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Ronnie Otto

2 years ago

Adopted a dog from animal shelter and she had a bad runny nose a couple of days later, and her breathing was shallow. Since it was Christmas Day, I was sent here from another emergency center, and they took my dog in within minutes of getting there. Called me after about 20-30 minutes and gave me the diagnosis. Everything was thoroughly explained and my dog was brought out a short time later with her medicine. Everyone I talked to was extremely helpful!

Chelsea H

2 years ago

I could not be more grateful to the staff here. On Saturday, we took our cat Oreo to the BluePearl Pet Hospital in Sandy Springs and were told there was a 6 hour wait! Not ideal when your pet is in distress. We were given a list of other emergency clinics in the area and when I called they had no wait. The lobby is still closed due to restrictions which is unfortunate - giving your pet to a stranger at a normal vet visit is stressful enough and when it's an emergency situation it's worse. The vet tech/receptionist, Anna, was understanding and calm, putting us at ease. She texted me all the forms to fill out on my phone which was easy and convenient - then she came out to our car to get our Oreo. We sat in the parking lot for about an hour in absolute pieces. I was about to call them for an update once it hit the 1 hour mark, but the vet (Dr. Murphy) called a few minutes before that. She told us that our baby was already out of sedation, they had treated her wound, and that she was a sweet, brave girl! I did not catch the name of the other vet tech that we interacted with (Anna's shift ended while we were there), but she was also wonderful. She called us a few minutes later to get payment information and to give us detailed care instructions. She brought Oreo out to us shortly after with all the medication and paperwork, again telling us how great she had done under the circumstances and advising us that the sedation would keep her a little drunk for the next few hours. I was really scared about this experience based on the other reviews, but I have nothing but good things to say. The price was also completely reasonable - $350 to have her examined, sedated, her wound cleaned, and given antibiotics and pain medicine. I would have happily paid 3x that for the peace of mind I got when the vet called us and told us she was doing great. Thanks so much to the staff and Dr. Murphy at this location!


2 years ago

My dog was throwing up and had bloody diarrhea. I showed up crying at 7:15 and the woman told me that they close at 8 and the doctor wouldn’t have time to see him. Heartless.

Seth Swindle

2 years ago

Very thankful for Animal Emergency Center of North Fulton. Our normal vet was closed as it was after hours, so we took our puppy here. Our golden retriever ate a foreign object and had to stay overnight for monitoring and tests. They were completely professional and very patient and kind with us through the process. They made sure we knew we could call and check on him at any point. Each time we called, they gladly updated us. When it came time to make decisions about next steps, they laid out all of the options and risks with care.

Cheryl Willis

2 years ago

My dog had started vomiting Sunday early AM. I thought it was something minor..and would take to vet Monday morning. Late afternoon/early eve he started throwing up white foam. Couldn’t wait he was so lethargic. Called animal emergency Center of North Fulton and describe the symptoms they immediately told me about the intake information and to bring him in and wait in the car. I never thought The facility would be so busy with emergencies. The wait to get my dog taken in seemed like forever but only about an hour and a half. He was examined by the vet who came out and explained the situation about my dog being very dehydrated which caused blood from the rectum. They did a work blood panel and the levels seemed normal enough that I was able to take him home with an injection to rehydrate and a shot to start antibiotic. Once we were seen, they were professional and knowledgeable. Who knew e r for pets were/are so short staffed or closed. I followed up with my vet the next morning. Thank you! Doing much better.. The price seemed fair for an e r. ????

susie aga

2 years ago

BEWARE!!!! The staff is unprofessional and vet is rude! The vet wrote a review of me on my FB page and I think that says it all as far as professionalism at Mansell Animal Emergency!!!! I was at Mansell Animal Emergency Clinic at 1am in the morning on 5/19/21. When I question why we were still waiting after 4 hours of sitting in a parking lot with an 11 year old dog that had labored breathing problems. I felt the reply was unprofessional and uncalled for. I asked why was it taking so long to even assess our 11 year old dog? After a few inquiries the reply was " "OK I will stop CPR on the current dog and attend to your animal". Yes, under that pressure and those remarks I did say your animal clinic was unprofessional and your staff needed to not be in a customer service industry that deals with high stress situations. I felt the communication was lacking at Mansell Animal Emergency Clinic at 1am in the morning due to our 11 year old dog with labored breathing. I should have gone to my regular emergency vet in Alpharetta . Never again!!


3 years ago

Extremely rude, over priced, and slow. Brought my dog in at 9 pm for gastrointestinal issue. Was told there was nothing wrong. I asked them to check her hormone levels because she has a preexisting condition, which I informed them of on intake. When they ran the test, which I had to suggest, suddenly we discovered the issue. In the meantime when inquiring what the delay was from a vet tech the tech responded by saying “let me just stop CPR on another dog to address your issue”. I was totally taken aback by the level of rudeness and unprofessionalism I received at that particular moment and generally through out the entire experience. To top it all off they wouldn’t give me my dog back even after I asked multiple times. Finally received my pet back after 1am. DO NOT BRING YOUR LOVED ONE HERE!!!

