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Skye S

2 years ago

Thank you. You treated my boy with respect and honored him. I am grateful. Staff made the process quick and smooth, taking consideration for the grieving process. I asked only for his ashes and received a beautiful and high-quality suade bag. In the heartbreaking instance, I need to use them again, I will.

Eric Peisker

2 years ago

Thank you for the great and thoughtful service. Our older dog Chewie passed away at home last week and you helped greatly in getting us through this emotional time.

Rosa Gutierrez

2 years ago

Recently, my dog Sophie passed away. I used the services of A Gentle Goodbye who partners with Family's Pet Cremation for the cremation services. I opted for a private cremation - price point is higher, but it's a personal choice, and I was fine with it. When I picked up Sophie, I was presented with her ashes and provided additional information. I was also given a certificate and a sympathy card. While I was there, I noticed they have necklaces, urns, and other memorial items - but not once did they try to sell me anything when I picked her up. And personally, I thought that was such a compassionate gesture. In the moment, that's not a priority. I'm sure I'll revisit in the future, but I just wanted to get her home. Glad this location was used and would definitely keep them in mind.

Lynette Amato

2 years ago

I have given several of my fur babies to the staff at FPC to facilitate their final rest. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my loved ones. They are compassionate, professional and always get the ashes back to us quickly. They have a wide variety of urns and other options to choose from and include a final Paw Print, which is so appreciated. Prices are very reasonable, compared to other crematories... Jamie and Staff - thank you sooo much for taking care of my Skeeter boy and making our sorrow less painfull, knowing he was in the BEST Hands !!

Lyra Jones

3 years ago

Very nice and kind people who were helpful after I lost my cat. They are reasonably priced and even have an emergency line for when they are closed. Which is really nice of them to be willing to take time out of their off days to help anyway they can. It shows they care about people and the pets they wish to honor and remember.

Jeffery Conyers

3 years ago

Outstanding customer service!! Very compassionate and caring. They really made a tragedy very special to our family. Highly recommended ????????????

Puyo Zizich

3 years ago

Our dog has been under vet care for a few days. I was very surprised when she started crying around 200am. By 430am she had passed. My wife and me by her side petting her as she took her last breath. Not knowing what to do, I started searching Google. Up pops FPC with a 24 hour number. I called at 449am and got the nicest guy. I have no idea who answered but even at 5am, he was considerate and passionate and I appreciate his answers. He told me what to do next and how. I saw one negative response here and even though I haven't used their services yet, wanted to provide my experience with this company at this ungodly hour. I think so far they have exceeded my expectations and I'm happy to give them 5 stars so far. I intend on using their services and will provide an update after our beautiful puppy's arrangements have been settled. With what I know so far, I'm very happy with FPC services so far. Thanks again and again, I'm sorry for calling at this crazy hour but your employee was wonderful.

Melissa S

3 years ago

Super kind staff. Made me feel super comfortable about the loss of my hamster. There was a mishap where the cremator forgot to get my hamsters paw print before cremating him but he offered a full refund and the staff were super apologetic. It wasn't a big deal to me but the staff definitely made up for it.

Marcus J Morgan

3 years ago

Familys Pet Cremation are really good at what they do, my wife had lost her beloved Beagle and after the service provided by FPC, During one of the worst moments her life I really appreciate the professionalism and compassion !I highly recommend them. Thank you Al

Mallory Mojarro

3 years ago

I contacted Family Pet Cremation when my guinea pig passed away. The gentleman I spoke to was extremely caring and compassionate and answered all of my questions. When I brought her in for cremation, woman working set me up in a private viewing room to say my final goodbye. The room is quiet, serene, and beautiful. There is even a private bathroom within the viewing room if needed. I did not feel rushed or that my grief was any less because I was bringing in a small animal. Their prices are wonderful, and there was no upselling at all while I was there. They do have many beautiful urns and keepsakes for sale, but there was no pressure for me to look at any or buy anything, which is appreciated during that time. I chose the VIP package (I elected for the private/individual cremation), and received a beautiful wooden urn with gold nameplate engraved with my guinea pig's name, a precious clay imprint of her paws, a sympathy card, and a blue velvet bag to keep it all together. Her ashes were ready to pick up a few days later (there was a holiday weekend in between). I have been impressed each time I have called with the compassion and candor I hear from both employees I have spoken to. I would not hesitate to recommend their services and if the time comes for me to need their services again I will return knowing I can trust their attention to detail and compassion.

