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Danny Martínez.

2 years ago

Excellent service . They care my dog for one week . Excellent Hands .

Jason Farkas

2 years ago

The Veterinarians here are great but they are extremely inconsiderate of people's time. Every time I come here with an appointment I always end up waiting 30+ minutes to be seen!!! This is not just rude and inconsiderate but unprofessional!!!

Elaina Drake

2 years ago

Very nice staff and doctors but WAY overpriced, it is triple the cost of my previous vet, and I’m still recovering from major debt from vca but got out while I could before our next appt there. I’m a single mom and they charge the highest prices they can in the industry. Also the front desk lady called me broke in front of everyone which was super embarrassing and rude. She also said “I would never spend $600 on my animal” which is what I was being charged per animal at just their first kitten appointment. Do not recommend, save your money and value it somewhere else where it is valued. I’m back at cat clinic of Woodstock where they’re affordable and show superb kindness and care to everyone and their animals

Russ Burke

2 years ago

Ive got a cat with a urniary issue that requires special medication that these people would rather collect $20 to see the cat rather than fill his subscription that he has had for the past 6 years and watch him die rather than eat. Disgraceful

Sean Dunlap

2 years ago

I really appreciate that you are allowing us to come inside for the exam despite the 'rona.

Dominique Paz

2 years ago

I wanted to take a minute to share the amazing experience I had yesterday with Dr. White. My sweet King Charles Cavalier had gotten a series of vaccines yesterday. When I brought her home, she wasn't herself and was in a tremendous amount of pain and couldn't move. Dr. White spoke with me for about 10 minutes on the phone and encouraged me to bring her back in. Once I arrived at the clinic, she took a look at her and administered necessary drugs for the reaction she had to the vaccines. She was very thorough and knowledgeable. But was impressed me the most was when she suggested to ice her for 15 minutes, Dr. White came into the examination room with her, sat on the floor and iced my dog's leg for 15 minutes. She was extremely gentle, patient and very calming. She took the time to care and be with my pup throughout the entire treatment. Anyone looking for a new vet ... VCA is always great and Dr. White keeps up with their great reputation.

Chris Zimmer

3 years ago

My Cavilier King Charles Spaniel is 12 years old and nearing the end of her time yet they recommend $700 worth of services to basically tell me she is nearing the end and we need to make her comfortable. In addition, I ordered her prescriptions from Chewy they needed to approve....they delayed the approval and ran out of medication putting my dog in a critical state. They blamed Chewy but I know they received the approval request as they called me about their better deal on the Flea/tick/heartworm medicine when they received notice from Chewy. They are about the money, not your pet. I will say they were always good to her, but they are about the dollar first. Feel ripped off every time I have been there.

Danielle McCray

3 years ago

This review is long overdue. My Yorkie, Christian, was diagnosed with diabetes by his primary vet two weeks before I left to study abroad in South Africa. I had already made arrangements for Christian to stay with a friend while I was away and devised a plan with her to manage his new condition. Within days of me arriving in South Africa, the then-friend informed me that she could not handle Christian with his new condition. I called everyone close to me that I could trust with Christian, but no one was willing to keep him for the 2 months that I was scheduled to be away. I began looking at boarding options and quickly learned that many boarding options were off the table since Christian had to be administered insulin twice daily. Fortunately, one of my co-workers had a daughter, Lea, that worked for VCA Roswell. VCA provides the veterinarian boarding that I was in need of. I was able to make a reservation, complete registration, and arrange for another friend to bring Christian in all the way from South Africa. Shortly after arriving to VCA, it was discovered that the former friend had not been giving the insulin to Christian and he fell gravely ill. I recall thinking that I had to come to terms with Christian passing on while I was away. Instead, Dr. Matthew Roper and his staff nursed my baby back to health and Lea was great at providing me with frequent updates. I explained that I was a law student abroad for the summer and VCA made sure to recommend necessary, not excessive, treatment and kept the treatment costs as reasonable given Christian's condition and long-term boarding. Due to the great level of care that VCA provided along with the option for vet boarding, I added VCA to Christian's network of veterinarians despite the distance. With Dr. Roper's help, Christian was able to live with diabetes for almost 19 months; including, managing Christian's diabetes after he was attacked by a neighbor's dog. Christian passed away on January 5, 2020 at the age of 11. Although Christian is likely to be my one and only fur baby, I will never forget the great care that VCA always took of him and how VCA eased my fears during that summer in South Africa. I highly recommend VCA for anyone that has a fur baby with heightened health conditions. Here's a picture of Christian just two weeks before his passing. He had cataracts, which developed from the diabetes, and was blind for over a year, but never missed a beat!

