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Morgan Friday

a year ago

I am writing this review because I am SHOCKED by the level of unprofessionalism coming from this clinic. I was looking at different clinics to see ones that look at guinea pigs. Not sure if this clinic does or not, but I was intrigued by the surprisingly low rating and decided to check out reviews before calling. The way this owner responds to negative feedback/experiences of their customers is so unprofessional and embarrassing. Reading your responses makes me not want to ever give my money here and not recommend it to others either. Constantly labeling things fake reviews (you do know people don't always use the same name for google right?) and giving attitude to anyone who dared to say a negative word is not the way to promote an inviting and welcoming environment. It is no wonder you have a low rating if your staff engages in the same behavior in person. Do better!

Anca Page

a year ago

I absolutely love this place! Their hours, their caring, their prices, their location! We switched to this vet almost three years ago and have never looked back! They are kind, responsive, great at their job! I highly recommend them!

Jacob Grinwis

a year ago

Took my dog in today for an annual checkup and booster shot. The staff was very friendly and helpful (particularly with scheduling). I was however disappointed to see a $60 wellness check on my bill considering it took the vet less than 5 minutes and only my dogs heart beat and ears were checked. My last vet charged $30 for a wellness exam and included nail trimming as a courtesy. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the value of that wellness check is in balance with the services provided.

Kelsey Sandmann

a year ago

If i could give 0 stars i would. I went to get my dog a booster shot and the technician stabbed the needle all the way through my dogs skin to the other side and squirted my hand with vaccine. I said something immediately that it got all over my hand. The technician replied "i think most of it got in though." I spoke to the practice mananager who was shocked and said she would investigate and get back to me. I heard nothing. I called and spoke to the owner who called me a liar and said she couldn't help me. Worst practice ever

scott cureton

a year ago

It was nice to be seen and they took good care of my dog. Thank you for being there when we needed it.

Rebecca Drake

a year ago

I was so impressed with the staff, service and kindness. I had to take my puppy in today and I can say this is one of the best places in the area to take your pet if you are in need of service.

Hayden Sutton

a year ago

My cat had gotten really sick and I got extremely worried , the night before I came in I had been up all night watching my kitty and forgotten to plug my phone in. I also have been a little broke and have needed to pay my phone bill. Anyway I had to ask for a charger and the wifi in order to pay for her service and the staff was extremely sweet. Specifically Courtney was beyond sweet and it was really helpful. My day was just filled with worry and her simply being so kind really made my experience there so great. All the staff was so friendly and you can tell they’re all animal lovers! They treated my kitty so kindly and they were all so knowledgeable! 100% will be back.

Barbara Clifford

a year ago

This place is amazing they got my dog in right away. She was limping and My vet could not get My dog in for a few days so they suggested here.My vet was named Michael and he took care of my Ashley with care and compassion. It was reasonably priced as well. I would recommend this place to anyone. I appreciate your service.

Jaime Smith

a year ago

I had a 12 year old Husky, who’s health quickly took a turn for the worst out of nowhere… As soon as I noticed I was calling everywhere trying to make an appointment or anything just to give me some kind of insight. No one would call me back, nothing. Finally, one of the places recommended me here & I called, they told me to bring her in same day. I went in and it was the most pleasant experience that scenario could’ve brought. They were SO KIND to me from the second I walked in, prices were fair, I didn’t feel like myself or my girl were being judged at all (i was in my sweats and had been crying since the night before and well she was old and you could see it in her face and body), and they were open and honest with me about anything i asked. The vet i had in particular was beyond kind, talked to me ab her own animals and what she’d b doing in my shoes, and made me feel like this wasn’t the hardest thing in the world. If you have an animal in need of anything i highly recommend this place to anyone. They’ve even reached out after - i will be returning with all my animal needs in the future. Thank you guys for making that day a memorable experience, and not a tragic memory i’ll thank you forever. ❤️

Madison P

a year ago

Could not recommend this place enough, staff was so nice and helpful during a scary time. They work fast to get your pet in and are thoughtful in response to all questions. Affordable and high quality of work.

