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Kris D

2 years ago

Dr. Heidi Fink was unprofessional, cold, and heartless. She made us seem like we were an inconvenience and seemed annoyed at questions we had. When getting devastating news about your dog you want to feel as though the Vet cares and has …

Chip McCoy

2 years ago

I brought my dog Pablo to BluePearl last month because he suddenly was unable to walk or even stand without falling. It turns out he had a neurological condition. He's currently being treated with medication and is back to his normal self! I was very impressed with Dr. Johnson and the neurology department. I had been referred by the BluePearl location in West Midtown because they don't have a neurology department there. I dropped Pablo off at the Sandy Springs location at 4:30am for an overnight stay (they actually told me that they were otherwise full but had made additional space for him, which I appreciated!). There was no wait when I dropped him off. Throughout his stay I was kept fully up-to-date on Pablo's condition and treatment. By 8:15am, Dr. Johnson had arrived, examined Pablo, and called me with an update on the tests they were going to perform. He again called me by mid-day with an update after an MRI and next steps. He again called later in the afternoon with the next set of test results, a diagnosis, and treatment plan. I picked Pablo up the next day, had everything explained to me by Dr. Johnson and a helpful tech (Ashely) and was given a written and detailed set of discharge instructions, including details on his condition and the treatment/medication plan. I have absolutely no complaints about his treatment or the service and would recommend this hospital to anyone, particularly if their dog needs a neurological examination.

T Mitchell

2 years ago

I’m rating BluePearl 5 because I walked in like a paranoid, crazy pet parent and Dexter made me feel at ease, and that I had every right to feel that way. We brought Taco in for vomiting and loss of appetite thats been going for 3 days. Our Vet couldn’t see him until next week. Dexter is one of the most professional, personable, compassionate and heartfelt Techs I have ever met. We thought that he was the Doctor from his demeanor, conversations and energy. The front staff and Veterinarian was very also nice to us, and we didn’t have a long wait.

Matthew Falkler

2 years ago

Our cat Sully had a sudden urinary blockage on Christmas Day in the evening. I called BluePearl and a tech walked me through what to check for. He told me to come in immediately which I did. When I arrived, Sully was seen immediately with no wait at all. Dr. Olivia Lex was the attending Veterinarian and saw me shortly after. Dr. Lex clearly communicated what was going on with Sully. After careful thought and discussion of his chances of a full recovery in the present and his long term health, my fiancée and I made the incredibly sad decision to say goodbye. The front desk staff, the techs, and Dr. Lex were amazing. They were caring, communicated clearly, took their time with me, and went above & beyond. Dr. Lex even sent us a handwritten sympathy card with Sully’s paw print. Despite our grieving of the sudden loss of Sully, we’re beyond grateful of how cordial BluePearl was and how they treated us.


2 years ago

December 28th 2021 we had to euthanize our precious Cody. Our regular veterinarian's ​office was closed. We are forever grateful that he didn't have to suffer throughout the night. The staff was empathetic from the first call and until his last breath. Thank you doctor Courtney Hughes and staff.

Josh May

2 years ago

My little puppy swallowed a sock. When I got him to them, they immediately took him back and induced vomiting. A little more than an hour later I'm taking my little guy home all better and happy as can be. The staff had great attitudes and the price for their service was very affordable.

Ammie Knowles

2 years ago

Week before last, I had the unfortunate opportunity of bringing my Jack Russell Terrier, Sweet Sophie, to Blue Pearl Sandy Springs. From the second I walked in the door to the time I walked out without my 15 year old dog, I was graced with concern and compassion from the front desk staff, vet technicians, and veterinarian, Dr. Kurtzman. Sadly, Sophie succumbed to her unexplained, sudden medical emergency (perhaps a heart attack?) while en route to Blue Pearl. Dr. Kurtzman had the difficult task of breaking the news that Sophie's heart was not beating when she arrived (which I was pretty certain of when I handed her off to the technicians). Dr. Kurtzman shared the sad news with the utmost compassion. He allowed me to spend a few moments with Sophie to properly say goodbye to her. He voluntarily did an ultrasound to see if he could tell what type of medical emergency she had suffered just to give me a bit of closure. It was absolutely one of the hardest things I've ever dealt with but the kindness and compassion from Blue Pearl made it easier. To my pleasant surprise tonight, I received a handwritten note from Dr. Kurtzman along with a golden paw print and tail print of my Sweet Sophie. To say that I'm moved, humbled, and eternally grateful is an understatement. I will never forget Dr. Kurtzman and I will never be able to thank him enough for taking the time to write a personalized note with such an amazing keepsake of my Sweet Sophie. Thank you, Blue Pearl staff and Dr. Kurtzman!

