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Shiloh Harris

a year ago

My sweet baby Chanel went here for the first time today an i was so nervous Bc i hate how people can treat scared dogs who tend to lash out Chanel is very aggressive due to having bad experiences This place by far hands down was the best place i have been too an i been to plenty vets dealing with my baby they took great care of my Chanel and her grooming was amazing thank you to everyone who took care of my sweet girl definitely will recommend you guys an will come back

Casey Oglesby

a year ago

I love the staff and vet here. They really take their time and explain everything. My cat and dog both are doing great because of the care that they've received here.. I have been to several vets in the past. I'm happy to say that I have found my permanent vet for my boys. You can tell they really love animals. That means a lot.

Leslie Cofield

a year ago

Awesome care and very professional!

Darlene Johnson

a year ago

Very friendly staff They took good care of baby and the wait was not to long. And Ms. CARMEN IS SOOOOOO FREAKN PRETTY

Leila E. Koch

a year ago

My cat was having skin problem. The person (definitely not a doctor) told us it was what we were feeding him. He told us repeatedly it wasn’t cancer. We went to another doctor and it was cancer. They also said that he shouldn’t go under anesthesia because of a heart murmur, which the person did not tell us and was happy to put him under for surgeries repeatedly. Don’t was your money on this scam.

David D.

2 years ago

Went here months ago based on a recommendation. I didn't want to go as it didn't seem like they could do anything for my dog as they weren't doing any medical procedure for my (what I found out to be) terminally ill dog. But I decided it couldn't hurt to see what they could do. Get there and everyone seemed very nice. I was given paper work to read and sign. I read it and noticed multiple times how it states that they are not diagnosing issues, they are not equipped to tell you of any issues and how their advice is more recommendations. For a place that advertises itself as a vet, that didn't sound right but still, my dog was dying and I figure might as well try. My dog is seen by a person (doctor doesn't feel like the right word for this) who proceeded to put small bottles of water, oil, liquids, on my dog stating "this feels right", "this one has bad juju", "he's reacting good to this". It was all very weird, felt like I was in a magic show. The person recommended that I give my dog two drops of lavender and a cup of spring water everyday. I don't get how they came up with this recommendation either as they never even weighted my dog. Just put bottles of liquids by her. I begrudgingly paid and left feeling like I was ripped off. My dog, from going to another actual vet in another state, was terminally ill. She end up dying 2 months later from heart failure. Not sure how lavender and spring water would have solved that. These people pray on people suffering and looking for any solution. It's all pseudoscience that is on the same level as psychics. Please do not go here and consult actual vets. Go to a university vet or emergency vet if your pet has a serious problem. Do not spend money here, I beg you. EDIT: Per their reply. I don't care that others will testify differently. Putting bottles near my dog and telling me that's good vibes and juju isn't what a trained professional should be doing. Suggesting I change their water when they were terminally ill is just reckless. This place isn't a place of medicine, it's a place of pseudoscience working on the emotions of desperate people to get by. Disgusting. Please AVOID this business and go to an actual vet such as UGA Vet Hospital or another university vet for serious problems with your pet.

Sonia Solomon

2 years ago

All I can say is amazing. I called the office to schedule an appointment for my new puppy. It was early before hours. I was hoping for a call back sometime throughout the day since I am currently not a patient, but hope to be one. I received a call back first thing from the kindest person named Carmen. If I am receiving this kind treatment and I am not yet a patient, I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to join this veterinary health care family.

