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Heather Diaz

2 years ago

By far the best experience ever. Military moves are always stressful, but using Island Pet Movers took that stress away for our four legged family member. He was loved and cared for the entire way from Hawaii to the east coast. He had no issues settling in at the new home and we could not be more thankful for the services they provided. When we picked up Owen he was so happy, healthy, and clean. Thank you Island Pet Movers you took so much weight and stress off our family knowing Owen was loved and got everything he needed and more.

Maria Rubio

2 years ago

My husband and I used Island Pet Movers to move our three fur babies from Oahu, HI to Aberdeen, MD. The entire experience from the beginning to end was fantastic. This eased a lot of the stress of moving off island to the lower 48. We were updated throughout the entire move. We received pictures and updates when our two dogs and one cat were ready to take off and we also received updates throughout the stops and all. Overall, island pet movers did an outstanding job with flying our babies from off the island to Maryland where they’re settling in perfect. Upon picking them up, they were excited and not stressed which was amazing to see because we previously had a rough time when flying with just a regular airline. If you’re thinking to go with this facility, do go ahead and commit to them and they will take care of your fur babies!

Rexxx Badorrek

2 years ago

Above and beyond! We couldn't have begun to get the information and help on our own. Nearly seamless operation got our two dogs to the island. Thank you Island Pet Movers Team for everything, you kept our family together!


2 years ago

I used the Hawaii Pet Mover service to move my two cats from Hawaii to Texas. (My parents could not take care of them anymore and I was already living in Texas.) Compared to some other services I requested quotes from, this one was the most affordable and transparent with the prices. I didn't want to deal with any fuss so I just opted for all of the extra services (rabies vaccine, vet appt., calming collar, cages) and it was still within my expected budget. Throughout the process they sent me updates and a video when my cats were getting onboard. Thank you to Cindy for all your help! I was really able to have peace of mind throughout everything because of you. :)

Duane Tom

2 years ago

My wife & I NEVER leave reviews, but we felt like we had to after the amazing experience we had with IPM. IPM transported our two boys (An English Bulldog & A Shih-Tzu) from LA to HNL, & it was the easiest process ever! You literally just have to sign some papers, pay your fees, & tell them where to drop off your dog - and they’ll handle the rest. Worth every penny! Thank you to Alyssa & the rest of the IPM team for bringing our boys home safely, I know they’re a handful! ????

Dan Rhodes

2 years ago

Awesome company, shout out to Charlie for helping me out today.


2 years ago

Island Pet Movers are amazing! They helped us through the whole process (paperwork, crates, drop off, and delivery). Our dogs were shipped from DFW airport to Honolulu airport. We cannot thank IPM enough for making this a smooth process. Highly recommended!

Matthew Napolitano

2 years ago

IPM helped me relocate my dog from Portland to Guam while I was in Guam and my dog was back on the mainland. They were very friendly, professional, and prompt with information once it was available. My dog arrived last night and he is doing so well after his first time traveling by air. Very happy with my experience with IPM.

Melody Marenda

2 years ago

Kristi is very unprofessional and was rude to me during our service with them. We needed someone to pick up our dog and cat from the airport and hold them for several hours until our plane landed. She tried to make me feel like a bad owner because I asked questions about the hours of the customs facility and wanted clarification on the cost of her company’s services. We were moving from Italy back to the States and an international move with pets is stressful enough without feeling like you are being judged by someone who claims to want to help. She told me that I should have scheduled my pets flight differently(they arrived about 12 hours before us) or just use another service only hours before they were set to arrive in GA. We had already paid some of the fees, the pets were in transit, and time was running short so another broker wasn’t an option. After we arrived she sent another message telling me the boarder was going to close soon and they had been trying to get in touch with me to no avail. I had asked hours before we left Italy what the boarder’s business hours were and received no answer. We didn’t even have phone service when we landed so there was no way to contact us and we explained this to Kristi before the pets were shipped. Our pets were picked up on time and they were healthy but I would never recommend IPM or use there service again. The boarder they used didn’t even ask for any documents to prove the pets were mine!