Lisa Blohm Payne

3 years ago

Al Anderson has built Family's Pet Cremation in Arlington Hts. upon a groundwork of integrity, compassion and professionalism. Aaron and all the staff showed a respectful and professional decorum, which helped make this difficult time manageable. Aaron showed dignity and respect in handling Zabelle, my dog from Greece who lived to nearly 14 years. The removal was carried out so compassionately. I appreciated the paw print, beautiful box of her remains with a plaque engraved with her name and a nice card from all the staff. I would use Family Pet Cremation without hesitation in the future. They went above and beyond in all areas of service.

Isaac Barboza

3 years ago

Mine and my family’s experience was amazing. Aaron did a great job of explaining the cremation process, greeted us with warmth and kindness, made us feel very comfortable. We showed up 30 Minutes early and our room was already set up with our dog, ready to see one last time before being put in the unit. Aaron didn’t rush the process nor did he demand our money right away which was truly considerate of him. Thanks to Aaron and FPC for helping us say goodbye to our Chiquita of 13 years!


3 years ago

These people don't answer emails asking specifics about their cremation services -- how they go about the process and what they do with cremains. That certainly seems fishy to me. What are they hiding? I will definitely go elsewhere.

S Phung

4 years ago

Please go here if you want a bad experience.

BBlackburn 07390

4 years ago

Fun for the whole family

brandon ranieri

4 years ago

They care so much about your feelings its refreshing. Cheap in price but quality urns. Spoke with the owner and the owsners daughter as its family owned.<3 Made the process as painless as possible. Will be using them in the future but hope to not be there again soon . Thank you again

Celia De Leon

4 years ago

We were provided respectful and caring attention. Jamie and Aaron were attentive and helped us every step of the way. This was our first furry member and appreciated the gentle and kind hand.

Chris Lombardo

4 years ago

Professional, curious, and compassionate. My best friend passing was tragic enough, Tim at FPC took the time to walk me through the process, show me the facility, explain time lines and even stayed an hour after closing to make sure I had the time to grieve for my baby girl. Tim, I can't thank you enough for the compassion you had and the personable person you are, in a time of need. I picked out the type of cremation, urn, picture, paw print, everything that would provide comfort, in an inexpensive package. Tim, thank you for being so personable and not pushing anything on me. You let us go at our own pace and were very informative, which I found comforting in a time of need. You even called as soon as she was available for pick up and had her ready before I even got there. Down to the saying on the velvet bag you put her in... class ... nothing but the best. Thank you!

Craig “saleschi1”

4 years ago

This is the second time in two years I have had to use there services. The first time my 100 Lb dog passed away at home and I could not lift him to take take to vet. I called around and was shock, some others services told me it would cost for them to come and pick him up. I then found FPC number and called I was so heart broken of losing my best friend I could hardly talk. The person who I spoke with was so very kind and just wanted me to relax and said she would call me back is a half hour, which she did. She told me she would have two employees there is a hour. When they came I cannot say enough how kind and helpful they were, they even help me clean up some of the mess. They were better than I could have ever expected . So when I just lost my 14 year old on last Tuesday my vet said he would take care of her. But I was so happy with FPC I told him I wanted to use them. Even though it was after hours they were SOOOO kind and good to me Eric went out of his way for me. As many of us, I am very attached to my best friends and get so broken up. These are very special people and do a excellent job and are so very fair on the pricing they do not try to exploit a very bad situation. Anyone thinking of who to go to in such a difficult time feel at rest and give them a call. As I said this was my second time that I needed them and will not be my last. Thank you all at Family's Pet Cremation for all your kindness and love you have show me.

