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Kimberly Scheil

2 years ago

We drove 2 hours to get a dog from Henry county and I would do it again. The staff and volunteers are amazing. They are not open due to covid but you can make an appointment and a volunteer will meet you. We are so happy with our new family member!

Trina Howard

2 years ago

How on earth can the Henry County Humain Society be effective if they are only open one day during the week for four hours.

Judy Trang

2 years ago

I had a pleasant experience with Susan and my adoption experience was quick and easy. The adoption fee is expensive though.

Camilya Tappin

2 years ago

Closed and will not update info

Brandon Bartlett

2 years ago

Great caring people, friendly service. They seem to really cate about the animals in need. Recommend adopting pets from them.

Mary Kohl

2 years ago

I had a wonderful experience in adopting Watson (now known as Huckleberry) through Henry County Humane Society (HCHS). My understanding is that it is an all-volunteer organization, and as a result, the hours when the shelter is open are very limited. But the shelter was clean and safe. Watson had clearly been very well cared for after he and 13 other dogs were rescued from a hoarding situation. He'd been given good care by a vet, and his coat and teeth were beautifully clean. HCHS had his altering surgery done, and all his vaccinations, and everything HCHS had done for him was very well documented to me. All that being considered, the adoption fee seemed very reasonable to me. I applied online and was contacted by email a few days later by Susan at HCHS, and shortly after was able to set up my meet and greet. Huckleberry is the perfect addition to my family, and I love him!

Jay Jordan

2 years ago

What kind of business that has hours of operation, but no lines of communication to call for more information and or schedule a visit????? Come off better finding a pet wandering in the street and bringing it home for free and without the hassle.

Ruth Morgan

3 years ago

They do great work here. I got my dog Freddie from the Humane Society in McDonough.


3 years ago

I only gave it 1 star because I just wanted to comment. They have such cute dogs but the adoption fee of $275 is crazy. If they lowered the price they would have more consistency with rescues. Cobb County has 1 fee and alot of the animals are adopted quickly and more frequently. This makes room for other rescues. If others can do it then so can Henry County.

Keshia Bethune

3 years ago

Absolutely horrible!! No communication what so ever! I have put in countless applications with no response! How am I suppose to have verifiable vet history if this is my first pet!!! Wanted to avoid going to a breeder but this place is terrible!!

Euteva Goodson

4 years ago

Staff was not helpful. I was actually made to feel that I shouldn't even consider adopting a dog.


4 years ago

In my opinion this place was great I found my best friend here he has a few problems but I love my cat I got him last year on the last day of spring break

Savannah Hallford

5 years ago

I am very disappointed in this place. I moved away from home a little over a year ago due to marriage (leaving from my home of a house full of dogs). My husband realized that I went into a DEPRESSION because I went from a house full of animals to a place where I did not know anybody or had no animal to come home to love. After a YEAR, my husband FINALLY said “it’s time for us to get a dog”. He wanted to adopt to give a dog a chance and a better life and I wanted the same. He took me to this shelter on my birthday and I went in with tears because it is sad how these dogs are having to live and how they got there. We fell in love with one dog, put an application in, and waited. I’ve never been to a shelter, so I did not know how the process worked. I reached out to them via Facebook, as well as my husband, and we NEVER got any response. Shows how much they want these animals to have a nice loving home. If you’re looking for a pet, do not go here. It is a waste of your time. The only thing you will get out of it is a face full of tears because of their living conditions.

Alexis Waters

5 years ago

Wonderful shelter to adopt from! The people who help to run this organization have genuine love for all of the animals that they take in, and go to great lengths to ensure each pet finds a great forever home.

Betsy Mystiblu

5 years ago

Unfortunately folks get angry and upset when they are not qualified to adopt however they do not read the minimum requirements to adopt, they also do not acknowledge that the website and pet listings state you will hear from a volunteer *if* your application qualifies. There are very limited resources and volunteers running HCHS. Everyone is doing their best to care for the homeless and discarded animals of Henry County. To make the process work smoothly clear guidelines are on the website, and the pet listings. It would be awesome if people would read them prior to applying rather than get angry after the fact.

Darlene Fortune

5 years ago

Very professional and kind. Very clean and comfortable.

J Mall

5 years ago

I feel so sorry for the animals here. There are people genuinely wanting to adopt a rescue, like me. But message after message, application after application, goes UNANSWERED. You should be ashamed for depriving these animals of a better life!

