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2 years ago

We scheduled our appointment for our dog. She developed a growth on her paw that look inflamed and infected. Dr. Grove did a biopsy and said that the growth could be cancer and will send specimens to pathology. We had to call the office for results of the pathology report which showed inflammatory cells but not sure if it’s cancer and said that our dog will need surgery on her paw to remove the growth and could possibly lose some toes and even a paw based on the extent (Pathologist are trained to differentiate wether cells are cancerous cells based on cell mutation from a biopsy) so to say that they weren’t sure sparked our suspicions. This was a red flag for us because my partner and I both are health professionals working with humans (I know animals and humans are different) we would do a complete work up for our patients such as biopsy, culture and sensitivity, and blood work before sending patients for surgery. A few days later the doctors office called us to tell us that they have an opening for surgery and can squeeze her in with a Dr Duval (a surgeon who had never seen her until what would’ve been the day of surgery) Wednesday at 8am. We held off on surgery for a second opinion and went to a veterinarian who specialized in oncology. The oncologist did a thorough examination and cultured the wound( which is a simple rule out diagnostic test for infection) and said that the growth did not look like cancer at all and more so an infection and prescribed an antibiotic with a future follow up. This is what we would call a NEAR MISS EVENT. Thank god we got a second opinion! Our dog could’ve potentially lost a paw from a diagnosis that is treatable with antibiotics. I caution you all to ASK QUESTIONS and listen to that gut feeling. We treat humans and so we know the process of a work up to rule out possible causes. This brings me to question why was so little done in diagnosing but quick to have surgical intervention? I question their integrity at this point. We trust you with our pets and I pray that you aren’t corrupted and solely looking to make money! This is something I hope Dr. Grove, Dr. Duval, and the office can reflect on. I rarely write reviews but this definitely needs to be posted!

Nicole Kelley

2 years ago

Dr. Grove was so calm and wonderful with my dog! It was our first visit and we are extremely pleased!


2 years ago

My dog and I had a great experience from start to finish. The vet tech was extremely smart and took great care of us. We loved Dr. Ifkovitz! Thank you all for your help.

Fred P

2 years ago

Excellent efficient pleasant care for our Aussie!!! Definitely going back and prices were fair!! Highly Recommend these folks for any dog!!

Tiffany Amezqua

2 years ago

I think this is the best vet I have been to. I’ve been taking my dog there for a while and have had great experiences. I had to take my mom’s dog today as she has been sick and I’m pet sitting. They were so informative, knowledgeable, and patient. My mom has spent a ton of resources on her vet trying to figure out what is wrong with her before this with inclusive/no results. They got her fixed up within an hour with a great plan for future care. I highly recommend Trusted Friend Animal Climic.

El El

2 years ago

I had a great first impression of Trusted Friend Animal Clinic! We had just moved to Sandy Springs and needed a vet for an unexpected accident. Even though I had never been there before, they got me in right away to help my cat. They were on time and very friendly, despite my cats grumpy attitude. They never found ways to "add charges," even though they easily could have. They all were very professional, very caring, and super helpful, and I am glad I called them. They will be my go to vet of choice while I live here. Thanks Trusted Friend Animal Clinic!

Katherine Schofield

2 years ago

Great experience! My cat was scratching his face causing open wounds and they got us in quickly. It’s very clean, everyone is super friendly and cared about Clifton as much as I would. Lots of vets make you wait for appointments and they worked with me to get him in next day. Would definitely recommend for your babies needs!

Amy Jameson

2 years ago

We just moved to sandy springs a few weeks ago and our pup had a bad stomach. They were able to squeeze us in and give her the best care. We got sent home with meds and they have even reached out following up on our best girl. Also VERY affordable!!!

Joe Hayek

2 years ago

I went for the first time today and what a great experience it was. The clinic itself looks great, the staff are so friendly and nice, and Dr. Politte was wonderful. I always have a million questions, and they took time, answered all my questions, and not once did I feel rushed. They are also so thorough with their exams. I can't speak highly enough of Trusted Friend.

Donna Narducci

2 years ago

Kind and caring staff, very clean and well kept clinic, and Dr. Grove has always been terrific with my pets. I highly recommend Trusted Friend for your veterinary needs.

Priscilla Wyndham

2 years ago

I have had 2 cats that were taken care of at this vet clinic. They both lived almost 20 years, which I believe I owe some of this to the wonderful care they received all their lives at Trusted Friend.