Susan Yeh

2 years ago

Such a great company who really cares about our pets! I was so stressed about having my babies shipped from the mainland to Hawaii, but IPM makes such a great outline and schedule to keep you on track. Mahalo for all your help and support!!!

Ericka “Ericka” Lopez

2 years ago

Great experience so far, just waiting on my doggos to arrive to leave full review.

Mike Benny

2 years ago

I am not sure why there is negative reviews for IPM. If I could give ten stars, I would. IPM was incredible from the moment I contacted them. They answered all my questions and concerns. I have really bad anxiety and they made this move extremely easy for me and my dog. I am happy to say that my dog has arrived safely in Dallas. If you are reading this, my review is sincere. 100% use this company to not only make your life easier, but also your fur baby.

Thanh Chau

2 years ago

It was an amazing experience. Latte has a bit of separation anxiety and I found out I do too. But island pet movers walked us through every step and he is happy!

Arcadia Parson

2 years ago

Island Pet Movers helped us get our third dog to Guam. We were crushed having to leave him behind last year, and despite the high cost, it was worth every penny to have him home. IPM handled all of the extensive paperwork and headache of getting him to Hawaii and then checked in and sent to us here. He was well cared for and they were very responsive through their app any time I had questions. They were very knowledgeable and didn't bat an eye at complications that arose from him being shipped by the friends who were taking care of him for us. I can't imagine having handled this process without the amazing people at IPM. A couple of things to keep in mind. You may have to wait a while after putting in a quote to hear back because they ARE very busy and don't take calls. BUT, once you've signed your contract and gotten the app communication set up, they are super responsive. You can handle all your paperwork right in the app and even do a call through it. It is a very well done app. If you need assistance before that, they are pretty responsive on their Facebook page. Another thing is that from the time your pet leaves wherever they are shipped from until they are checked in to their final flight by IPM, no news is good news. You won't get updates. My dog was in Hawaii for 4 days. That was hard, but as soon as they checked him in I got an update on how he was behaving and even a couple of pictures. I couldn't have asked for nicer people to help me get my baby home. I know it is expensive, but they make sure you get the service level you are paying for for sure!

anthony scirrotto

2 years ago

Don’t usually do reviews but they got my little guy where he needed to be when I was leaving Hawaii. Process is simple and smooth if you follow directions. Communication was great as well, the app made it easy to be in contact with the whole team. They even worked with me to reschedule my dog’s flight a week before he was supposed to fly. So in all great experience during a stressful PCS.

Erica Helsel

2 years ago

Ok first let me say, I have two dogs. One with a medical issue (Addison’s) and one whose just spoiled and bougie! One a ESA and one a service animal. We weren’t aware of the rules and we’re completely confused when we read them. It’s too much to deal with moving across county, moving dogs, etc. We’ve moved them before with military orders, but never to the islands and always as part of the family flight. This stressed me out to the core. I ask a lot of questions… I mean a lot, they answered despite some issues within being short staffed, despite the owner being in the hospital, despite my neurotic stress scared sessions. Dave flew with my fur babies from Denver to Seattle to Honolulu. Loved on them and cared for them. Alyssa got them for the night, walked them, feed them, loved on them and put them on the flight to Kona. There was some miscommunication but more because my anxiety levels were through the roof. Not from their lack of trying. I am grateful my babies are here and while it cost more than I would have liked to pay (who wouldn’t) it was worth every penny for them to be home, safe and happy! Thank you IPM!

