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Michael H.

2 years ago

There are a lot of aggressive dogs here.

Patricia Jones

2 years ago

A great place to give an animal a forever home they take good care of the residents and are very helpful and friendly. The adoption process is easy.

Rosi Wood

2 years ago

Very nice place, extremely busy! Adopted my SWEET Poodle Chica on Christmas Eve....extremely happy with my new family member. All the staff was very nice to work with..and pleasant to adopt from..Thank you All sooo much❗❗????????????????

Donald Puresll

2 years ago

Caring people, friendly atmosphere will try to help you as much as they can.

Judy Harrell

2 years ago

It was my 1st visit & was confusing. Door to go in, where & how to look for adoptable animals. I needed more help than most I guess.

Marie Dublino

2 years ago

We picked up our son's dog. He had passed away and we were so grateful to be able to bring his pet home with us.

Denise Hansen

2 years ago

The staff was wonderful. My dog got out of our fenced yard yesterday morning and went on a solo adventure. The center found him and took him in to the facility. A couple ladies recognized my boy's picture from my PawBoost flyer and notified a staff member. That person contacted me right away last night to let me know my boy was there. It was late. It was way past office hours yet the person was very patient and helpful. The facility is clean and well kept.

lisa judge

2 years ago

The staff was very friendly and helpful!!

Sara Perez Sanders

2 years ago

Staff is friendly and helpful. Highly recommend adoption. Spay/Neutering, shots and licensing for a very low fee.

She Abrantes

2 years ago

Staffs are very friendly. The shelter is clean and welcoming.

Karen Gavoni

2 years ago

Jessie was awesome in answering all my questions and doing everything she could to help with the situation of a puppy.

Bailey Cooper

2 years ago

The staff was so rude and just uninterested in helping us. Also if you wanna meet your dog prior to adoption I hope you’re okay with looking at them through the glass and that’s it. Really nice facility but highly recommend having a come to Jesus merging with the staff about basic customer service

Tyr Anasazi (SLIm)

2 years ago

Very rude! Volunteers were pleasant but the front desk staff was very rude!

Jesse Walker

2 years ago

Friendly staff, we're willing to take in a couple of bunnies that we're left outside near my parents house.

Joan Nutter

2 years ago

The staff was very courteous and respectful to me as I made the hard decision to have my dog put down.


2 years ago

Its very clean but I did not like that we have to see the dogs from a window instead of in person. We have to see a wall with pictures of dogs and pick which one we would like to meet as oppossed to being able to walk by their crate and seeing them all up close.

Kim E

2 years ago

Everyone was very helpful in finding our lost granddog. Thank you!

Liz Rays

2 years ago

They have a pet here named Chelsea that I had to bring back because they lied about her medical conditions and STILL are lying! They claim she only has diabetes and it’s a complete lie. I spent over 400$ on medical bills to find out she has issues with her kidneys and liver as well as cataracts and severe arthritis this place is lying and setting people up. They don’t care. She has to be placed on special diet per the vet she also had a severe UTI when I first got her. Don’t let them fool you

Tee J

2 years ago

Lots if pitbulls. Nice staff.

Thom Ratliff

2 years ago

Did not have the animal we were looking for but were very helpful and putting us in the right direction to do so

End Studios

3 years ago

My cat was spayed here, they botched the surgery and she got a severe infection. They were reluctant to give me any medication or antibiotic for her so I had to see another vet. I would not recommend. The adoption center was ok though. I am friends with some of the staff and they are very friendly and work hard to care for the animals.

Al Smith

3 years ago

Very friendly volunteers! Clean place!

Theresa Fraumeni

3 years ago

We got our dashing pit back in hours. Grateful to the person that got him into car and brought him in.

Zoe Bernardelli

3 years ago

Do NOT adopt from this place. They do not run necessary tests and are just nasty people. I adopted a cat from them that they claimed was “healthy” come to find out after THREE HUNDRED dollars in testing she has a severe UTI, diabetes that she will be out on incline thyroid issues, kidney disease, Cataracts and a build up of arthritis in her lower back and hips and they claimed they NEVER saw any signs of any of this. I only had her for a WEEK they are liars for saying the months they had her they didn’t notice anything. Then wanted all the testing I had done so they didn’t have to spend the money to get the tests done like they should have done IN THE FIRST PLACE. This place is straight neglectful.

David Peck

3 years ago

The staff truly loves animals and works hard to ensure animals are adopted into suitable homes.. Accurate bios on their adoptable dogs and they have some foster folks who are skilled trainers who help pre-train adoptable pets. Very glad a chose to rescue through their facility.

Kornwall 86

3 years ago

I would like to say thank you to everyone that works/volunteers at this facility BUT Zack (Guy at the front desk) Each time I’ve gone in there he’s been extremely rude. I can understand the process and paperwork can be a bit repetitive and annoying especially when you have to make sure the person adopting an animal will actually take care of it. But it doesn’t give you an excuse to be rude toward the people that come looking to adopt. He made my girlfriend very upset till the point she was in tears and I did not like that not one bit it was very hard for me to bite my tongue and not say anything. Zack needs to work on his customer service skills. I’m not saying you gotta be a butt kisser. But don’t sit there with a sour face like you don’t want to be there. I hope management speaks to this gentleman because I’ve even seen recent reviews about him even other staff members say he’s very rude. Please talk to your staff! I would’ve gave 5 stars but not until this issue is fixed

Thomas Waalkes

3 years ago

We picked up Blue on 3/10/21. The staff are friendly and helpful. The whole process took minutes once we were ready. Our whole family loves him and he bonded quickly. If you're looking for a new family member you would do well to put the VB Animal shelter on your list to visit.

Bruce Rector

3 years ago

Picked up bottle feeding kitten to foster untill it is old enough for adoption.

Augusto Sorrentino

3 years ago

I found a dog 2 weeks ago. Wanted to keep the dog but did the right thing in taking in to the shelter. Told the lady that we wanted the dog and she said if the owner does not show up, she would be available on March 5th but she never mentioned I need to make an appointment to adopt the dog. At the end, 4 appointments where booked before I got the RIGHT information. Horrible communication.


3 years ago

Great place to adopt pets. I adopted two cats, and they have not disappointed me. They have lots of staff to take care of animals and lots of animals to take care of. It's great to see the animals loved by staff as if they were their own pets prior to the pets being adopted.

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