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Rysher Azalea Lazo

2 years ago

I worked here for about 3 weeks. And I was let go for apparently not doing anything. The work environment lacked any communication and had little to no solid training procedures for new hires. It was practically everyone for themselves. I didn't learn how to make an incident report until the end of my first week! That should have been the first few things mentioned. Of course being a new hire I ask a lot of questions. One of the pups threw up and I didn't know how to approach the situation. One of the team leads suggested I use puppy pads. I didn't know where they were so I asked.The team lead was very snark and gave me a bit of attitude. I'm sorry for not immediately knowing where they are. I was working for 3 days and I'm supposed to know it like the back of my hand. The team leads are a joke. They never train the new hires properly. They just stand there on the ipads all day helping occasionally. That's just really unprofessional. As a leader it is their job to make sure everyone is on the same page. Some people are not even there for 3 months and they're already being promoted to team leads. No one who was hired there recently has any leadership position except one person. The leadership structure is flimsy and two weeks later I was let go for "not doing anything and not helping". They never followed their own rules of 3 strikes, they never written any kind of write up about what I did wrong. Instead they just drop the ball like I'm nothing. I hope they figure out a solid way to keep people. None of the people there were there for more than a few months.

Lauren Lawrence

3 years ago

Friendly and caring people. Locally owned and very impressive! I'll definitely be telling my family about this place to train their pups

Susan Hawes

3 years ago

Vince is fantastic! We had an in home training session, and he was on time, professional, friendly, and was like a miracle worker with our 4 year old dog who was having some aggression issues. One session, and we have a brand new boy! We highly recommend his services.

Lucia Khau

3 years ago

Based off of Chloé's happy demeanor after daycare and falling asleep HOURS before her normal bedtime AND sleeping through the whole night, I think it is safe to say that she had a BLAST at Simply Kennels & Training! Chloé was dropped off at 7:30am for daycare/training. They are running a special of $40/day if you enroll in 10 days. Beth and Vinson did a great job working on Chloé's jumping and pulling. I could already see a difference this morning when I walked Chloé. Normally my hands are red from pulling on her as she walks but this morning, she only pulled once or twice and with a firm correction and "sit" command she plopped her butt right down and stopped pulling! I am so glad I decided to take Chloé in, she now has new friends and better manners : )

Jake Huang

4 years ago

Just a terrible experience with this place. We called about boarding our dog for a few days and asked what the requirements were, and what we needed to do. My fiancee talked to a guy and he basically listed out the leptospirosis, bordetella, and Da2PP vaccines as a requirement. She asked if there was anything else, and the person said that the dog also had to be free of fleas, ticks, and heartworm. Pretty standard fair, really. And after taking my dog for a checkup and getting the vaccines and an exam, we felt we were in the clear. So we show up to Simply Kennels and after filling out the paperwork, the lady at the counter asked when we got fleas, ticks, and heartworm preventative. So we told her she got a checkup and got cleared, and when she was tested, everything came back negative. Then she said that it was a requirement and it had to be done. Even after telling her the guy over the phone didn't mention it, and neither did the website, the only thing she said was to suggest going back to the vet. Keep in mind, however, that this was on Sunday, so all the places were closed or was about to close. Other arrangements had to be made for our dog, and I felt like we got screwed because NOWHERE does it say that a flea, tick, and heartworm preventative was a requirement. Disappointing and a waste of time.

Kathleen Lomando

4 years ago

They found something that needed the veterinarian's attention. I am very grateful.

Roozbeh Hassanzadeh

4 years ago

Stay away from this place. The owner Harvey will charge you a full day of day care for a temperament test. Than charge you for a extra night of boarding because as he says he charges daily for boarding not nightly like everyone else. Than he will tell you he doesn’t care. Just Ask to talk to him for a minute before entrusting your dog there. You will run away.

S Velez

4 years ago

Everyone at Simply Kennels & Training are so amazing and nice. We moved to Hawaii and had no place we could stay with our 75lb dog since most hotels only allow small dogs. I called this place out of desperation since the other kennels and daycares I had called wanted to charge me an arm and a leg or had no room. But when I called here, Hannah was so empathetic and understanding and she assured me my fur-baby would have a place to stay until we could find a permanent home for the family. Not only did they do that but they took excellent care of him. In the beginning, when we would come to visit him, we would mix up their closing times but they would still let us take our baby out for a little bit. Those visits meant the world to us and to our rescue shelter fur-baby. I just can't say enough good things about this place and the wonderful people who run it. You will not regret taking your furry family members here to stay and/or for training.!

