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Adam Guitard

a year ago

Called to see how much it is to euthanize and it's $70 for an exam and over $200 to euthanize. That's insane!

Chelsea Elliott

a year ago

Upsetting that Dr Paul clearly has a breed prejudice against bullies. We will not be back. My dog is not dangerous, you scared him and should be ashamed of your blatant breedism and poor people skills. You scared me to tears by telling me he was “worse”. He was doing much better, you just wanted me to feel bad that you’d frightened my dog causing him to growl. That’s what dogs do when they’re threatened. Shouldn’t have to explain that to a vet.

Kirk Fordham

2 years ago

The staff is very helpful, we visit with Mike when possible as he loves Rottweiler's and is a true animal lover!! This was my first visit of many and I feel comfortable with our choice in our care provider for our fur son. 2 years later I am updating my experience these days. Mike is great, the doctors are very caring , but they are not asking if they can do a test which is not a good practice. I arrived they asked me if there was a bill could they text me, I said sure but let me know before a service is rendered. She said ok, then I am waiting in my car and I get another call and she says did you not see the text with the bill? I said I did not approve a test and silence which really upset me because she knew that was wrong but did not offer to make it right and I am on the Care Club Paying Monthly (Come to find out UNDER CONTRACT). I say that because my wife and I did not know and the contract apparently has a roll over in may and we have not been informed of this pending date! It seemed for this visit the front office could care less about my satisfaction. That is why I am writing this so something can be said. PLEASE make some adjustments, we like coming there but you MUST be upfront about $$$$$ and whoever forgot to call me should own up to it.

T.c W333

2 years ago

My kitten got wax melt ALL over and they got took her in immediately. I was impressed af the their dedication to treat Maggie for any burns not knowing what was under the wax by not jumping to shave her but give her an antibiotic as well as something for discomfort before soaking her jn mineral oil. The MINERAL oil worked and Maggie had no burns but still had to get a couple more baths to get the oil off. They kept me in the loop via phone calls and were very reasonable on the cost. I picked up a greasy cat but not a hairless cat ....the staff is wonderful. They have a sincerity that you want in someone treating your animal. They are the best animal h. optical I snd our.furrever vet!!! V.

Dana Lovstrom

2 years ago

I've been taking my dog to them for years and they've always done a spectacular job. Sadly, COVID has made things a bit difficult on them, causing them to run slower than normal, but I find that to be an understandable difficulty.

William Anderson

2 years ago

Picked up pet after being checked out , very nice vets and aids

Shree Burton

2 years ago

Took our babies here Paris and RocQy. No worries at all.

Yurianna Rodriguez

2 years ago

The best service, I’m super happy with the way they treated me and my kitten, he was really stressed but the team revert that feeling in a minute

M.R. Jackson (B'no Spartan)

2 years ago

Got in and out pretty quickly, and the technicians are always friendly and courteous.


2 years ago

My experiences have always been great with this veterinary clinic. The staff is super nice and professional. That's what keeps me coming back. Even during the current covid 19 crisis they remained what I feel is safe and took great precaution to ensure the safety of not only my fur kid, but also their great staff.

Carrie Hunt

2 years ago

Had an emergency pet visit here in a road trip. Vets and staff were great!

Cassey Vidal

2 years ago

This place really cares for your animal's and makes you feel comfortable to bring you pet here. They are always there to answer questions and the ladies at the reception are very sweet. I'm very happy to bring my Moto here.

Charlotte Rondon

2 years ago

I have been taking my fur babies to my extended family since I was in my 20's. I'm in my 40's now and I have a lot more furry family members than ever before. I trust them completely or i wouldn't drive 1 hour so my babies get the care I can feel good about. They have done incredible things for my family. Love you guys! Staff fabulous! Doctors fabulous! Thank you for all you ❤ do. Charlotte Fonzo


2 years ago

Had To Bring My Baby Boy RAIDON , Who We Loved and Cherish for Amazing 14 Years, We Had to Lay Him To Rest . The Staff and Doctor was Very Caring Thoughtful they Put Me at ease as Me & My Family Make This Painful Decision. Thank You ???? VCA Falcon Village ❤

Jan Wu

2 years ago

Every time I take my dog in, he peed, and he is so afraid to go into the back room. I dont know what they did to him. He's just so traumatized of going to that place, so I decided to take him to other Vet,

Jenny Castillo

2 years ago

I think all people in there are very helpful and nice.

Kevin Stewart

2 years ago

The vets and technicians are fabulous. It is a very caring place.

Kim Weeks

2 years ago

We just rescued a tiny 6 to 8 week old injured kitty at our office. VCA went above and beyond to help this little guy out. When Dr. Ball determined the kitty needed more specialized care, he took the initiative to contact other nearby specialists. In addition, he said that he appreciated what we were doing for this little guy and that he would not charge for the appointment--only the medicines and tests that we had. That is not their normal policy, but Dr. Ball knew we could not invest a lot, yet he spent a lot of time working with us. You could tell he truly loves animals. His compassion for both this little kitty and our situation was amazing. To top it off, he called back the next business day to check on the kitty and ask if we needed anything. Again, he spent some time talking with us about the little guy's needs and said he would look into some options since the baby likely needs surgery. I can't say enough great things about VCA and, especially Dr. Ball. We found them because of a puppy we adopted in March. I am so glad we did, as I can't imagine anyone else being as helpful and compassionate in this situation. Now if only we can find said kitty a home, as we cannot keep him.


