed, we helped put our girl into the Dr's van, and she was taken to a pet cemetary to be cremated and sprinkled in a butterfly garden. How beautiful is that? 10 stars all the way, I love Peaceful Endings for Pets.

Ruta Ozers

3 years ago

Dr. Jen, who came out the same day we called, was very compassionate, kind and gentle. She explained everything thoroughly. Our Dewey, a 12 1/2 year old Small Munsterlander, left us very peacefully. Thank you Dr. Jen for your compassion. I would highly recommend this in-home service.

Kimberly Carlson Orosco

3 years ago

It’s extremely difficult to write this as I miss my sweet boy beyond words. I hate to have to ever recommend this service to anyone, but if you are faced with making the unfortunate decision, this company is phenomenal. Megan was responsive and informative in making the arrangements. Dr. Jen was a gift to us. All of us. She was compassionate, patient and kind, and truly understood our grief. We were home, he passed in our arms and she did all she could to ease our pain...and his. I miss him so, so much but am very grateful for Dr. Jen and Peaceful Endings.

Kelly Truhlar

3 years ago

We had to put our 11 year old baby to rest yesterday. Not only did they make this terribly difficult process as easy as possible for us but the vet also pointed out some pretty serious issues she had going on that further convinced us we were making the right decision. They were able to take care of our girl same day and treated her with so much love. I would recommend them to anyone that is faced with this difficult decision.

Jen Schillaci

3 years ago

Dr. Jen was amazing. She was kind, compassionate, and thoroughly explained everything to us. Letting go of a beloved pet is never easy but I highly recommend doing it at home. I'm so grateful that my dog's last moments were in a familiar place and that he was not stressed or anxious.

Janelle Pitula

3 years ago

Sadly I've had to use Peaceful Endings 3 times now. All 3 times, they were kind, patient, professional and considerate of my feelings as a pet owner and of my family members. I highly recommend using Peaceful Endings for their services. I have also used them for a Hospice care visit and they were helpful in determining that it wasn't time yet.... Their phone support was also amazing. They went over and above my expectations... They totally understand our suffering and frustrations with making the right decisions for our pets. When you find yourself in the middle of the hardest days of pet ownership - the time to let them go - it's nice to have kind phone representatives and visiting doctors to help make the experience just a little bit easier... Thank you Peaceful Endings. Janelle Pitula

Ess Dub

3 years ago

My sincerest sympathies to all who are in need of the services Dr Trotsky provides. I hope I can somewhat ease your mind in saying that choosing Dr Trotsky was the best decision we made for our beloved pup. Our first visit with Dr T was an in home hospice appointment. She examined our girl, answered all of our questions and never rushed us through anything. When it was time to call her again, Dr Trotsky was able to see us very quickly. For our final visit, she explained the steps, what to expect, and just listened to us. She made our pup very comfortable, treated us with kindness, made a clay pawprint, and when our pup had passed, she gave us privacy and all the time we needed to say goodbye. Dr Trotsky took care of transporting our dog to the Hinsdale pet crematorium (who were also wonderfully kind and professional) and she alerted our former vet so that we didn't have to. I cannot thank her enough for making our dog's final moments with us extremely peaceful and for helping us through this difficult time.

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