Laura Draper

5 years ago

Very unorganized. Doesn't contact you if you are rejected. Doesn't answer phone

Leeann Holbrook

5 years ago

My pets have always received very good care here.

Luke Wright

5 years ago

These people really do not care about putting animals into homes. I’ve contacted them on multiple occasions with no response. I message them on Facebook and they read the message and do not reply. I feel sorry for these animals, they will never find homes due to the inept customer service of this organization. Go somewhere else and save your time. Not even worth of donation since I doubt it’s even used properly for the animals.

Meica Buck

5 years ago

Worst experience trying to adopt a dog. Didnt know our application was rejected due to not having previous vet history. How can you have vet history without ever owning a pet???? So that's why I was rejected.....CRAZY!!! Also never received a call or email response until we posted a bad review on Yelp. We have 2 children and were going to adopt 2 sibling puppies. Looking at their Facebook page, it seems as if they only let certain people adopt their pets. Really hate that this experience turned out sooooo bad. Ended up going to a breeder and got exactly what I wanted with papers! And yes, we still have him 9 months later.

Shaniqua B

5 years ago

Zero customer service! No return call or responses via email.

S Bradley

5 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean facility. Animals seem well cared for.

Tiara McCoy

6 years ago

My husband and I attempted to adopt a puppy I loved the idea of giving a puppy who hadn't been taken care of properly a new home vs buying one. We filled out an application and never heard anything back. I contacted the company and explained that to them. They asked if I had previous vet info. Which I didn't because this would be our first time owning. I was told with "some" dogs you have to be a previous owner and that has been the last I've heard about my application. I think that's real discriminatory to tell someone they can't adopt because they haven't previously owned. What makes a previous owner a better parent then one who hasn't owned. Not only that most of the puppies you have were "PREVIOUSLY" owned by someone and now they are in your shelter so what does that say about some "previous" owners. Very unprofessional and discriminatory in my opinion.


6 years ago

Based on these reviews, I’ll keep looking! Thanks folks. I love online reviews! ????

Debra Gagnon

6 years ago

I filled out a application for Adoption for a beautiful cat and I am not naming the cat because i would like to keep it to myself. Anyways I was called and told I was approved and I can come look at the cat and was told to make sure I bring a carrier to transport the cat home. I told her that I would call her back after I talked to my husband and let her know what day I would be coming out. After a few days I heard back from Henry County Humane Society and was told I could not adopt because of some code in my town , well I looked up that code and if they read it write they would know there is no such code they claim there is. All I can say is they would rather keep the animals instead of giving the animals a good loving home that the family's like mine would give this beautiful cat i wanted to adopt a loving home for the rest of that cats life. I just do not understand I would think if they care so much for these animals , I would think the frist priority would be to find good loving homes for these animals. And after approving my application and then saying I can not adopt, I really think there is something wrong with this Humane Society and I do not understand how they can still be in business after reading a lot of the reviews on Henry County Humane Society. Please people stay clear of this place you would be better off going somewhere else because there are so many other Humane Society's that are willing to let you adopt the pet of your choice without giving you a hard time. Belive me there are hundreds of animals out there ready to be adopted and the Humane Society or shelters out there , will let you adopt once you are approved without giving you the run around. Please stay clear of this place that's all I got to say.

Casey B

6 years ago

Very disappointed at the service here. The process is extremely unfair. They don't do first come first serve so be prepared to put your application in along with a countless amount of other people and have to compete for the dog. When I …

Carter Pope

6 years ago

Why do you close on mon-friday i found a new born kitten that was abandoned by his mom and now we dont even know if he can survive a week thanks

Annette Trammell

6 years ago

Seem goid with the animals

Chris Barnes

7 years ago

My family and I had a great experience with Henry County Humane Society. We saw a puppy we liked and completed the online application. I got an email two days later asking us when we could do a meet and greet. We met at the Humane Society shelter (located behind Animal Control). The volunteer was very friendly and we adopted the puppy. My family and I love our new addition. Do not confuse the Humane Society with Animal Control as they are separate entities. One run by volunteers (Humane Society), and one run by county employees (Animal Control). Chances are if you are talking to someone over the phone, you are calling Animal Control. The Humane Society is only open on Saturday unless pre-arranged meeting has been made via email. I believe the Humane Society volunteers are doing a great job finding good homes for the animals while operating strictly on donations. Whereas Animal Control is there to enforce code violations associated with irresponsible pet owners.

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