Kyle Eygnor

2 years ago

Let me tell you, these people are experts at what they do. My dog had to go from honolulu to Japan (HNL to Haneda Airport, then to Nagasaki Airport). From start to finish they addressed my concerns and handled the process to import leia into Japan. Doing it on my own would have been an administrative nightmare, and would have required me to travel to Haneda to clear her through customs. Thanks to Island Pet Movers, all i had to do was send my info, pay the invoice, and drive to NAG to pick her up. Was it costly? Yes. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY

Jason Davis

2 years ago

I am very happy that I used Island Pet Movers to facilitate the move of my puppy Kara from Hawaii to North Carolina. IPM was extremely professional and personable throughout the entire process. They were quick to answer any questions and ease any concerns that I had while preparing for her transit. The IPM team was dedicated to ensuring that all paperwork was correct and no issues would pop up on the day of her arrival. The multi faceted approach of chat applications and over the phone information sessions made sure that Kara arrived to NC safely. I highly recommend using this service for a stress free and safe move of your pet.

Chris Robosky

2 years ago

Absolutely incredible! Clear and concise communication from start to finish. Our fur baby was going from Detroit to Honolulu. He had a layover in Seattle and the staff took care of keeping him until his next flight, including walking and food/water. Once he landed in Hawaii, Island Pet Movers picked him up from the quarantine site and delivered him to our hotel (temporary lodging) without issue. We elected to get the calming collar and it was worth it. He was not as stressed when we got him back compared to other traveling he's done. Cannot speak highly enough about these guys!

Leen Campbell

2 years ago

*if you want the details read below, if not just don’t hire island pet movers.* If you’d like to add an extra layer of stress to a move then please feel free to hire this woman. Let’s talk facts. 1. If you buy a crate they offer - pay in full and it’s supposed to take 7-10 days to ship so they want you to pay in full as to ensure the crate gets to destination. I paid in full the first week of may. So assuming by their logic I should’ve had the crate by the end of may. They refuse to answer. They claimed they shipped. I had harass them for my crate. Eventually crate was received literally the day before she flew in JULY. 2. Heat embargos. Which is fine I get it. Airlines won’t fly dogs in heat. But when you have a friend who is using the same and has been contacted by this lady about the heat embargos one would assume they would inform you of that as well. They did not. So we contacted them. Poor communication. 3. Communication. Hideous. Awful. It’s like talking to a brick wall and watching grass grow simultaneously. Their app is so flawed. There is no phone. The only way to get in touch with them is to schedule a meeting that they have to approve but they will deny every one. Sometimes they’ll go weeks without talking to you. Karen the owner is real disrespectful and has poor grammar so most of the time is like you’re reading a different language that doesn’t exist. When she did answer she didn’t even know which client she was talking to and had no idea what was going on most of the time. It would’ve been faster if I strapped my dog to my back and swam across the pacific to Hawaii to get them to answer. 4. My dog did make it to Hawaii. Karen told me she’d be staying at MWR after her quarantine. I wrongly that when I paid her she would be assuming the responsibility of reserving a space for my dog there. Two days after her 5 day or less quarantine while she was still at the quarantine station Karen informed me that MWR was at capacity while we were under the assumption she had made a reservation there two months prior Then proceeded to tell us to call around other boarding facilities. MAGICALLY after stating we were not paying than our agreed upon 45$ a night fee MWR MAGICALLY had an opening. (MWR STAFF WAS AMAZING BTW) In conclusion, I would have rather taken out a loan, buy boat, get my captains license, sail my dog across the Pacific Ocean with the threat of captain jack sparrow himself taking me hostage in the middle of a cat 5 hurricane knowing impending death is waiting for me than ever deal with Karen again.

Maxine Millard

2 years ago

Jade, Rebeca, and Lenny did a great job with our pets and both arrived in great shape. These mover reduced a lot of stress and our pets are healthy and happy. I highly recommend this pet mover service. Will use the this service in the future. Thank you for taking extra time and care of our 2 dogs. Sincerely, Maxine Millard

Taylor Rome

2 years ago

Everything about Island Pet Movers is fantastic. They were always timely in their response to me and so eager and happy to answer any questions I had. They made moving our dog from Texas to Hawaii in the middle of summer an absolute breeze! There was never any confusion in what to expect and they made sure all the paperwork was done correctly and on time so our precious Duke didn’t have to quarantine. I have to give a major shout out to Laura and Kari. It was originally planned that our sweet boy would be landing after business hours and need to stay overnight at the quarantine facility. It took me a minute but I accepted this and was still grateful for all the work IPM did to get him here safely. At the very last minute, Dukes flight arrived early and all the stars aligned perfectly. I received a message from Kari stating that Duke could be picked up that night! Laura worked hard and stayed late to pick up our sweet boy from the airport and we were able to hold him in our arms a whole day early. The employees at IPM are truly angels from above and I can’t wait until we move off island so I can work with them again!