Kim Parker

3 years ago

My dog was exhibiting the signs that she had eaten something toxic so I called my usual vet and they agreed that she needed to be seen by someone but they did not have capacity to take her, recommending a 24 hour vet. I called that location and they also would not take her and provided me a 3rd vet to call. The third vet said I could bring her but because they were busy and still working under strict covid protocols, I might be waiting with her in my car in their parking lot for about 3 hours. While I am making all these calls, I am texting with a friend who uses Trusted Friend Animal Clinic, he calls them to see if they can take her. They are completely booked with appointments but said I could drop her off, they would make her comfortable and have the doctor look at her between appointments. I was completely blown away that this vet was willing to squeeze her in even when not a regular patient. This was so much better then spending 3 hours in a hot car with a sick animal who would have been miserable. I dropped her off and was able to get back to work knowing that my dog was in good hands. They called me a few hours later letting me know how she was and talked with me about doing xrays -- I appreciated the fact that they called to ask and let me decide as for a lot of people a surprise charge would have been burdensome. The xrays turned up nothing so I was able to pick her up with some medicines and my dog is doing much better. When I checked out I noticed a discount on my bill for being a referral! AND they texted me the next day to check on my dog. Simply incredible customer service and I would not hesitate to recommend them for their incredible kindness and compassion. If I lived closer there is no doubt this would be my regular vet but I am also happy to know that I have them as an option if the same thing happens again in the future.

Riza Simpson

3 years ago

BEWARE !!!! wish I could give negative stars !!!! My baby boy was a patient here for 6 months and perished, Dr. Grove misdiagnosed my dog. my dog was having trouble pooping and was screaming in pain. This clinic prescribed so many meds to "keep him comfortable" I expressed on multiple occasions that I felt as though they were using meds to mask the pain instead of actually doing due diligence to find the cause and root source of the pain so we can heal from there. I took my dog to the office on three separate occasions for a month trying to receive help with the pain he was expressing wile pooping. Everyone I expressed concern to, tried to down play the level of pain he was in or even more importantly expressing that he was in. I was told on numerous occasions that dogs can be a bit dramatic, or baby like. Being that we are in covid each time I took him in I was unable to over see the examination, even when they opened the clinic back up they didn't examine him in front of me. long story short his last week I contacted the doctor prior to the weekend in concern that he was regressing instead of remaining stable . Dr. Grove suggested we put him on an probiotic, my response was, " how can we put him on more meds if he's not even eating?"she then suggested we begin syringe feeding and to continue pain meds. Saturday I rushed my dog to the ER were this amazing ER Vet was able to give me answers. Not answers that I wanted to hear but answers I had been searching for. My dog had two extremely large sized tumors on his intestinal tract witch had been growing for months (the months that he was a trusted friend animal patient) by time he reached the ER his gaul bladder had ruptured. We could not save my baby by time a competent doctor had put hands on him. The doctor was familiar with Dr. Groves work and made comments about his surprise in her lack of thoroughness with my dogs care. He stated that the tumors were so large that with a simple exam where his abdomen should of been palpitated any physician would have felt these legions. we could have saved him from the tumors but them being so large started to cause further more complications resulting in his ruptured gaul bladder. The doctor expressed that he was confused as to why Dr. Grove had zoned in so heavily on the problem being his anal glands, he refuted her diagnoses and comfortably felt that his pain screams were the signs of his tumors. Monday came and I called to schedule a one on one meeting with Dr. Grove not only to talk about her care or more there her lack of essentially resulting in my dogs death but how disappointed I was that I spoke to Dr. Grover herself , and Tess the tech Monday and at no point did they ask how Pucci was doing since the last conversation we had was Friday about him regressing in health instead of remaining stable. Dr. Grove canceled our meeting and canceled my dogs accounts as her patients because I asked for her license Number and her full name. Dr. Grove and Tess were more concerned with me sharing my reasoning for wanting a one on one then the status of her sick patient. There are so many more bad experiences I was subjected to during this tough month that my dog was very sick, but this is most important for the public to know. I don't know if Dr. Grove is aware that Pucci past the weekend we spoke bc she never asked about him, still. Trusted friend don't bother responding to this review I wish you no prosperity in your practice and I hope you entire office goes to HELL!!!! I regret bringing my dogs there and hope others take heed to the warning signs: Not examining your dog in front of you, over medicating, improperly medicating, lack of patient client relationship building, an unwillingness to hunt for the root of pain or discomfort signs, taking in regard your dogs pain or discomfort signs, not performing a hands on full body exam, palpitating the abdomen, being unwilling to take push back on doctor recommended care plan bc one does not believe in over medicating. My dog was only 7.5 years old and was by far not a sickly dog.