2 years ago

Recently had to put down a kitty that had been part of our family for over 12 years. Falcon Village worked closely and compassionately with us throughout the task. We could not have asked for better handling of our kitty and us throughout the difficult time. We were especially appreciative of the thoughtful follow-up to our feelings after what was an understandably difficult time for us. Would not go anywhere else in future handling of our pets needs.

Not My nipples again

2 years ago

Very kind staff, especially Dr. Gresham for not only just meets, but was way beyond expectations. He was very chill, knowledgeable, and was willing to work out a plan for a low income, student like me after adopting a chihuahua mix in need. I highly recommend this place to everyone as this vet will treat you like family. I’d give this place more than 5 stars!

Rick Marlette

2 years ago

Best Vet in Gwinnett County

Rick Smith

2 years ago

Dr. Ball and staff are great and give excellent care to our Angel Bo Peep!

Roxanne Chandler

2 years ago

I used this place as my primary vet for probably 15 years when I lived with my parents. Years ago when I moved out I continued to take my dog there. The first time I ever had to bring her by myself was because her paw was bleeding, which is turns out was just a nasty hangnail. Regardless Falcon Village charged me over $200 to remove it. In the future I decided to adopt a couple of cats from the Humane Society. I brought them here to Dr. Gresham, who promptly told me they were both very sick, one of them (my male cat) with a “one in a million” life threatening disease. They talked me into paying $400 or so that I didn’t have to run these crazy special tests on the cats that required being sent out to more expensive labs, etc etc. The results come back and he tells me I need to have one of my cat’s teeth removed, like it’s just a casual thing. I spent days crying trying to figure out how I was going to handle the financial and emotional stress. We decided to get a second opinion. I took all my pets to a different vet and got them tested for MUCH cheaper and was told that they’re all completely healthy. It’s been years and that “one in a million disease” has never effected my cat. Falcon Village told me it was a deadly disease and even I could contract it. They had me so scared that when my cat scratched me I raced to the doctor terrified I had a life threatening infection, too. Dr. Gresham told me my cats had “one in a million” diseases twice in the 6 short months I took them there. When I started at my new vet I transferred all of their medical records and made sure to test for these diseases I was told they had, and in 3 years there’s been no sign of any of it. Since I left Falcon Village my clumsy dog has literally tripped and ripped her entire claw off, much like her nasty hangnail before, and my new vet only charged me $30 and threw in a free nail clipping. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when one of my girlfriends comes into work crying because she just adopted a new cat from the humane society and was just told the cat has a one in a million disease and needs insanely expensive tests run, like my cat did. I asked her who she sees, and it was Dr. Gresham at Falcon Village. I told her to go get a second opinion somewhere else. I’m not sure what’s going on here, and I don’t want to make any accusations, but there are vet offices out there where you don’t have to choose between your bills and taking care of your pets. Falcon Village also makes you and your pet wait in a high stress waiting room environment for 30 minutes plus at times. They don’t have options for anxious dogs like mine, and there were multiple times we had to just leave without seeing a doctor because my dog was so overstimulated she couldn’t handle being there any longer. Even though we were scheduled for specific appointment times we would wait for up to an hour to get into a room, talk to a nurse, then wait another 20-30 minutes for a doctor. It always took all day. At my new vet I never spend more than an hour there total. When I was told my cat had the crazy disease I also called the humane society and asked why it wasn’t treated in their care and they had zero record of the cat being sick, much like the other vet couldn’t find any evidence of it. My cats are happy and healthy today, thankfully. And I didn’t have to remove their teeth or put them through lab testing or empty my savings. I think Falcon Village has gotten really caught up on the profit side of things. I’m glad I made the swap to an animal hospital that wants to help my babies and not empty my wallet.

Scott Rogers

2 years ago

VCA has always taken the best care of our pups! Would recommend to anyone.

Sheila Kucala

2 years ago

Love their service! Always feel like family. Staff is amazing and the vets really take the time to talk with you about your pet.

Susan Mishal-Escoto

2 years ago

Curbside appointment was exceptional. Our family puppy join the the monthly plan they offered, save some money indeed. Mike and staff are knowledgeable and courteous. We go back in 3 weeks.

Terri Rice

2 years ago

This is the best animal hospital I have ever been to. Very friendly, knowledgable, dedicated, thorough and professional. Love them!

Vidya Sagar

2 years ago

They are an ok place

Wing man

2 years ago

These people are family to us. Caring...

Natalia Gonzalez

3 years ago

This place is the best vet I’ve been to they are so helpful and thoughtful and really treat you like family. Becca and Darlene along with everyone else are so nice and patient. VCA doesn’t seem like they only care about the money but actually genuinely care. Highly recommend

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