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Lilia Dudas

2 years ago

Amazing environment for your pups! My dog loves coming here ????

Susan Ruszkowski

2 years ago

Love this place - very friendly staff

Audrey Orr

2 years ago

Our sassy bulldog Beans has a resting Karen "let me speak to your manager" face. He is underwhelmed by most things in life besides couches, grazing time and bed time on the human bed. This all changes when he is dropped off at Puppy Haven Chastain. His eyes become saucers and his nugget body is unstoppable running in. He has a special love for Logan and Chandler and everyone at the center is so incredibly kind and loving and animal people. The space is so clean- they are so responsive- and they make traveling feel more exciting when we have that peace of mind. Thank you, Puppy Haven for such an amazing experience each time. Ps. After we come home Beans will sit by my car on potty breaks dying to go back to daycare!

Richard Carell

3 years ago

Excellent staff and very caring! The facility is fantastic

Hank Winterscheidt

3 years ago

We love dropping our dog off at Puppy Haven! We know he is well taken care of and has tons of fun!!!

joanna alvarez

3 years ago

I just wanna say this place is great! My little Cooper went to daycare for the first time everyone was so helpful and so accepting to my little guy, I can tell my pup loves it! I think it was nice they gave me a little report card and even got a cute little card in the mail! I totally recommended this place if your dog needs play time!

Katie Badura

3 years ago

Our dogs love puppy haven! Friendly staff and nice facility! Dogs come home tired from a hard day's work!!

Abbie davis

3 years ago

My sweet Hazel girl Loves Puppy Haven- Chastain!! She’s been coming here since she was old enough to take the temperament test 2yrs ago. She can be high energy, but she is able to play with all of her puppy friends and staff at Puppy Haven are very attentive to when she needs a break. They also give her lots of love when she stays overnight on occasion! Hazel loves to run circles around her friends and snuggle up when everyone is tired! Hazel also goes to Puppy Haven- Brookhaven and has the same experience with the staff and other pup friends! We love Puppy Haven!

Daniel Mirolli

3 years ago

These folks are FANTASTIC! Had to go out of town shortly after moving to the area. They were able to accommodate a same day temperament check and then watch my little guy for a few days. Live webcams gave me piece of mind, my guy is 15 yrs old, and the folks were SUCH a fan of his that when I picked him up it was like he was 5 years younger! Thank you!

Fred Respess

3 years ago

The kindest, people, Trinity, my toy, red, goldendoodle 16 months, is so, happy. Anything they can do. For the special people, that Love there dog s, this is your place.

Christine Ward

3 years ago

Friendly, caring staff who respond quickly to emails...our two Wheaten Terriers love this place!

Frank Willard

3 years ago

My puppies love Puppy Haven. The grooming service is the best.

William Carpenter

3 years ago

Absolutely wonderful experience. The staff were so kind and excited to see my puppy, Domino. The 'trial' first day was a wonderful experience to acclimate him to being there. Such a wonderful, clean facility and such compassionate staff. Your pride and joy will definitely be loved if they stay here!

Lynice Hannah

3 years ago

My puppy is only about a year and a half, but has been going to Puppy Haven for a while. He’s been boarded at this location (Chastain) many times and he is always clean and well taken care of. They are careful to ask about medications and food portions. What I really love is they will call you immediately if something is wrong or just to see if you want a bath for your pup. That’s super helpful for me and most times I take advantage. I also love getting the emails reminding me of his next vaccination due and the ease of uploading that documentation. I would highly recommend for boarding and day care. Staff are friendly and caring.

Maggie Richardson

3 years ago

We love- LOVE- Puppy Haven. I don't ever write reviews, but I was just talking about how thankful I am for PHC and it prompted me to write one. My puppy can be a nerve case, so I don't trust her with just anyone. Puppy Haven has been a god-send to help her socialize and be away from me to learn some independence. The staff is incredibly patient and always greets us with a smile and the best energy at drop off and pick up. My pup, Rosie, literally runs to the door to go back and play. I cannot recommend them enough!

Mary Beth Saylor

3 years ago

My dog loves Puppy Haven. She gets her puppy energy out and has fun.

Mitch Reaves

3 years ago

A great place for your dog to enjoy their day. The staff were extremely welcoming and super friendly!

