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Veronica Lea

a year ago

They have been taking good care of our cat, and offer a good alternative, in a difficult situation, We feel thankful and hopeful finding their!!!

David Schwartz

a year ago

I have been taking my dog here for around 3 months now and everyone there really cares and is great. Dr. Katherine has been a blessing in getting my dog Riley to his optimal health from diet to ailment advice. I highly recommend Happy Tails.

Lorissa Valdes

a year ago

Dr. Julia is an amazing vet! She has helped us so much via telemedicine in the last 18mo. Prompt appointments and thorough exams give us extra peace of mind when our animals are in need. The holistic care that’s provided to our pets is so much better than just forcing prescription drugs down their throats. Happy Tails will have our business for life!

Heather Morgan

a year ago

Short review: Awesome practice, love Dr. K, if your new **note: the clinic is tucked away behind "I Canita Cake" without any signage that I saw** Detailed review: I've just returned from my first visit to Happy Tails and I am so thrilled to have found a new vet I can trust and who shares my approach toward health for my dog. I'm a chiropractor, so I don't always align with conventional approaches, most often preferring nutrition, herbs, topicals, laser, acupuncture, etc. (and of course chiro and massage) to "the usual"/Western med stuff. We had a great holistic vet that we drove a ways to get to, but alas she is not practicing right now, and alas-alas her associates are not holistic. I am happy to report that Happy Tails is also worth the drive for us! (We live in West Cobb, takes 45 mins one way) Namely, Dr. Katherine Marraccini ("Dr. K"), Claudia, and both front desk staff members who were always kind and "on it" on the phone. I felt like my sweet dog was well taken care of, and I felt well taken care of too. We had a thorough discussion of Gin-Gin's history, nutrition, and what I'm doing now to control her atopic allergies which mostly affects her paws. Dr. K was great about saying "great" to some things and "meh, skip that" to others. Helpful! And then she was good to recommend some other non-pharmaceutical treatment options she could offer. Holistic care is rarely "cheap", or even inexpensive, but most services were reasonable, IMO. Especially if you are not in need of frequent treatments. For this visit, I opted only for the laser treatment for several reasons, but I'm happy to know that we can pull more tools from the toolbox if needed. I wish they were closer to me, but that obviously isn't their fault. That said, if they ever open a satellite clinic in West Cobb, we will be first in line. In the meantime, I'll plan ahead, take the time off of work, and make the drive. Worth it for my dogs long-term health. The whole family is treated this way, the dog should be no different. Thank you Happy Tails and Dr. K and Claudia for being so awesome and for making me so tickled to find you to be our new vet practice!

Lexi Maida

a year ago

Dr. Julia and all of the staff at Happy Tails have been so amazing in helping my dogs! They were able to help get a heart murmur and seizures under control for my 2 fur babies. They are so helpful in emergency situations and always so patient and caring. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone who loves their animals! My dogs used to shake and be scared when going to their old vet (I won’t give names, but it may have rhymed with Shamfield ????) and now my dogs actually get excited and wag their tails when they get to see Dr. Julia & staff. So very thankful for all they do!

Sherri Schofield

a year ago

So thankful for Dr. Julia & all the staff! You have truly made a huge difference in Millie’s overall health. Chiropractic care, laser treatment, herbal supplements, and the extra hugs!! We love you all and thank you!!

Danene Wolff

a year ago

I’m so glad I found Happy Tails! My dog Lucy had an injured paw, and Dr. Julia did a great job of keeping her calm during treatment, as well as making sure we had everything we needed for a quick recovery.

Kate Orchard

a year ago

I LOVE Dr. Julia! My dog can be a little aggressive when she is afraid, but Julia always knows how to calm her down. I follow Dr. Julia wherever she goes! Definitely digging the new location. We walked over to Hugo's for oysters while we waited for my dog to be done with her appointment. We will be back!

Skylar Lowe

a year ago

Never again. My puppy and I did not have a good experience at this clinic. It started with my puppy being prescribed medication incorrectly. They recorded and prescribed her drugs based upon her weight from a previous and different vet clinic, instead of recording her current weight as a growing puppy ... I reached out to them and the mistake was rectified ... but later on, my puppy was prescribed a medication that caused her to have uncontrollable frequent liquid diarrhea. When I called the vet, I was told by the veterinary assistant that the doctor said to 'just stop giving her the medication' and she quickly ended the phone call. I was not offered any alternative options to resolve my puppy's condition, and I was not asked to come back in to figure out a solution. When I went to a different vet and explained all that was going on, I learned that this was not the proper treatment for the condition of my puppy.

