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Joe Marks

a year ago

Went there two weeks ago interested in purchasing a bird. 8 people( employees or volunteers). No one had time for us. No other customers in the store just myself and wife.

derrick holmes

a year ago

If you are a bird parent, or preparing to become one, this place is a must see. I had such a hard time finding things for my birds. Parrot Stars is a one stop shop with extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. All their birds look healthy and well cared for as well.

Eileen James

a year ago

The owner is so knowledgeable about birds.

Jacob Kotowski

a year ago

Super friendly staff, and beautiful birds!

Jeff Casillas

a year ago

Largest selection of birds I have ever seen. Clean, well organized. Nice selection of accessories.

Frank Soverino

a year ago

Top quality parrot shop. They truly care about the well-being of their birds and it shows. Also has a great selection of assorted foods and toys

Connie Vaughn

a year ago

Great place to see all types of birds. I boarded my African Grey and they seemed to take good care of him. I was worried because he was never boarded before. He was fine when he got home.

Elizabeth Kramer

2 years ago

We love Parrot Stars! They really care about parrots and their conservation. Very helpful anytime I have a question about any of our birds. All their birds appear happy and well cared for, and we've never had health issues with birds we adopted our purchased from them. Plenty of cages, toys, accessories-- really anything you could need for your feathered friend. Fair warning: Parrots are LOUD! Anybody sensitive to noise should enter prepared for that.

Elizabeth Molton

2 years ago

Love Parrot Stars and how they always help with your questions. We drive down from Wisconsin to get their special seed blend and see their birds too.

Vanessa Grimes

2 years ago

I was so happy about every detail of this place. Not only do they care for the animals very well with the highest standards, they help each interested buyer to learn and follow those high standards to guarantee the best life for each animal. They have a large selection of unique and hard to find birds, a huge selection of great feed and treats in lots of varieties, and lots of toys and other accessories needed beyond just a great cage. Each bird is immediately vet checked and an entire DNA blood check done to be aware of any potential current or future concerns. The overall prices are somewhat higher than some other stores (think petco/petsmart), but for the detail and great care, it's worth every cent. We even received a verified birth certificate for our bird, and found out they ensure this for every pet they sell because it can also help guarantee the history of the pet. And verify it was native, captive hatched, not wild caught. I couldn't say enough praise of this place!

Alicia Lopez

2 years ago

Amazing store place and beautiful personal ????

Johnny Barton

2 years ago

I bought a young Green Cheek Conure from Parrot Stars, and I am very impressed! All the employees are very patient. They answered so many of my questions! They educated me on how to handle and care for my new bird. They also have top quality foods & Toys. They also gave me a 9 page informational starting package that educated me on Household hazards etc... I you are looking for a Green Cheek Conure, Parrot Stars is the store for you! - Wanda Barton

Diana Bauer

2 years ago

If the owner isn't around it's great. If she is expect a down to business mentality. Unless you're buying the bird you want to hold forget it. If the owner isn't around the atmosphere is much friendlier and although we just went in to look the second time we walked out of there $3,000.00 lighter than when we walked in. That wouldn't have happened if the owner was there. Her mother is great though.

Eric Huy

2 years ago

Friendly staff great care with birds

J Toff

2 years ago

Just got our first Quaker Parrot from Parrot Stars a week ago and she is great. They help you with the initial transition to taking the bird home and their facility is amazing!

Pinky Jackson

2 years ago

Best cages & beautiful birds


2 years ago

The staff is very friendly and the birds are very healthy, thank you!

April Mcinerney

2 years ago

The birds are amazing.. The staff is super friendly.. My absolute favorite bird store.

