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Ronald Larimore

2 years ago

Nice employees but the manager was a little rude don't like your job get a different one

Tisa Tinkers

2 years ago

A bit expensive, but good variety of products and all very well made. Very friendly and lovely staff who are very knowledgeable and kind. Plus they've got super cite cats up for adoption like this gem! I'm usually somewhat anti shopping for pets but I like that they work with Happy Jack cats, who are very responsible with their pet adoptions. Their questionares are very thorough and they like to make sure the cats a good fit for you. They've got lots of wonderful elderly kitties.

Shane Walker

2 years ago

My grandson and I really enjoyed our visit. It's practically a trip to the zoo! He and his mom were there the day previous and he was allowed to hold a ferret. Left with treats for Christmas for our spoiled doggy!

Toni Shores

2 years ago

August was there immediately to help with the selection of puppy chow for our new additions and training treats to help along the way. She also give us tips for the growing years. Than kik s to her expertise, I'll be back!


2 years ago

It's a good pet store however the lack of hamster safe cages and habitats is a little disappointing. But the hamster food is good depending on the brand.

Sandra tibbetts

2 years ago

SOME of the employees there are very very helpful all are friendly' I have a older cat and I have a young turtle I got the answers I needed to take care of both

Joyful Hermit

2 years ago

Just want potential pup owners to know, despite not mentioned on website at time of my signing my pup up for individual training with Courtney, that your pup needs all its shots and vaccines so should be 16 weeks. I took mine in for the hour one-on-one appt. for pups with trainer, having signed up on website. While in the training area stall waiting, I noticed long dog fur all about a not-too clean looking floor and looked for broom to sweep. Instead I saw a filthy mop with bucket of very dirty water. This was morning, so obviously water not changed day before and mop needing to be replaced. Man came after I waited a bit, and told his own large-breed dog to sit and stay. Then a young woman customer happened along and asked him something unrelated to training; he got up and went over to talk with her. Meantime his large dog got up from where had been told to "stay" and started licking my uncertain in new place pup in pup's private areas and elsewhere. The man finished his talk with customer, sat, and asked for shot papers and realized my pup too young, 10 weeks with first shots. He said she can get serious diseases from their floor, via other dogs that have been in there. I asked for a refund, and he said no, they can't do that but I can call him when she's older and come for a session with him then. I didn't debate it, but of course never intend to go again. Got home, called manager who hesitated, but I also mentioned I can get my bank to go after it; he said I'd need to come in person. I did so, and thankfully the process was quite smooth; they even had it set up in the system but needed my card to do the refund transaction. I so appreciated the refund and let them know i appreciated it. Just waiting now to see if my pup is going to get a "serious disease" from the filthy floor. (I mentioned in person while waiting for refund, that they need to change the website, plus change the sign in store that directs people to a wrong station for pet training. I waited there initially for the pet training appt., five minutes, until someone came and said it wasn't there and took me to the pet training location, where I as I mention above, I waited at least five minutes for the trainer to come, and then was another several minutes while he talked to the customer whose questions should have been directed to a clerk to answer. My dog has only been socialized thus far to small and medium dogs, not the large breed that his dog is, and I didn't appreciate that after it being told to sit and stay, his dog did not obey but got up and started licking my pup in various places. I didn't know how the big dog would react if I'd pick up my pup, but the trainer then returned from his chat with customer so didn't have to find out.. Was quite the experience.) Again, I'm most grateful for the refund. Hope I won't be going back to get money for vet bills if she gets sick. I also hop they will take what I've written as suggestions for improvements and make them. Seem like pleasant, relaxed employees which is a plus when around animals.

Colby Robinson

2 years ago

Pet idea for lizard and dog

Carol Stephenson

2 years ago

It was a fast and easy purchase!

Abigail Bauman

2 years ago

This Petco has a lot of trainees and no real staff. Everything is overpriced, but the animals seem to be taken good care of. I can't complain too much, because I got my sweet parakeet there. Still, they should have more experienced personnel in the store.

jasmines justclean

2 years ago

Always clean and stocked..And very friendly staff


2 years ago

The biggest mask na zi's of all time live here. Be careful not to frighten them or disturb their natural safe space habitat. Clearly no one has told them that when they moved to Idaho from their liberal hive state, that freedom still rings here in this state. There isn't a single place left in Idaho with any sort of restriction and this is the place some girl gets to have a panic attack behind the counter because of no mask? Really? Ah, either way. Live in your fearful little world you sad pathetic creature you. For I like to live free and without worry. No person will tell me what I can or can't do without my agreeing to it. Ignorance? No. Defiance? Absolutely.

Kris Lloyd

2 years ago

Fish and Aquatics department is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Stephanie Harper

2 years ago

Wonderful store all around, the employees are very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. The store is always clean and in-stock of everything you need for your fur babies and not so furry babies! I enjoy shopping here!

Tony Keen

2 years ago

Wonderful staff and have what your pets need "GOOD PRICES TOO"

Vicky Stevens

2 years ago

I needed dog pill pockets and you were the only place near me who had them

Cheryl Craig

2 years ago

Come here all the time... convenient location...

Debi Millar

2 years ago

Product good. Clerk appeared to not be feeling well .

Jake Legler

2 years ago

Not open during posted hours. To save an hour of your employees time you just wasted 40 minutes of mine. You just lost a long time customer.

David Philbrook

2 years ago

In an period when dog food shortages are common, this location has never let me down. They even held a bag for me when I was unable to get there for half a day.

Ellis Perry

2 years ago

Great place, clean, good prices. & friendly staff ????????

Gary Balleisen

2 years ago

Very helpful and friendly people here. Also all the standard brand pet products are available. With Winco and Home Depot as surrounding neighbors, you can do great shopping with one stop!

Melissa Lynch

2 years ago

Product that I needed was available and good customer service

Vicky Page

2 years ago

Excellent customer service from the hall at check out. She made sure I received the sales price on one of the items I was purchasing, even though I had overlooked I had seen it on sale when checking online before heading to Petco. I really appreciated that!

Paula Hansen

2 years ago

Good, have good prices and good variety of pet items .

Tauna Gregory

2 years ago

It was quick and easy.

Laurie Barrera

2 years ago

The item I purchased online was too large, so the staff exchanged it for the next size down. All with a great attitude of helping me as their priority. I truly appreciated the help.

Tom Rubens

2 years ago

Consistently great customer service. Excellent, caring, knowledgeable staff.

Rachel F

2 years ago

Went to pick up from online pickup and the guy who helped me couldn't be bothered to get off his cell phone, didn't say a word to me just pointed to the items. Just rude

Bethany Andrews

2 years ago

Pretty good pet store. Often have things out of stock, but the employees are nice and the prices are decent.

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