Chris H

2 years ago

Our family dog was not treated. Charged my mom to look at him then said they didn’t have the tools to help… I understand you can’t help everyone but she told you the issue when she came in. You knew you didn’t have tools to extract something from his nose and that an x ray wouldn’t help. Because you did nothing to actually help, I give this review.

Jen Morgo

2 years ago

Felt like I was dealing with children. Unprofessional.

Kyle Mckelvey

2 years ago

Boise Animal Health and Urgent Care has been our vet for just about 2 years. They have been the best vet we could have ever asked for. We started our family off with our pitty Aurora and she was sadly turned down from a lot of other vets and Dr.Marshall lovingly took our girl in and looked at her. She dealt with a horrible skin condition which we have kept under wraps for the time we've had her. We also had an older bunny who was getting old and we didn't know who to turn to on his final days. We took him to them and got a very personal and emotional last day with him, thanks to the staff it made the whole situation easier. We also got our two cats who have all their shots and general care, our two little ones love the staff unconditionally. We finally got our puppy Freya who is also in love with everyone there, she's had her problems and they all got resolved quickly and comfortably for her. All of our fur babies are never afraid of the vet and very much look forward to seeing all of their new family. We cannot thank you all enough. With love Aurora, Salem, Max, Freya and last but never least Professor Bun.

Shannon Izor

2 years ago

If you do not have the proper tools or offer certain services for particular dogs or sizes of dogs, please post that or let customers know, when they call or show up. It is poor customer service to waste the customer's time with something you could have told them before charging them. I appreciate the response to my feedback, but you did not have the proper tools to actually do the full check, as the doctor admitted. It just could have saved everyone time and money to simply be notified of that and offer up your recommendation up front. This was simply something noticed that, if fixed, could help better the service provided by you to your customers. As a business, especially one that provides care, you should always be open to feedback that you can learn from.

MariLee Abbott

2 years ago

These Vets and their assistant's are amazing. Finally a Vet who took the time to explain and treat my dogs bacterial infection and treat his ear. The procedures were done in the room where I could see what they were doing, which was so nice. He was given immediate medication in the ear canal, Prednisone to go home and a shot for his horrible allergies. The cost would of been reasonable but I also agreed on the allergy shot he needed so badly. That seemed excessive to me at I believe $154 . For just the allergy shot which last only 8 weeks. I however left feeling my precious dog received the best care he has ever gotten in his life. Compared to the last vet from the Humane society who treated nothing for the last 5 years. I totally give this place 5 stars for all the caring, wonderful staff.

Katie Briles

2 years ago

I was charged $40 more for an urgent care exam than what is listed in the services section on google. I waited for 3 hours to have my dog seen which is long but they were very busy, however once I was finally in an exam room I heard the front desk staff tell another person how long the wait would be. I never got a time estimate and might have chosen a place that could get me in sooner ( I was a walk in so I totally understand the wait just don't like that I was not told the wait time when others were) and a place that would honor their prices as advertised on google services. The vet and technician were very friendly.

Hali L

2 years ago

Amazing same day care! Our primary vet was booked out for a week but Animal Health was able to see us in about 30min which was great. We felt the staff and doctor listened to our concerns and treated our little guy's issue with no problem. I would highly recommend. :)

Kat L

2 years ago

I had just finished my 9 hour road trip from Oregon when my puppy started having some issues. I searched all over Boise, and these guys were the nicest and most informative vet I talked to over the phone. I immediately brought over my puppy and explained our situation. She was seen quickly and given some medication to feel better and help her until I can get to my regular vet- perfect! They made sure she was doing alright otherwise, and even helped me get her ultrasounds to my vet back home immediately.The techs LOVED Marbles and listened to all our concerns. I’m sooo cautious with my vets.. I can’t explain how relieved I was to feel comfortable. Thank you guys so much!

