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Kennedy Wallace

2 years ago

The number you gave to contact my patient did not work . what are y'all hiding by cutting off my connection with them ?

Mike Ramos

2 years ago

You guys released my son today. As of tonight he is a wreck! Sitting on our couch worst than he was when he left! Everyone called you to let you know that there are still issues and a you can say is call 911 or stick his wife in some social workers voicemail! You guys did not help at all. A United States Marine Veteran who was medically retired due to psychological Issues. This is how you treat veterans? You gave him a bus pass and sent him on his way in the cold and rain?!

Kelly Clemento

2 years ago

I absolutely loved this place I mean they constantly heck on you an give you meds to make you comfortable an Mrs Lisa she is a doll I absolutely love her I want to come back but coming from 4 hours that bed might have been there but by time I get there the bed is gone I really need to get a bed asap

Julie Taduran

2 years ago

The people working where you check in in front really needs lessons in customer relations. Very unpleasant person working today November 21,2021 at 2:45 pm.

Talia Vialpando

2 years ago

It was great , I felt safe but not gonna lie I do plan to go back to day, because I'm having really bad reaction to one of my medications, but other than that it was a good family facility

D LaMonte

2 years ago

They are working with law enforcement to lock up mentally ill people , read this again They are LOCKING up the mentally ill for no reason and this facility is aware of it . It's all about money ????????

Alyssa O'Toole

2 years ago

I was surprised to see this place have so little stars. They literally saved my life. All of the nurses, doctors, and staff I encountered during my visit were beyond helpful and showed they truly cared about the well-being of their patients. It was a great experience. My only concern was the food: it was definitely hit or miss. But there was one out of my five day stay that the food was on point at every meal. Also, my room wasn’t exactly the cleanest when I got there, but upon complaining, a nice gentleman (looking like Martin Lawrence himself!) was more than happy to get everything clean for my roomie and myself. You all were amazing and I truly thank you for saving my life.

Donald Page

2 years ago

I don't know why it's only rated 2half stars I've been there twice when I was going through some bad times.the staff nurses and doctors were fantastic but I guess you can't please everyone.


3 years ago

BEWARE! This place is unethical, deceitful, and only cares about ripping people off! My medical insurance approved an authorization for this place. While I was there I saw a nurse. A month later, I get a bill from Planas & Associates stating I owe for services from the nurse I saw at Virginia Beach Psychiatric. My medical insurance won't cover the nurse bill because the authorization was for Virginia Beach Psychiatric and not Planas & Associates. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

Laurie DeVinney

3 years ago

I am very disappointed in this place. My son was released from jail to go straight here for help. I received over 10 calls a day from him regarding rude nurses that sit around laugh & talk about patients & they have no sympathy for them & would not give any medicine to help him relax. They weren’t helping him but making things worse. The medicine he was on did nothing to help & you can’t even speak to a doctor. He was released because they could not handle him & put him back on the streets with no medication to help him until he is seen. I would not recommend this place & I will be complaining until something is done

Mel Sitler

3 years ago

Do not go to this place for care! Especially inpatient! They only care about money by drugging you up with long lists of medications. The nurses are extremely passive aggressive, rude, and sarcastic! One of the guys there ended up self-harming because of something one of the nurses said to him. Unbelievable! The food is disgusting. I was on 2 random medications that one of the psychiatrists there put me on and it caused me severe side effects where I almost had to go to the ER and turns out, the 2 medications had major complications when taken together. He didn’t care about diagnosis and didn’t care about input or getting information about what I needed and I didn’t even see a therapist the whole time I was there! How are you going to prescribe someone medication without seeing a therapist to know what they need? It was a nightmare. One of the older ladies there even had a full-blown seizure because of the amount of medications they put her on. This place should NOT be open! Unethical!

John Gilman

3 years ago

This place is a life saver! It's not perfect, nowhere is. The food is better than any other psych center I've been in. Tito is awesome! I still do my feelings check every morning and evening.

Kejo H

3 years ago

When I thought of going in there, I thought of a white padded cell, with a vest on that I can't get out of and they put me back there and never remember me and I'd be back there forever. However. People were awesome, the nurses especially Hannah, she's best!!! They were all cool, there was a couple that weren't but it cares. The other patients become family!! You can hang out in your room, if you need to... for as long as you need and then you come and join the rest of the group, when you're ready!!! They understand. Don't detox overdraw without them. They are there for you and your survival in your journey through your abuse.