Samantha Patterson

2 years ago

Wanted to give a HUGE endorsement/shout out to the Cardiology dept here. If you have a pet with any sort of heart disease/heart failure (and I sure hope you don't!) this is where you need to be. Dr. Laughlin and her team (specifically Alex and Stephanie) are phenomenal people. They have taken such good care of us since we (unfortunately) became patients in 2020. They have made everything seamless and easy down to getting prescriptions called in/filled. Made everything easy to understand in a realm where we are clueless. The care and compassion they show for my cat is incredible. We don't feel like just a number with them. So happy we have them, my cat Lenny wouldn't be alive without them.

Joel Gentle

2 years ago

The staff at Blue Pearl is the best. When one of my dogs was diagnosed with cancer, he had radiation treatment at Blue Pearl. Afterwards, it was estimated that he may live another 6 months. Almost 3 years later, he is still here, happy and healthy. Earlier this week, he became very ill to the point that I was unsure if he would make it through the night. Thanks to the grace of God and the staff at Blue Pearl, he has again defied the odds. After spending the night in I.C.U., he is back home and back to normal (almost). Blue Pearl is expensive but as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for”. With that being said, the level of care and expertise are far superior than my local veterinarian, therefore, I will continue to take my dogs to Blue Pearl when the need arises and I would highly recommend Blue Pearl to anyone for specialty treatment or treatment of serious illness. Without Blue Pearl, my Vito would not be alive, happy, and healthy.

Darl Champion

2 years ago

We had to visit Blue Pearl recently when our senior dog's health declined rapidly over a few days. We had to make the difficult decision to put her down. The entire team at Blue Pearl was excellent. Our vet, Julia O'Rourke, was wonderful. She displayed compassion and empathy during a difficult time. I would definitely recommend Blue Pearl.

Tracie Sanders

2 years ago

Our 14 year old pup took a sudden turn late one night. We live near Blue Pearl and took her in to have her put to sleep. Dr. Ann Marie Bloomer was so compassionate and kind. They explained to us exactly what to expect which we appreciate so much. She also sent us a hand written sympathy card with our pup's paw print. Thanks for everything you did for us during a difficult time!

Timothy Weed

2 years ago

I went to Blue Pearl last night with an emergency. I was turned away. The parking lot was empty, and I did not see anyone in the building besides me. They said they're not taking in any more animals tonight and handed me a list of other vets in the area. Emergency Center of Sandy Springs up the road was able to see me ASAP. After talking with my normal vet, they also do not recommend going to Blue Pearl anymore. This used to be one of the best Vets in the area, and now they're turning away sick animals. An update in my cats condition, they have found a mass in her abdomen. It would have been nice to find that out sooner, at a vet I though was trustworthy. If you have an emergency in this area, take the 2 mile trip up to Animal Emergency Center of Sandy Springs, at least they will see your animal...

S Castillo

2 years ago

We came here in October 2019 and they took great care of our Basil and were very compassionate and thorough. Our experience at the ER however will insure we will not return. I am giving two starts because of our prior experience and because the vet himself was good. The rest of the staff is unprofessional, I could hear them swearing at the front desk and they kept stringing me along for four hours. No vet I have ever been to has taken my dog back for 'observation' and not returned them. She had thrown up but was stable and acting normal, there was no reason to keep her apart from me for three hours just increasing her anxiety. No one came to tell me that they would hold her apart from me, or how she was doing. I asked twice for an update and finally was told she was fine after two hours. I told two staff members after that to bring me my dog and they just said they would tell someone back there. I was very worried I would not get her back. After 4 hours of waiting, 3 without my dog, the vet came to discuss. He had her treated in 15 minutes and we were gone as soon as possible.