Keith McCurrach

2 years ago

Happy Tails Holistic Veterinary Care I have 2 adult cats who have completely different personalities. One is extremely friendly and the other is completely neurotic. I researched for a veterinarian practice who treated the animals with complete care and in a different way. I found Happy Tails Holistic Veterinary Care in Roswell. This practice does not just send you home with medication, they take the time to evaluate the issue and many times they are able to determine treatment can be done without medication but in a safe and holistic way. After discussing with them the issues I was having with one of my cats, I quickly was able to schedule an appointment with Dr Julia and the clinic where I brought both of my cats for evaluations. She quickly determined my neurotic cat was having significant issues and needed to have treatment and evaluation for what she was discovering. Dr. Julia and Dr Kate along with their team finished a complete evaluation of both cats which included blood work and treatment options. Dr Julia and Dr Kate were quickly able to identify the causes and recommended treatments for my neurotic cat . Fortunately my 2nd cat was fine but recommended a teeth cleaning. This practice, Dr Julia, Dr Kate and staff were amazing to work with and provided outstanding care that a pet owner would expect. I must say, There are no other doctors or practice where I would take any of my pets for care and treatment or if needed any type of surgery. If you want the best treatment options for your precious pets Happy Tails Holistic Veterinary Care is the place to take them.

Michelle Kelley

2 years ago

I highly recommend Happy Tails! They respond quickly via phone and email. The vets are very patient and have no problem explaining and addressing all of our questions and concerns. We have a 12 year old small dog that is very healthy with much thanks to the excellent care that she has been receiving for the last year at Happy Tails!

Tommy Pascoe

2 years ago

These people have always been nice and treat my animals well. I like how well they handle email communications and are also willing to talk through the more difficult to understand findings from the pet exams. I really appreciate the transparency and find it helpful when they go the extra mile to help me understand the finer points of diagnosis and treatment. I have been coming here a few years, and will continue for the foreseeable. Thank you!

Don Freewalt

2 years ago

Dr. Julia has been a god send with our elderly shepherd. He is 16 years old and having a lot of mobility and joint pain issues. After his first acupuncture and chiropractic adjustment, he was trying to run and even jump onto the couch (which he hadn’t attempted in over a year). We were given pain management medications and supplements for his skin issues as well. We are very great full to have found such a caring and knowledgeable veterinarian! Highly recommend!

Kim Straub

2 years ago

Dr. Julia and her staff are amazing! I have a 12 year old large breed dog that completely tore both of his cruciate ligaments on his back end and because of the great care Dr. Julia and team have been giving him with his laser therapy, acupuncture and adjustments...we have postponed going to physical therapy because he has responded so well to the treatments he has received at Happy Tails. They are always so responsive and kind with all of my MANY questions that I ask (and I ask A LOT of them)....definitely recommend Dr. Julia and team!!!!


2 years ago

When calling to find out what treatments they offer- the front desk was no help. They want to charge you to speak with a doctor, and the girl answering the phone won’t answer anything unless you pay $57 for a consultation. I had one question I needed answered: is this a more natural option or the same as a regular vet? I have made many other calls to different vets that are more than willing to help by speak briefly on what they do and have given calls back when I left messages. These are at very high end veterinary clinics. At this particular location it seems that all they want is your money and won’t tell you anything with out it first. Not professional at all. I would have been more than happy to discuss what their option looked like, if they could first tell me what it was. This is ridiculous.

Natalie Hailey

2 years ago

Happy Tails is awesome! They are the first vet that has actually helped my dog with his skin and stomach conditions.

Kya Sasena

2 years ago

I sought out a holistic vet after my 6 year old bulldog was diagnosed with bone cancer. We wanted to attack it from all angles (also utilizing Oncology care at UGA) and Dr. Julia and her team have been fantastic from the start! We quickly changed his diet, added supplements and started all kinds of therapy (acupuncture, ozone therapy and laser therapy). The day after his first visit he was like his old energetic self again! They do a very great job!