Matt Johnson

3 years ago

I really can’t thank y’all enough. My dog was bitten by a copperhead yesterday 6-13-21. I did a round of tests at my standard vet and they referred me to y’all for a 2nd round. Where the initial phone call was a little crazy( don’t tell them you have a appointment) lol. They don’t do those. But to y’alls defense the stuff y’all have to see at any given minute is absolutely heartbreaking. I let the nurse know Baylee is NOT a fan of other people. Within 5 minutes her blood work was done and I got a phone call, saying it will be much easier on Baylee( my dog) to wait with me in the truck ( they are still on curb side) while we wait on results. Luckily all was good and the Dr. literally was AMAZING! She spent so much time on the phone just talking with me, letting me know the what if’s and shoulda woulda coulda scenarios. My dog is my life, and I trust y’all with my life! Thank you, from the bottom of my hear! Baylee says thank you and sorry if she was not a good girl!

Jen Manning

3 years ago

I brought my dog in who was having trouble breathing. I was told he had pneumonia and I could call and check on him as much as I wanted. I called a few hours later only for the dr to tell me this is not TV, "we can't just give him a shot and he be fine in 2 hours". I transferred him to Blue Pearl Emergency Vet. They were amazing. My dog passed 24 hours later but he was given the best care possible.

Madison Puhy

3 years ago

I brought in my senior dog after she had been bitten by another dog, leaving a large bleeding gash. Three hours or so passed from dropping her off and deciding to move her to another, better rated facility, during which they had done nothing to treat her and we walked away with her actively bleeding all over herself and bed. The staff was cold, rude, nonchalant, and didn’t seem to understand why we were upset. I understand that certain cases need prioritization, but it’s beyond unethical to do nothing for an animal that’s been in your care that long. I’d give this establishment 0 stars if I could— if you care about your pet, do not bring them here.

Amber Stokes

3 years ago

Our cat began having partial seizures over the course of a couple of days. Unfortunately, late Friday evening, our baby had a grand mal seizure that was very severe. We rushed him to the emergency animal center for treatment. Please note that we had to wait in the car due to covid, so be prepared for that. They were very busy but did an excellent job with our boy. Both Dr. Engeran & Dr. Fitzgerald kept me informed, asked a lot of questions and gave good recommendations on how to move forward. I was nervous about bringing him here, but was so pleasantly surprised at how professional, knowledgeable and caring they were. I also want to give special mention to Tessa & Jennifer. Both were extremely kind and compassionate and helped ease my nerves and anxiety when I spoke to them. If your animal is in distress, I would definitely recommend them!

Guy McRee

3 years ago

These people should be ran out of town. They prey on people in their darkest hour. Do not take your old sick dog to these people they will play terrible games with your emotions.

Ashley Satterwhite

3 years ago

Brought my kitty Hallie here because she was coughing up phlegm and not eating or drinking. Despite me telling them that she was stressed from a recent move and requesting only that they check to make sure she would be okay and hadn't eaten anything toxic, they tried to upsell me on an MRI, X-rays, and asthma tests. They did literally nothing for her other than looking her over ("she didn't cough while in our care") but still charged me a hundred bucks for the 45 minutes they had her. The staff were really nice, but I walked away feeling shafted. She was completely fine and the coughing resolved on its own. The vet was very pushy about trying to talk me into paying more for these tests that had nothing to do with my concerns. The two stars are only because the receptionists were kind. The vet himself seemed like he could care less as soon as I said I couldn't afford $600 for tests I knew weren't relevant.

caitlin rae

3 years ago

I have used this emergency vet many many times. While the doctor and the care of my dog has been great, this place has the worst customer service & I have never been happy leaving there. The way they talk to you, the way they don’t care to listen, nor trust what you know is best for your dog is beyond upsetting and aggravating, especially when there’s an emergency going on with your dog. I go to them because they are closest when there’s an emergency but I won’t be anymore. Especially to treat someone that way after they’ve just come from a traumatic event is disgusting and heartless.

Holly Justice

3 years ago

Dr. Maddox and the knowledgable technicians all took excellent care of my dog, Porky, during our recent urgent visit. Even with practice modifications, secondary to COVID19, there was continous clear communication and regular updates to his status. I highly recommend their services if your pet were to require urgent or emergency treatment.

Jennifer Joel

3 years ago

We took our 12 week old puppy there last night and I stood at the door with my poor puppy who was throwing up for 10 minutes only to watch the receptionist just sit there ignoring me! We had masks and she could of at the very least acknowledged me !!!!! My husband was in car filling out the paperwork. Thank God my dog didn’t die as we would of just been IGNORED! I will NEVER USE THIS FACILITY !

Melodee Hicks

3 years ago

My dog was very very sick and needed to stay over night until she was out of the weeds so to speak. But because I couldn’t afford $1000 for an overnight stay. They gave her minimal treatment and sent her home. I told the doctor I wasn’t comfortable with her coming home. I didn’t feel that was best for the dog. They charged me almost $500 never did determine what was wrong and sent her home. And my dog died in the middle of the night! Shame on you people. It really matters how much money you have as to weather an animal lives or dies? What kind of a vet are you? A very poor one. You shouldn’t be treating dogs. You shouldnt be allowed to walk a dog! You disgust me! Ill never bring another animal here. It’s a rip off And the doctor ain’t no doctor. Gold diggers is what you are. I’d be ashamed of myself if I were you.


