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Joey Deak

2 years ago

My dog has been dealing with a skin issue for years. We've been told by multiple vets that it's just allergies and there wasn't a lot we could do besides getting cytopoint injections. We went in for a vet tech appointment to get the injection and they thought it would be best if he saw the vet. They took him right over, I didn't have to schedule another appointment, and the vet thought that he might have a thyroid problem. She ran some tests and sure enough he had hypothyroidism, which was causing a lot of his skin issues. I'm so happy to finally have an answer and a path to a happy healthy dog.

Kay Beans

2 years ago

I walk in and say good morning. It wasn't a welcoming atmosphere. The woman that sits at the desk on the left looks right at me and doesn't speak. The women on the right speak but it wasn't genuine. The young lady assisting the doctor was talking to me in a condescending tone. I'll never recommend anyone like myself to this facility!

Lily MacAlister

2 years ago

Very happy with the staff here. Everyone was super sweet, kind, and explained everything to me in detail. I like that they print out an itemized receipt so you can see exactly what the charges are. The staff is very patient and they were understanding & helped demonstrate the proper way to clean my dogs ears. Really professional & kind.

Terry Mrnak

2 years ago

The staff is great. No matter if it's a procedure, or just a vaccination... they take care of it. They are very good at keeping your pet up to date. They are always answering any questions I may have. And when your pet is done, the Dr, herself, calls me... to let me know how everything went and to see if I have any questions or concerns. Shout out to Alyssa, Sara, and the Dr's team... BEST SERVICE AT THE BEACH... PAWS DOWN!!!

dawna vanpraag

2 years ago

Very nice and caring staff. I will recommend them to everyone I know.


2 years ago

P.A. Veterinary Hospital continues to give us friendly and professional pet care. We are very happy with them.

thida folta

2 years ago

They were so nice to my dog! So helpful and informative on issues that I was not aware of. Although it’s a bit of a drive from where we are, we will definitely be coming back here for all other visits and check ups :)

Nadia Diggs

2 years ago

This was our first time at this office and it was AMAZING. The staff was very nice and attentive. The Doctor was very through and made sure I understood everything. I really appreciated it so much because I am a first time dog mom and have No Clue What I am Doing. The whole office gave me so many helpful tips and advice as I navigate this journey. Great Office. Great Team.

Agent Nightmare

2 years ago

I've been using PAVH as my primary vet for several years, seeing three cats and three dogs. Overall, I've been very happy with the quality of care I've received from both Dr. Kier (before he left the practice) and now Dr. Butala. In particular, they're vets who clearly care about providing the most quality care possible - they keep up to date on current science and developments in veterinary health, something I've found to be rare elsewhere. As an example, other vets often push practices like spaying/neutering all dogs at six months, despite recent research showing that significantly increases risks of things such as bone/joint issues (an already major issue as I have large/giant breed dogs). Here, I was encouraged to wait until at least two years, and when I considered keeping my dogs intact, I never felt judged or pushed either way when discussing the risks and benefits. The staff, including technicians and receptionists, have always been kind, and very accommodating on the off chance I run into an issue that requires prompt veterinary attention. Payment wise, I find they are somewhat pricier than other vets in the area. Personally, I'm happy paying extra for quality care and state of the art equipment. I have also found that occasionally, when I'm short on cash, they've been willing to work with what I have at that moment. I've also never felt judged for being short on cash, or asking for quotes to find the most cost-effective combination of preventatives, for example. Simon, Caesar, Karen, Apollo, Koa and Ellie are happy and healthy critters, and I trust they'll stay that way for years to come with the help of these guys.

Michelle Molloy

2 years ago

This was a new veterinarian for my dog since I just moved to the Virginia Beach area. My daughter has used this office for her dog and cat and highly recommended them. Although he was very afraid, they were kind and gentle with him. The vet tech was amazing! She was extremely patient. I would highly recommend this office to other pet parents.

Caitlin Jones

2 years ago

My husband and I went with princess Anne vet due to the convenience located to our house. I couldn'tp have been more pleased with our decision with going with princess Anne vet. They take their time with my boy (he’s a GSD and very set in his ways) to make sure he’s comfortable when he comes in for a visit.

Tanasia Miller

2 years ago

Very nice and friendly. Reasonable prices too.

Stephanie Seaton

2 years ago

Dr Butala is the kindest vet I’ve met. She really cared about my dog and took time to explain things to me. The only downfall was how hard it was to get seen here.

Loyann Parker

2 years ago

I'm very pleased with the service here. They fit me in last minute because my retriever, Walter, started chewing his body to death (hot spots). He gets an anti-itch shot that makes him much more comfortable. It lasts for a few months.

Lisa Markham

2 years ago

Love love love Dr. Larsen!

Kym A

2 years ago

Quick and friendly curbside service. Came out got my dog and took care of all his needs.