C.D Patterson

3 years ago

Very clean vet hospital.. it doesn’t smell like a vet clinic. They have 2 doctors on staff

karen pickerill

3 years ago

My two have received their care from Dr Grive and her team since they were adopted at 8 weeks. Great team, caring staff, very knowledgeable about cat behavior and anatomy.


3 years ago

I was hoping to offer the highest recommendation for Trusted Friend Animal Clinic. My Labrador has received excellent care at Trusted Friend over the years for the occasional ear infection, vaccinations, yearly checkups, and dental cleanings. Early this year, my dog was very sick with what turned out to be elevated liver levels. Dr. Politte, Dr. Grove, and the Trusted Friend staff went above and beyond for diagnostics, a plan of care, outpatient support, and follow-up visits for my dog’s liver values to return to normal and his complete recovery. All of the Veterinary Techs and Veterinary Assistants are the very BEST and the receptionists will not only conveniently schedule appointments with you but will connect with you the day after your visit just to check in. Also, their pharmacy makes everything super easy for heartworm, flea/tick prevention, and everything else. My dog and I look forward to many wonderful years to come at Trusted Friend.

Linda Rene

3 years ago

Service was incredibly, you won’t be disappointed.

Nikki Montesanti

3 years ago

The staff was so awesome & welcoming. They were able to get one of my dogs out of the car without me, which impressed me! They were very attentive & made sure all my concerns were address before sending me on my way! Glad to have changed vets from Banfield to here. Banfield was okay, but each location is different & not all locations have a great staff. I have 2 dogs & 1 cat and now trust they have a consistent vet that has their back!

Bahar Mirzai

3 years ago

**Update** After they treated my sister and her pet so horribly, I will not be returning. Customer relations is not the best and they need to work on their communication. They do a wonderful job with your pets and they do price match for any pets meds that you may need. The only thing is it seems a little chaotic at times

Autumn Dugger

3 years ago

I LOVE this place!! The staff is so kind, caring, and amazing. The docs are caring and very attentive. My pups love going here. They never try to talk me into anything unnecessary. They listen to me when I talk, and they patiently answer any question I may have (and sometimes its alot!) They are gentle and kind to my babies, and I love the support they provide. 10/10 would recommend to anyone! :-)

T. S.

3 years ago

Its been a little while since my pet visited (it was fall maybe summer of 2020 oops), but she was in bad need of a dental. Her breath smelled so bad, and she was having a hard time chewing on the right side of her mouth. Dr. Grove performed a dental on her and removed a fractured tooth (I feel so bad I had no idea it was there) they had found while doing xrays on her mouth. She even had the receptionist send pictures of her problem teeth during it! Her recovery went so smoothly! Now she's eating more, playing more, and even better doesn't smell like a nightmare when we're cuddling. I plan on having my other dog have his teeth done there soon as well. Dr. Grove gave my pet amazing care and I would recommend hands down for an affordable and quality dental cleaning.

Sharon Hill

3 years ago

Very disappointed with this clinic. The hours are terrible & not for clients who work. I called to ask a medical question which I requested be asked to the doctor but was instead asked to a tech who didn’t respond appropriately. (I’m a doctor & I know when a question should be answered by the doctor vs a staff member). I went to pick up medicine for my pet; they gave me the wrong thing. I even called back before I left the parking lot because it didn’t seem right. I was told, “I gave you the one the tech said to give you”. It wasn’t correct. I waited over a week for a return call re: a request for prescription food only to have to continue to call into the next week. They also lost the personal touch when they changed their phone answering from a live person to an annoying automated selection process. They don’t offer grooming or boarding. I really liked the clinic when I first went there in 2019 & early 2020, but the changes they’ve made have made this clinic impersonal, disorganized, & compromising in the care of my pets. I even continued to drive to Sandy Springs to Trusted Friends after we moved. Now it’s not worth the inconvenience so I’ll be switching vets.

