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Lizzie Payne

2 years ago

I absolutely love how my boys turned out!! They are so handsome I love it! I adore the bandanas and they seem so happy and not stressed at all afterwards! I had a great experience! Here they are!! I’m so pleased!

Sandra Streiff

3 years ago

They did amazing job on my pups! I should have had a before shot cuz boy did they need this badly! The pups look good, smell good, and were definitely well taken care of, thank you guys!

Mabel Fox

3 years ago

I appreciated how fast they were with my dog's nail trim. They did a good job and were cognizant of how anxious she gets.


3 years ago

My dog was exceptional. The groomer assured me that he would be okay since it was his first time and they kept in contact through text. Very nice customer service

Brooke Letitia

3 years ago

Our doodle’s fresh hair cut looks amazing!!

Sean Acosta

3 years ago

Love these guys. They always do a great job, reasonable price, and they treat your dogs well.

Sheri Yamauchi

3 years ago

The staff is friendly and the results are great!

Emily Smith

3 years ago

Been going here for over 2 years now and I love it!! My dog always come out looking cute as a button. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, even if it's a bit of a drive (I commute from Aiea)!!

Ellen Wallace

3 years ago

We took our 10-month old puppy for her first-ever grooming at Clip and Dip here in Wahiawa. When we first arrived Bella was scared and trembled next to my chair. (She always trembles when we take her for a car ride because inevitably she ended up at the vet's office.) I put her on the counter with Yoko's approval and Yoko asked me what we wanted to be done. After I explained our requests Yoko picked Bella up and cuddled her. Bella soon relaxed and stopped trembling. Yoko is very personable and has a calm demeanor which Bella responded to very well. The grooming took 3&1/2 hours and included a bath, blow-dry, nail trimming and fur clipping/shaping. As you can see our shaggy puppy is no longer so shaggy. We wanted Bella's legs and paws trimmed short because she is a digger and likes to get into the compost pile when she is in the garden. As you can imagine she is a muddy mess pretty much every single day. So keeping her clean should be a lot easier with the shorter fur. We will definitely keep coming to Clip and Dip for future grooming sessions. We tried grooming her ourselves but we don't know what we are doing and Bella hated it. With Yoko, she eventually just laid down on the table and let Yoko do her magic. Not bad for her first experience being groomed. The bill was just $67 for cash or checks and $69 if you use a charge card. Banks charge businesses a fee for charge card transactions so the extra $2 covers the bank fee. If you call other pet grooming businesses you will discover Clip and Dip prices are extremely competitive. (The price charge is for small dogs under 15 lbs. if I am not mistaken.) We are very happy with this first grooming experience and recommend Clip and Dip to anyone needing their dog groomed. The photos below show the before and after. With her fur shorter Bella doesn't get as dirty digging in the compost pile and we can see her pretty eyes! Thank you, Yoko! Update on January 9, 2020 Today was Bella's second grooming session and she was not nearly as nervous as the first time. In fact, once Yoko took her and placed her on the floor so she could sniff around she was wagging her tail and trying to say hello to a cute little Yorkie that had just gotten out of the bath. When I picked her up she was just fine. The groomer, I believe her name is Kristen didn't have to use any of the treats we left with Bella. So I think the next time Bella goes in she won't be afraid at all. We wanted less fur taken off this time around since I plan to bring Bella in more frequently. Check out the photos below. Isn't she cute? Update February 20, 2020 Take a look at the before and after photos from today. We wanted her fur cut shorter, similar to the first time since her fur grew back way too fast this time with the cold weather. I have before and after pictures for you to check out. I've also added shots of the lobby where you can buy pet supplies like name tags, leashes, shampoos and conditioners, dog food and treats too. I haven't updated this review since the Corona Virus Pandemic but we have taken Bella to get groomed when Hawaii was not in lock down. Our latest session was in August of 2020 and we decided to go short all over except for her ears and tail. Her fur is easily tangled even when it is short so this length is awesome. Check out the latest photo of Bella's new "do".

Big B

3 years ago

They do such a great job I want to get my hair cut there!

Audri Zanatta

3 years ago

Really great service and price! My dog was perfect and happy. I have a hard time getting through for booking though.

Alison Secaur

3 years ago

Thank you for grooming lucky my Pom. We had moved from North Carolina and I’m so impressed with you all. He was happy and my son in law who picked him up didn’t know it was the sam dog! Thank you again so much!! Lucky and alison

Alex Yee

3 years ago

Just because we're in a pandemic, doesn't mean we should neglect our pups. We've taken our furry baby to clip and dip about 2 times so far and we absolutely love the quality and friendliness of the staff. Drop off is quick and pain free, and all the ladies there are super nice and you know that your pup is going to leave stunning when they're done. Despite being cash only during this pandemic - we were allowed to pay with a card instead. It's not recommended but still love the service despite not having enough cash for a cut. We paid just shy of $65 for a clip and dip (puppy cut) for our pooch. I would recommend you drive a small-ish vehicle when doing a drop off or pick up. Parking is super limited there, and driving a pickup truck makes it tight to park and maneuver in the parking lot. Otherwise, I suggest you have someone drop you off and swing back around to snatch you up. All in all we would definitely recommend this spot for anyone in the Mililani and Wahiawa area that needs some much needed love for their furry babies.