Diane Chang

3 years ago

I was extremely stressed out yesterday when taking my cat for spaying. The nurse or assistant who took the cat from me rejected my request accompanying my cat inside, contradictory to the notice I received. There was obviously an internal communication breakdown. The next thing I knew, my cat ran away while the nurse was carrying her to the clinic. I was lost for a second and couldn’t believe what I was seeing in front of my eyes. Why on earth didnt the nurse pay attention to the animal under her care? She titled the carrier that the pan slipped open resulting my an already panicked cat to escape. They finally caught the cat with the help of the owner of the truck. I am sure an video is showing on the social media now. The way they handled my cat broke my heart. They should have treated the cat more gentle instead of rough shockingly hard. To them, it is just an unable to talk ungly cat. To a owner, she is the most beautiful and loving live kitty girl. The doctor is good. She is nice and explained everything to me. She did a good job operating on my cat Pumpkin. The staff including some receptionists really need some serious customer service training. Some of them are inpatient and don’t know how to talk to a client. My suggestion is that if you don’t like your job, QUIT! Your rudeness and unprofessional behavior will bring the business down to the floor. Why are some always in a hurry like they are not paid enough to work there. The fees at VCA are higher than other private vets. I do hope they can bring people who like animals and love what they do.

Jenny DeLara

3 years ago

Always good with our pets and flexible on scheduling

Joan Oh

3 years ago

Dr. LeFavi and her tech assistant are so sweet and knowledgeable. You can tell they are sincere and loves animals especially our dog. I felt very welcomed each time here and could trust her 100% with my dog and any issues that happened, she listened and made me feel comfortable but also my dog feel comfortable. Their groomer is also really good. She can get the job done without hurting the dog when trimming nails and he looks so cute and smells great every time. I had to move animal hospitals for our dog because we moved. But I definitely trust them with my dog from puppy to young adult. Will definitely miss this place. Highly recommend!

Ainat L.S.

3 years ago

We love the attention and care that they have with our baby! They are always kind and patient with him. Also they always keep you post and give you up dates and following on your pet's situation.

Lisa Langs

3 years ago

Love the caring staff at VCA Roswell!

Jocelyn Dittmann

3 years ago

Best staff around! We've been clients for years because of the exceptional care!

Taylor Weikel

3 years ago

Amazing staff, they truly care about your animals. I would highly recommend taking your pet here. You'll be very happy going here.

Lisa Brent

3 years ago

$600 - 800 for my healthy dogs shots! Not to mention they roped us into their monthly club charge where we paid $38 a month for at least a year, which we didn’t use. Technically they owed us for services we paid for but didn’t receive care. They should be ashamed of themselves price gouging during a Pandemic.

Sally Murphy

3 years ago

I understand that conditions under the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions present many challenges for the VCA staff and pet owners. I appreciate your efforts and know that delays and chaos are the norms right now. That being said, I had a very negative experience with my cat Bruce. The stress of taking a cat to the vet without being able to accompany is intense, but the delays, miscommunication, and errors made by the staff were especially unpleasant. After speaking with Dr. Mills (who told me that it would be ten minutes before check out), it took 45 minutes before the billing person called, and then another 15 minutes before my cat was returned. Someone forgot to bring out the food (almost $90 worth of food) to the car, and I had to call and return on a late Friday afternoon. This was the second time an error (forgetting to bring items I had purchased) had occurred. Please do what is possible to streamline your processes. No one even bothered to apologize. I admit I was less than cordial with the person with whom I spoke and feel badly for my negative reaction. I do appreciate the difficulty of providing care.

