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joel leahy

2 years ago

Profiting off of peoples compassion for stray dogs. Im just trying to get fle meds that actually work on stray dogs in Hawaii. These folks sold me the first dose without a prescription. Now they are demanding I wrangle up the dogs, drive them to Hilo and pay a massive tribute just to get a second dose! Check your ego, grow a heart Aloha Vets. Theyre fle meds not opiates! Try growing a heart instead of your bank account.

Mackey Bishop

2 years ago

Great vet. Used for years. Multiple docs but they all on point. Great new location. I trust and believe you guys with the life of all my pups. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Connor Newton

2 years ago

we had a great experience taking our cat toby in here, the vet and staff worked with us with consideration and professionalism, price was right and care was right, will definitely recommend this vet to anyone in need of help for their furry friend

Michelle Souza

2 years ago

Horrible Horrible Horrible please do not go to these vets they have no clue what they are doing and don't care for your animal they care for the money. My puppy was very very sick.we took him in NO BLOOD TESTS when they had me pay for it and the blood test would reveal what was wrong wit him. They would NOT treat him unless they got the payments first. He stayed over night for 3 days we got check ups and the person didn't even know they were supposed to feed him milk because he was un responsive to eating they also lied about 24/hour care. My pup only was vomiting when he came in. They gave him back saying he was perfectly fine take him home and feed him. I looked at him and he was choking and puking up mucus. I went back asked if they could check him because he didn't seem fine. They said again he was fine. Didn't listen to his lungs didn't examine him nothing just HES FINE. He got worse so I rushed him to another vet. She then said he was HORRIBLE she ran blood work and listened to him and gave him an xray. She said He has pneumonia his lung is filled with fluids he's anemic and he will probably not survive at all. THANKS ALOHA FOR GIVING ME MY BABY BACK IN A EVEN WORSER CONDITION AND NOT LISTENING TO ME WHEN I SAY HES NOT WELL. Thank goodness my pup survived with the antibiotics the another vet gave me and the intense care of barely sleeping and feeding him every hour or2. NEVER going back to aloha.

Astridd Sunderland

2 years ago

The doctors and surgeons do a great job - the problem is the reception staff. I ended up switching service to Pahoa Vet after terrible service two months in a row. I reccomend you do, too. The staff seems rushed, insincere and overworked. My dog requires timely heart medication to keep him alive and both times I tried to get my prescriptions refilled they were entirely unreliable. The first time, it took over a week of calling them every day to get the prescription request approved and sent to the pharmacy for pickup. Each time they would swear they sent it but when I checked with the pharmacy they would say there was 0 contact. The second time I tried to get the prescriptions filled, I asked for a two month dosage because they were unreliable the first time and I was worried I could run out before they could get it filled. They promised me that the request was approved by my doctor to get two months and they would send in the two month dosage request to the pharmacy. It took TWO WEEKS for them to actually send the request for a prescription refill, with me calling every couple days. When I picked it up at the pharmacy, it was a one month dose. I was furious. My dog had a bad syncope because they were too lazy to send in my prescriptions on time.

Chelsea Cox

2 years ago

We recently had an emergency with a cat we are taking care of. I called about 5 veterinarian clinics which two of them were referrals because the cat needed overnight care and all turned us away because they either weren't taking new patients or understaffed. After all that, I called Aloha Veterinary Center and I am so thankful I did!! They were willing to take the cat in and get her all fixed up! A SPECIAL thank you to Rochelle who took the time to do what she could to get that cat seen that day! If it wasn't for her I don't think Lucky the cat would still be here today!

Laura Price

2 years ago

They've been good to me and my dogs. Not the same without Dr. R there but still good

lisa jones

2 years ago

Best vet out there and she is very good

Donna Takara

2 years ago

Love Aloha Vet! They always take good care of my Zorro!

Haile Pennington

2 years ago

Saved my dog's life! ❤ Love them!!

Melody Paiva

2 years ago

Friendly staff. Love it there!

Manu Josiah

2 years ago

Great clinic. I think they're still adjusting to the loss of Dr. Rodriguez (sp?).

Laura Mendoza

2 years ago

Our pitbull ,"Cookie" was at the end of her sweet life ...we took her there and because Cookie was so weak and couldn't walk their staff came out to the car and gently helped Cookie pass on. They are very compassionate !!! Highly recommend this vet !!!