3 years ago

Shouldn’t have even bothered with coming here.

Robert Jacobson

3 years ago

Worst experience ever. Totally overpriced and no communication up front. 15 minute exam and spending tonight. Never again $1400.00 for a suffering 13 year old rescue dog looking back should have put to sleep. I have owned 14 horses, 8 dog's and many cats. I fill ripped off. Update. Put my poor Dorothy to sleep an hour after leaving the facility. Her breathing deteriorated.

Motel 6

4 years ago

I have used this place several times for my 14 year old Chinese Crested who is paralyzed. I love Dr. Hawkins, love Dr. Maddox because they are 2 caring, compassionate vets. However Monday night I came in with my dog having difficulty breathing, the girl at the front desk did not even ask me if I needed to see a vet. Told me to go to my regular vet . very disappointed in this particular staff member as there was no compassion at all for my dog who was in distress.

Andy Arias

4 years ago

My dog had bone stuck on jaw. Came in and they saw my dog immediately. They had removed the bone and we were in and out of the AEC in less than 30 minutes. Diane N. and Dr. Hawkins were wonderful. Highly recommend.

Kara Anderson

4 years ago

Spent the last 3 hours at Animal Emergency Center with my escape artist can who was crazy attacked by something when he went on an unauthorized adventure outside (indoor cat). What an awesome emergency vet. I feel like very few people can claim a good experience after spending 3 hours at the vet, but the staff was amazing, the doctor was amazing, and Dusty will be back to normal in no time. Highly recommend this place if you ever need an emergency clinic.

Linda Owens

4 years ago

Our family has had several emergency situations and was very pleased with the competent and compassionate care provided. Simply the best emergency clinic around.

Ryan L

4 years ago

About a week ago, we brought in our 14-year-old dog who was very sick and on his way to puppy heaven. They made a very sad day much easier. I really appreciate all the staffs help.

Madeline Rosenblum

4 years ago

I brought my dog in around midnight on a Friday last week after I tripped and fell on top of her. She's a small dog (10 pounds) and this has always been one of my biggest fears. She was beginning to go into shock when she was admitted and I was terrified she was going to die. She had a lot of internal bleeding in her stomach and her body temperature dropped as low as 95. Every staff member I spoke to was kind and understanding and all the doctors and techs took wonderful care of her. They were thorough in checking everything and making sure she was stable before sending her home. I was worried sick and calling three times a day to check on her and wanting to come visit her every day. I was never made to feel like i was bothering or inconveniencing anyone. The price was expensive ($2500), but it's emergency care and was around what I expected for fluids, pain meds, ultrasounds, xrays, and constant monitoring of bloodwork. I didn't feel like i was charged unnecessarily for anything. I didn't have any money saved up for an emergency like this, but I was able to apply and get approved for carecredit before leaving the hospital. Thank you for taking such good care of Treasure. I think you saved her life, and i am so grateful.

Tim O'Neill

4 years ago

The people and especially the Vet were so kind and supportive. I had a very sick kitty and they treated him very gently and me with kindness.

Tanner Tucker

4 years ago

Staff was caring and patient with our questions. However, our experience was greatly enhanced by the office manager/receptionist, Janet (middle-aged , blonde). Janet was not only knowledgeable and patient, but well organized and very professional. Advice to management: clone her. If I had a better idea of the market price for their services, it may affect my review.I don't understand why a 20 hour stay cost as much as the surgery to remove a blockage - that is my own ignorance. I would also ask if Janet is on-duty because from among the other admin staff, Janet seems to be the best equipped to serve you and your pet.

Max Castle

4 years ago

This place has been amazing right from the very beginning. They took care of our pup right away! Everyone was so warm and welcoming and helped put me and my pups anxieties to rest! From Diane at the front desk to Angela an Kim who took my baby into the treatment area; amazing care! Not to mention Dr. Fitzgerald! I trust them 100% Thank you so much for all that you do!

Chris Shaw

5 years ago

On New Year's Eve our 11 year old 5lb Pekingese was suffering to breathe. It had been building for about a week, so we took the dog here. They people were very nice and even though they were busy, they worked us in and took a look at the dog. They did x-rays and blood work, etc. and came back to tell us that a portion with his heart was enlarged and that he was suffering from heart disease. They gave him a diuretic and sent him home $600 later. He got a lot worse over the next two days before we could get into the regular vet. My wife took him to the regular vet expecting to put the dog down. She called me an hour later and told me that he didn't have heart disease, that he had pneumonia. They did another x-ray to show us that the way the dog was laying in the first one distorted the view and that he would be fine. They took him off the diuretic (which apparently is terrible for you if you have pneumonia and made him worse) and put him on an antibiotic. A week later he is a new dog, you'd never know he was sick. Overall they were nice but the diagnosis was dead wrong, the medication made our dog worse, and it cost us $600. Not a great experience.

Pamela Faw

5 years ago

Cared more about the money than my cat.

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