Rara Grace (Miss Rara)

3 years ago

Being overwhelmed after finding a sick cat at a construction site, VCA gave me all the information, care, and support needed to give this cat a new life. Great vets and amazing support team!

Michael LeFavi

3 years ago

Just had another fantastic experience at VCA Roswell. My dog needed a dental cleaning and a mass removal. The staff made sure she (and I) was comfortable, and both procedures were done the same day! The vet communicated very promptly, and the hospital as a whole is very accommodating, especially considering the current circumstances.. Thanks to the great care here, my dog is living her best life!! Looking forward to future visits!

Melissa Tucker

3 years ago

I brought my dogs here for a brief time...brief only because I moved away from the area. Let's see, I was there pre and post COVID. I LOVED the veterinarians, the office staff, the procedures. Y'all...they have a monthly pet plan that is well worth the money. My dogs thrived in their care. One of my dogs, an 10 year old pit mix has had allergies since he was 15 months old. For the longest time he was considered to have a grain allergy. It wasn't until I came here that I found that wasn't true and furthermore I had been putting my baby in danger...I won't get into the details but when I researched it I was highly upset with the previous practice...that info and studies were years old less than five but more than 2. My point in mentioning it...the doctors kept up with the latest research in their field. I LOVE this place. I wish it wasn't an hour away...for real.

Melissa Bader

3 years ago

Due to covid over reaction, I had to leave my sick animal and not be with her for something that is terrifying to her. I find this to be inhumane. The Covid infection data does not support that I can't stay with my animal in a mask while she's being treated. If this was a well cat visit, I would have left immediately. I want to find a vet who will respect the bond owners and pets have with each other and who will do the right thing by the animals.

Megan Miranda

3 years ago

I switched over to VCA from another national chain of vet practices and I've never regretted it. VCA Roswell is a wonderful location with staff who have always been professional, kind, and caring during my appointments. Dr. LeFavi is fantastic with my pets and always very personable. Great team and great care for my pets!

Matt Simone

3 years ago

Very kind staff, helpful and passionate about animal care. Highly recommend!

Ellen Filipelli

3 years ago

The entire staff is friendly and caring. They truly love their clients!

Kylie Thurston

3 years ago

We have been bringing our dogs to this location for over three years. Our dogs were healthy on only went for annual check/vaccinations. We recently adopted a puppy who had terrible stomach issues. We were not sure if she would make it. Dr. Roper examined her and suggested a parvo test which we agreed to (approximate cost $125) the test came back negative. He then recommended I/D wet/dry food to help and a dewormer. Both the food and the medication was not sent with us so we had to return to pick it up. After three days our little puppy was not improving. I brought her back to se Dr. Mills. Dr. Mills made me feel like a terrible owner for not allowing a second parvo test. She then tried to push a full blood panel on me or an abdominal x-ray both exceebing $300. I had to insist that she prescribe an anti diarrheal medication. Had I not stood my ground and insisted she would have let me leave without it and I would have left with another $200+ bill and our puppy would not have had what she needed to recover. The front office was SO RUDE. I was told that Inez would call me to cancel. No call from Inez ever came. Then two weeks later I get an email that a draft is scheduled for my care club. I replied that the account had been cancelled. Three days later, no response and the draft came out. This office is fine for dogs that need vaccines. The vets are subpar when it comes to diagnosing problems and lack the critical thinking skills to look at the big picture. Money hungry!!!!

Kristal Woo

3 years ago

Best place to take your puppy. We have been members for 1 year and Pepper is so happy.

julie oetgen

3 years ago

Dr. LeFavi is so sweet and was so helpful when my dog was sick. I would recommend VCA Roswell to anyone.

Evertt Schellenger

3 years ago

Good place but extremely overpriced.

leona Paccione

3 years ago

I like this vet practice. Dr. Mills seems to be thorough and caring.

Brianne Brianne Boggs

3 years ago

My mom made an appointment for her dog at 9am (5/1)and got an email confirming it at the time she made it, then she gets there and the woman at the front desk said they dont send out emails, so it didnt matter what it said, and the appointment was at noon not 9. The way they spoke to her was very rude and had an awful attitude. Never again will she return there, even though the humane society works with them and recommends them.

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