Alison Rowe

2 years ago

I wish we found Dr. Moorehead sooner! When my Chinese Shar-pei, Ruffles, began to have steadily elevating kidney values, we knew something had to change. After getting the same answers from local veterinarians, we expanded our search for an experienced, open-minded doctor that leveraged holistic and conventional medicine to optimize health. That lead us to MainStreet Veterinarians. From the start, Dr. Moorehead’s approach of using Nutritional Response Therapy and energy testing made a world of difference. We had not tried holistic medicine on ourselves, but we were game to try with our pup. Within two months, Ruffles SDMA (kidney health marker) had decreased to normal levels and remained steady for a long time. Whenever Ruffles has had a health issue, Dr. Moorehead tweaks his “program” and any issues have always cleared up within days. This includes everything from not eating, lethargy, bowel issues, fever frequency, eye and ear infections, incontinence, etc. One of the many things we’ve learned is that everything in the body (animals and humans) is linked, so fixing the current “main” issue can clear up residual, less pressing health concerns, too! (Example: Ruffles developed incontinence. It was determined he had a food sensitivity to poultry. Eliminating that fixed the issue AND he became less itchy, too! Go figure!?!) Dr. Moorehead and the team always work with us to make sure the latest program tweaks not only work for the patient, but importantly, also the parents and pocketbook, too! I have spoken with many clients there and everyone’s plan is different and tailored to the animal. I’ve seen zillions of rare breed dogs and cats there with people that travel from different cities and states to see him, too. Rest assured; you won’t be alone wondering if you’re crazy to travel this far for your fur baby. ???? Dr. Moorehead’s personal attention has meant the world to us, especially when Ruffles has had to go to the ER for urgent concerns out of town, etc. He and the team follow-up after hours to make sure everyone is on the mend and doing okay. Ruffles hereditary disease has progressed to the point that we recently called in a euthanasia service over the holiday. We thought he had hurt his leg and did not take him to the vet (just rest, etc.), knowing we had an appointment in a week. Unfortunately, we were very wrong. His adrenals had crashed and began to cause Ruffles immense pain and suffering. He was crying and could not be touched. It was awful. Out of respect, we wanted to tell Dr. Moorehead of our plans ahead of time. So glad we did! His guidance literally saved Ruffles life and put him out of pain almost immediately. After seeing us early the next morning, we devised a new plan to hopefully get Ruffles quality of life back soon. In less than 24 hours we were seeing improvements and continue to see them. While we are cautiously optimistic knowing we cannot beat this hereditary kidney disease for too much longer, we have no doubt Ruffles life has been vastly improved thanks to Dr. Moorehead and team. In fact, no one believes he has stage 4 renal disease because he looks so good and generally has great energy. That is not the norm. Further, Dr. Moorehead also practices his approach on people and I can say first-hand it has eliminated my aches and pains. I continue to giggle about sharing the same doctor, but once you get over that part and realize it’s not only effective, but more efficient time-wise (instead of yet another visit to someone like a chiropractor who may practice the same thing), you’ll be on your way to feeling great with less doctor visits and prescription meds. ???? My better half is a physician himself and was not a believer for a long time. “Impossible” he always said. He does not believe in chiropractors or acupuncture either. That is, until he started going to Ruffles appointments and became fascinated and curious himself, amazed at the consistent results that happen at MainStreet. I am near convincing him to start seeing Dr. Moorehead himself. If we can see success, anyone can!

Amanda Clay

2 years ago

One dog stopped eating and the other was suffering from back and joint pain! I went to Dr. Moorehead beginning in Aug'2020 for both dogs. I observed good responses in both of my dogs within 24 to 48 hours. Champ's appetite went back to normal within 3 days after taking supplement program. My other dog Fluffy stopped arching his back and was able to relax within 2 days after intake. With the program, my dogs are doing great! They are 13 and 8 years old. They have alot of energy, happy and alert. It is December and both dogs are doing terrific! I would highly recommend NRT program as my dogs are enjoying life which in turn makes me happy and enjoy life!

Dessica H

2 years ago

The best veterinarians in town, especially for senior pets. Nice and caring staff too .

Jade Tiger

2 years ago

A wonderful place, the staff are nice and caring. The holistic techniques they use here are top notch! I recommend this to any pet owner who has a problem that regular vets can't solve!

jana archibald

2 years ago

Everyone is so nice ????????

Kiara Simone

2 years ago

I just love Dr.Moorehead and his team, they really care for my pups. I first brought one of my dogs to get holistic treatment for a diagnosis that she had received and since I’m very much into holistic health myself I was very pleased to have found them. I love how my dogs are like little puppies again they are so energetic and want to play 24/7, they’re health is amazing ! My dogs are very comfortable around them , so that’s a plus for me . I also love that fact that they treat each of my pets as an individual and give them supplements based on their bodies needs and not just because they know it worked for other pets . Lastly, I love how they feel as the body can heal itself it just needs the proper nutrients and that’s how I feel as well. I want to thank Dr.Moorehead and his team; you all are amazing !

Lakeysha Taylor

2 years ago

Dr. Tyler was so caring and compassionate with our family pet!!!????????????

Lara Mealor

2 years ago

This is the best of the best, top of the top!! Go for the NRT holistic program. We drive over an hour to visit Dr. Moorehead. ❤️????????

