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Lease White

2 years ago

They never call you back to make an appointment. They voicemail always full you cant never leave a message. I been trying to make appointment for my dog for months

Andrea Harris-Ogle

2 years ago

Great job on Belles groom.

Chelse Moore

2 years ago

Great work. Loving Fur people. My dogs come back perfect every time.

Sarah Johnson

2 years ago

Roscoe has been going here for a whole year. Today they asked to shave all his fur off. He had a few matted hair in his paws and that has never been a problem before. I think they got a new staff because I’m not the only regular costumer that has been leaving upset.

Marlon Shakir

2 years ago

Bubbles is awesome my son Rocky looks and spell so good. They really take care of our grooming needs I would recommend anyone to this place

Abbie Wallace

2 years ago

I have been taking my baby JoJo here for probably around 5 years or so. But, this place has been nothing but wonderful to him. I have taken him to groomers before who seemingly did not treat the animals right so naturally he ended up developing anxiety with going to places like this. But, he hardly ever has gotten anxious when we drop him off and he always seems in good spirits when we pick him up (also they always seem so happy to see JoJo as well! ^_^). I get him fully groomed (and even will get his hair dyed sometimes!) here just about every month so I feel like I can confidently say they are awesome at what they do or else I wouldn’t be continuing to bring him there. They are also very responsive and communicative which I appreciate very much. They also get done with him fairly quickly. Typically I drop him off at 8 and they are usually done with him after about 2-4 hours depending on how busy and how many people are working that day I would imagine. So far this is the only groomers that finishes my little 7lb Maltese before they close for the day. Maybe that’s due to him not being so scared of them which probably helps make it easier to work with him not sure but whatever is the case I really appreciate how well they treat my little baby.

Detra Parker

2 years ago

My fur babies looked and smelled clean. Their grooming was awesome. Same day appointment that didn't take all day. The price was cheaper than the big box stores.

Frank Curl

2 years ago

They do an excellent job grooming Duchess and she loves going there!

Lisa Pina

2 years ago

Great customer service and my Furbabies look awesome.

mark mann

2 years ago

Was just a little disappointed, still like them alot, they'll bounce back.

Mazlyn Grimaldi

2 years ago

Before you read anymore, we were regular customers here. We have been taking our 2 dogs here for a while and about a year ago got a mini goldendoodle. She’s about 45 pounds. The last time we made appointments the canceled on us the day of so we thought let's try one more time. I dropped her off and everything was fine. She has severe anxiety about going to the groomers from a bad grooming experience. I am here to say this one was pretty bad as well. They called me and said she was matted and they couldn’t do anything to her, but do shave her. Mind you my dog was NOT that matted. They completely shaved my dog!!!! They have cut her skin to where she is now scabbed over on her head. We have called to leave SEVERAL voicemails and no one will return our call. If you have a goldendoodle, DO NOT SEND HERE. Below you can see her before, her scab, and then what she looked like after.

Rod Johnson

2 years ago

Very friendly and very helpful!!!

Stephanie Fincher

2 years ago

Monique is AWESOME!! And Amber is so friendly!! Definitely will be back!!

Jacob Moore

2 years ago

First time taking my dog to a groomer, and first using this place after a recommendation. I was not super impressed with the service, could have just been a one time thing. The website was kinda confusing lacked information that would be nice to see before booking, did not tell me what was classified as a large dog vs medium dog ect. and I did not know what I was being charged until after the fact (i had a good idea based off my recommendation). I was happy with the wash job, my dog smelled and looked good, her tail was still a little wet after the fact but that was not a big deal to me. The nail trimming could have been better, when I got home and inspected her more in depth I saw some splintering of the nail and spots where they did not do a great job filling down. All this to say it was a decent experience, I am willing to try again to see if it was a one time thing.

Jasmine McInnis

2 years ago

They took very good care of my Basyll. We are looking for a place to bring her regularly and I think we just may have found it. Thanks team for making hee feel good!


2 years ago

I shouldve known when they didn’t ask for any vaccinations and or forms to RUN. I asked for my dogs usual kennel cut and ears cut short. My dog has never had behavioral issues with groomers but when i picked him up because they called me saying he was “ready” he came out looking almost the same as before i dropped him off. they told me he got nippy however it seems like they stressed him out because they were rushing the scissor job. His paws, ears and face are still long and completely uneven. Ive never seen my dog so stressed and ready to leave the groomers. NEVER TAKE YOUR DOG HERE! It took ten minutes at home to fix the job I paid 60$ for.

Danielle Holmes

2 years ago

Only groomers able to get my dog in in one day and they are always so gentle with him!!

Pamela Hooks

2 years ago

I was driving almost 25 miles for my Punky to get groomed and stumbled across Bubbles. Best decision. They are professional. They are considerate of your time and very reasonably priced. Great service always,

Taste Vegan ATL

2 years ago

I use to love this place! Every time I call to make a full grooming appointment, the dates are always a month out.. so they get me with the baths & mini grooms. I haven’t been able to get a full groom in months!! I always ask for nail trim & cuts, they don’t do it. Today, I’ve decided to find another groomer ???? UPDATE: I dropped my dogs off at 8:30am, it is now 2:30pm.. the last time this happened it was apparent that my dogs were not given water. My dogs literally drunk all their water when we got home. I don’t know know why I keep giving this place a chance.