Kera Helms

2 years ago

Fantastic experience with Happy Tails. We started out at another holistic vet in the area and was given the run around for months and months while our new puppy suffered. We switched to Happy Tails and were thoroughly impressed with the quality of care we received. They took our concerns seriously and offered several solutions and continue to care for him on his healing journey.

nope nope

2 years ago

Today I brought Gracie my 14 year old cat to Happy tails. They were very thorough in her specific needs since she is addressing kidney disease. The staff was very helpful and friendly and the facility was extremely clean. They took necessary measures during Corona to keep not only my pet but myself from any exposure. I certainly appreciated that. We will be following a detailed regimen to ensure the best home care and follow-up care for Gracie circumstances. They were wonderful!

Jackie Mack

2 years ago

SO Impressed by Dr Julia! This is the 1st Vet that truly knew how to help (with just a phone consult! ) for my 13 year old golden retriever suffering with itchy yeast. She is doing so much better after just a month and I am so grateful. If you want results she is the best choice you can make. And her staff are all extremely professional as well. Picture of Mango not scratching and showing off her beautiful fur coat. Thank you Dr. Julia! Jackie Mack and Mango

Kathy Thai

2 years ago

My dog coco has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She hasn’t been eating or as active as before but ever since i came to Dr. Julia she made coco feel so much better. Now she’s eating & looking a lot better. & the staff's is super nice & friendly. Highly recommended!! This place is amazing & coco is so comfortable her second visit. Walking in like it’s her own home. ❤️

DJ Camille

2 years ago

I needed an alternative to the typical approach every vet had to my bull terriers’ allergies. I’m very impressed with the thorough, full scope attention to every aspect of my dogs health. She has now had laser therapy, herbal remedies and a complete diet change and we are finally seeing real results! Highly recommend!

Patricia Drehobl

2 years ago

Laser therapy and acupuncture have really helped to keep my older dog moving. Charlie has bad arthritis but is still walking and happy because of the excellent care from Dr. Julia and Happy Tails!

Sarita Shepherd

2 years ago

Dr. Julia and staff were patient and thorough. Our dog has recurring ear infections and I noticed immediate relief after laser treatments. We’re so thankful!

socali Alexander

2 years ago

New to this Veterinary Holistic practice. After just a few visits my 8 yr old dog Jax has shown immediate improvement physically, emotionally and mentally!! He recently lost his beloved 7 yr old …

Tina Sloan

2 years ago

My 11 year old dog had a lot more pep after his first visit. After his second visit he has a whole new lease on life. Running, going up and down stairs more easily, way more energy and the look in his eyes is just different. I am very grateful for this vet. Due to Covid and the vet being very careful you don’t go in right now. They come to get your pet from your car and the vet calls you with her diagnoses and recommendations. This gives you time to go to the bakery which is in the building in front of the vet. The assistant’s who came to get my dog and who brought him back are very caring and you can tell they love animals. I am very happy with this vet and her staff.

Traci Hale

2 years ago

Took my poor Standard Poodle into Happy Tails because he had been suffering from chronic diarrhea since before the holidays. He had been a patient at Banfield since he was a puppy.. but I felt like they weren’t getting to the root of the …

Tracy Jacob

2 years ago

We have been using Dr Julia for a few years, she is very kind and gentle with our little munchkins. Our boy has anal gland issues and she is able to treat him with laser therapy! I am so thankful we found her practice to help keep our kitties healthy!

Paige B

2 years ago

We recently adopted a dog from our local shelter (the best kind) and were interested in using a vet who would take a more holistic approach to any future treatments he may need. After looking at google reviews we decided to use Happy Tails. Getting an appointment that fit our schedule was super easy. Upon arrival we were greeted by Rajvee and waited only a few moments before being escorted into the exam room. Dr Julia was assisted by Madison and both were very pleasant and knowledgeable. Dr Julia answered every single question I asked ( and believe me I had a lot). Our sweet boy was diagnosed with an ear infection and we left with a non invasive but effective treatment. Over the following week I called in with a couple of questions and quickly received a reply. We highly recommend Dr Julia and her staff.

Dawn Gillerman

2 years ago

We have a 17+ year old Corgi who has been having several old age issues. Dr. Julia and the staff have been so responsive and caring for him. We are extremely pleased with their veterinary care of him and their communication with us. I would highly recommend Happy Tails Holistic Veterinary Care.

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