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Annette Ng

2 years ago

Beautiful pets Friendly and helpful staff Great place to browse

John Wood

2 years ago

$5,000 for Basset Hound puppies unregistered. What a money hungry group of people. What a rip off. You can pay for a flight to the mainland and get one with papers and still save money.

Brigette Calamaan

2 years ago

I liked that they had all kinds of pets availiable.I found what i needed.

Heidy Lee

2 years ago

Me and my husband love this place! They keep their fish healthy. The prices for fish are decent. They have every intermediate tool you could need. We love walking into this store every weekend and never get tired of what they have. We bought our puppy about 7 months ago and we love him so much. They were the best from the moment we asked to see him to the moment we walked out with our new son. We could tell that they really take care of their animals. Puppy was healthy. He was staying in good conditions. He was already pee pad trained! We will forever love this place!

Lynne H

2 years ago

Walking by this pet store was upsetting. It’s filled with hordes of animals in different restricted containers being gawked at and prodded by people passing through the mall. Front and center I found several puppies in glass-walled containers laying down glumly in piles of shredded newspaper. They should not be there, waiting to be exchanged for some money in the owner’s pocket. Where did these dogs come from? We can do better than selling dogs like some playground equipment. Next to it is a disquieting black hole of rubber filled with koi. Assorted other animals too large for their cages are scattered about amongst the rest of the clutter. I want to know where this store sources their “products”—these animals—and would be interested in the business practices of those places as well. Place was unacceptable and should go.

Robert Chinaka

2 years ago

Got almost everything you need for your pet.


2 years ago

why would anyone buy dogs from a per store like this in 2021 when you could adopt ….. for mixed breeds that cost $1000+ lol

Lisa Ian

2 years ago

All 3 teen employees sitting and standing in the nook by the register looking at their phones, laughing and talking story. Offering NO "Hi, welcome, may I help you find anything?" WAY overpriced parakeets ($39.99!!!!!), and other dusty outdated looking items. Plus cages, food and water bowls, betta cups and fish tanks were filthy and or empty as the 3 employees SAT at the register looking at their phones when they should have been taking care of the animals. The tall kid that rang me up didn't even look or talk to me as he rang me up, he just talked to the chubby girl sitting behind him and asked what she was laughing at on her phone. Note: We used to love this store about 5 years ago.

Mal B

2 years ago

Have a great selection of bird care supplies compared to other pet stores on the island with competitive prices.


2 years ago

Kids wanted to see the puppies.

Samantha W

2 years ago

Sick puppies from puppy mills. Don’t support them!! A friend got one and it died in 24 hours. $3,000 up in smoke include a poor innocent life.

Anthony Casias

2 years ago

Cute little pet store. They get new little pals in all the time.

Bradley Yamada

2 years ago

Very friendly and helpful! Puppies were super cute! Wanted to take them all home. Thanks koolau pets..


2 years ago

The puppies they had were cute. Short English bull dog. The little piggys were cute too. The girls working were great n generous.


3 years ago

6/17/2021 Wandered in and saw piggies, puppies, bunnies, Jackson chameleons, crickets, birds, Betta fish (a huge selection), and other tropical fish, plants, and pet supplies. My friend and I were approached by more than one salesperson and asked if we needed help. When we replied that we were just browsing, the staff encouraged us to, "Make sure and ask if you need anything." Pleasant salespeople! It was fun looking the variety of pets and items that they had.

Reyna Austria

3 years ago

This is my go-to place for purchasing spray millet for my birds. They occasionally sell puppies of all varieties of breeds. They once even had skinny pigs !

Avery Nakata

3 years ago

There were five puppies there and they were so cute. Prices are high.

Hayzel Rodriguez

3 years ago

I recently purchased an 8 week old bunny from this place about 9 days ago.I am completely disgusted with them. When I took her home I first noticed her feet were covered in urine and bunny poop she also looked terrified out of her mind and had good eyes and snot coming out of her nose. Her urine was a dark orange/red and she was having mushy stool. I went in to speak with someone about it (because the papers I signed stated I could call or come in and they would try to help)but nobody that was a rabbit specialist was available to help answer my questions so a regular worker told me not to worry too much. My bunny is currently admitted at an animal hospital with an upper respiratory infection and she’s going into GI Stasis (which can be fatal within hours). This poor little bunny is suffering and they had the audacity to sell her. Luckly I am able to and will take care of her as much as I can. Think twice before purchasing any small rodents from this place.

Jahred stunt808

3 years ago

Its an ok pet store. I don't know how they price their animals. Puppies w/o papers are like buying a car without a title. How can you ask $3k for a puppy without papers? Either way it's a fun visit for my daughter and I whenever we go to the mall. She loves looking at all of the pets.

Kalei & Ang

3 years ago

Staff is Amazing also Heiley dies an Awesome Job always with trimming my Rabbits nails and very helpful with my needs for my baby. We were looking for a harness for awhile for our PEKELO our baby rabbit shes Awesome knows her product and met our every need Mahalo Hailey and thank you Koolau Pets for Awesome service

Lauren Yoshida-Hata

3 years ago

Nice dogs, lots of fish and birds ????

Daniel Hamilton-Ross

3 years ago

Wide selection of fish and birds.

Stephanie-Chiyomi Emch

3 years ago

Koolau pets ALWAYS has something new and adorable to checkout especially those Juliana piggies ???? I can't! as big and messy as they can get they are just adorable to have!! They are very very smart as well.... my son loves looking at the chameleons and turtles ????and ????tortoises'.....

Anna Marie Ehia

3 years ago

Has lots of pets for you and some pure bred puppies. All your pets needs are there. Check it out. I love their variety of fish and birds. Got Canary? Yes they sure do.

Kathryn Hurd

3 years ago

I have been shopping here my entire adult life! Many years of friendly, local, service and healthy fish and animals. The only pet shop I purchase animals from. A great business to support.

eddie paulo

3 years ago

Lots of parking, friendly staff, good variety of pets, good inventory of supplies

Ryan Nelson

3 years ago

Lots of animals, decent variety of stuff. Never really need anything there for my pets but the kids insist we go in to see the fish, birds, and dogs or pigs when we are by the mall.


3 years ago

I walked in nobody acknowledged me asked if I needed assistance. There 2-3 workers "helping" a family looking to buy a puppy. Nobody was social distancing they had 2 older English Bulldogs puppies in cages too small for them. Again, nobody asked if I needed help. There were several other customers there too.

Joshua Lamborn

3 years ago

Great and helpful staff! Got our fur baby here. The wellness vet visit was covered by Koolau Pets. Thank you guys!! ????

Rachel Roberts

3 years ago

I always drag my husband into the store when we go to the mall but we never end up buying anything until right around Thanksgiving we went and I instantly fell in love with this sweet little pup and of course he couldn’t say no once he saw her face and she has been the most amazing pup since! They also hook you up with one free exam at the Haiku Vet Clinic and they too are quite awesome and have been so good to our pup. I love the addition she’s become to our little family and I couldn’t be more happy with our experience with Ko’olau Pets!

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