Lucy Cao

2 years ago

PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING BOARDING YOUR BIRD! Firstly, the store used to be amazing. The past manager was extremely nice and loving to us and all the birds. However, the new manager is the opposite. I have always gotten bad vibes from her and her smile is extremely fake. However, the store itself had a pretty good reputation so we got our cockatiel (Mochi) from there. We already had a budgie (Disco) at home. When we were picking up the bird, they basically forced us to buy more than $50 of food and treats. Since most of the food seems high quality, we bought most of it. (This is important information for later.) Fast forward more than 2 years later, we had to go on a vacation and had to fly and couldn’t bring Mochi and Disco. So, we decided to board them at Parrot Stars, since we didn’t know anyone else that could care for them for the week. Firstly, when we dropped them off, they wouldn’t let us go in and see what cage Mochi and Disco were going to be in, let alone set up a comfortable and familiar space for them. They said it was for safety reasons, and it was their rule, even though when we discussed the conditions earlier they said we could set up the cage (lies). During our vacation, we called several times asking how Mochi and Disco were doing, and they always said they were doing very well. When we went to pick them up, we first noticed Disco had dried blood on her head. The staff then carelessly told us that Mochi had a “few” blood feathers and that was the cause. However, it was way worse than that; Mochi apparently had a night fright and lost ALL of his left flight feathers, and it’s obvious from the dried blood and the wound that it happened on the first few days. Also, under BOTH wings he has plucked a lot of the small feathers, due to stress and mistreatment. Thus, they were all LYING to us when we called and they said Mochi was doing very well, in addition to LYING straight into our face and not directly telling us what happened to Mochi’s flight feathers. (I was the first to say that Mochi was missing all his left flight feathers and they agreed after.) Also, Mochi lost almost 20% of his body weight and is extremely underweight. We provided Top’s pellets and some other food that he usually eats for them to give, and allowed them to give their seeds because we buy/ bought our seeds from them. However, when we picked our birds up, the seeds/pellets in their bowl were NOT the (expensive and good quality) food they forced everyone to buy; it was very LOW quality food, and Mochi didn’t even want to eat them even though he loves his seeds. Moreover, he has become very skittish and sleeps with one eye open, always observing his environment. After talking to other bird owners, it can be agreed upon that not only was he neglected, but also mistreated. He seems very traumatized by whatever happened during his time in boarding. Also, Mochi is basically stuck to the window looking outside, like he hasn’t seen the sun in ages. Disco is fine physically because she is an independent bird, but she is way more aggressive and wild (from them manhandling her instead of using the stick we provided to get her to step up). We will NEVER be putting them in boarding at Parrot Stars again, and I suggest everyone not as well. Listen to the reviews! We will also never go there ever again because all they care about is the business and have lied to us many many times.

Nazariy Bench

2 years ago

#2nd review Brought my timhen african grey for boarding, team did a good job of taking care of my baby. Got frequent updates and felt safe about him being in good hands the whole time I was away #1st review I've purchased an African Grey from here. The workers are knowledgeable and take care of their customers, and especially take real good care of the parrots. The store has a very big variety of toys, food, and other necessities for the birds, and in general a very warm and welcome atmosphere at the store. As they say, 'no questions will go unanswered'. Really happy with this place, and cant wait to take my baby home when hes ready.

jennifer opatts

2 years ago

Parrot Stars is a wonderful bird store! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff . Clean and well taken care of birds . I highly recommend this place!!

Karla Salgado

2 years ago

It was a very nice experience getting our bird from this place, very friendly and professional costumer service, they made sure the whole buying process is ethic and with the best interest for the beloved birds, they are willing to help sending you pictures and answering all your questions, they have everything your bird need, food, toys, etc. I definitely recommend this place if you're planning on adding a parrot to your family.

Kathleen Graves

2 years ago

The birds are healthy and well-cared for, and the products they sell are excellent quality, but I’m not sure the same can be said about how they treat their animals. I brought my young conure here for a nail trimming a little over a month ago and he’s been incredibly aggressive ever since. He used to calmly sit on my shoulder for hours at a time, explore, play, and chirp normally. Ever since the grooming we can’t bring him out for more than 20 minutes before he starts attacking us, completely unprovoked, to the point of drawing blood. I don’t know what they did to him but he’s not the same sweet bird he used to be.

Falkon Sven

2 years ago

I've owned birds for over 20 years, purchased mostly from breeders or recues. Only Parrot Stars had a specific bird species I was looking for. I was a bit weary purchasing the bird before seeing her since at the time, I was 2,700 miles away in CA, but would be visiting IL two weeks later. Parrot Stars suggested a video call to meet the bird. I was really surprised that they did that. This made the decision clear, I knew I wanted the bird right away. They continued to take care of her, and she remained hands off to anyone who did not work there which was great to hear. The day I picked her up, they went over all of her care in great detail and made suggestions for her care in her new home, including her favorite foods, toys, etc. They have really customized a care package to take home just for her. I couldn’t be happier. She is the most sweetest and loveliest bird! I'm so happy that she is part of my family. I highly recommend Parrot Stars for all of your birding needs. Thank you for being the BEST bird store ever and doing a fantastic job raising these feathered gems. :)

John Marchese

2 years ago

Huge selection of cages, enrichment, and food. Great stop just to see the birds.

Bhavesh Shah

2 years ago

Beautiful selection of birds and lots of bird supplies.

Sue Brodin

2 years ago

Fabulous! I am so happy that I found this place! Just a wealth of information and bird supplies. If you're a bird person, this place is a must visit!!!!

Ann (Nucy)

2 years ago

Perfect! Friendly and informative staff! Beautifully, and properly bred birds and just welcoming and inviting vibe period. Took a conure (bred there) for her grooming and she is so happy ????. Thanks parrot stars!

Yurii Rokhman

2 years ago

So many different parrots, like it

Isaac Martinez

2 years ago

Very helpful and caring worker's

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