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Reviews: Jasper L Animal Rescue Mission (Ridgeland)

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B Driver

2 years ago

Doing the very best they can with what little they have. Angels.

Kate Bellows

2 years ago

We got two kittens here and they have been wonderful. I appreciate JARM’s social media presence and that they are never afraid to ask for help when they need it. Jasper is a very rural area, and they’re the designated public shelter, so they take in a lot of animals. I know they treat them the best they can and that the staff there really cares about giving all of them a good home, like the one our cats have now.

Joycelyn Alves

2 years ago

We adopted a wonderful dog today. The staff was great! They do good work.

Karl Bissett

2 years ago

A great place to adopt a pet. We got our Max there about 3 years ago. He's turned out to be one of the best dogs we've ever had. And so handsome.

Amelia P

2 years ago

Phone says they close at 4, show up to the shelter, they close at 3 (we showed up at about 2:30). That's the first frustrating thing. There was a women outside tending to the dogs (we saw so many sweet looking dogs we would have loved to interact with). We made eye contact, and I could tell she couldn't hear me so I motioned 'can we come into the gate?' Since there was no sign or anything showing us to come in or where to go. She looked behind me, looked at me again as I motioned again, then went inside like she never saw us.

Susan Johnson

2 years ago

Adopted a kitten. Went back to show pics, they were interested. The staff there really are there for the animals. Please adopt if you can

Bailee Marie

3 years ago

i don’t know who i just spoke to on the phone but they were VERY. VERY. rude and unprofessional for absolutely no reason. very blunt and if i didn’t know they were good people (aside from this phone call) i would not go here for anything. whoever is in charge of the phones up front, needs to not be.

Jim Lewis

3 years ago

Great animals and great people!

Natasha Ugalde

3 years ago

Great customer service, animals taken care of and these people help you with your animal adoption

Chris Mccuan

3 years ago

Well, we have too little puppies now! Cannot stress what good kissers they are! AND Great folks all around.????

James Bennett III

3 years ago

Shady stuff going on. All the beautiful good dogs are always being shipped somewhere else...as if they were selling them.... Noooo really ??? Yep I think so.

Clarissa Lints

3 years ago

They don't even deserve the one star. We adopted our dog from here. They told us she was fixed. Well come to find out they lied to us and we ended up spending hundreds of dollars on tests to make sure our dog was okay just to find out that she isnt spayed. They also neglected to tell us about some problems she has. This place is shady and I do not recommend it.

Jean Owens

3 years ago

Girl working there as a very foul mouth.

Caitlyn Schake

3 years ago

Staff cares for the animals like their own. Being county funded, they do the best they can with what they have and constantly make improvements to the building and grounds to make the lives of the animals as comfortable as possible for their short stay. So many wonderful and highly adoptable animals available for adoption and more and more lives are being saved each year.

Angie Suhor

3 years ago

Very clean, caring employees, I could tell the employees enjoyed their job and love the animals

Adam Parrott

3 years ago

Incredible staff. Very friendly and helpful. They really care for the animals and you can see that with how the animals respond to them. It was a privilege to adopt an animal from them.

Jeffrey Starr

3 years ago

Not the most sanitary conditions. Staff seemed disconnected. Not helpful.

Linda Haataja

3 years ago

Lots of beautiful dogs and cats looking for their forever home

Richard Rodman

3 years ago

Not very clean or sanitary.

Stephanie Adams (Pink)

3 years ago

Smelly, poor conditions. It is a KILL shelter. Rude front desk people. Very unprofessional.

Carol Williams

4 years ago

Really hard working and dedicated people trying to get better life for so many animals. People need to do your part and spay or neuter your pets.

Cheetah and Zebra's Toy Reviews

4 years ago

I fostered kittens for them and they were 18 weeks old before I was able to return them they never once called me and they never checked me out to make sure I was a good fit then I knew a friend they let foster 2 and both of those kittens ended up hurt badly and died I could have told them that she wasn't able to care for them or protect them they need to be a little pickier about whom they let foster and they need to be able to take the animals back in when they are able to eat dry food

Crystal Norris

4 years ago

Staff was excellent and really care about their fur babies. Can't wait to send you pictures of Ryan Fleacrest in his new home.T..you!

Dr Truth

4 years ago

Love it here the staff are so friendly

Eddie “Data Guy” Pearce

4 years ago

2 resues from this great place !!!!

Michele Cobb

4 years ago

They work really hard to give the animals love and direction

Monique Waldow

4 years ago

Great people there.. remember to donate to help support the workers and animals

Mark Watkins

5 years ago

What a wonderful thing all these people do by loving the animals and the giving of their time God bless each and everyone of them.Thank you God for kind good hearted people that still exaiat in this world.

Aubrey Brianne

5 years ago

Best place to get your new pet! I've gotten a dog and an adorable kitten from them and am constantly fostering other amazing love bugs. The staff is helpful and obviously passionate towards helping these homeless animals.

Chasity Evans

5 years ago

My dog was picked up I called on Monday which they are closed?!?!? When I received my dog on Tuesday not even being there 24hrs she was in a cage that was filled with muddy water no tarp or anything to protect her from the rain the night before!!!!!! When I seen her she was really wet and filthy with dirty mud. I was so angry inside but being the nice lady I am I brought my baby home and bath her. Not impressed with JARM at all they need to change staff and environment very horribly! Never seen my dog like that!

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Jasper L Animal Rescue Mission, Georgia, Ridgeland

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