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susan moreno

2 years ago

The vets here are absolutely lovely people and really seem to care for animals. My only issue is that I recently needed flea and tick medication for my dog, and …

Lauren Purcell

2 years ago

I can't say enough great things about this practice. I started taking my cat, Olive to them a couple years ago and she had the pleasure of seeing all three doctors who are wonderful. I do want to shine a special light on Dr. Still. I took in Olive off the streets, so her medical history was already a mystery. I did learn that she had contracted FIV while being outdoors. A few months ago, she developed a pretty serious ear infection which led to the formation of a hematoma on her ear. Dr. Still performed her surgery and kept me in the loop all day. Before surgery and right after surgery I got a phone call with an in depth update. As a pet parent, you always cross your fingers you find a doctor who radiates that energy, the knowledge and the compassion that's needed to be successful. She never once sounded annoyed by questions, or made me feel like I was taking up too much of her time. Unfortunately, rather unexpectedly my baby started having issues with her lungs/breathing and was in the stages of heart failure. You can always prepare for the end, but you can never prepare enough. Dr. Still made the process as bearable as something like that can be. It's never easy. You never forget those people who make difficult situations even just a little bit less painful. Once I reach a point where I'm able to become a pet parent again, Dr. Still and East Roswell Vet will be one of our first stops. I hope this review finds its way to Dr. Still, so she knows the kind of impact she has. :)

Ellie Nelson

2 years ago

We started going to ERVH last July for our 6 year old husky’s routine annual check-up. This morning we had to bring her in for an emergency visit- first time we’ve ever had to do this. The entire staff was friendly, helpful and very communicative with what was going on. Dr. Kim is very knowledgeable and reassured us that our girl was in great hands. They are also very reasonably priced. Would recommend ERVH to anyone!

Tomboy Said

2 years ago

I took my cockatiel here because I had a new budgie that recently died from unknown causes. I will say that the doctor knows her birds but she was very high energy and I found it was hard to get my word into the conversation. Everything felt a bit rushed and there was a few incidents with miscommunication. Like, I only saw the doctor once and wasn't told my bird was being tested for parasites. Anyways, everything happened so fast and with little/brief communication between me and the doctor/other staff members. Great information, just not the information that I needed for reassurance of my pets health. I would recommend this place if you just want your birds nails trimmed or something.

Corey Cappetta

2 years ago

I took my cat prince here about a month ago, the whole staff was extremely caring and informative. I knew immediately he was in good hands just by the way the staff interacted with him. Unfortunately he was very sick and we had to say goodbye to him they were very transparent about everything and didn’t beat around the bush. Definitely bringing my other cat here for all her future needs.

Cheryl Ann Landes

2 years ago

Dr. Kim is the best! And her staff are Amazing!!

Nancy Mace

2 years ago

I've been bringing my cats to see Dr. Kim for quite a few years now, so glad I found her practice.

Yolanda Washington

2 years ago

Our first visit was an incredible experience. Tanner, KeeKee, Alec and Dr. Lane were welcoming and caring. They took care of our sweet budgie, Cricket and helped ease our nervousness. They performed a thorough examination, x-ray and Dr. Lane assured us that our baby is in perfect health. This is the first time in years we've felt comfortable with a Vet. East Roswell Vet Hospital is our new vet!

Sahar Nobakhti

2 years ago

Cato had a grooming appointment on Monday 9/13 and when he was picked up he was not acting like himself. We just assumed it was because of his anxiety but we learned yesterday evening that he has cuts and sores around his neck. He has been acting skittish all week and has had bad diarrhea as well as an appetite loss, now we know why. This has been so heartbreaking for us all - Charmaine called the clinic yesterday and today - the groomer has yet to contact her about Cato’s appointment on Monday and the Owner has not tried to reach out at all either. Nobody really seems that concerned that he may have potentially been mishandled during his grooming appointment and it is not a priority to anyone that our sweet little angel baby has been hurt and is in severe emotional distress. He has an appointment this evening to have his sores evaluated - we will see how the appointment goes and how the clinic handles this issue. Since having found these sores around Cato’s neck we too have felt severe emotional distress as we can not understand how this happened or why. Hopefully today’s appointment will bring some clarity and accountability. Below are photos of my sweet honeys neck.

