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Susie D.

2 years ago

I brought my dog there to be groomed. He doesn’t mind the bath or haircut but hates getting his nails cut. Kaley did an amazing job. My little guy was happy and looked so handsome. I will definitely be going back again.

stephanie ramirez

2 years ago

Always the best care for my babies.

Manuel Guillen

2 years ago

Everyone was real friendly and helpful. Great team they have

Allison Ann

2 years ago

Absolutely love them. They treat our animals like family! They are very knowledgeable, so glad we found them for our pets.

Rachael Curotto

2 years ago

Brought my dog here after having a horrible experience with our previous vet when he began to develop hot spots and was licking himself raw on his paws...our dog has severe anxiety going to the vet, and COVID protocol didn't help ease his fears. When I explained the situation to the vet, they recommended sedating our dog to help ease his anxiety and so that they could examine him safely for both the dog and themselves. I loved that they were patient and came up with options and solutions instead of just guessing what might be wrong and guessing on what medicine to give him. The entire team here is professional, compassionate and kind! Thank you for helping to ease my anxiety of bringing our lovable but crazy Ruckus to the vet!

Lupe Gomez

2 years ago

Everyone in the Vet office is very kind and professional. They always explain everything throughly, if you need an estimate for any service they'll give it to you without an issue.

Steven Anderson

2 years ago

Expensive. The Beast needed some medicine. We paid for an exam, we paid a disposal fee for the whatever and we paid more for a single dose of his meds than the pet pharmacy charges for a 40 dose bottle. The Doc and staff were nice but for that kind of markup they should have groomed him AND washed the car. In response to Karen: The Beast has been getting this injection 4 or 5 times a year for over 10 years, from 3 different practices, so we have some familiarity with the pricing. Your price for the medication is 2x more than we've ever been charged before, about 3x the going rate from 2 other large local practices and, as I said, 40x the retail cost of a vial of the med.. "Fair" or not, your prices are a lot higher which definitely qualifies you as "expensive."

Dr. James Ojjeh

2 years ago

This is the best vet clinic period. Trustworthy, caring, gentle and professional doctors, staff, and groomer. All the team are very kind and caring people, they go above and beyond what any other clinic do to insure they provide the highest care for your pet, they are accommodating, effecient and friendly. I bring my cat here and I always get the best care, I wouldn't go anywhere else. I would recommend this clinic in a heartbeat to anyone who wants the best care for their pets.

Always Glad

2 years ago

Brought my puppy here a couple months ago and I definitely recommend! The staff was very friendly, and they gave us reasonable options, he was easily cured with an inexpensive treatment, The prices are overall reasonable!

Vanya Saldana

2 years ago

I will be canceling my dog's plan with foxmoor clinic. We had the worst experience and "diagnosis" last time we were there. I have a puppy corso 6 months old, he started to limp weeks ago and when when took him there, the veterinarian wasn't even able to get close to examine him. She just prescribed some pills... We ended up taking my puppy to see an specialist and the result is that he has injuries on both shoulders. Wow, it's a shame that you are blaming my dog's "behavior" he never has shown aggression, he is a sweet boy, as a puppy he can get nervous in new situations, but that's where your job start, also it wasn't our first time there, some of your associates already knew him, and the vet didn't even tried to pet him, she looked scared since the moment she saw him. And just to clarify, we weren't required to use a muzzle on him with the new vet.


2 years ago

Foxmoor is the absolute best! I not only adopted my puppy Kiba from them for a great price, but I continue to use them for all of his vet/grooming needs. The location is a bit of a drive from my home, so at one point I tried swapping to a vet closer to my place. That was a huge mistake. One experience and I knew that nobody does it like them! My dog is treated kindly and they always go over every question I have and walk you through treatment steps! My dog actually even loves the employees there, he’s not afraid to come to the vet!!! Bring your pets here if you want top quality care with affordable prices!


2 years ago

I brought my daughter's cat here since sister clinic was swamped. They were able to fit me in and I was VERY THANKFUL. They were so very ACCOMODATING. Dr. Carlos Sullivan was WONDERFUL!!!

Nina Famularo

3 years ago

Love the care they give my little Shiba and how quickly they are able to help treat her. Prices are very reasonable and I really love the friendly staff.

Mel Martinez

3 years ago

i took my puppy to get groomed for the first time and they treated him with such an amazing care, he looks so handsome. thank you guys for treating him so well

Kainat Mian

3 years ago

I recently got my 6 month old egyptian mau kitten spayed here and had a really great experience! The team was kind throughout the entire process and made sure that I had all the information I needed and that my cat was safe and cared for. The healing process is going fairly well for the spay too (apart from my cat brooding about her cone of shame), and I got a same day response from the clinic when I inquired about my cat’s incision site. I would definitely recommend Foxmoor and am very satisfied with their service!