Jessica S

3 years ago

I love this place! They always do a great job. Way better than Petco that's for sure and a lot cheaper too. I highly recommend them❤

Linda Domingo

3 years ago

They were very friendly, they did a terrific job with my fur babies.

V Bitar

4 years ago

Great place for dog grooming. Very nice people and the dogs look great!

Liz Mejias

4 years ago

They have reasonable prices and know my dog as if she was their own ???? I couldn't ask for a better groomer!!!

Leilisa Gehring

4 years ago

The staff is wonderful. I know that when i drop off my dogs they are in good hands. The price is resonable and they do excellent work. I highly recommend them ! !

Karen McGraw

4 years ago

Very nice staff, great with my dogs, went the extra mile and reasonably priced! I will definitely continue to go to Clip and Dip for my dogs grooming!

Karen Gibson

4 years ago

Caring staff and excellent service!

Chas Dahl

4 years ago

My doggie just got groomed today, they fit me in same day which NOBODY on island was able to do, my dog left happy as can be and sooooo pretty :) excellent service

ash schm

4 years ago

This little shop was awsome and they were able to get me in for a nail trim and ear cleaning for both my dogs same day. Both dogs hate getting their nails done but the groomer came to us in the lobby and I was able to hold them while she worked. The groomer was very patient and nice to my dogs. The price was great too! Definitely will be going back for future grooming needs.

Robert McKenzie

5 years ago

Took our dog Chevy today, Great Service, Very Thorough, Very Friendly We found our pet groomer.

Kaylie Plaugher

5 years ago

I honestly can’t say enough about this sweet family business! I walked in for the first time to bring my fur baby and they were absolutely amazing, not only were they not in a hurry like every groomer, they took the time to talk to me and my kids, and they loved on my terrified pup, and took their time to make sure he was comfortable before we left! When I picked up my pup he was so HANDSOME! For the first time in 8 years he has had the best grooming he has ever had! (Toy poodle) and not terrified when I picked him up! Being a military family we have visited many grooming salons! This by far hands down is the best grooming ever!

J. “Crazylegs” D.

5 years ago

Have two boys that we have been takingbhere for the last 1.5 yrs and love the results. Have a long haired dog (Bernese Mountain Dog) and they trim him down great and my lab they do awesome as well. Recently remodeled and the staff are great, you can tell they are animalmpeople and treat the dogs great.

Rebecca Miner

6 years ago

They groomed my little doxy, Sophie, exactly how I requested. Better than any other groomer I’ve been to. And less expensive!. They are so friendly and kind. Wish I found them sooner....

scott feasel

7 years ago

Extremely satisfied with their service! We have a large lab who's shedding has been a NIGHTMARE. We spent close to 200.00 at Petco just to get him deshedded & bought the furminator (huge waste of our money & time). We have spent endless time having to vacuum our entire home every single day & night until we took our dog to Clip & Dip. Our dog looks absolutely amazing with his new haircut and guess what? We haven't had to vacuum our home today, yay!!! Thank you so much Clip & Dip. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!

Lory Segawa

8 years ago

Clip and Dip, is by far the best dog groomers in central Oahu. I have tried a few other places, just to see how good they are. But Clip and Dip is the best! my dogs come home with no stress at all, not like the other dog factory groomers. I have been taking my dogs to them for over 5 years, and they are the best.

Jessica Barreno-Weatherspoon

9 years ago

I always take my family's dog here and they do a fabulous job on the our dog. And they will know your pet by name if you take your pet there more the once or twice.

chris beniot

10 years ago

My wife and I took our German Shepard there for a basic bath and trim to shorten the hair of our dog to cope with the heat of Hawaii. It took us forever to get ahold of them for an appointment and when we got there the old man behind the counter assured us he has "been in the dog grooming business for 35 years" and that our dog "would be well taken care of". We left the place to drive around and kill time. He called us back 5 minutes later and very rudely told us to come back and "get your damn dog". when we showed up, our dog was soaking wet in a crate with a box fan blowing in it. When we asked him what went wrong, he said our dog needs obedience training because he couldnt even give our dog a bath. Our dog has had obedience training and has never given anyone a single problem. Maybe our dog felt uneasy about the guys temperment and became hyper, i dont know. He was very very rude and critisized my wife and i the whole time we were there trying to figure out what our dog did to be so "bad". It took every ounce of patience to not hurt the man when we saw him slap the collar on our dog and yank him around the tile floor because his paws were slippery. I see that other folks have had "excellent" experiances, and i guess you had dealt with different people at this place. My advice: if the old man with the goatee is there, just walk away.

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