Marv Pinzon

2 years ago

We’ve been taking our dog here for a few years. He has chronic kidney disease. Dr. Moorehead has helped to slow the progression in ways other veterinarians could not and we had seen several. Including the specialists at Blue Pearl (who suggested we may want to put him down). His affinity for holistic options was not something I initially believed in as a trained physician myself. However, the results are undeniable and proven with lab results and the overall health and well-being being of my dog. I fully recommend Dr. Moorehead. His team is excellent, too.

Dawn W.

2 years ago

I am very glad we found Mainstreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain. They were very gentle with my cat Yin Yang after she had a not so pleasant experience at a different vet's office. I will be bringing both Yin Yang and my other cat Hoshi back in a few weeks to get their yearly shots and check ups. The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable about various preventative health treatments. The facility was clean and I didn't have to wait long for my cat to be seen. I was very impressed and my cats seemed to be also. :)

Celeste Sears

3 years ago

Dr. Moorehead and the team at Mainstreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain are phenomenal! My doggies/fur babies are much healthier being cared for by Dr. Moorehead and his team. So thankful for them and their loving care for my Elroy, …

Bullet Blais

3 years ago

Been a customer for over 20+ years...service is good. Not a rushed atmosphere and very detailed. Staff attentative and treat pets passionately. Dr. Moorehead is The Bomb!

Kenneth Meade

3 years ago

Best veterinarian experience I've had. Cats improved from first visit and grew healthier ongoing.

Lettie Boyd

3 years ago

I want to take the time to thank the doctor and the groomer who took such GREAT care of my cat Princess yesterday 1/9/20...A BIG shout out to the Doctor who called me thanks so much for working with me, you were truly a Blessing. You just don't know how much it was Appreciated...10 out of 10....Hope everyone at your facility has a Awesome NY!!!!

Liliana Warner

3 years ago

Best vet ever! Holistic care melded with traditional care. We'll never go anywhere else!

Michele Southwell

3 years ago

My petLexi has been a patient of Main Street Vets since birth and I always have positive response with each visit. The wait time is short and the service is excellent. I have an animal hospital within walking distance of my house but I still travel to Stone Mountain because of the treatment I receive.

Rokenna Holmes

3 years ago

We moved here 2 years ago MAINSTREET is the first and only veterinary we will be going the staff is always so patient with my dog Jaxson he is my heart and I trust MainStreet with servicing all Jaxson needs.

Sam Tanner

3 years ago

I cannot say enough great things about Mainstreet Veterinarians. We sought them out after finding out that our 9.5 year old chocolate Lab had lymphoma. After starting chemo with her, the staff at Mainstreet also began treating her after her first round of traditional cancer therapy. Our Piper was not herself; she was lethargic and uninterested in being close to anyone or anything and we worried that the chemo would result in such a diminished quality of life for her that ultimately it would not be worth it. However, after just a few visits with the Mainstreet Vets, our girl is herself again, even though the chemo has continued. She is back to being her crazy, loving, energetic, fun, amazing pup and I can only credit that to Mainstreet. They have given us back our heart and we cannot thank them enough.

Sandy Slezak

3 years ago

The experience here has been great. I started bringing my dog here two years ago and have seen such an improvement in her health. She is now 14 years old and doing great. I credit the care she’s gotten from all the wonderful people here. Many thanks.

Sarayfah Bolling

3 years ago

The staff at Mainstreet have been amazing caregivers for my dog, Lily. They are attentive, compassionate, and make recommendations that are tailored to her health needs.

Kayla Brookins

3 years ago

I saw Dr. Moorehead for about 2 months (he treats humans too!) and he was magnificent! At first, I was really hesitant because of the money, but it was completely worth it. I had seen an NRT practitioner for about 2 years before seeing Dr. …

Vivian Illingworth-Cramer

3 years ago

My dogs and cat absolutely love Dr. Moorehead. Highly recommend him and his staff

Ariel Harris

3 years ago

The vet is certified in both alternative and traditional veterinary practices. He appears to be authentically committed to bringing healing and good health to your animal companion. He listens well; is patient, gentle and thorough in working with both the human and the animal companion. The alternative vet path is more demanding of time, attention and patience from all involved. The staff are as professional and caring as Dr. Morehead. There are phone calls to check progress and an atmosphere of genuine compassion, professionalism and commitment to healing. They are excellent. I highly recommend this practice.

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