Emylee Davis

2 years ago

They were super, super, super sweet with our Peachy girl. They explained everything to us very thoroughly and were willing to let us ask questions about anything. Although we had to have her euthanized, they treated us and her so well and you can tell they care about the animals they see. I will definitely continue to bring my babies here❤️

Tim Scoville

2 years ago

Dr. Kim and Dr. Lane both are wonderful doctors, with a wealth of knowledge to assist you. The staff as well is so welcoming and so helpful. We brought our dog here who was Diabetic and they helped us learn how to take the best care for our Pup while she was alive. Their grace during her departure as well was something else. The amount of care they have and continue to give is unbelievable.


2 years ago

I took my 10 month old American pit bull here. They took our dog back to shots. While she was back there they lost misplaced my dog. When she came out she has scars from her shots on her neck on her throat. Went to pay and they charged me for a shot and booster along with antibiotics that I specifically asked to not have. Employees are very rude when I was asking questions about the treatment. Will never be going to them again. Worst vet experience I have ever recieved

Erica Penson

2 years ago

Dr. Kim, Dr. Lane and the supporting staff are the best. They not only care for our babies, Axel, our mini Schnauzer, and Lola, our Boston Terrier, they also educate us about the uniqueness of each breed and how to best care for them at home. We trust them and highly recommend them to take great care of your babies!

Alicia Ferrante

2 years ago

My dog cut herself on my backyard fence. I called every vet close to my house telling them she needed stiches and it was an emergency. Unfortunately every vet told me they could not fit her in. Finally I called East Roswell vet and they told me to bring her by. I live in Woodstock and when I reached their location they were there waiting for me and took her to the back. She had to get stiches in 3 spots and had to put in a drainage tube. They were amazing!!!!!! They sat me down to go over expenses even after I told them I did not care and just to help her. They were affordable and took care of my baby. I cannot thank them enough! You guys rock and now have a customer for life!!

Sophia Gavalas

2 years ago

I recently took my green cheek conure, Oscar, here and I cannot say enough good things about this place. All of the staff was very nice and professional and our vet, Dr. Lane, took great care of him. You can tell they all truly care about the health and safety of your pets!

Maureen White

2 years ago

I had just become a Great Dane mommy to a 12 week old beautiful boy... I had heard several scary stories of vets not knowing how to treat Great Danes- that since they are more rare and such a larger breed, that I needed to find a vet that worked with Danes- well I needed a vet NOW and when I saw the website and saw the Great Dane in their beautiful picture on the wall in their office I knew I was going to the right place! I got in there the next morning and everyone was just extremely nice and helpful and not to mention they had received an emergency and had been in surgery all morning to save a dogs life! Brutus had not been around a lot of people but he loved the attention!! I highly recommend them!!

Lynn Avrett

2 years ago

We love Dr. Kim, her staff and East Roswell Vet Hospital! Our 9 year old golden was examined by Dr. Kim a couple of months ago, presenting with decline with slowing activity and sore joints. Dr. Kim prescribed/ recommended Phycox Max. Within a few weeks we saw a turn around in our dog’s ability to walk/run with much improvement. In addition to improvement in gait we also observed his coat become more plush and soft ( more so than most older goldens). Francis has also been a God-send as a fantastic groomer for our goldens.

Heather Lopez

2 years ago

Very caring staff,my cat Toby was happy after 3 shots given. What!? That never happens,usually he hides behind my couch after a Dr visit. My new vet glad I found them! Strongly recommend❤

Christopher King

2 years ago

Dr. Kim and Dr. Lane are the best veterinarians for your dogs, cats & exotics! They’re the veterinarians I trust most when it come to my pets’ health and needs!

Caroline Flack

2 years ago

I brought my pup here on 4th of July right before closing time. They were so generous to see us on a holiday and so late. They took such good care of my little shih tzu and she is feeling so much better already! Clinic staff is very friendly & the clinic is very clean.

Lisa Boynton

3 years ago

Honestly cannot put into words how great this place is. The staff is excellent and treated my dog with great care. Unfortunetly I had to put her down and shortly after I received a condolence card in the mail signed by everyone there. It was so touching and brought me to tears. Your pet will be well taken care of and treated like their own.


