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Bonnie Van Wagoner

a year ago

Our dogs absolutely love going to Emerald Street Kennels. After a weekend there, they are worn out, so I know they are getting exercised well! The staff are always very nice, and listen to any concerns. They even sent us a beautiful bouquet of flowers when our one dog passed away.

Anna Clements

a year ago

Great staff. Friendly and responsive. Dogs went in shy, came home more open to strangers. Great place to get your pup socialized with other dogs and people. Cat was happy too with her stay.

Cecil Jensen

2 years ago

Emerald street kennels are awesome. They have a very attentive team. The owner clearly puts a lot of love into their business. Clean, great prices, friendly, organized, a good amount of services. This was our first time boarding our doggo and we will mostly definitely becoming back.

Diana Fletcher

2 years ago

This was Charley’s third stay and the first two were great. Just picked him up today after a two night stay and he is limping and not acting like usual. I called them back and they denied that anything happened. I understand that disagreements sometimes happen in large group play but take some responsibility!! And if they genuinely did not see something happen that makes it worse! Needless to say we won’t be back.

Anne Davis

2 years ago

They seem to really care about the dogs in their care, but my dog got Kennel cough while boarding there July 2021. I will not be taking her back.

Jacee Craner

2 years ago

Brought my dog here for 2 hours and the next day he was very ill. He spent the whole day throwing up and wouldn’t touch his food. The building is not the cleanest and does not smell pleasant inside. I will not be bringing my dog back here or recommending it to anyone.

Jeanette Rueb

2 years ago

I'm editing an earlier review after a talk with the owner for some context and a resolution. What happened -- Boarded my pup for a long weekend and she wasn't fed more than once, likely twice. She came home crying and very hungry. The result -- The owner called me on the phone, offered a refund, and explained what will be done going forward to ensure that this kind of incident won't happen again. The cause -- They're understaffed. Like, really understaffed. The owner has been there every day, the little staff they do have on hand is working as hard and as fast as they can, but they haven't been able to keep up with demand. The kennel now has a boarding limit so that mistakes like this don't continue to happen, as well as meal and appetite tracking for the dogs so owners have a written record of when/if/how much their dog ate. Tl;dr -- I boarded my dog here for a long weekend and, due to understaffing, she wasn't fed properly during her stay. The owner has apologized, offered to make amends, and assured me that there are measures being put in place to ensure this doesn't happen again. They were the only place that was open to board my dog at the last minute, and while I don't think they'll be added to my list of regular places to board, I will keep an eye on their reviews and, hopefully, we can try again some other day when things are looking better on their end, if I ever get caught in a pinch again.

Scott Michaud

2 years ago

My dog was in great shape when I picked him up. Staff is organized and friendly.

Ann Lan

2 years ago

We boarded our dog at Emerald from 5/13/21 to 5/18/21. This is our first time boarded him at Emerald. When my husband went to pick up our dog, he quickly noticed that our dog keep coughing hard like he’s about to cough his lungs out. Surprisingly, they didn’t even notice his obvious symptom as we didn’t receive any calls regarding this. It seems like there’re too many dogs being handled by each sitter since they were unable to notice the cough of our dog. I know there’re some risks to bring your dog to boarding. The only thing I ask is at least give us a heads up so we can arrange an vet appointment properly. I believe the employees at Emerald are working hard and truly dog lovers. However, I feel bad for the dogs as they didn’t have the attentions that they deserved.

Chris Inouye

2 years ago

Very poor service...this was our first time using a kennel and decided to go here because everywhere else was full. It was extremely over crowded and disorganized. When we came back he had contracted mycoplasmosis and required medication for weeks. Would give this place zero stars if possible.

