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Jennifer Mordic

a year ago

Wow! My Great Pyrenees looks like a new dog. Beautiful!

Mary kobre

a year ago

Great with my dogs. They are older rd boxers and they did a good job on grooming their nails. Thank you again


2 years ago

Great place! Just used them for the first time and my little dude got there scared and came out like he didn't want to leave! Will definitely use them again!

Sabrina Phillips

2 years ago

Great place very much will recommend it to friends

Judy Scarborough

2 years ago

Very nice and friendly employees. They do an amazing job on your pet. I would recommend to anyone.

tiffany B

2 years ago

I have been taking my Shih Tzu here for 5 years and the last two grooms landed her with red swollen eyes yet noone knows why. Then she had some matted hair from rolling around and I asked the groomer not to cut her ears... again they shaved her completely BALD. IM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS! I wish I could post the picture

stephen frederick

2 years ago

Amazing groomer take your babies there !! She’s caring and loving to all your animals and meets all standards..

rachel crowe

2 years ago

They always take care of our babies and go out of the way to give good service. It's the ONLY place I will board my dog or get my cat groomed. They went out of their way today when my cat was grouchy. His shave is even and gorgeous. Very personal service, they always know my pets by my phone number. :)

micheal keyser

2 years ago

Great groomer id recommend her to everyone i know

Lyn Stephens

2 years ago

An hour into this twilight zone experience I finally got Rocky. He was dirty. He was supposed to have been bathed the morning of pick up and was not. He was panting horribly and obviously in distress because of lack of water. When we arrived home it was apparent he had not been taken outside as needed. He was frantic to get to his water bowl. Here is my story. We have used Paws to Relax regularly for 7 or more years but never again. What started as a slow decline about a year ago has now crashed and burned. Apparently the overseeing authority at Crawford Road Animal Hospital has lost control and/or simply does not care because they have been blatantly ignoring the decline. I only hope they do not operate their veterinary clinic in the same manner. Some sort of change occurred about a year or so ago that resulted in a frustration process of drop off and pick up. Being solidly satisfied with previous boarding care given to my pets, I overlooked this and dealt with it. This mutated into being harder and harder to keep up with what time and what days they would and would not be there as hours available became less and days open became a guess. This lack of customer service raised questions as to the care of my pet. He continued to appear happy and well taken care of so I dismissed these thoughts and tried to adapt to their customer service inconsistency. I arrived to drop Rocky, a Boxer, off Tuesday June 30, 2020 at 11:45. I had been told there would be someone there until noon and then back at 1. No one there. Had to call Crawford Road Animal Hospital to get someone to take Rocky in. TWICE. I expressed concern about care for Rocky since no one was attending the boarding dogs as promised. I was assured they were being taken care of so I left him. Today, July 3rd was pick up day. Without ALL of the horribly frustrating details about the unconcerned attitudes , I will say it took an hour to simply pick up my pet from a place that is supposed to have an in house person available and to care for the pets left in their charge. And then his condition was startling. I had been trying to contact them prior to my arrival. Calls continued to go to voicemail with a message that they were closed. When I arrived it was obvious they were not closed because employee cars were there. A technician from the vets office was taking in a pet at paws to relax. I asked her to bring out Rocky when she came out. She returns without Rocky and proceeds to walk by me with no acknowledgement. I had to call to her to get her to stop and she mumbled that someone would bring him out. Waiting Waiting , Waiting....nothing. Call again. No answer. Then a technician finally came out to get a dog from another car that pulled up for veterinary service. I asked for someone to come next door to get Rocky. Was told ok. Nothing. Same scenario again 10 minutes later. And again ! Three people and getting close to an hour and no one answering a phone anywhere or following thru. Nothing. I understand when people are busy but this was different. It was as if everyone considered it not their job. Finally the FOURTH person comes out and proceeds to the Paws to Relax building to get Rocky. She is very nice and apologizing profusely. An apology can not fix the breakdown of this business. It is a shame that a business created and tended wonderfully for years is taken over by incompetence and turned in to this debacle. There is nothing that can make leaving my pet unattended and in need of water and exercise ok. Make your decisions about your pets as you wish but I will never again subject my sweet Rocky to their ignorance and incompetence.

Kyle Wilson

2 years ago

Paws To Relax is by far the best animal grooming facility in the area! They are always so awesome to our dogs and the staff is so friendly! Couldn’t ask for a better place to take our dogs! We continue to use them and recommend them to all our friends and family!

Claudia Ziglar

2 years ago

Best place to bring Jack! Awesome team.

Amy Ray

2 years ago

Very welcoming, great with the animals and very professional and caring with your animals !! Cats too ????????????

Vickie Wood

3 years ago

Shae always takes great care of our Tucker!

Vickey Maletzke

3 years ago

The girls do a great job on my baby.

Sharon Kennard

3 years ago

Take my fur baby here whenever I go out of town.

Samantha Murray

3 years ago

Very good pet grooming service.

quincey locklear

3 years ago

Because to make sure you are up to date how things go throughout the day and the interactions with the pets is a 5 star

mary rau

3 years ago

I love to take my fur baby to Paws to Relax. She loves it too. She comes home strutting her stuff cause she knows she looks good. They do an awesome job and quickly gets her in and out as requested. We come here from a Shop where she would come home and tried to hide or pouted like, but not here. Would definitely recommend Paws to Relax!

Frank Danielson

4 years ago

Major had a great experience here. He loved laying by the desk

David Brookins

4 years ago

The last two times I took my Labrador to them to give her a bath she smelled like she was in Dirty Dog Water with some perfume when I got her back. I set up an appointment again to have her bathed and hair trimmed when I arrived they had her set up for a nail grind and bath and told me they didn't have time for a haircut. I waited a week for that appointment very disappointed in the people running that place.

Aviance Barr

4 years ago

My dog has been going there quite some time for both grooming and boarding. Usually my husband drops him off, but today my child and I did. The lady who ALWAYS takes care of him had been bitten on Friday and is now terrified of dogs. Understandable. My dog did what he's done everytime with the collar exchange both coming and going and growled. She then threw herself behind the kennel door ( with other dogs including a large pit) crying " she can't keep him! The lady at the desk was very nice and apologetic as we're leaving in disbelief because as said on the phone as his name was given " oh- she knows him". I was humiliated leaving as other two guest cringed against the wall like I now have a viscous man eating dog. - it gets better. I called to talk to her. As I point out that she works with animals, SHE HUNG UP ON ME! This is a lady who would send me videos and pics of my dog playing while being boarded. So now. We have to cancel our getaway because everyone is full


5 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE!! These people obviously do not know how to groom dogs properly. Almost a year ago, I trusted them with my baby and came to find out when I got him home, that they had gashed open his stomach so badly, I had to take him to the vet to get staples.. I shouldn’t have, but I took him back later to be groomed since they knew his situation and knew to be careful in that area and all was fine.. until Friday....... I trusted them again, but this time, received a phone call that told me that they had taken my baby to the vet for another open wound that needed to be stitched!!!!! I am so angry, and am wondering what in the world they use to cut these innocent dogs?? Are they even qualified? Again, please do not trust this business with your animals.

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