Navina Persaud

2 years ago

Loved this place! It’s cute and clean inside, the staff is super friendly and they did an amazing job on our little one! Will definitely be back

Melissa B

2 years ago

Do yourself a favor and avoid this company at all costs. We took our baby Bear here to be groomed. The first day he was fine but then he began to shake, wouldn't engage with us & in fact stayed in our main floor bathroom on the side of our toilet. He kept licking himself. We look down there & he's Irritated. His male parts were cut up!! He was also clipped so low on his left backside that he didn't want to sit. We bought him back & the owner explained to us that she had the same baby (Shih tzu) & that sometimes they get clipper burn or whatever. She advised us to put antibacterial cream on it & he would be fine. We called our vet & had to take him in. He was groomed on Thursday & taken back Saturday. While the owner had a kind voice, she never attempted to make it right on Saturday when we went back. We're really disappointed. Our other baby Gonzo didn't get away unscathed either. BTW: take note that all if not most of the negative reviews are from Black ppl...very interesting... Also, we haven't asked her to cover any costs because it's taken care of. Pics are too graphic to attach, but we do have them. Buyer beware! PS. This is her husband Mr. L. Miller! I spoke to Ashley personally when my wife and I brought Bear back to the business. We followed your directions you gave us and it didn't work so I still had to take Bear to the vet. Just to let you know my vet said he had a infection because of your people cut him too short in his private area.......you're lucky we don't sue you...that would be interesting... Ma'am, you were FIRED THE DAY THEY SAW YOU. Thanks for so many lies. Our pics, receipt, your responses here and recording of you on that Saturday is making this so easy. Please keep digging a deeper hole and expect correspondence from our attorney. Good day. 7-23-2021: this review is still here after owner stated it would be removed. This business has been reported to the BBB and papers are being drawn up. Now, we can add slander on to said paperwork because here she is (1 week ago) making false claims she can't prove against our family.


2 years ago

Today was my first visit with this groomer. I felt it was important to leave a review given how difficult it is to find a good place in the area. The staff was able to get me in for an appointment on short notice. They did a great job within a reasonable amount of time and for a surprisingly reasonable price. The drop off consult was thorough, they called me to ask permission on something before doing it, my dog was returned to me cleanly cut and calm. I booked ahead for my next appointment, I'll be excited to bring him back!


2 years ago

Great Service. Convience parking, easy in and out, close to freeway exits, clean up front (can't see the back but Sirius wasn't acting weird when I came to get him so that's a plus). They do give a bandana. Above Average prices (compared to our normal spa I could have gotten a full day visit, haircut, nails, bandana, flea dip, doggy smell good for the price of 2hrs, wash and hair cut).....speaking of, please be advised they are not a doggie day spa. You cannot drop your pet for the day; only for as much time as it takes them to complete service. They give you 2hrs to come pickup before charging you an hourly rate (*so don't plan on going to the human spa while you wait or dropping off with the plan to pickup after work).

Kayla S

2 years ago

My puppy Kaavi has been coming here ever since he’s turned 4 months. The service is great and affordable and whenever we leave, people say he should “model!” I have nothing but good things to say about this place and would definitely recommend their service.

Elizabeth Mathew

2 years ago

They are okay. They have been closed for a while and changed groomers so I don't know now. I did not like how they groomed my cocker! It was always half done. We took my dog to his regular now she is not there! I groom the dogs myself now but I do take them to get the nails done.

C Shaw

2 years ago

My experience as a customer was not as I expected. Unfortunately the owners reflection and demonstration of leadership was poor. She was rude, loud, and boisterous. I believe the young lady serving exuded a great example of leadership and customer service and Im sure she could teach her boss several things about customer service and leadership. Thks.

Santosha King

2 years ago

I have been coming here for 5 years and have had nothing but great experiences. I have a yorkie and she is very nervous. They always take the extra time with her. Also, when checking out they always ask to pre book the nect appointment so that my baby never has to get on a waiting list. Hope this helps.

Erika Brown

2 years ago

I am so disappointed in the service that I received at this place. I had been bringing my two dogs there for a while. I made an appointment waited an entire month for said appointment just to have my appointment canceled while standing in the grooming salon the morning of my appointment. I have a Standard Poodle and a Maltese the groomers came out to discuss the cuts as usual after I told her what I wanted for my poodle she said and I quote “ oh I don’t wanna do all that” I was dumbfounded. I asked for the owner she wasn’t there they called her she never spoke with me. I waited 30 minutes, they then rescheduled me with Liz who told me that my girls had some matting and would have to have those areas shaved.. I told her that wasn’t an option that I would take care of it. I took my time and de-tangled both of them. She praised me for the job that I had done on them. So imagine my surprise when I got back to pick them up and my Maltese was shaved bald! Liz, however did admit that she shaved my girl bald before she checked for the knots and that she told this to the owner. The owner has never contacted me, even though I left several messages for her.

Melissa Collins

2 years ago

The service was great and the groomer was able to give my pup exactly what I asked for. They also have very reasonable costs. We will be returning for future grooming services.

Althea Seay

2 years ago

My dog Bailey was matted and they cut his coat down to make him still look very cute. I was able to drop him off in the morning and pick him up that afternoon. I will return and am glad I found somewhere near me that does great affordable business.

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