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ChrisAnn Johnson

3 years ago

Dr. Parker-Royer is an amazing vet! She saved the life of our precious GSD, Tim. I have referred many people to her over the years and everyone has been beyond pleased! She is an amazing and caring human! I don’t know what I would do without her!

Gordon Woodall

3 years ago

An absolute God send. I am ecstatic that her practice has expanded and has even more resources for her to grow her business. 2 summers ago, our then puppy was quickly going paralyzed within a 24 hour time period. At the time, Dr. Parker did not have x-ray machines and asked us to visit another practice to have exams done, then come back to her with them so she could have a better idea of what was going on inside his little body. This other practice was immediately trying to convince us our puppy had a disease and if he would not have a spinal surgery that day, he would then be paralyzed for life. Seconds away from allowing the surgery, we followed our hearts and ran out of that practice back to Dr. Parker with no x-rays in hand. We were absolutely hysterical having believed the lies we were just fed. In that moment Dr. Parker not only scooped our puppy up with loving arms but she also comforted us. She cares about every living thing, humans included. She kept our puppy at her farm, where he thrived and stole her heart even more. She sent us photos and videos of his healing updates, knowing it would comfort us. Within two weeks that boy was moving around again. And now you would never know he was ever paralyzed and experienced that terrible summer. The thing I love most about Dr. Parker is she has a well rounded knowledge in all practices. She uses the best remedy for healing and restoration no matter what type of medicine it is. We currently drive over an hour to visit her, because she is that amazing and worth every minute.

Linda Hoff

3 years ago

I'm a new client. My cat had a check up for Thyroid issues and I am very happy with cats progress. I will be taking my dog to be examined next. Excellent medical attention.

Pamela Stone-Mccoy

3 years ago

Dr. Kimberly is very knowledgeable when it comes to holistic choices for animals, including homeopathics, herbal & nutritional supplements. While medications certainly have their time & place and she can offer that, she & her staff provide care to help strengthen & support the animal, and their overall well being.

Catherine Lunsford

3 years ago

My journey to Osteopathic veterinary medicine began in 2013 when a rescue had a horrible issue with fleas, skin allergies, and stomach upset. A friend recommended Dr. Parker and we’ve never looked back! She not only continues to treat our, now 9 year old, Maggie dog, but also our 18 year old cat. Maggie looks forward to seeing her each and every time. We live in Marietta and continue to follow her wherever she moves. She is truly one of a kind! Her less is more, natural approach to healing has worked resoundingly well with all of our animals!

Janet Schultz

3 years ago

I have been taking my cats (and previous Great Danes) to Dr Parker-Royer for over 15 years. She is a remarkable healer: very intuitive, compassionate, and truly holistic offering alternative medicine care that is unlike anything else in GA. I have seen many amazing turnarounds in my pets’ health over the years thanks to her care. I’m not sure what we’d do without her!

the yahwertle

3 years ago

Kind, knowledgeable, and professional care delivered by a highly skilled veterinarian. Dr. Parker-Royer is amazing!!! Her staff is fantastic as well. I feel lucky to have found them. I would recommend ACAO without hesitation.

sue lorincz

3 years ago

We have been going to Dr Kimberly now for 2 years. Her knowledge of homeopathic ways are far better then I could have expected. She loves and cares for our 2 dogs and cat as if they were her own. Nothing like the typical vet that wants to give shots without needing them and drugs. We originally went to see her when no other vet could get my kitties asthma under control. She advised us to change her diet and after 2 weeks she was not coughing or showing any signs of discomfort. I’m so happy that we have found her and will continue to refer her to our friends and family.

Shubha Dwarakanath

3 years ago

2 years ago our puppy who was 10 months young then, started having seizures after a vaccine injury. We were left clueless and the only option seemed to be to get him on a lifelong medication for seizures. We got recommended to Dr. Parker by a Samaritan and we were incredibly lucky to have a same day appointment with her. The moment we entered we had a sense of peace like we were doing the right thing. Dr.Parker is magic. She listened to my woes patiently and was so very gentle with our puppy and she immediately made a connection with him!! Plain holistic homeopathic remedies with some Chinese herb supplements, our puppy turned around!!! She saved our guy from being put thru a life of misery at such a young age.. words cannot thank her enough!!! We love you Dr. Parker ????❤️