Paige Krumwiede

2 years ago

Henry, my large golden retriever, gives Island Pet Movers (IPM) a 5-paw review! He was shipped from Virginia Beach, VA to Honolulu in late July out of JFK and LAX to Hawaii. It takes some time for Island Pet Movers to get a quote out, but do your best to be patient. Also keep in mind that the actual invoice may be a bit more expensive than the original quote, especially if your pet will be driven to a airport like JFK. It was pricey to ship Henry in a PP90 (he is 72Ibs), but the stress-free aspect of it was so worth every penny! Especially since I was moving as a single service member with my boyfriend on deployment. Also, the app is annoying in that phone calls are near impossible and discouraged, but it was nice to have everything documented to review. For the actual shipping, the drivers (specifically Ian) are so kind! Henry had a few hours to kill before his flight out of JFK on Alaska Airlines, so the driver took him on an adventure around NYC and sent me plenty of adorable pictures and updates. Henry was boarded at a kennel in LAX that IPM arranged, and then spent a night at the animal quarantine station under the 5 days or less program until my flight arrived. IPM was very flexible with delivering Henry in the afternoon so that I could check into my command in Pearl Harbor that AM. Make sure whatever leash/toys/ect you attach to the crate are expendable, because Henry's leash was lost somewhere in the pet shipping process. Overall, a huge thank you to Island Pet Movers for being a life saver and shipping Henry to Hawaii amongst the chaos of summer heat embargoes and COVID!

Satarah Runyan

2 years ago

Honestly can't say enough nice things about Island Pet Movers. We moved to island with them and moved off island with them. Their new app makes communication and sharing paperwork easier than ever. They make the already insane task of moving easier and by taking the stress of moving your pet away and handling all the difficult parts for you. Can't recommend them enough to anyone I know who is moving with pets.

Brittany Ward

2 years ago

I had travel in two weeks when I contacted Island Pet Movers. I was traveling from Honolulu to San Francisco. They got back to me quickly with a quote. I did all of the paperwork and read through everything thoroughly before putting in my deposit for their services. All of my concerns and questions were addressed. They had great communication throughout the process. I made sure to submit everything as soon as I could to avoid any delays or holdups. I chose to have them supply the crate, health certificate, and calming collar for my cat. The day of the flight, they picked him up early morning. They did his health certificate before his flight and got him to the airport in time. He arrived in SF on time through the Hawaiian Cargo flight they booked. Of course, he was stressed, but that was to be expected and it isn't anyone's fault. I have another pet to move in the future. I highly recommend this company for your pet moving needs and they forever have my business.

Anna Swartz

2 years ago

Review of Island Pet Movers: Aloha everyone, I wanted to update the group with my good experience of using Island Pet Movers to ship 4 dogs and 3 birds from Honolulu to LAX last week. We were very happy with our experience and also felt that their prices were fair given how many animals we need to move ($3200 for 7 animals). IPM arranged all travel and they flew on an Aloha Air Cargo flight. All 7 animals arrived safely and pickup from the airport was simple although it was 2am. Pickup from our house was also fast and efficient and the driver was incredibly helpful getting them situated. IPM provided 3 crates and we had purchased 3 metal crates on our own. 2 birds were allowed to fly together due to being a mated pair, which was important to me and not allowed on commercial airlines. My only small complaint was that I had to be pretty aggressive messaging them in the beginning due to an overload of requests for travel on their side, but once they realized we 100% planned to use them, and they were not just a backup plan, they were incredibly responsive. Many people contact them asking for a quote and then never respond or book with them, which makes it harder for those that know they NEED to use a pet shipping company. We had 0 problems with them after paying the 50% deposit up front. Three of my dogs were snub-nosed and had no issues on the flight at all, we just needed to sign a waiver. Overall, very happy with our experience and wanted to share a successful story of PCS'ing with 7 animals and 2 humans lol.