Elizabeth Stout

4 years ago

This place was very nice and professional. Aaron was very sympathetic and caring during this very difficult time. There is a very nice private grieving room so you can say a proper good bye to your beloved pet.

Kayce Riordan

4 years ago

Staff were very compassionate. Tim came and picked him up for a reasonable fee (it was quite a drive for them) while I got to say my goodbyes. When he arrived, he showed my baby Mac the utmost care and respect. I knew he was in good, loving hands. The presentation of his remains was very impressive, as well- clay paw print with his name, beautiful box, an engraved nameplate, and placed in a velvet bag. They made this devastating time for me a bit easier. Thank you ❤️

Lionel Twain

4 years ago

Today was a tough day. Thank FPC for making it bearable. Thank you for being professional and compassionate.

Liz A

4 years ago

When my parakeet required emergency veterinary care, many animal emergency rooms were not sympathetic to my plight and didn't seem to understand why I was getting all strung out over my feathered companion of more than a decade. After that I worried when her time came, her death would not be treated with the same respect as a dog or cats death. However my wonderful vet at Paws and Feathers said Family's Pet Cremation will treat her properly and she was right! I had heard of friends getting their pet sin plastic bags, and my companion came home with me in a little wooden box. The card was a sweet touch and the certificate made my family feel like our companion was properly looked after. Losing a pet is hard but the level of care for our birds body made seeing her off a little easier. Thank you Family's Pet Cremation!

Mandy Aoieong

4 years ago

Losing my best friend Prince was one of the hardest things I have ever been through.. I honestly wasn’t sure what it was going to be like going to pick him up. As soon as I walked in the door, they were so sincere and helpful. They put him in this beautiful box with a card and wrapped in a velvet bag. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Prince. They even helped me put together a gorgeous necklace with him in it so I could keep him close to my heart. I can’t thank you all enough.

Tiffany N

4 years ago

Al Anderson showed no compassion....


4 years ago

Very questionable organization due to the fact they refused to answer repeated emails that I sent asking about their services. I wanted to know what they did with the cremains if I opted for a group cremation, among other important questions about my options. With zero response after several tries using their website form and direct email, I truly question this place, and would definitely not trust my pets to any of its services. Could it be that they didn't want their responses in writing to avoid potential trouble? Hmmm. HIGHLY unprofessional.

Stacy AtWork

5 years ago

I will be forever grateful for the patience, compassion, and support I received when my dog passed away. I highly recommend FPC to anyone that could use their services.

Martha Wall

5 years ago

Recently, I had to put my beloved dog down. I was eager to receive the clay paw print from FPC through my vet's office. I was very disappointed to find that they had done a careless and sloppy job making this important memorial paw print. Dirt and fur from his paw was partially embedded in the clay and the entire print was not visible. I spent some time trying to clean it up before it got too sad, and I had to put it away. The paw print is the only thing I have to hold on to from my dog. I'm so upset at its condition and the disrespect that I feel it shows.

Linda Raia

5 years ago

I called FPC several times before I was ready and every time I called I could hear their concern and understanding of how difficult this decision was for me. When I finally had the strength to have my beloved dog Rocco (almost 16 years old) euthanized I knew this was the place I should bring him. I was heartbroken and the pain I was feeling is indescribable. When I handed her Rocco she handled him with such compassion knowing that he meant so much to us. Thank you for everything. I would highly recommend FPC to all my family and friends. Thank you again.

Lauren Palmer

5 years ago

I highly recommend FPC. We had our beloved cat of 16 years cremated at FPC, and the entire process exceeded our expectations. The employees were genuine, caring and went above and beyond to answer all my questions, and made sure we were satisfied. Thank you FPC for making this difficult event smooth and humble.

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