Ken Schmidt

2 years ago

Great Vet service as they always take great care of our puppies! Recently had a bad experience at another Vet with our other dog, we paid to cancel the wellness plan to bring her to PA Vet!

Alexis Derrick

2 years ago

We’ve been taking our pets to PAVH for almost three years now and we will never change vets! They take such good care of our babies. Dr. Butala is always trying to make sure our pets stay healthy!

Seralynn Munster

3 years ago

This veterinary office is amazing!! They will work with you and are so caring! I highly recommend the staff to everyone I talk to. The vets are SO smart and picked up on things other vet offices have missed. They are very up front with pricing, which is very refreshing. Definitely the best vet office in the area.

Madison Klinedinst

3 years ago

I took my two cats for a visit in March for a checkup and shots. I was informed that they each needed 1k dental cleanings plus more for two tooth extractions. Luckily I did not take action on this and got a second opinion. These are indoor cats and while they are 5 years old there are better options to mitigate this after my second opinion (greenies for cats who don’t fully chew and swallow their food whole and enzyme toothpaste without fluoride dabbed on their gums with a qtip). I was also handed a bunch of pamphlets about different issues instead of one on one consultation with a vet who has practical, experienced and caring knowledge. I would not suggest veterinary services from Princess Anne. I should have listened when my coworker had similar issues but at the time during COVID it was an easy option knowing they needed shots- the rest of the vets were booked. I wish I would’ve waited.

Khalif Lane (Dj Leafy)

3 years ago

*Cheshire* From the moment she came into my arms, till the moment I had to let her go. You guys helped eith everything. Thank you.

Katie Kerley

3 years ago

I have taken my dog here since he first joined the family 11 years ago. I have been thoroughly disappointed with his last two visits. I took him in last August, his first visit since Dr. Kier's departure...which we were never notified of. When the vet called after his exam, I was provided with her summary of his visit. When I received the next call to check out, I had an additional question. The vet did come back on the phone with me for a second conversation. However, I was shocked by the content of that discussion. It was only in this second conversation, after several questions, that a diagnosis of osteoarthritis was disclosed. She also mentioned that she expected he would be on the medication she prescribed for life! Why wouldn't this have been mentioned during the first phone call, along with a discussion regarding options or whether I want him on medication for the rest of his life!? When pressed, the response was a condescending "I can always do x-rays to confirm". Infuriating! The new direction this practice is going is awful and they completely lost my trust that day, with zero chance of earning it back. I finished out his PAW plan, and will never take him back here.

Katelynn Bannon

3 years ago

Every time I have visited this establishment I have only had positive experiences. Every time I have come here (3 times in the last 3 years) it was for more of an "urgent" service and any time I have called to schedule an appointment, my pet was able to be seen within 48 hours. The staff here has been super friendly to me and compassionate about my concerns for my pet. The doctors here are very kind and knowledgeable and do a great job at explaining their recommendations for your pet when it comes to medication or services to perform to get your pet back to their normal selves in no time!

Sheri Wilder

3 years ago

My baby Lucy was not doing well the last few days. Took her in to see them and they took real good care of her! She is taking the meds and on her way to recovery.

Kaylee Lindhe

3 years ago

We bring both of our dogs here. Harley and Lilo actually enjoy coming and seeing the staff. They explain exactly what they need and what’s going on. The staff is amazing! Recommend to everyone!

Bridget Griffen

3 years ago

I was told from cara when I am booking a call for the second time from the office that I next time I should keep my own records and not reley on a vet. “She said personally I don’t anyone else but my myself why would you do that with your records” Worst thing to say to a new client !!!!!

LilyMay Hutton

3 years ago

Great with your pet nice staff

Marcy LaDue-Ferrette

3 years ago

Our Bella girl is on the cusp of being considered a senior. I am so happy we found PAvet and she is being well cared for. From start to finish Bella’s first appointment went flawless...even during a pandemic. I felt very comfortable giving over my Bella to PAvet!!

Katy Stroyeck Coppin

3 years ago

We took our two dogs to Princess Anne Veterinary Hospital last week for their initial visit and annual checkup, and we couldn't have been more pleased with how warm and friendly the staff is. The techs were patient with our anxiety-prone dog. After their appointments, Dr. Lawson took more than 30 minutes to talk me through their exams and listening patiently to my questions and concerns. His kindness and good humor came across during our call (the hospital is observing all necessary social distancing protocols). As an added treat, my daughter enjoyed watching the goats in the pen outside the hospital, while we waited. Very happy we found such a lovely place to look after our pups!

Whitney Rice 6

3 years ago

Very loving and kind staff and veterinarian. Very thorough but conservative with treatment options. Extremely fair and transparent with prices. They REALLY pay attention to and care for your pets. Doc caught a small issue that could REALLY turn into a large issue if left undiagnosed and alone over time and we have follow-up in a week to verify before taking more expensive actions. Very comfortable know my "baby" is so well taken care of there, especially coming from a really sub-par Vet in another state.

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