Johna Hankins

2 years ago

I was wary of using IPM because when we moved from Japan to Hawaii during the United Airlines Pet Embargo fiasco, not only did they either ignore, or not get my emails, once I did get a hold of someone on the phone they told me they couldn’t help. Whatever, we ended up getting our dog to Hawaii on our own. It was a struggle though. Then I got to Hawaii and adopted a “banned breed” dog. Knowing I’d have to eventually leave island with him. I again attempted to contact IPM WAY AHEAD of time to get things in order to ship my dogs off island. No response. Again, closer to time of move. I contacted IPM. No response. Feeling frustrated and not ready to try and ship my now TWO dogs, one a “banned breed” off island “alone,” I attempted a third and final time to contact IPM, citing in my email I was ready to pay basically. Almost immediately I got a response. This is a pay to play system. They basically don’t give you any “real” info until after you’ve paid a $250 NON REFUNDABLE deposit via their “request a quote” link. But once you start handing money over they’ll take care of you. I paid my invoice in segments which helped with my being able to afford the cost IMMENSELY. So take my review with whatever grain of salt you like. Would I use IPM again? Sure if I had another $3k to throw away. There are cheaper, more involved albeit; more affordable options. However if you just want to pay to have everything done for you, this is the way to go. 07/20/2021 I’m editing this review to respond to part of the response from IPM posted below. OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE TO PAY YOUR EMPLOYEES. OBVIOUSLY YOU HAVE TO CHARGE. No one is asking you or your company to work for free you dingbats. What a weird, passive aggressive comment. Be direct. People want transparency. Put on your website that you’re a consulting company, NOT a shipping company then. Put it on your website that you don’t get paid until a contract is signed and paid for. (Isn’t that usually how businesses work though?? Again. Weird thing to bring up.) People aren’t mad they have to pay for your services. They’re mad about the inconsistencies in communication and information. They’re mad they don’t know that they have to pay you to even get a response. People come to your website thinking they’ve found help. Then often get none and feel like they’ve been ignored. Make it clear to people that they won’t be able to get any response from you until they’ve paid the deposit. Is your service convenient and worth it? I think so. That’s why I paid for it. Do I think you all could handle things better?? Yup.

Jarietta Ross

2 years ago

I have used this company twice and each time they were amazing. Excellent communication and service. They really seem to care about your pets and their safety. If you want a hassle free way to ship your pets to or from the islands, use IPM.

Andrea Samayoa

2 years ago

Absolutely worth the money. All the way from beginning estimate up to home delivery was full communication with little delay in response, sometimes within minutes. The app they have also made the communication super smooth and clear with every single step of the way. I highly recommend this service for anyone trying to send their pets, especially fragile/small pets. We shipped our 4 dwarf bunnies which are a “only cabin” flight since they so frail. They are no longer allowed to ride in cabin, but Island Pet Movers was able to arrange a flight in a cargo only plane in order to ensure a save voyage. They had a smooth flight and drove home with their delivery service. I am beyond grateful for their service to bring my little bunnies home safe. Again, I recommend this service 100%.

Emily D.

2 years ago

IPM was a life saver during our PCS to Hawaii. We have a 50 lb dog and were moving during the summer (airlines, understandably, restrict flying pets in cargo when it’s too hot or cold) and IPM coordinated her move via Pacific Air Cargo, where she would be in the cabin of a plane. Also, all of the tedious paperwork was a breeze with their guidance and facilitation. I am so glad we chose to work with IPM and can’t imagine going through the process without them. A move to Hawaii is stressful enough, IPM eases the burden. We will definitely use IPM again when we move back to the mainland in a few years.

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