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Rachel Sato

a year ago

The staff were nice and periodically kept checking up on me! I also liked their stock and the products they offered. I bought Ostrich treats for dogs and cats. I’ve never seen ostrich treats before, it was so cool! And it’s from Idaho, born, raised and butchered all in Idaho! So local treat for my pets that’s also unique! Great store! Great staff!

Liz Smythe

2 years ago

Katie is so helpful and super nice. The store is beautiful with so many different things for all your fur babies. Katie helped find a food that my picky golden retriever loves. Thanks Molly's!

Taylor Ward (Taylor)

2 years ago

Best pet store I’ve been to in any city anywhere for urban pets. Especially spoiled ones like mine. The owner really cares about animals. So you won’t find any harmful toys, foods, or products for your pets. Many options for cat and dog raw food diets and treats. She is happy to answer all your questions and offer advice. This will be my regular from now on. No reason so even visit petco/smart. Now I can get everything I need here and use Amazon for the big toys or things they don’t have here. But I prefer to support local businesses, and Molly’s is among the best.

Kayla Scheer

2 years ago

I was so excited to have found this place initially and talked with both of the owners (Brian & Katie) several times. I live in Meridian and have 2 toddlers so I cannot make it downtown to pick up food and therefore always order at least $100 worth of food per month to ensure delivery to my home since they offer free delivery if you spend $75 or more. I was traveling during my last delivery and had planned for a family member to come get the food at our home. They delivered way earlier than expected and didn't send a text message like they had done in the past to let us know it had been delivered so the food sat in the hot sun for 3 hours and since it was fish they agreed it may be compromised and so went through proper channels to have it replaced. When Katie dropped the new food off at my house she was extremely rude and said they can't deliver to me anymore. They can still deliver just not to my house because of this issue and miscommunication on delivery time and damaged food. They are very nice until their job becomes the slightest bit difficult or they have a problem to deal with and then they treat you terribly. I would NOT buy from here because if you do happen to have an issue with ANYTHING that disrupts their normal ease of business they will likely black ball you because of the inconvenience you caused them. I have never in my life dealt with a business like this who doesn't know how to fix and over fix an issue and then turns it around on you. Do yourself a favor and take your dollars elsewhere.

Cynthia F

2 years ago

As someone in the animal care field, I highly recommend this store. Run by people who are very passionate about what they do. Not to mention it's a fun store to shop at - they have all kinds of neat toys, treats and even decor. And did I mention FREE DELIVERY?? What a service!

Keri Schubkegel

2 years ago

Adorable pet store with a lot of good options for everything food, treats, toys, etc.. Very helpful staff as well!

Nicole Coish

2 years ago

As someone in the vet field, I'll never go back to this store as the worker kept trying to push a certain dog food on me, after I kept saying no. He stated he did not have vet field education, but even after being told that's my background, he continued on the subject. Really? If someone says they are not interested, just drop it. Didn't end up buying what I drove over all hour for as I didn't want to hear this guy keep bugging me about dog food. Also, they have unwrapped dog treats by the front door which was open when I arrived. Downtown Boise is full of air pollutants, That stuff is coming inside the store and landing All over those dog treats you're trying to sell. I suggest to either have them wrapped up or move them to the back of the store so they're not exposed to everything that flies in through the door. Y'all probably shouldn't be giving food nutrition tips if you're selling treats with bad stuff all over them. Just a thought. UPDATE: Not once did I say my pup had a sensitive stomach, or ask about any ingredients in treats (remember, animal medicine background, I know how to read labels and know exactly what my pup can and cant have). My dog actually has an iron stomach and has never had an issue with anything. I had stated I was there for a cake as it was my pups birthday but he was in the car waiting as he was sick. I was then asked what was wrong with him, I stated he didn't have an immune system but we're working on figuring out what the cause is. I was then asked what I fed him, and I answered, then I was told he didn't have an immune system because of his diet and how dogs are unable to digest that food and how I should try whatever food y'all were trying to sell, didn't care enough to listen and just wanted to stop being nagged about diets after stating I was not interested multiple times. (Suggesting a diet once is fine, but multiple times when someone states, not interested, not cool) As a Lymphoma and Leukemia survivor myself, nutrition is huge for both myself and my animals. I have taken multiple courses on animal nutrition and have had vet nutritionist consults from top vets around this country. My dogs food is great, but to be told that's why he has no immune system was wrong, especially if I was someone who didn't have a clue and believed I was the cause for why my dog is so sick. I have spent 2k on tests thus far, trying to figure out what is wrong. I have regular vets and Internal medicine doctors on his case right now. If I would have believed you saying he has no immune system because he's on "bad dog food" there's a possibility Id be like, ok all I have to do is try the food these people are saying he needs and he will be fine, my dog could die if thought his cure was putting him on your dog food and ignoring what vets are telling me. Trust me, he's not sick because of his diet. Y'all need to let vets handle sick animals.

amber schafer

2 years ago

My puppy is 9 months old and loves this No Hyde beef cheeks roll and bully stick! I love this store!! My favorite place to shop for my spoiled pup! Dogs are welcome inside too!!