Katthy Chats

2 years ago

Any place who uses a marketing tactic to ‘supposedly’ show what other vets charge compared to their prices to help a pet parent make their decision is more concerned with money than animals. Their prices were higher and their comparison was incorrect, so it was misleading. A genuine vet clinic would have transparency and post their prices on a website to make the statement. I am so glad I declined service here and went elsewhere. Not recommending at all.

Todd Inselman

2 years ago

We've been using Boise Animal as our primary vet for nearly two years. An understandable wait time of 15 to 20 minutes past our appointment time has become expected. However our latest visit, 30 minutes after out appointment time, we asked the staff how much longer to expect and were told it would be at least another 30 minutes. Meanwhile the lobby was filling with other dogs and their owners. One person who arrived after we'd been waiting 20 minutes said his appointment was in another 10 minutes, but was seen in less than 5. The staff responded that if sick pets "walk-in" they are given priority. That I can understand, but you should not take appointments if you don't plan to honor them! Will not be back. That's perfectly fine if your clinic is "urgent care" now. You should stop scheduling appointments and go walk-in only. At minimum, inform your clients that their appointment is only an estimate. We scheduled this specifically because of our limited time frame to be seen. Unacceptable that after waiting 30 minutes the client is told after asking, that they will have to wait a minimum of another 30 minutes.

debbie smalley

2 years ago

I had an unexpected emergency with my dogs eye, late on a Saturday afternoon. My Vet was unfortunately already closed for the day. I called Boise animal health & they got us right in. They did tests, exam and sent us home with medication, for a very reasonable price. I was so happy and relieved to have found a place where the staff was so friendly & the Vet was so attentive. I will be back.

Ruth Fritts

2 years ago

We took Sadie in today. She collapsed in the parking lot and the staff were very helpful in getting her inside and evaluated. Would recommend Boise Animal Health to others. Everyone was very caring and luckily she walked out.

John Smith

2 years ago

I took my dog in for an exam and it was discovered that she had a mast cell cancer tumor. Dr.Marshall recommended a surgical removal of the tumor. After a lengthy conversation with Dr.Marshal he assured me this was a fairly routine …

Petra Garde

2 years ago

Best vet in the Boise area. They love my dogs as much as I do and their care and attention is second to none.

Grace Kelso

2 years ago

I took my dog here for the first time today and I’ve never been more impressed! The service was fast, the staff was super friendly and made Lola feel very comfortable. To top it off, what i expected to be a $300 visit was half that! This is our new go-to vet for sure :)

Steph H

2 years ago

I had to take my dog in due to serious infection. Her regular vet couldn t get her in. I got my dog in immediately and she was diagnosed , given meds and sent home to rest. I am so very grateful to the vet and the tech s. Could not have …

Sawyer Dawson

2 years ago

They were very gentle and sweet with my nervous and stressed little kitty boy. The staff is so nice and helpful. They were even good at consoling this stressed and worried mama. They did a summary work up of the charges before any treatments and let me pick what I thought best/most affordable. THEN they called me the next morning to check up on my little guy. I’ve never had a vet call and check up and that meant just about the world to me! I have found my new vet place to take my fur babies! Thank you!❤️

Jessica Dexter

2 years ago

The veterinarian, vet techs, and all other staff were all really nice and professional. They got my dog a same day appointment, were super efficient, and I thought the cost was really affordable. My dog is a rescue and gets really, really nervous and they did great with her. I’ll likely continue to use them as my go-to vet clinic in the future!

cami lov

2 years ago

I brought both of my newly adopted cats in to this clinic. One of my cats had ear mites and the other worms. The vet tech was cleaning my cat's ears and sticking long q-tips really far down my cat's ears. Everywhere I have read has said to …

Mariah McHan

2 years ago

My husband & I are SO happy that we have found such a fantastic vet in Boise! Our dog Bear has needed special care & throughout the whole process we have been treated so great! Would highly recommend.

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