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Christina Johnson

2 years ago

They never have any products for doxie's

Amy Schock

2 years ago

I would never buy a puppy from there, or any product. The animals are overpriced, and from puppy mills. I wish it would be shut down.

Moving Different

2 years ago

Pretty good pet store associates where very kind


2 years ago

If I could give zero stars, I would. It is obvious that the employees here DO NOT care for the animals AT ALL. The puppy crates are WAY too small with only one hole for air in the back that is also too small for them. Whenever I go in just to see the animals, they always look malnourished, unhealthy, and miserable. One of the kittens was unresponsive and looked lethargic and sick, another was absolutely terrified and overwhelmed. I'm surprised this place has been in business for so long and hasn't been reported for neglect. Pet-Go-Round seems like Hell for poor animals.

Rob Shermer

2 years ago

THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN!!!!!!! These poor dogs are kept in tiny glass boxes with a small hole in the back of the box for air. The puppies were literally fighting to get to the hole for air. They all looked miserable and malnourished. How are places like this even allowed to operate?!?! Absolutely DISGUSTING and this place shows no sense of humanity or even care for these animals. SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keith Markowitz

2 years ago

Very nice staff. Clean store. Reasonable prices. Good selection.

Brett Sorbello

2 years ago

Anyone who supports puppy stores and puppy mills need to rot. Go adopt a shelter animal or go to a rescue.


2 years ago

Everytime I go there i get a bad feeling, i went there one last time and decided never to go back. We played with one of the puppies and he looked so sad, he was also very aggressive and kept biting me hard. I heard puppys whining the whole time and yelping. In the back they keep the puppies locked in little crates all day. Dogs and cats are always kept in containers too small for "display", it is a horrible environment. All of the people there probably stress them out too, especially the loud little kids that don't know how to treat animals. The dogs are always asleep and I saw one shaking really badly when staff went to pick one up. Staff seems uncaring and didnt know when I asked a question about one of the dogs. Not to mention to ridiculous high prices for these animals, its so sad because they probably don't get homes very often. I'm convinced they get these dogs from puppy mills, keep them locked and are greedy for money. This place needs to be shut down. I wish they would, these places in the mall are so shady, but they won't be shut down because people like seeing cute animals and don't really think about whats happening to them. NEVER buy animals from a pet store, go to an adoption center instead or a reliable breeder that doesn't get animals from mills!

Siren K.

2 years ago

I had to drag my best friend away from the place because the dogs were so cute!

Jay Ng junior

2 years ago

Please come and adopt those cute puppies and kittens here. I always stop by here whenever i go to Lyndhaven mall just to look at those cute babies.

Thomas Casey

2 years ago

We are absolutely in love with our dog that was purchased here, but little did we know about their shady business dealings. First of all when I asked one of their employees about their breeders/breeding practices I was verbally attacked by a staff member who was consistently raising her voice and being extremely argumentative when I simply, yet kindly, asked about the legitimacy of their breeders. Aside from their miserable staff, we scheduled our initial vet exam and they’re a Vet confirmed puppy mill sales establishment unfortunately. Had we been aware prior to purchase of the dog that in fact they’re selling puppy mill dogs we certainly would’ve went elsewhere. I knowingly would never give profit to these horrendous breeding practices, but given the circumstances we will love our little son and give him the best life he could ever dream of. 2/10 Will never return to purchase another animal or refer anyone!

Ron Brooks

2 years ago

Overpriced sad specimens of old puppies

Michael H.

2 years ago

Whoa what a rip off! Dogs over $5,000 with alleged sales of 10% off. You can get the same breed for under $850 with records elsewhere.

Jaydah Quinones

2 years ago

I came here Thursday afternoon to look at some puppies, when i arrived i saw a lab and asked the two nurses if i can get a room with him, which i did, not even 5 minutes in he starts biting me, not soft, aggressively. It’s now Sunday and i still have bruises on my arm from it. When i shouted out to the nurses they calmly grabbed him from me, did not address me after to see if i was okay, did not check my arm to see the aftermath, i didn’t even get a sorry or an “are you okay” After seeing and feeling what the dog did to me i could only imagine if a child got bit by this dog.

BIg Nino

2 years ago

Warning ! This place is OVER PRICED AND MONEY HUNGRY ! I walked in and I wear a lot of chains and my wife has a diamond necklace they sales people were eye balling us the whole time we asked 3 different people prices on a dog and we got 4 different prices !! All for there commissions I guess to sell a DOG ! These dogs are more then dogs they will be apart of peoples family’s but they DO NOT CARE ALL THEY SEEN WAS MONEY !! 1-2 STARS ONLY CAUSE EVERYONE WAS NICE

Alexa De Guzman

2 years ago

A nice variety of puppies and kittens. Smells a bit like cleaning products but that's inevitable with all the animals staying there. Fun though.

Nyshae Gibson

2 years ago

They have the cutest puppies!

Kristin Escolastico

2 years ago

My kids and I enjoyed getting to sit with a variety of different animals. The staff was very attentive. They had enough staff to help many people. The price of the animals although they are purebred was quite high.

Joe Johnson

2 years ago

Way way to exspensive, they are priced not to sale my opinion.

Rose Hearts

2 years ago

Let's get this covered: They put 2 large breeds in one glass box that is the width of a golden retriever puppy laying down. Their large breeds are tall enough to almost hit the ceiling of their cage. Those large breeds also like to play fight and have no room. Their puppies come from puppy mills and are often sick. The prices are extremely high when you can get one from a nearby breeder or the store Pup n stuff for $2000-$4000 cheaper. Most of their dogs are not what they claim to be and even then they don't have the regular appearance.

Plain rach

2 years ago

I went with my son and we were able to spend time with a huskie puppy. It was a great experience. The dog was definitely out of my price range $$$$.

Paul Bradley

2 years ago

Pups from mixed breeds as well as purebreds but pricing is ridiculously high.

Kenley Baker

2 years ago

I have got three dogs from here! All amazing we got a wire fox terrier, a French ton, and a mini American Shepard! There business is amazing! Love you all at pet go round!❤️

Annette Williams

2 years ago

Wonderful to be able to interact with puppies, workers were kind and respectful

Jane Grantham

3 years ago

So many sweet little puppies.


3 years ago

Cute adorable puppies to fit every family needs!

Michelle “Shelly” Jones

3 years ago

Everyone is so nice, I love this place the animals are so AWESOME and you can tell that they're pampered!!

Guilianna Vilorio

3 years ago

We went into the pet store knowing we would pay higher prices and this particular pet store is known for selling sick puppies. I could not believe how high these prices are AND that they will not reduce the price if you offer cash. 4400.00 for a puppy is asinine. They will not even let you talk with the manager either. Some of those puppies look miserable and almost drugged. Very disturbing.

Jamie Lord

3 years ago

I love my fur baby! I got a mini dachshund and the staff was wonderful in helping me get her. It was a very simple and easy process, the only downside is the puppy’s are expensive here. But I did luck out and have my puppy come from a good and well known breeder and my puppy is happy and healthy!

Erin Holland

3 years ago

We love our Corgi we got from here and it seemed reputable when we got her, but lo and behold when I researched her "breeder," her "breeder" is a puppy mill in Missouri that's been shut down multiple times. AND she had a respiratory infection despite being "healthy" that required multiple vet trips. If you really want a purebred dog, look elsewhere, you can find actual reputable breeders in the state on almost any breed for far less with much better practices.

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