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Tayo Salami

2 years ago

I have been taking my dog here for over a year. Never missed an appointment. I was diagnosed with cancer & was in the hospital 2 hours away fighting for my life & obviously unable to make my appointment. My card was charged full price & the owner showed ZERO compassion. There was absolutely no sympathy shown & she stated “next time have somebody call for you.” Completely unacceptable. Also, within the last few months she was deemed as being aggressive (although she’s NEVER had this issue with any other groomer), they suggested taking her to the vet to be medicated. The vet suggested trying a natural remedy. This method did not work. We eventually left & have not had any issues since.

Patricia Williams

2 years ago

Louie does well here and looks so good.

Brittany Thomas

2 years ago

Every visit is wonderful. My pup & I love this place when it’s groom day!

daniel miller

2 years ago

They always take great care of my puppy Macon! And he loves going also, which is not common of groomers you really can tell they love what they do...

Megan Jones

2 years ago

Loving Touch consistently takes care of our Australian Shepherd and love her like family. She’s happy to visit the groomer, where she’s met with care. The pricing is incredibly competitive and we always leave happy! Pretty girl for proof. :)

Vanessa Vega

2 years ago

I have been taking my dog to this place since they opened (supporting local businesses). I have never missed an appointment before, today I forgot about my dogs appointment this morning. And Received a call this morning with no options. My appointment was at 9am and it was only 9:20am when I received the call. I was not offered any options, they just charged the full amount of $55.00 to my credit card. I understand that you have a cancellation policy but I was not canceling and I think that charging the full amount is a just too much. I was happy and relieved leaving my dog at this place but you just lost a client. They have good employees but that was not fair. You should appreciate the clients that supported you since the beginning.

Jessica Allen

2 years ago

This was our groomer prior to the pandemic. No problems then. Now that we are out and about again, we took in two of our pups for grooming. They did not do what we asked and doubled the price for our little Japanese chin from $30 to $60. What a shock, especially since at drop off they said she just needed a little touch up. Could not even tell any hair was cut and we paid double. Then, at pickup, an employee walks up and says here's Miley's bow, she wouldn't keep it in. I thought that it was strange since she usually gets a necklace or bandana type thing but took her out to the car to wait for our second dog. That's when it hit me, we had requested that penny's bow be put back in and to keep her bangs long because this is the best way to keep hair off her corneas. They walk out with a shaved dog I didn't even recognize. We told them we were fine with a body clip, but they shaved her head then put a bow on the wrong dog. Don't worry, they left her with a mustache that we had to clean up. I questioned what all had happened and was brushed off. I tipped like normal because I was in shock. I had to cool off before I could even leave this feedback. Response - I explained the delay already so that's irrelevant. I also asked questions on the spot. You absolutely did not follow his instructions, you mixed up the dogs, he is certain. Furthermore, you called the wrong number for pickup after he stressed the importance and the girl wrote it down, so obviously they just weren't paying attention. It is okay to just admit you messed up and apologize rather than trying to blame game. There was nothing to fix, the hair will have to grow back over many months. I will select a groomer that knows the words bangs and pony tail for our new little rescue and who can figure out breed standards from the AKC website for the rest of the crew, no pictures required. Price from $30 to $60 isn't just an increase, it is double. So yes we were surprised, but not nearly as surprised as by your attitude. I'm now worried about how our dogs were handled if this is your approach to adversity.

Misty Atchley

3 years ago

I tried to book my baby for a groom and they didn't get back with me till 2 days later. Then they were booked 3 weeks out. I will not call them again.

Andrea Bartlett

3 years ago

I used to take my dog there for a monthly nail trim and the occasional bath. The original staff was very friendly and caring, and I always enjoyed taking my pet. I had gone back last week and was informed that their policy had changed and it now cost $15 for nail trim and an additional $10 to also have them filed, which was included in the beginning. I could hardly believe they went up on their price that much. That is how much a pay for a manicure myself. I will be looking for a new Pet Salon. Just to expensive for me!!