Nosy Bee

3 years ago

This is an extreme buyer/owner beware. I heard such amazing things from my regular vet about this veterinarian and the experience I had was completely jaw-dropping and terrible. When you ask for information such as the cost of the vet visit they will omit certain details such as the weight requirement because yes they charge a different price for how much an animal weighs. For instance for some dogs that cut off could be 75 lbs. and you could be paying more if your dog weighs say I don't know 76. When you're quoting $160 over the phone, they tell you everything that they don't include except for weight requirements. when I first highlighted this the immediate response that I got was would you like us to cancel your appointment. I was completely bewildered as I have never had somebody default to getting rid of a client before they even became a client. Naturally I reacted full of shock. Absolutely explicitly said do not cancel this appointment, my sick dog needs a plan. about 10 minutes on my way there I messaged them to make sure that my veterinarian sent the records and sure enough they canceled without communicating it to me. But these people have zero skills with customer service and overcoming objections such as frantic owners who have recently found out about a dog's condition. These people take zero responsibility for the piss poor communication and the non-up front pricing. and let me tell you I had the so-called pleasure of speaking with this vet and she is just as pretentious as the rest of her staff so it tells me that this is a top-down problem. Most veterinarians are in the business of interacting with people and helping animals and from what I can see so far this vet sucks at both. Additionally she acted like she was doing me a favor and referring me to an additional vet so she sent one final text message as an added insult she sent me to an urgent Care vet all the way in Atlanta who doesn't do any sort of holistic care like this that claims to do. This is a pompous b i o t c h and I cannot stress that enough. it would be nice if this vet put principles above personalities for the sake of the animals but that's clearly not the case. But I really shouldn't be surprised because like I said they have horrible interactions with their clients.

Michelle Gladstone

3 years ago

Dr. Kimberly Parker-Royer has been an integral part of the healthcare for my pomeranians the last 10+ years. She has helped me through the sad times with saying goodbye to my beloved ones, guided me with new puppies to help them with a good start and everything in between. Since seeing Dr. P she has cared for 11 of my poms at all different stages in life. Their lives would not have been as healthy without her. I myself overtime have learned so much with holistic care and continue with each visit! Her knowledge is vast!  She is the only one I am aware of in the Atlanta area with this combination of Homeopathic,  Osteopathic and Chiropractic skill set (to bad cloning wasnt an option lol ????)!  So, being patient is key as your visits/apts  can run long because she is super busy with multiple clients! On top of that she (and staff) are thorough analyzing and evaluating  your pet(s) during your visit applying the proper assessments that focuses on the root cause to maintain or heal your beloved pet(s)s. So, with that said  the wait is well worth it!! Tell me where else you would get that attention!!?? I Highly recommend this vet to anyone who wants holistic care that makes a difference. Thank you Dr Parker-Royer ???? and Staff for all your positive energy and caring vast knowledge with my Pomeranian Pack. ????????♥️

Melissa Geno

3 years ago

My husband and I had a 16-year-old dog in renal failure. We had transported her from our vet to night-time ER for a week when our vet told us to give up. My husband’s co-worker told us to take her to Dr Kimberly. We literally carried the dog in with a swollen face and body. She couldn’t walk and was lethargic. SHE WALKED OUT. We had a healthy dog for FOUR more cherished years. She died of old age in 2020. A year after that initial crisis, we adopted a puppy we were fostering with multiple health issues. The following year we adopted another puppy we were fostering who was having seizures and chronic diarrhea. The rescue vet PTS his litter mates and gave him a slim chance of survival because he was fighting chronic pneumonia and hadn’t responded to antibiotics. We knew just who he needed. Both puppies are now happy, healthy adults. The second puppy was healed of seizures, and I wouldn’t have ever thought that to be possible. We moved, and we now drive from Nashville to Jasper so that our dogs can continue to get the very best of care. Well worth the drive.

Marcia Riley

3 years ago

Dr Parker-Royer is by far the best veterinarian that I have taken my dogs and cat to. The bio-scanning shows her the root cause of the animals illness and she is brilliant in choosing the correct treatment plan moving forward to help them heal. Her intuitive abilities and compassion for her patients and their humans is outstanding. The office staff at ACAO are also very compassionate and efficient.

Liz Butler

3 years ago

Dr Parker deeply cares for all the animals she sees. She is the first vet who my dogs aren’t petrified to go and see. I love that she is willing to listen to all your concerns and work out a treatment plan for your dog. She absolutely saved my dog’s foot after a nasty injury when the emergency vet advocated amputation.