Monica Botero Motta

3 years ago

I love puppy haven Chastain location. You're the best! ????

Nicholas Cuneo

3 years ago

Cali came into my life fairly abruptly. The circumstances involved a teenager who wanted a puppy and a set of parents that overestimated their daughters level of commitment. It wasn’t the saddest story, to be sure, but after knowing Cali for a bit I couldn’t let her be sent back to the shelter. Now, as I’m sure you’re already aware, a puppy is quite a time commitment and I quickly found myself scrambling to accomplish in a day what I used to with time to spare. As time ticked on I found that the small areas of my life I couldn’t attend to as I once had were accumulating a debt, and one I couldn’t pay. I had seen and heard the name Puppy Haven mentioned enthusiastically a few times in my pup’s play groups and thought that perhaps this could be the solution I had been searching for, the savior that would finally bring balance to the chaos that seemed to engulf me and restore the level of productivity I had maintained in my pre-dog-parent life. And so, with cautious optimism, I booked an appointment for a temperament test for young Cali. Now dear reader, if you are not yet aware, one of the selling points of Puppy Haven is the live webcams available for viewing on their website. This was particularly appealing to me as my concerns for finding a surrogate home for Cali spanned from how she would be treated to how she would treat others (humans and dogs alike), and through this I could see the answers to those concerns first hand and unadulterated by my presence. When I got home from dropping Cali off for the first time I booted up my computer, pulled up the webcams, and watched. As the dishes I said I would get to sat dirty and neglected in the sink, I watched my pup explore this new world. As my clothes sat in the hamper, still unfolded from the past weekend, I watched the bonds of trust being formed between the Puppy Haven staff and Cali. I watched her make friends, romp and play, and snuggle up with some pals when she needed a break. I watched the staff gently and patiently calm her down when she got to excited while playing. I watched them give her love and attention when she wanted it. In the bigger picture I watched as a group of dogs large enough to easily overwhelm me be handled expertly. I watched them introduce themselves to each other, play together, even love (I averted my eyes when some of the budding romances culminated on screen). I watched intently, as the clock ticked on through the work day. When it was finally time to pick Cali up, I was greeted by a tired, happy dog. I had no doubt in my mind that there wasn’t another way she’d have rather spent the day. I continued to reflect on the day as I made the short trip home, thinking of all of the things I didn’t get to. Some of these things became incredibly apparent as I walked in the door of my apartment. It was not in the orderly state I had promised myself it would be now that I had more than enough free time to make it so. It wasn’t disappointment in myself that washed over me though, but a calm happiness. I realized in that moment that it wasn’t a lack of time that was causing my dip in productivity but a desire to spend so much of it to make sure that Cali was living a full and happy life. As I looked down at her and saw that same calm happiness I knew that the wonderful people at Puppy Haven had that desire too, and so I will continue to watch. TLDR: It’s an amazing place! Your dog will thank you.

sima modi

3 years ago

My fiancé and I have been using Puppy Haven Chastain as our go to daycare and overnight boarding for my husky, Arya, for over a year now. They are simply wonderful! They are always attentive to her needs to make sure she gets her medications, food, and water and everything she needs on time. She loves coming here!! We love this place and all of the staff!

Tamara Neiley

3 years ago

We just moved to this area and were immediately impressed by Puppy Haven! Everyone on staff is kind, patient, and professional. The facilities are also well kept and clean. Our pup, Ryder loves day care here. We were really impressed with the grooming options--typically we find most places aren't very thorough with ear cleaning and nail trims, but here at Puppy Haven it's been great! So happy we found this place!

Haley Kaplan

4 years ago

I brought my puppy to PHChastain almost a year ago, and the staff was great, and friendly. Unfortunately my girl got sick (as pups in groups sometimes do) and I was super freaked out. The owners and managers handled my panic and fear with grace. After searching high and low for over 8 months for a different daycare and 3 dog walkers later, we're back. PHChastain staff are warm, friendly, and really love pets. The facility is clean (unfortunately not the case at lots of other places) and they do their best to keep all the pups healthy. My girl is happy to be back and I love that I can see her playing with her pack mates on the cameras. Thanks PHChastain for being open to us coming back, and for giving my pup a safe, clean, and friendly place to play.