Paul Covington

2 years ago

I have mixed feelings on BluePearl . We have three dogs and use BluePearl for different reasons. Overall, the doctors seem excellent and provide great care. We had knee surgery for a torn ligament and our dog now walks and run like nothing ever happened. That being said, the services are very expensive. My issue is with the pharmacy/prescription refill process. One of our dogs has several recurring medications and literally every single month getting them filled entails an exhausting amount of effort. We've submitted refill requests both through the phone and the online portal - without fail almost every time the initial request does not result in a refill. We always have to call a couple of days later to check-in and all of these experiences are repeated just about every time: - we are required to talk to several people over a coupe of days who tell us something different about the status of the refill - most of these calls require tons of time on hold - we are told there is someone else we need to talk to the next day (they won't call them for you) - we are told it will be ready later in the day only to show up and the new staff can't find it and have no idea what I'm talking about - we are told "they don't see it in the system" after all of the above has already happened as if this was the first time I talked to anyone I don't know what the fix is - more staff? more organization? someone fix it! I want to like BluePearl but this repeat Rx experience is frustrating!!

Nathan Delray

2 years ago


Justin Lawrence

2 years ago

Very rude and unprofessional staff/technicians. Dr. Kurtzman was very kind and respectful but the rest of the staff we encountered should not be in any sort of healthcare and need to learn manners.

Inna Brown

2 years ago

Killers!!! They kill your pets in emergency room, stay away from this place at any cost. Brought my dog in a critical condition. Instead of see her right away they kept her on back for 6 hours till Dr. HUNTER showed up only after 6hours after our check in. Stay away from this doctor. He is very good about taking and convincing to trust them and to leave your pet over there and pay high cost for the treatment. And as a loving parent you would do anything for your pet. So I paid $3000 for all kind test and procedures. They took money, and my baby was dead in 4 hours because of the wrong treatment. Please read all reviews, they are absolutely %100 true. I maid horrible mistake to take my baby to BluePearl. If I just took my baby to the different emergency she would be still alive.

Donna Monroe

2 years ago

This precious baby was killed by a Blue Pearl vet, who still works there, two years ago today. If Addie's story will save just one baby like her, I will be grateful. She seemed perfectly healthy, but a routine blood workup to spay her found a heart problem. Blue Pearl did extensive testing and her prognosis was good with treatment. The treatment was to draw blood. He drew too much and killed her. Because of his incompetence in treating Addie, which he phrased as “an error in judgment," my little dog is dead. It was his lack of knowledge of how fragile little dogs are. Addie was only 1 1/2 years and weighed 3 pounds. I loved this little dog so much????

Brittany Peterson

2 years ago

Due to the reviews, I was initially nervous to bring my dog here even though it was highly recommended by my vet. On friday, our 4 year old dachshund lost all mobility in his hind legs. We took him to our vet where he was diagnosed with stage 4 IVDD. We were so shocked. We took him home and planned to take him for imaging, but couldn’t get an appointment the same day due to how short staffed they are. Over night our pup got worse and I brought him to blue pearl during the early hours this morning. I was not super impressed with the office staff upon arrival and immediately wondered if the reviews were right and if I made a mistake. They did not seem to care about me being there, they were quite rude, and one of them was fast asleep up at the front desk. But I didn’t have any other options and my pup was in quite a bit of pain so I waited for an entire hour back in a room with my shrieking dog even though I didn’t see a single other person in the entire place. Then I met with Dr. Cordell who was the most compassionate vet I have ever dealt with. She was kind but more than that she was honest. She didn’t rush me in describing what we had been through and what my thoughts on course of action was. She talked through all options with me and took her time examining him. Unfortunately, the prognosis had become worse in less than 24 hours. We decided to focus on pain management until I could follow up with our regular vet tomorrow. Unfortunately, my sweet boy deteriorated this afternoon and we made the incredibly difficult and heartbreaking choice to end his life. I’ve never been through this kind of loss and I am absolutely destroyed over it, but Dr. Cordell at Blue Pearl and the staff at sweet dreams Georgia were able to make this experience bearable. I will be forever grateful for the care my precious Vader received today. You made such a difference for us Dr. Cordell, thank you.