Bethany J

4 years ago

Reputable, responsible, and reliable dog boarding/training facility! The owners have such passion for dogs and it shows in every aspect of their training, boarding, and daycare services. Wouldn't hesitate one moment in bringing my fur baby here. Awesome facility and staff!! Oh, and in my opinion, the CLEANEST facility on the island, hands down!

B D (Thanos808)

4 years ago

We take our dog Falcor here all the time when we go on a trip. They moved recently and looks like there is a lot more room to play. He is always coming back happy and little lighter from all the activity he does while boarded. Falcor is actually there right now while we are on a trip and im not worried at all about him. Highly recommend using them for boarding. We may look at the daycare as well soon

beatriz Valencia

5 years ago

Over a month ago, we moved to Maui and wanted my dog Simba who had had behavioral issues to get training. We hired a trainer here and long story short, she gave me two options. She said to muzzle him 24/7 and never let him be exposed to people or put him down. I have had this dog for 8 years and i was in complete distress. Before making that huge decision I wanted to know I did everything for Simba. I found Simply kennels online and called and let them know the situation, they said they would work with him. They took Simba for 3 instead of the normal 2 weeks to ensure that the issues were resolved before he came home. Simba was fearful and sometimes showed aggression to dogs and people and separation anxiety. Vince gave me updates every week letting me know the progress. They worked on exposing him to 5 strangers everyday, learning to be around other dogs, and basically letting him get used to the fact that bad behaviors won't be tolerated. During our first session, Simba just seemed different. Although it took about 20 minutes for him to be able to greet us because he became overly excited and Vince wouldn't let him come over until he was calm( which was awesome to see), Simba seemed way less anxious already. Vince taught us to correct unwanted behaviors immediately and not to let up until Simba followed through. He taught us how to read him and to better understand what he was communicating with us. He taught us that with persistence in training and a lot of patience, we will continue to see progress. People came into the office and Simba just stared at them, calmly laying in his bed (which never happened before, EVER) We did 4 sessions with them and each session, my confidence was built. I felt like I had a better grasp on what Simba needed from me and how to show him what I needed from him. Throughout training, we practiced him meeting new people and new dogs, exposure to little things he was scared of like a basketball and a skateboard, and just general ways to basically show him who's boss. He was able to walk with my boyfriend without searching for me like he always used to. His progress just made me so happy. I waited a bit before writing this review to ensure that this actually worked, because what I saw in training just HAD to be a fluke. The day after we got home, we had guests staying with us. After 20 minutes, Simba was nosing them and wanting to be pet. I took him to the beach and he met 3 big dogs. Our new activity is skateboarding and he follows behind with confidence and no fear. The other day a man charged at us begging to pet him, and after I corrected the man of what I needed from him, Simba took a treat and let him pet him. I feel like me and this dog are so much more in tune now. Although everything has been great, we were to expect some setbacks which we had. I contacted Vince and he gave me reassurance and tips. The training doesn't stop when you leave the office. He is there whenever you need him. I am not kidding, I have always thought there was absolutely NO hope for Simba and that we would always just have to leave him inside and him never get to meet any new people or introduce him to new places. If you feel hopeless, try simply kennels. I honestly can't say enough good things about this place. If I could give it a 10 and an award, I would. The fact that they even took a chance on Simba just speaks volumes. I will forever be grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

cece bloom

5 years ago

The workers are very professional and friendly. The kennels are the cleanest I've ever seen and each dogs every move and whereabouts is constantly under surveillance ....added bonus each day staying at the day care gets free basic obedience training.

Kei U

5 years ago

Kind staff worked well with my cranky senior dog while boarding in their kennel. Knew how to reassure anxious helicopter dog owner (me) too!

lance & virginia bull

5 years ago

Simply Kennels would get 6 stars if it were an option! The facility is cleaner than most restaurants in Honolulu! The staff is extremely knowledgeable, and makes you feel like they genuinely appreciate your pet being there. We have used Simply Kennels for Training, Boarding, and Day Care, and have had a great experience with each. We know they are doing something right, as each time we pull up, our dog can't wait to go in! You can absolutely trust your dog to be in great hands here!

TheaLynn K

6 years ago

Harvey and Vince are the dog whisperers of Hawaii. Excellent for training and or boarding. If your dog has any specific training issues they will help you and you dog. If there were 6 stars I would give them six. Rates are rrasonable.

Elliot Lau

7 years ago

Great place to leave your dogs.

Steve Morikami

7 years ago

The owner & son are awesome.

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