Sadaf Mirzai

3 years ago

I’ve been bringing 4 of my family’s pets to this clinic for more than 2 years now. My sisters also bring their pets so from our family, that is 7-8 pets.. Last week, I brought my dog here to get her paw examined after getting a nasty cut between two of her rear toes. I was sent home with a topical spray which I administered and the wound only got worse to where two days later on Thanksgiving evening, my dogs paw was so inflamed, red, and infected that I had to visit a vet hospital to have her looked at. The hospital said she did in fact have an infection and sent me home with antibiotics. I ended up paying $239 for this appointment because Trusted Friend failed to do the proper analysis on her paw. The difference was the hospital did a cytology exam (took a sample of the skin and looked at it under a microscope). They also prescribed me with the proper treatment. I called Trusted Friend back to notify them that their failure to deeply examine her paw resulted in an infection and I’d asked for a refund for the appointment because they only inspected it quickly and sent my dog on her way. If they had given her antibiotics, I don’t believe she would have gotten an infection. Rather than taking the proper normal accountability for the situation and infection that escalated, the Doctor made a bigger deal of the situation by canceling my dog’s spay appointment I had scheduled 3 months in advance. Talk about a poor handling of a situation... Normally an animal clinic would put the customer first and see the concern that I had for my animal and empathize. I don’t want to give my hard earned money to a place that treats their customers and animal patients like this.

Theresa Helena Van Staden

3 years ago

I have through a series of unfortunate events over the past two months had to take all four of my animals to Trusted Friend Animal Clinic. Each time I have been treated with courtesy and my animals with kindness. The diagnoses have been correct and the treatment is working. I also am shown the potential cost of treatment before treatment so we can make decisions about what is possible.

Holly Poe

3 years ago

Very kind people. For example, they love Jon (Furball) Snow.

Haley Davis

3 years ago

I have two dogs and have brought them both here for their annual exams and vaccines, and an additional visit for a small lump on one of my dogs legs. Dr. Grove was excellent and incredibly informative and great about explaining what she thought it may be, different treatment options and their prices, and was not pushy at all with pursuing treatment as the issue was not serious or urgent. I have not had to wait long at all when I come for an appointment, and even during COVID, the office has been very timely and they adjusted well with doing curbside appointments. They come get your pet from your car and once they are done, you can pay from your car as well. I believe their prices to be very reasonable and the care has always been positive.

hannah J

3 years ago

I’ll explain our experience at this clinic, and you CAN decide if you want to use them for your little pet or not.. We took our dog in because she was puking every day for a few weeks. They did blood work, and upon initial blood work, her white blood cell levels were high as well as ALT levels, which have to do with the liver. Initially ALT levels were never mentioned, only antibiotics. We went though the antibiotic course, never knowing her ALt levels were high until after requesting blood work results. After the antibiotics didn’t work, 3 weeks later, we went for an abdominal ultrasound as suggested by the vet. Found out our sweet little pup has liver cancer. They had another office perform the ultrasound and charged 250 for a consultation fee, in addition to the ultrasound charge( which ended up being 650 not the 400 that was quoted before). The consultation consitsted of the doctor telling me my dog had cancer and 3 months to live, but still have not heard from Trusted Friend themselves. Nothing of what to do to help her, or make her feel more comfortable. He mentioned we would be hearing from trusted friend on what to do next. Nothing a week later. They just do the run around, doesn’t seem they really care about your animal which is all that I ask for in a situation like this. We don’t know what’s going on, so you would think you lean on your vet for those answers/direction, but it doesn’t happen here. If you want someone by your side helping you keep your little loved one alive, they don’t seem to care. I did previously go to Rose animal hospital who seems to have caring vets, we just had already paid so much money to trusted friend.

Disa Mason

3 years ago

Dr. Groves @ Trusted Friend has taken care of our older, extremely nervous and slightly cranky dog since we moved to ATL. We do all our medical treatment and some boarding there. It is a fabulous practice with staff that are very responsive, caring and willing to go the extra mile for finicky dogs. I highly recommend! Their COVID procedures are very safe too.

Kacey Stuck

3 years ago

I started bringing my cat here after moving to Atlanta in 2014. Dr. Grove and the staff (from the kind receptionist to the knowledgeable and personable techs) have always been wonderful. My cat had numerous dentals with extractions, and he was always well taken care of. When he unexpectedly developed cancer duing COVID, everyone was so supportive and always made time for my questions, and when I had to let him go two weeks later, they did everything they could to help him pass peacefully in a way that honored him. After he passed, they all sent the sweetest condolence card. I've already brought my new furry kiddos to see them, and I can't imagine going somewhere else. Just a great all around experience with highly knowledgeable and caring folks.

Nicole Fisher

3 years ago

We LOVE Trusted Friends. We have used them since our dog was a puppy- and wouldn't go anywhere else!

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