* Delgado

2 years ago

We had a terrible experience at the Sandy Springs location. We were told to leave our dog overnight for two nights which we did and received a bill for over $3100 for tests and medication. In the end, they could not determine if our dog had bone cancer or not. They said more tests were needed which of course meant more money. I felt like this was all they cared about is how much money you are willing to spend on your dog. Long story short, we found a vet hospital that amputated our dog's leg which included an overnight stay and the bill was only $250. That is $250 for an amputation that Blue Pearl quoted to be between $2500-$4000. Do your homework. It took me days to find this clinic but I am so glad we did because we were ready to euthanize our dog since we could not deal with a $2500-$4000 vet bill in addition to the over $3000 bill we had to pay for the first visit.

Wendy Wilson

2 years ago

They were open for us at 3:00 am when we were awakened by a very sick pup.. great Vets and staff very good … a little bit expensive But it was 3:00 am .. so I cannot complain. They helped our baby feel better…

Sierra Wirt

2 years ago

This place is extremely pricey, but we got quality care and I could tell they truly cared about the well being of my dog. We arrived on a Wednesday afternoon and it was completely packed with more urgent emergencies coming in before us, we were still seen within an hour. They did a good job keeping us informed with treatment. They made a really terrible situation as easy as possible.

Racheal Tu

2 years ago

The emergency receptionist was super rude and has no respect to talk to others with such mean tone. I do not wait over 15 minutes or more just to get a rude receptionist talk to me that way, I am here overwhelmed on what to do with my cat being injured and I asked her a questions which I clearly was really hopping to received some help but obviously she was not doing her job as a vet right. She keeps trying to push me off the call and tells me to reach out to a different location very rudely.

Linda Stephens

2 years ago

They did a great job looking over my cat I only thought the x-ray cost was higher $120.00 per and we needed 3

Cameron S.

2 years ago

This place saved our cat! Pixl decided to eat 3 ft of nylon thread that got wrapped around the back of her tongue and lodged in her stomach and intestines. Blue Pearl performed the surgery to remove the obstruction. Her incision and sutures were the best I've seen! She had no bruising around the incision points and her sutures were incredibly clean and neat. This place cares about its pet owners as well! They are incredibly patient with scared owners on the phone and are willing to answer all questions throughout your baby's healing process. After being treated for a self-induced infection, which Blue Pearl also saved us from, and getting her sutures removed, Pixl is good to go and back to living a healthy cat life! Thank you so much Blue Pearl for saving our best friend!

Chelsea H

2 years ago

I called on Saturday and spoke to someone initially who put me on hold to go get a vet tech. After 18 minutes (glad my emergency wasn't time-sensitive), a vet tech finally got on the phone and told us to bring our cat in. We drove 30 minutes to this location and were told there was a 6 hour wait. I asked why we weren't told that before we drove there and was told that "they had an influx of emergency referrals." There is no way that a 6 hour wait appeared in 30 minutes. They gave us a list of other emergency clinics in the area and we drove another 20 minutes to the Animal Emergency Clinic of North Fulton, where we had a great experience.

Cole Sternberd

2 years ago

They were good till they sold out to corporate vet.

Erica Callahan

2 years ago

Amazing care team!! I cannot recommend this place enough. My 12 year old yorkie came in with severe pancreatitis & dehydration. After 2 days and many prayers, my baby came home feeling great! The care team was so thorough and they truly cared so much about my baby’s recovery. They told me to call at anytime, as many times as I wanted, for updates. They also assured me he was being loved and spoiled when I couldn’t be by his side. Thank you all so much!

Faith Mantia

2 years ago

Amazing amazing staff and doctors! My cat was throwing up all day so I took him in at night. The staff at the front desk were informative, the technician was quick and effective and the main Vet who came in to talk to me gave me a great run down of my options but I never felt pressured to choose a certain option! I really appreciated how kind and caring everyone was and the entire staff were all very understanding!

Natalie Powers

2 years ago

Brought my cat here about a month ago in fear of a urinary blockage. They’re very helpful on the phone (will connect you to a vet tech within minutes). Wait times are high but that’s the nature of the business. They checked my cat within a few minutes of arrival to determine how urgent the issue was, and then we waited for a bit for him to be fully examined. The Veterinarian came out and spoke with me about my cat, and she was very friendly and helpful! The overall price for the full physical exam (including ultrasound) and 3 medications was a little under $200, so not bad. She even gave me some foods to try to get him to take his meds with. Considering the staff and time limitations that emergency vets have to face, this vet provides great service!

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