Adriana Hernandez

3 years ago

I am so happy with this veterinary clinic Mr. Peabody left the clinic with his tail wagging! This is a four-year-old dachshund that is terrified of everything, and yet is super excited to visit everyone highly recommend!

Lindsay Robertson

3 years ago

I had a vet appt with someone else and when I showed up they told me I couldn't go in with my puppy. My new rescue puppy. So I canceled and called Foxmoor (who was referred to us by our neighbor) and they fit me in that same day. They were super nice, really helpful and honest about the costs for us which actually helped us to save money in the long run. I wish we had found them sooner!

Alexander Ojjeh

3 years ago

The best vet clinic, I brought my cat for a check up and the staff was friendly and helpful, the doctor was gentle and informative, no wait time and accommodating and convenient appointments. I will be bringing my cat here for years to come and I would recommend this clinic in a heartbeat!

Kathy P

3 years ago

Even though we can't go into the office with our pet, the staff keeps you updated on your pet. The vet will call and answer any questions. I got results from testing and they called me each time ASAP. They offer a wellness plan that I compared to others in the area and they are cheaper, but with the same benefits. I would recommend going here.

Tom Barnes

3 years ago

After years with the previous Dr. Brumley we left to one of those larger big hospitals and they were ok. Then it took one failure from them to recognize us as valued customers. That is when we were lucky to have Foxmoor VC across the street again and still. Drove up before hours, they opened the door anyways and listened. That's what we like in a professional service. They delivered service with sincerity and now have our business for both dogs. Bigger is not better and we are glad we have a personal touch and care of a professional again.

Neil Turner

3 years ago

Very kind and knowledgeable vets

Mary Erwin

3 years ago

Always helpful and understanding during a long illness. I am very appreciative of all the care and compassion they provided to us in my fur babies final days.

Barbara Quezada

3 years ago

They are awesome and they are great with pets been going to them since I had my female dog had pups and they were helpful they are nice people and always concerned when it come down to what’s best for you pet.

Brian Onsager

3 years ago

Staff was super friendly and really took care of my dog. Dr. Feldman was professional and explained every step to me.

DeeAnn Vervynck

3 years ago

The staff at Foxmoor Veterinary Clinic truly care for the animals they take care of. They are very friendly and take the time to answer any questions I have. I would highly recommend Foxmoor Veterinary.

Dobbs Deals

3 years ago

Absolutely amazing. Everybody here has full hearts and care about your pet. We recently took our Frenchie in for a leg amputation (scary!) due to cancer but Dr. Kessel and the crew were just awesome and so caring. Our boy is recovering really well at home now. Dr. Kessel is also helping us and giving us great advise on the next steps we have to take to (hopefully) defeat his cancer. Thank you so much!!!!

Haley Egelhof

3 years ago

Yesterday was our first visit and I have not been too a vet with this nice of people. They want to help you out and give you the best deal! My cats got their nails cut and they did an awesome job! We got our appointment the day after we called and even with the curbside pickup it was so fast and simple. I would highly recommend Foxmoor Veterinary Clinic! :)

Hiba RDH

3 years ago

Please beware of the veterinarian called 'Sara Kessel' she almost killed my cat by making me give a medication I DID NOT authorize to my cat lying to me and saying its antibiotics for the sake of 89 dollars!!!!!! This money hungry veterinarian is extremely unprofessional, unethical and absolutely dishonest. I almost lost my cat due to her lies for the sake of money!! I took my cat back to them after developing severe reaction to their vaccinations and all she cared about is how to make more money out of my cat's situation!! I took my cat to a different vet because she was getting worse and I discovered that the medication she sold me as antibiotics was totally something else, a medication I refused to give my cat when she had offered it to me before!!!! When I talked to her on the phone to complain, she was absolutely careless telling me to bring my cat to give her steroids and when I rejected she said "well then you can take her somewhere else!!!!" If you love your animal please stay away from Sara Kessel because she would do ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING no matter how dirty it is to make some money!! Please beware!!!!!

Zalika Beard

3 years ago

Wow!!! From Hanna who first took my call to the vet herself!! This place is wonderful! They took care of my Rudy very well!! I'm not a feed back type of guy but this place is just awsome!! Thanks guys!!!

Jacqueline wagner

3 years ago

It was our first time using a vet with our new kitten and they were so kind and helpful! They were very informative and everything went very smoothly! They had excellent service and had good protocols in place for safety due to the virus. They took our kitten in her carrier from our car to the clinic and brought her and all the paperwork back out to us. They also wore masks. The Vet called me while I was in my car in the parking lot and went over Lyras exam and answered all my questions! I appreciated their attention to safety for themselves and us! It was very efficient! Thank you Foxmoor clinic!

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