Bianca K

3 years ago

Let me tell you what happened to my baby. This past Saturday, April 10th, my baby had an 11 o'clock appointment. I went to pick him up at 4pm and he still wasn't ready. That was no big deal. Well, I got a call less than an hour later stating that there was a situation and that my dog would need medical attention. I was told that his paw had been "nipped" and that it was bleeding. "They will probably just put some glue on it." This is what I remember the owner saying when she called. I rushed over there. I have to admit that I was very upset when I got there. My baby was bleeding. When I go inside, I am quiet because I wanted to remain calm. I simply walked over and took my baby from the young lady's arms. They were trying to explain what happened and I clearly remember them trying to put the blame on my dog. "You know he's wiggly." Who does that? Why not just say I apologize and we will do whatever we can to help. I still didn't say anything. Then, the groomer made the statement, "accidents happen." That was not the wise thing to say. I expressed my disgust with her choice of words and she was going back and forth with me. I wasn't threatening nor did I go too far but I was understandably upset by my baby's injury. The owner pulls out her personal cell phone and records our exchange of words, which I had no problem with her doing because my expression of being upset was well within acceptable. In comes the owner with her two cents. I can't specifically remember everything that was said but we did disagree on the way things were handled. This owner did not handle herself in a professional manner. I had walked outside and was about to leave. I wanted to know the young lady's name but the owner met me up front and told me that basically I did not need to worry about the young lady's name and that she was "the owner" to talk to her. I told her I wanted to file a complaint and she stated use the name "Loving Touch". Her tone was not one of an owner who empathized with an upset puppy parent. It was one of someone who dares anyone to question her groomers. It was almost condescending. I was so hurt by how dismissive the owner and the groomer seemed when discussing my baby's injury. I was told to "calm down" numerous times. Clearly, this establishment has no training in de-escalation nor empathy. I had to leave because we were getting nowhere. The "owner" stated initially that I should have the bill sent to her and she'd have to contact her insurance company. I knew that if I took my baby to his vet, which is located in Macon, that I'd have to pay upfront. She stated that she'd have to talk to her insurance company. I decided to take him to the ER Vet. When I got there, she had already called them. I told the vet that price wasn't an issue. I would pay whatever. By this time, I guess the "owner" realized how she mishandled the entire situation and sent me a long text apologizing for the "nick" and accepting full responsibility. She even restated that she would pay the vet bill. The difference was that now she didn't have to wait to talk to her insurance company. She did pay the bill but that does not excuse her negligence and dismissive behavior with the entire incident. Fast forward, my baby had to have stitches put on his paw. He's in a cone. He's normally hyperactive and playful but this is not the dog I have right now. My dog has not been sleeping, he won't eat and he's just laying around. My baby is unable to play with his toys and his eyes have been filled with tears. My baby's energy is gone. It breaks my heart to see my baby like this. I have not been sleeping because I'm keeping an eye on him. He just isn't himself. When Crystal was there, things were way better. I will never grace their establishment again and I would strongly encourage anyone who reads this to steer clear. If you have a groomer who isn't experienced enough to handle a "wiggly" dog, then why even hire them? This entire ordeal has been disastrous. The only reason they still have a two star rating is because of Rocky's history with Crystal.


3 years ago

We have taken our golden doodle to this place for the past year. The last few times he has looked AWFUL when we picked him up. He was shaved for no reason. We asked for a small trim as he had just been here 4 weeks ago. He is so shaved he looks like he just came from the pound!!