Bret Harenza

4 years ago

I have used Puppy Haven Chastain for daycare for the past few months as I work very close to the location. The entire staff seems to care about and know each dog very well and my dog loves going (and based on experiences at other locations, I know she really likes it). This past weekend, I boarded my dog and that was another great experience with the level of care taken during check-in as well as being super-responsive to emails checking on my dog during her stay. There's also the added benefit of webcams so I can see how active my pup is during the day. Absolutely would recommend!

Caroline Luehring

4 years ago

My dog loves daycare and they always take excellent care of him while we’re on vacation. Such nice staff and they seem to genuinely love the dogs!

Debbie Turner

4 years ago

Do not take your dog here if you actually care about your pet’s welfare. After two initial day care visits that seemed to go well and interactions with staff who seemed friendly and caring, I decided to board my dog here for almost a week while out of town for work. When I picked her up I was given the tub of pre measured meals back half full. I questioned this and was told she ate everything despite having so much of her food returned. I let it go at that point and put my dog in the car and we left. As we drove off I noticed she had a split area in her skin below her nose. We went to the vet next door where a tech checked her any emergent concerns and the manager stopped by to check on what happened to my dog. The manager of puppy haven offered to refund the stay which hasn’t happened yet, dismissed my concerns regarding my dog not being fed by stating their meal logs said she ate and even rolled her eyes at one point during our conversation. I took my dog home after this initial vet visit but had to later return her for an actual vet check up at VCA Buckhead because she couldn’t chew properly and her mouth was so swollen. Her split lip was secondary to swelling from an unknown trauma that occurred during her stay at puppy haven, not rough housing as the initial vet tech decided. My dog is unable to properly chew her food and is having problems eating now. She also lost 4 lbs during her stay because of their negligence, which wasn’t surprising since she had half her food returned. Nobody at the daycare noticed her getting injured when it happened or just didn’t care to notice or report the injury. Since this happened after hours I've emailed the facility and will attempt to contact the owner to voice my concerns and will update my review after the follow up. So far the management here seems to be lacking skills in how to diffuse the situation with an angry customer and has poor oversight in care of the dogs. It’s a new location from what i understand and could use a more experienced, well trained supervisor. ***Follow up: since posting this I have heard back from the owner. She was incredibly nice and I have faith in her promise to follow up and investigate what occurred with my dog. Because of her I have given a higher score but probably will still not return simply because of the bad boarding incident.

Emily Adams

4 years ago

My 1 year old husky mix has been going here at least once a week for daytime play and socialization for about a year now. We occasionally use their boarding services, and my dog sometimes requires special additives to her food and meds. I have to say, the staff is excellent at keeping up with each client's requirements. Everyone knows my dog by name. The most telling observation about this place is how excited my dog is when when we arrive! Tail wagging, play lunging, and overall jubilation! Also, it's quick and easy in and out for drop off and pick up. It's a Godsend.

Whitney K

4 years ago

My 9 month old puppy loves puppy haven and is so excited every time we pull up! The staff is so friendly and learned his name and personality within 2 visits. They are very attentive and genuinely love dogs! Our puppy comes home happy and exhausted after every visit- which is great for puppy parents!

Terrie Johnson

4 years ago

My little Boomer had his second day at Puppy Haven! I get to watch him on WebCam while at work! Sarah, Haley, Arianna, Sophie, and all the staff are so kind, patient, and seem sincere. It’s only 15 minutes from my office in Buckhead, and it looks like this will be a good fit for our little boy Boomer!

Ashley Haggard

4 years ago

Puppy Haven is our dogs home away from home. She goes there multiple times a week to play with other dogs and I know she is in good hands. We are grateful for the excellent care they take of her!

Jerry Davis

4 years ago

I don’t do reviews but I certainly want to do one for Puppy Haven Chastain. We left our 2 older border collies at PH-Chastain to travel for a week. After 2 days one dog developed a medical problem and needed attention. The facility manager, Christina, took time on her day off to take both dogs to our vet in Marietta. This saved our vacation and was certainly above expectations. Thanks, Christina! I highly recommend Puppy Haven for lodging!

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