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Rachel Czar

2 years ago

Wow. I just had the WORST conversation with someone at this clinic, who didn't identify himself or the company. I asked, "Is this All Pets Mobile Vet Clinic?" And he said yes. He was rude- cut me off several times- and he was cruel.

Veronica Watters

2 years ago

Very rude and not caring at all!!!!!

Buffy Aquaponic

2 years ago

We have been going to Skip for years. He is the best Vet on the Big Island.

Ted Kaplan

2 years ago

Very helpful and willing to take an appointment on very short notice.

Kaitlyn Ashida (Katie)

2 years ago

I called because my dog has been sick for 5 days and my primary vet is booked up for the next couple of months and the person who answered the phone said “who’s your vet?” And I told them. And he said “well it doesn’t speak highly that your vet won’t see you”. I explained that they’re booked up and he said “if you were our client, then we would see you, so that doesn’t speak highly of you or your vet. You need to call your own vet. gotta go, I have a client”, and hung up on me. Extremely poor service, and very unprofessional. I wouldn’t ever trust them with my dog.

Casey Kinney

2 years ago

I just love this vet, down to earth, loves your pet atd easy to get in. Thank goodness for him! The others vets I called didn't have openings for months. Glad they didn't cause we loved Dr. Skip!

Steve Canfield

3 years ago

Dr. Pease has taken care of family dog . and have been fairly happy with him tell now. he issued a prescription for dog. with restrictions on for corona we wanted to have mail in. he refused, we can only get prescription from him. we are not happy with this.

Sage Lutman

3 years ago

Called and asked if he could see my dog. He asked if my dog was a new patient and then proclaimed “the answer is NO” then hung up immediately. Actually made me laugh because that sort of response from any business of any kind is so uncommon, it was pretty funny.

Kyrha Fukunaga

3 years ago

horrible customer service! hung right up on me while i was talking! just plain rude.


3 years ago

Something happened to my cat where his complete back of his body was like it was paralyzed n we only noticed this when we got home later in the evening from work. My partner called n called n left message after message for an emergency vet visit n when someone finally did answer they said it was gonna be 30$$ jus for the vet to get back to us. We waited all night called n called again n again n nothing. Today our baby Rascal passed. If I would of been able to get him help he would still maybe be alive. Thanks for returning our call!!!!

Hana Mauldin

3 years ago

He has been very informative and helpful with both my dogs. Takes his time to help my dogs get comfortable before his examination and is willing to answer all my questions.

evelyn higgins

3 years ago

Rudest service ever Would not recommend He does not care about your pet he only cares about the money

Corinne Wells

3 years ago

Dr. Pease is an excellent vet! He is endlessly patient and non-judgemental, and his facility is designed for him to see one animal at a time-- ideal for pets who are less than thrilled to be at the vet. He takes his time, works thoroughly, and is very no nonsense with his clientele. The best vet we've worked with! Thanks Dr. Pease!

Buck Wheat

3 years ago

I went to have 1 or 2 teeth removed, not me, my dog. Came back, TO MY surprise, 7 teeth extracted and two more in the near future, very near. Skip explained very clearly, Skip is the Veterinarian. We as pet ???? owner need to know. Talk to your DOG DR. SINCE YOUR DOG CAN'T TALK TO YOU, Maybe THEY are we just don't listen.

Alea Kuahiwinui-santiago

4 years ago

Very Rude. I politely asked to make an appointment and before I could finish the man answering the phone aggressively said No and hung up.

Blubrry Princess (Blubrryprincess)

4 years ago

Someone didn't want to take are order. But food is good

Mich Vi

4 years ago

Just because you like your dog doesn't mean you should be a vet. Stereotypical smarter-than-you vet left me disappointed. Came in with a question, left with a bogus solution. Even makes faces at the ringing phone! You need to trim your dogs nails, btw.

pius rimiyog

4 years ago

That I can't answer, cause i don't have any pet!

Vicky Cabrera

4 years ago

Very informative.....but very pricey for test for my cat's upper respiratory problem...he said it could be in the thousands before a proper diagnosis could be done....ugh..


5 years ago

This guy is awesome, very knowledgeable and helpful, obviously has huge love for animals. Some people on here say he's rude, but I disagree, he gets to the point for the health of your dog. It's unfortunate people leave 1 star reviews when actually the person leaving the review deserves the 1 star.

Brittany Anderson

5 years ago

Only treats dogs and cats, which is not “all pets” as advertised in their name.

Sidra Khan

5 years ago

Very rude very unhelpful, don't waste your time. I drove 1 hour to get to his clinic and couldn't find it where Google maps said he was so called him to ask exactly what place it is he says "I can't do the neutering today anymore but I can give you an appointment for next Tuesday which should be enough time to find my clinic!" I told him I drove one hour to bring my cat to him and he kept repeating himself. That 2 hours gone to waste just cos I decided to take my cat to him. Never ever again!!!


6 years ago

Opened a kennel facility and looking for a vet. Left a message on machine and repeated my number 2x . . Won't return my call after 3 days.

Angel Farms (Angel Farms Cleanse)

6 years ago

Dr.Pease gave my boxer lab cross puppy a shot for ear mites that killed him. Enough said.


6 years ago

I want to give this place no stars for the poor customer service. I called for a quick question and the Vet who answered was extremely rude and hung up on me. No Aloha

Dodo Himeko

6 years ago

No comment. My son may have a few words. But generally vet care is so hard to get; many are not taking new patients. A ER Vet hospital that won't take new patients(????).


6 years ago

I've taken my dogs to every single veterinarian in Hilo and I can state that Dr. Pease is without a doubt the doctor you should see for pet care. He is honest to the point of bluntness and sometimes eschews some of the more common and insincere courtesies of other locations. He is without a doubt one of the best, if not THE BEST veterinarians in Hilo. I had four dogs with a wide range of medical issues and Dr. Pease had never once failed to provide superior care for them no matter the issue, time or effort involved. For what it's worth, his prices are also reflective of his honesty; he charged us half of what the other vets did and his care was superior by far. IMO, he's 'old school' with a down-to-earth approach with a sole purpose of providing care and comfort to those in his care. Dr. Pease has helped me more times than I can count and has always gone "the extra mile" for my dogs who simply adored him. No, he won't kiss your ass and he might be slightly curt at times but his devotion and skills are extraordinary in the extreme.

Matthew Schaefer

6 years ago

Dr. Pease is the man!

Oni Boi

7 years ago

I just made a call to them this morning, and I believe it was the doctor that answered the phone, with no Aloha! Here is how it went... All Pets Mobile (APM): "Hello!" Me: *confused* "Hi, is this All Pets Mobile?" APM: "Yes." Me: "Oh, ok. Do you see bunnies?" APM: "No!" Me: "Do you happen to know anyone that does?" (I was referred to him from another vet so I thought I would ask him if he knew someone who specializes in bunnies) APM: "Nope, call around!" Me: "Thank..." HE HUNG UP! No "Thanks for calling.", "Sorry, I can't help you.", "Good luck." NOTHING!! No good bye and definitely NO ALOHA!!! Shame on them!! Who would want to leave their pets(family) in the hands of someone who doesn't have Aloha?? Not me!

Deez Nuts

7 years ago

Just took my dachshund to All pets and he had an opening in the afternoon for me..I called every other vet and they had no openings till next doggie was sick for 4 days and found out she had parvo. He helped me out right away and got her on meds and she stayed a couple nights at the clinic.. I thank God for All pets mobile cause no one else would have been able to see my doggy and take care of her.. thank you for the wonderful service I was provided

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