2 years ago

The workers are amazing and the amount of care they have in there products shows how much they love animals i always recommend them to pet owners

Kristi Clark

3 years ago

Always friendly and knowledgeable about their products!

Judith Pease

3 years ago

It was awesome. The staff were awesome. I am so impressed. A wonderful store!

Jennifer Matthews

3 years ago

The staff is so helpful and knowledgeable. They also only have high quality products. You really can't go wrong with anything in this store.

J Wasko

3 years ago

Friendly and great service! Beautifully maintained store with tons of variety! Dog friendly (if that wasn’t obvious ????) and really a fun place to stop by while exploring downtown with your canine companion.

Green Heart Pet Care

3 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful business! I am so happy they’re in our community. Professional, knowledgeable and just wonderful people. Plus, top notch quality food for our pets! Thanks Katie & Brian!

Donny Simpson

3 years ago

This place is awesome! Fun, friendly and unique if you love your pets you'll love Molly's for sure!!

Chaotic Serenity

3 years ago

Friendly, helpful, informative and the "helpers" couldn't be cuter!

Brenda Fox

3 years ago

I needed a gift certificate, and they delivered. Literally! It was brought to my door, with a smile. Thank you so much!


3 years ago

I love this place! The are super knowledgeable about nutrition and supplements. My dog has has struggled with severe allergies her whole life. I've tried multiple prescriptions, diets and homeopathic remedies. None of which worked as well as the first product recommended to me at Molly's. I'll be forever thankful!

Laurie Matthews

3 years ago

Great pet store! Extremely knowledgeable!

Renee Kline

3 years ago

The owners Katie and Brian are awesome! They are both incredibly knowledgeable and openly share. We had questions about dog food and how best to navigate all the options for what would be best for our dog and new puppy. They had solutions and our homeopathic vet certified that they put us on the best path for healthy dogs. We purchased all of our new puppy supplies here and look forward to bringing our new pup in and sharing her once she gets her last round of shots.

Tyler Aanenson

3 years ago

A great store where the owners carefully select their inventory to make sure they only carry top-quality products. You can be sure anything you purchase from here will be researched to be nothing but great for your pet.

Young Hareson

3 years ago

Great ID tags! I've been using them for many years, very sturdy, never break.

jennifer tillis

4 years ago

This is the best holistic pet food market in the Treasure Valley. Their food selection from raw, frozen, canned and dry is superb - quality foods and reasonable prices. They offer top notch supplements and treats and have awesome monthly specials. I highly recommend subscribing to their news letter to get a sneak peak at what is going on for the month.

Addie Peck

4 years ago

I adore this store, my dog loved her little doughnut I bought her.

ally P

4 years ago

The woman who owns this shop is great!!! I was visiting from out of state and wanted to get a toy for my pit/shep mix and since i didnt want to bring back treats or bones on the plane i asked her advise on a stuffed toy. I havent brought her a stuffed toy since she was a puppy since she jusy destroys them and seems more engaged with Beef marrow or knuckle bones. She does like to play tug of war with ropes so the woman suggested i get a kong rope toy and i chose the gecko one because it was so cute and looked relatively tough. My dog LOVES IT! she carries it around and will play tug of war with it more softly than with her rope toys! She has punctured the fabric a bit BUT is was Very easy to stitch up and hasnt caused any problems. She loves the squeaker which i like because its harder to get to actually squeak than most toys so its not as annoying and she had to try harder to get it to make noise which is more of a challenge for her and she doesnt get as bored! Im sooo glad i stopped in and she as there to be super nice and helpful! Highly recommend!

Anji Ruiz

4 years ago

Great workers knows wat pets need

bonnie geebs

4 years ago

I found this place after hours on google looking for feline natural canned cat food. I use to order this brand from another pet shop that closed down. Katie was beyond helpful and even sent me a free full sized bag of freeze dried lamb liver. I was very excited and ordered cans even though they stated in the fine print that they would not ship cans. However, they did accommodate and I am very thankful for this. Thank you Katie!

Christopher Figgins

4 years ago

Nice selection, good service, will go back again

Duncan Ferguson

4 years ago

Friendly staff who are very helpful in helping customers find the best products for their pets.

Glenn Stump

4 years ago

A fun place to shop.

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