3 years ago

I have been going to East Roswell Vet Hospital for approximately one year. Dr.Kim Van Buren is amazing she is really passionate about her job, attentive, loving and kind. She is also really honest and will talk to you straight up. She will also give you different medical options for your pet and will try to help you out as much as possible. My english bulldog Jack started going there because he had an ACL rupture on his left knee and three diferent vets told me I had to do surgery ASAP mind you this surgery ranges from 5,000 to 6,000. I went to see Dr. Kim and she recommended to do K-Laser theraphy instead of surgery because she said she always tries to try different options that might work before going to surgery "We always try to avoid surgery, unless it is really necessary" she says. Frankly I trusted her and I trusted God that this treament was going to work and we did it so after receiving that K-Laser theraphy my dog started feeling better and now his knee is good. He did not need surgery and I saved myself a few thoundsands. I am really thankful to Dr. KIM AND THE STAFF. THEY all are really attentive, professional and nice. Highly recommend them. My dog and I are really Thankful to Dr. KIM!!! She is my Angel sent by God when I asked for hope and a miracle.

Ellie Van Gordon

3 years ago

I found the staff and Doctor to be very caring and professional! I also couldn't believe the price! I've never left a vet without a bill over $ 100. So glad I found East Roswell Vet Hospital for my guinea pig. Thank you so much.

Carol Beerman

3 years ago

This was my first visit at East Roswell Vet Hospital. Dr. Kim and David were very kind, informative, and gentle with my parakeet. All of my questions and concerns were addressed. I was very happy and comfortable with our visit. I will definitely continue taking my parakeet there.

1 Million Subs with No video Challenge (SUB PLS)

3 years ago

They helped me with my guinea pig and were very nice unfortunately my guinea pig died

Monique Server

3 years ago

I felt in good hand with my cat health problem I was informed very clearly of his condition and treatment

Alison Sawyer

3 years ago

First appointment with East Roswell Vet Hospital and Dr. Zach and Phillip were incredibly kind and knowledgeable about our dogs bronchitis. So glad we found them and would recommend 10/10!

James Stainback

3 years ago

Ok here is how the "billing" works at this place, They will give you an estimate over the phone, when you take your pet in to get the procedure, you will get another, different estimate, it will be a range from slightly higher than the estimate given over the phone to about 15% more than the estimate(this will be the estimate range ie best case/worst case). Then when you pick your pet up the bill will be 10%+ over the high end of the estimate. Every time. I told them I was taking the dog elsewhere for care so when we got the results for the $1200+ procedure to find out what was wrong with our pet, they refused to even send a prescription... Well I guess that was partly because they want to fill the prescription themselves, at their VASTLY inflated prices. The bottom line is we have spent ~$2000 to get the pet healthy, the pet is STILL not healthy. We have the results of a $1200 test procedure and have to find another VET so we can take them the results, and that VET is going to have to examine the pet before they will write the prescription from the results of the test. All of that will take even more time while the pet suffers. The sad thing is I would have paid(and did pay) whatever was required, as long as they were honest up front with the pricing. It's just the dishonesty that broke the camel's back with this place. Someone below talked about their pet getting a job to pay for it's care... They were not really joking. Just to add, when I was waiting to pick up our pet after this procedure, I was behind this little old retired old man who was actually asking some of the same questions I was asking, so I am not alone. Not to the owners here, if you are consistently having to explain overages to your clients, you are doing it wrong. Now the owner has replied to every comment here and I expect this post will be no different. No matter what the owner says about me or the situation, my wife called to ask if they could write a prescription as a result of the test they preformed and even fill it and this Vet's office(if that was a requirement) and they refused to fill it and thus increased a pet's suffering. That should NEVER be said about any VET's office, ever. Edit: In response to the "I understand that you have gone through other veterinarians in the area and may now have to go further afield for care, but I am sure you will find a better fit for your needs elsewhere." comment, this is a lie. We have used other vets in the area and would be welcomed back to any of them. After our last pet died at one of the VETs, she did not feel comfortable returning there. So your response was more lies. Pretty much what we would expect... And let's be clear here, your "consent form" was not what it was explained to me at the time. I understood it to be a maximum cap on the bill unless we were informed. To you it was a license to print money. And the partial refund I was given did not bring the total bill under the amount I thought I was consenting to or the more expensive side of the estimate. And the reason for the main procedure is still not resolved. Finding the right medicine to give to the pet was the reason for the procedure. And you denied that medicine to the pet. Or even a prescription to that medicine. Needlessly prolonging the pet's suffering. And you know this to be true. I believe you just failed your "zero tolerance policy..." But hay, you feel like you got back at me, and I guess that is what really matters to you.

Brian Clapner

3 years ago

ERVH staff and Dr Kim are the best. They have taken such great care of both my dogs. Highly highly recommend.


3 years ago

Dr. Kim and her staff are professional and courteous. My favorite vet hands down!

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