Jenny Abraham

2 years ago

Pros: - Very reasonable pricing - Very flexible drop-off/pick-up policies. They don't charge extra based on what time you pick your dog up on the last day of boarding. You can drop-in for daycare without an appointment. - Only place I could find that does half-day and quarter-day daycare options, which really suits my needs - Conveniently located for me - They serve rescue groups and foster rescue dogs - The owner, Vincent, was extremely responsive to a minor issue we had during a boarding visit. Cons: - Very large play groups, with not enough staff supervision in play areas. I've watched the webcams, and there can be 20+ dogs with only one attendant. No way to have eyes on all four big dog play areas. - They don't seem to take a lot of pride in the facility. - It smells bad and unclean. Not sure if they are using proper kennel disinfecting products and processes. You can smell it not only from the lobby, but from the parking lot. My dog smells like a stinky kennel after an afternoon of daycare. (This was not the case at another facility we used.) - The lobby is messy and chaotic, with random stuff (furniture, supplies, tools, etc.) lying around. - Lacking in professionalism and communication. You just don't get a friendly, professional vibe when you go in. Customers are not greeted promptly, hand-offs can be chaotic and confusing, leashes can't be found, and processes are not communicated clearly and proactively. I'm a customer because my dog suffers from separation anxiety, and we can't leave him at home alone while we work through it with him. ESK's partial-day and drop-in policies are perfect for us and very affordable for when we just need to run errands for a couple of hours. I very much appreciate this offering, which I could not find at any other facility in town. And they are located close to our house. I don't feel as great about leaving my dog there for extended boarding, but we'll see how it goes.

Jordan Leavitt

2 years ago

Disappointed. I generally have a great experience over here but I was overcharged the last time I went and ask for a bath and blow dry to be done and I was handed a soaking wet puppy:/ Vince, the owner, has reached back out and has my full support.

Amy Krystynak

2 years ago

This place was disgusting. I disregarded it because there were so many positive reviews when I shouldn’t have. We boarded our dog here for 3 days. When we picked him up, he was absolutely filthy. He is a cream lab and was black from head to toe covered in filth. Visited family shortly after who have 3 dogs prior to our dog showing symptoms of kennel cough. Now, all 4 dogs have kennel cough. We will never be back.

Fouris Plenty

2 years ago

Too many dogs! The place smells horrible. Never going back!

Kristy Knapp

2 years ago

Volunteers were great and the dogs all seemed happy ❤

Marina Huber

2 years ago

The kennel accepted my cat at the last minute, so we were able to go on our vacation. I felt that my cat was well taken care of and I will definitely take Phoebe there again. One of the employees boyfriend even spent time with Phoebe talking to her. I give this place 5 stars.

William Le Fave

2 years ago

They are easy to work with for me, and my dogs see me when I come to get them and they don't want to leave.

emmerson cooper

2 years ago

I worked here for one day after being hired on the spot. Never was paid even though I worked 8 hours. No masks being worn, workers were vaping and just very unprofessional people. Dogs are taken decent care of, but it’s just pretty disorganized and I’d personally never take my dog here after seeing the inside.

John Thomson

2 years ago

Great place good vibes here

Tina Christoffersen

2 years ago

Very disappointed , manager did not want to work with us on a serious issue .. terrible management would not recommend

Ashley Aschliman

2 years ago

I have been taking my dogs here since they were puppies. They are always super sweet and know them by name. We recently took them and had a minor issue that was resolved instantly by the owner of the kennel. We spent the whole weekend worrying about having to have a confrontation with them but they took care of everything without any hesitation. We love all of the handlers and the owner is always very friendly. They will continue to have our business and support. Thank you to the owner for personally coming out and talking to us.

Dave Reis

2 years ago

We used to think the kennel was great! However, we just picked up our dog after leaving him for a week. He is having trouble breathing and has what seems to be bordetella. This was easily noticeable when we picked him up. This should have been spotted and any clients informed. We are now taking him to the vet and have to somehow quarantine him from our 11 week old puppy that hasn’t been vaccinated for this yet. When I called to inform the kennel, they said they would let the manager know and seemed to care very little that he contracted it during his stay almost like it was expected. Would give 0 stars if it was possible.

Debbi Garza-Rhodes

2 years ago

They were amazing. Accommodate us during our travels. Provided good daycare for my fur baby.

heather berry

2 years ago

Our little Daisy Dog absolutely LOVES going to ESK's daycare. All staff members are attentive and know her by name. Thank you to all of you for taking care of our little angel.

Troy Green

2 years ago

Great place to take your dogs. Either for a stay, or for daycare. We use their service sometimes just for our dogs to have other dogs to play with.

Tabby Wilson (Panda)

2 years ago

I highly recommend them. My fiance and I boarded our dogs there and my dogs absolutely loved it there and the staff had been so nice and helpful.

Joy F.

2 years ago

Welcoming staff and great service. My dog loved it! I also like that they have adoptable dogs living there. Good people!

Thomas Caples

2 years ago

Great place to take your dogs for daycare or extended vacation stay. Staff really cares.

Jenny Olson

2 years ago

My dog loves it here! He is always excited to be there so it's obvious that he gets treated really well there❤

lisa moore

3 years ago

Really great to my grandpuppy

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