Robin Weiner

3 years ago

I took my two little dogs in for a spa day (wash and nail trim). I requested to have them bathed with non hypogenic shampoo. To have this service done was a $10 charge per dog, ( each dog is under 15 pounds). I questioned the cost and was told this was was for the shampoo and the service. This $10 fee per dog was above the cost of the normal wash cost, so what extra service did they provide but use non hypogenic shampoo rather than the regular shampoo. I can understand a three to five dollar cost extra for using a different shampoo. I will be taking my dogs to Posh Paws from now on.

prenell sutton

3 years ago

The people here called me to set a time for my dogs appointment. Being that it was during my work time, I had to pay someone to drop my dog off. When he got there, they did not want to honor his appointment the THEY set for him. After being placed on hold, they agreed to bathe my dog. Once he was dropped off, 20 minutes later, I get a call saying I had to pick him up because they didn't have time. Keep in mind, this is an appointment that LOVING TOUCH set for him!! I explained to her, I would get him when I got off work and was told I would have to pay a fee if I didn't come right on and get him. This was a complete disaster for me. I've taken my pets here for over a year and have never experienced anything like it before. But I will never take them there again. This was completely unprofessional and unacceptable for me!

Kaydens Moma

3 years ago

I was recently at your shop, One of your employees, a 'groomer', was very rude to me. She was also being too forceful with a small dog so I spoke up. I felt compelled to let you know. …

Leigh Ivey

3 years ago

Fantastic service from caring people. They treat your animal as you would!

Yolanda Baskerville

3 years ago

I made a appointment with this unprofessional place to get my puppy dyed and groomed! I gave the groomer the pic how I wanted her cut. She shaved all her hair off the face. She was supposed to be colored black all of them were laughing at my puppy because her coat came out red green and purple!!! The owner was yelling at me because I told her I didn’t like the way my puppy was brought back home. This place is very unprofessional and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to take their puppy to this place! If the owner has a better attitude about this I would have had a better understanding!!!!


3 years ago

They are so amazing and always do a great job on my boy

Lisa Callahan

3 years ago

This place is disgusting! My dog contracted scabbies after getting service here. This was his very time visiting a groomer and it was horrible. The owner was very rude when making her aware of this issue. I left a bad review on her page and she took it down. I’ll never take my baby here again.

Nate Diamond

3 years ago

Fantastic salon! Our boys can be handfuls at times, but they were able to handle them well, even while we were on vacation! Would definitely recommend!

Nate James

3 years ago

Great staff and service

Pam Vantine

3 years ago

They are great. My babies enjoy going there and hanging out. They have been scared going to other places. My little Shih-tzu looks great when she is finished. They do a wonderful job and very friendly.

Rachel Emshoff

3 years ago

First time there and they were great! My dog looks perfect, exactly how I described what I wanted! They were caring and hard working! I wish I could post a pic of my fur baby!!

Raysa White

3 years ago

❤ Loving Touch Pet Salon is a place where we pride our self with the service we provide to the pet and to pet parent. Kayla Jones has been a great employee at #LTPS she is great with the customers and provides great service to the pets. She …

Resa Asbell

3 years ago

Loving Touch Pet Salon takes excellent care of our fur baby. They are professional and loves our Cooper. They are reliable and we absolutely love this place!! The online booking system is super easy. The place is always clean and it’s easy drop off and pick up. Never had a problem and have been taking our dog since they opened every 4 weeks. He smells so nice and clean. Keep up the great work!

Sarah Rodriguez

3 years ago

I’ve taken my two fur babies to Loving Touch multiple times!! The staff treats them like their own and their cuts have turned out beautifully!! I highly recommend treating your pets to this salon :)

shontorria fann

3 years ago

November 24th was my puppy last time going to this salon!! Kristy allowed my puppy to air dry, failed to blow dry & comb Zoey through, because she had to leave early. …

Sydney Beers

3 years ago

Absolutely fantastic, would highly recommend, all the groomers are super helpful and took great care of my pet. My baby is old grumpy dog and took great care of her. She smells great and feel so soft.

Taleah Ross

3 years ago

Extremely Unprofessional! The owner acted poorly with a situation that happened with her employee that led to her shaming the employee relatives (who is a person of color) on her business page. I saw this and was not happy, I left a bad …

Ta’Leah Na’She

3 years ago

I’ve never been here before however this business used its Facebook page to publicly humiliate and shame a person of color who did not work at their establishment. I understand things happen however I do not agree with the way this is being …

Twiana Speaks

3 years ago

They took such good care of my baby. Her unicorn ears were such a vibe????

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