Sia'Wanna Freeman

3 years ago

I honestly cannot speak for anyone else's stay, however my stay was excellent! When I first arrived at the facility the wait to be processed and admitted was about four hours. Every one of the staffs and nurses were very respectful and worked to accommodate each person in their stay. The food was not bad at all the portions were pretty good as well. My doctor was John Riedler and he worked in a timely matter to make sure that I was on the proper medications and that I was stable to return back home. Not to mention he was a very empathetic person and very relatable. I believe that sometimes people there were giving a lot of the staff and the nurses a hard time and this kind of sadded me because they work so hard to make sure that we're receiving everything that we need. I will say that because other people are on the unit and you typically interact with these people some people are not all there for change or for recovery. I chose to focus in on myself and my own recovery and this made the process so much more comfortable. I was giving a month supply of my medications and also they made sure to schedule me an appointment with a doctor for outpatient services. To anyone that chooses to go here I pray the best for you and your recovery.

Jesse Daily

3 years ago

The worst psych hospital I have ever been to. Was not taken seriously and was told I was attention seeking. I was released after 3 days and then sent to Norfolk General for 2 weeks when readmitting myself. Extremely classiest facility. This place only cares about money. I was told "speak english" and made fun of my poor penmanship when I have many physical disabilities? Nurses lack empathy. I have no idea how this place is still in business other than sheer need of mental health care in this area.

Latisha Wynn

3 years ago

Worst Place ever... my husband 1st time being there staff was ok my nurse supervisor (Michelle) was not friendly or helpful this place needs to be put under investigation for the way the treat there patients an love ones

Beverly Johnson

3 years ago

I was inpatient due to a mental relapse caused by absence of access to medication. After a terrible weeks stay i was provided with a 30 day supply of my needed medications. After the supply was depleted i tried for a week to connect to someone who was able to provide me with a refill until the time of my set outpatient appointment. Every, single, number provided to me or that i was connected to was disconnected or the person or office was not available to take my call. This happened for days. During my fight to recieve my medication i was completely without it. No one was willing to offer me help.

Clayton Hanson

3 years ago

A complete waste of time. A hearing was held for my daughter who threstened suicide by drugs, hanging herself, shooting herself and totaling four vehicles in four years. The outcome being to retain her for further observation. Not even an hour later she was released.

Denise Davis

3 years ago

I have been calling since 5pm over three hours trying to talk to my love one and to make sure they are ok. No answer. It's bad enough to have a family member there, but then the staff not answering to phone is disappointing.

Janice Deur

3 years ago

My mother checked herself in here and they took almost 24 hours to even receive her regular medications. Was not seen by a psychiatrist until the next day. I'm currently waiting in the lobby to leave her clothes and haven't even been greeted.

jason jones

3 years ago

This place is reckless and and unethical. All about money . I would rather be 8n jail.


3 years ago

I was a patient almost a year ago and the ONLY people who made my experience pleasant were the nurses, the counselors ( Tito was the best!) and the cooks in the kitchen. Dr. Hill was one of the rudest people I’ve ever encountered. I was in line to take my meds one night and he asked me to go away because he wanted to have a private conversation with a nurse. My friend was admitted a few days ago and had the same problem with him. What a terrible human and a piss poor excuse for an MD.


3 years ago

Poor quality staff. This facility lacks communication and staff appears to be entitled as if they look down on people like they are better than everyone. Go somewhere else because if they treat the citizens like this I cant imagine what goes on upstairs.

Nickuel Bentley

4 years ago

I would be careful about some of the doctors here, I think they look at you as a dollar sign (Doctor Hill) I would never recommend this place. Nurses was nice tho.

Jacob Poulios (Frodacho23)

4 years ago

Went up here to admit my girlfriend for reasons. And the receptionist at the window was very rude to her. He talked to her like she was stupid or something and I’m currently listening and watching him talk with a current patient being admitted and is cutting him off and barely letting him speak

Kim Kaneko

4 years ago

Treated fairly. I came after dinner was served and was asked if I was hungry. They had a dinner box if i was. House keeping done by staff. I had just had a breakdown and needed meds adjusted. Since I went voluntarily I was able to leave in 3 days. Staff were polite and seemed to care I recommend this establishment if suicidal.

Liz Pruitt

4 years ago

Had a nice experience given the circumstance.

sean hergenrother

4 years ago

Great staff especially Hannah great group

Vito Furio

4 years ago

If you are worried for those you love with mental illness, this is not a place for recovery. The best thing you can do is write not only your congressman but the various departments of Human Services and especially at the government level. Furthermore, if your loved one is under city care, please consider a private doctor that offers the various psychiatric services. Write everyone...

Allison Hennessee

4 years ago

Dr.Gene Germano is one of the Psychiatrists there that we have had a terrible experience with. Horrible bedside manner and has no concern for his patients. He was not concerned when serious meds needed prior authorizations. 2 days without meds you have just started will definitely cause a relapse. This is serious,families have lost loved ones over people being flippant and following thru to make sure insurances accept these meds. Is this entire facility like this? I can say though the nurses are amazing.

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