Alex Sakaguchi

2 years ago

This place used to be good. Now, it's only about the money. My dog was/is sick. We noticed that he started to lose weight and wasn't eating. So, we called Aloha Vet to make an appointment to be seen. Unfortunately, no appointments were available for another 3.5 weeks. No emergency walk ins, no after hours. No options but to wait 3.5 weeks. We tried to wait. Over the next 3 weeks, my dog lost more than 25 lbs and had stopped eating. We called every week to see if anything sooner was available. Nothing. We called EVERY vet on the Eastside of the big island, but none were available to see our dog. FINALLY, we found a vet willing to see him on emergency status in Waimea, 2 days before our scheduled appointment at Aloha Vet. But he wouldn't have made it another 2 days. So, I drove more than 2 hours to get to Aina Hou in Waimea, then waited almost 7 hours for the doctor to see him, run tests, and finally diagnose him. Unfortunately, we learned he has cancer of the spleen and that it's terminal. With no options but to make him comfortable, the doctor prescribed a steroid shot we could give him once a day. He gave us 5 days worth. All in all, that emergency visit plus medication cost us about $1000. The vet graciously said that if our dog responded well to the steroid shots they would forward the prescription to Aloha Vet so that we could avoid the 4-hour roundtrip to Waimea for additional doses. Well, since administering the shots, my dog has started eating, has much more energy, and has gained back a few pounds. While we know this is not a cure, we've gotten at least some time back from where he was. Naturally, we asked Aina Hou to forward the prescription to Aloha Vet, which they did. But now, Aloha Vet won't honor the prescription! And they refuse to honor it until their doctors have a chance to see my dog because they don't trust what the Aina Hou vet is saying. Guess when their next available appointment is? Not until October, now more than 4 weeks away. My dog will be dead by then. I will never bring another animal here or spend another dime at Aloha Vet. Terrible.

Patricia Hoyt

2 years ago

This place is fantastic. They true care about your fur babies.

Jason Aston

2 years ago

Good vets, but WAY WAY too expensive.

Andrew Boehl

2 years ago

Best all around staff by far! Would recommend Aloha Vet to anyone. Dr. Ansari, is in our opinion the best Dr. we’ve ever had. She went above and beyond everyday for us. We can’t thank her enough!

Hope Yamada

2 years ago

Lovely staff, really nice new office!

Ralph Rose (Raf)

2 years ago

The doctors and staff offered a covid safe environment for my cats and me. My cats were seen at the scheduled time and every person who interacted with them described every step to come. I'm very pleased with the services provided.

Jennifer Epperson

3 years ago

Took excellent care of my baby.

Rae Torres

3 years ago

We get the best care for our Ziggy there. So sorry for the loss of Dr. Rodriguez, he was the best, but the whole staff is wonderful, too. Everyone remembers Ziggy and comes to say hi to him. He is not afraid of going there and that tells me lots.

danielle pacific

3 years ago

Very good to animals...Absolutely poor customer service to humans. Daily emergencies force regular scheduled patients to wait upwards of 45 mins....dont make any plans and be ready to sit in your car.... Management doesn't care to change it, I switched practices.

John Abundo

3 years ago

Great vet but prepare to wait with dogs cuz always busy. Also recommended don’t wait till dog is sick or injured because you will get better service if they see your dogs yearly and are up to date with health and shots. If you come in for an emergency expect being hers 4- 8 hours. If they offer tests nothing is free but ask about cost to make sure you can afford it or know that test are necessary.If you need a price Zone it is way cheaper than honolulu but if is major illness or injury can add up.

Kekoa Cambra

3 years ago

Compassionate, attentive and informative. Our cat had an emergency, and we couldn't contact our regular vet. After calling Maikaʻi Veterinary Clinic and being told they won't see her because she's not an established patient despite it being a life threatening emergency, we called Aloha Veterinary Center and the doctor went out of his way to come in outside of business hours to provide urgent triage for her. If you are looking for a vet clinic that treats your pet like the family member they are, check this place out.

kim sanders

3 years ago

Love this place. they're very popular. They do emergency walk-ins. Unlike all the other vets I've come across did not on the island.

Intensive MCAT

3 years ago

Appreciate AV staff & physicians for taking care of fur babies during COVID pandemic. Safety precautions in place for patrons, patients(pets) & staff! Clinic accommodating our pet emergency prior to closing was a blessing. Mahalo mahalo Dr. Rodrigues & entire team.

Broom Jerry

3 years ago

Wait times are very long. Don't expect to be seen for at least 30-45 minutes after checking in. Used to be much better but it seems they are overbooked lately.

Missagh Rajaei

3 years ago

Great customer service, dog is happy!

James Clemitus

3 years ago

They saved my dog's life he had Parvo.


3 years ago

They walked out to my car with my pet's meds. Fast & easy!

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