J Hutchinson

3 years ago

My dogs have lived longer, better lives thanks to Dr. Parker. I refer as many people to her as I can! You learn a lot about how important nutrition is, how well homeopathy works, and how cool osteopathy is: I see a difference in my dog’s eyes and energy level as soon as she gets off the table! I have been bringing my babies to Dr. Parker for 11 years and watched how healthy my dogs have become under her care. This is a GIFTED VET who knows what she is doing and who is concerned first and foremost about the animals she treats. My dog and I are most grateful to have access to this kind of amazing care. ❤️

Heather Lee

3 years ago

Dr. Parker was hands down amazing! I was highly impressed by her knowledge and the time she spent with my horse. She explained everything to me in detail as well. Thank you Dr Parker

Erica G

3 years ago

A wonderful and peaceful healing environment. My dogs and cat LOVE coming here. My dogs were terrified of vets before, and now they act like they are going to visit a friends house when entering. The environment is unlike any vet office I’ve been to. After hearing about Dr. Parker-Royer from many of my friends for years, I booked an appointment to see her and drive an hour each way. That was over 4 years ago and she has been nothing shy of a blessing to my pets. She saved my Boston terriers life more times than I can remember. The office staff has even stayed after hours with me during an emergency and Dr. Parker-Royer has reached out to me many times after closing to check in on my dogs. If not for this clinic and their wonderful staff, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the last three and half years with my Boston terrier. I’ll be forever grateful for them. There is not another vet in this state I would trust more. Thank you for loving my pets as much as I do. Pictures at the vet clinic attached.

Casey Millis

3 years ago

Dr Parker has been my veterinarian for 5 dogs and 4 horses...7-ish years later, and a move to another state, and I don’t make a decision for any of my animals without consulting her first! She’s brilliant, intuitive and compassionate, and has always treated me and my animal kids like family. I’m forever grateful that I was lucky enough to meet her!

Candy Stewart

3 years ago

Where do I begin? We brought our boxer boy to see Dr. Kimberly out of desperation. He had limped for a year and a half. We had tried everything under the sun. From food allergy testing, to x-rays, to a massage and then acupuncture. After Dr. Kimberly examined him, she gave us a plan. We followed her directions and after 2 weeks the limp went away and never came back. I could fill a book with my experiences with this amazing veterinarian. As long as she is practicing, I will be bringing my boxer boys to see her. She’s incredibly wise and has a way with animals that is both intuitive and knowledgeable. Our boys LOVE going to see Dr. Kimberly! I think they know she will help them feel better. I am beyond grateful for her and her amazing staff!

Ann Veal

3 years ago

Dr. Parker-Royer and her staff are wonderful! For over 5 years she has treated our dog for various ailments with great results. Her knowledge, intuition and caring manner are exceptional. She truly cares about her patients (and their humans!). She always looks for root causes and not just symptoms, taking time to find the best treatment. I trust her and am grateful to have found her to take care of our sweet dog. When we need her, she is there!

Adele Oliver

3 years ago

Have used Kimberly Parker for my horses and my Stabyhoun. Most recently my dog was diagnosed with liver issues and liver enzymes where off the chart. After visiting Kimberly and assessing options she put her on chinese herbs. Now liver enzymes are normal. She analyzes and evaluates options throughly giving you the good and the bad but always with a positive energy. Highly recommend this vet to anyone who want holistic care that makes a difference.

Tia Rusan

3 years ago

Dr. Kimberly is absolutely amazing!!! She provided great alternative care and support for my 3 year old bengal kitty Prince. He battled a unique jaw injury and she did not turn us away. She truly cares about the wellbeing of your fur baby!

Powers Florenzie

3 years ago

Professional, kind and caring staff.

Michael Jenkins

3 years ago

Dr. Kimberly is a wonderful lady, she has depth beyond your first encounter. Our wonderful Standard Poodle is here today due to her incredible skills. Bravo Dr. Kimberly. My wife and I owe you so much gratitude - thank you. I have to …

Hannah Clark

3 years ago

Dr. Parker saved my dog’s life. She had kidney failure, seizures and extreme lethargy. I went to 11 different vets and specialist where I live (NC) and all of them left me with little hope and not one helpful treatment. I thank God everyday that I found Dr. Parker. She diagnosed Scout with Lyme disease on her first visit and started treatment immediately. Scout showed progress in only two weeks. 8 months later, Scout is healthier than she has ever been. No seizures, kidneys are working much better and she has the energy she had pre Lyme. My dog that was near death now hikes many miles a day and enjoys her life again. Thank you, Dr. Parker!!

Miles Between

4 years ago

Love ppl that value animal life as equal

Alexandra Friedman

4 years ago

Only vet I’d ever feel comfortable having my 4-legged children see; she is the best!

Bonnie Maloney

4 years ago

Dr. Parker is amazing as her staff is also amazing. She has superior knowledge and the animals calm right down when she examines them. A plus for the entire practice!

Dawn Falite

4 years ago

Loved the personal attention and time they gave to my dog!

Geo Hubert

4 years ago

My dog Lillie always leaves better than before

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