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Julia Mitchell

2 years ago

Always available ,very efficient and friendly. My Toby is not afraid to go to any tech, I know that He is in good hands.Drs,are great and happy to talk,give advice or suggestions,I LOVE THIS PLACE.

Corlis Menendez

2 years ago

Chase has been going too them about a year.they are so nice and always helpful.

russell farmer

2 years ago

Doesn’t take emergency walk in’s. Shouldn’t be called a animal hospital if they are not equipped for emergency situations. Maybe should change name to vet clinic

Angela S.

2 years ago

Worst vet experience of my life. Just moved from out of state and brought with me the vet records for both of my fur babies. I decided to bring just the cat here who is 13. I took the puppy to a different vet. Thank goodness. I sat in the car for an hour filling out paperwork, they are still in pandemic mode even though that isn't protocol now. Cat went in without me. I got a call from someone who said they were the vet and that her heart rate was 300 bpm. Well, the cat would be dead if that were true. So I asked if they needed to do blood work, she said no. I mentioned to the second vet later that afternoon where I took the puppy about it and they said they would take over. Don't go here. They seem understaffed, will hang up on you and don't seem to know what they are doing. I just read the notes and it said the owner declined blood work, which is a lie. I actually asked the vet if they needed to do it and she said no. I think they are overwhelmed. Thats the impression out the gate and not the care I want for my beloved pets.

Dee Reeves

2 years ago

I have had this vet for 12 years. I have seen the service go to nothing. I am so disappointed. I have paid into the wellness plan for 12 years. Earlier this year they attempt to clean my dogs teeth then called me during the procedure and tell me I needed to pay over $1000 to have the teeth removed because his temp was dropping Then when I picked him up on his canine's couldn't be removed and was left hanging out and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth. Then every time I took him back to them after this time they couldn't give him his shots they need to do blood work. They charged me twice for blood work I paid for and said I didn't pay for the bloodwork needed. I had started to feel uncomfortable with them keeping my dog. Today when I spoke them they got rude with me on the phone. The service is horrible. But I have learned a big lesson. Don't give people chances. My dog is my family.


2 years ago

The customer service rep hung up on me, while I am going through an emotional time regarding my animal. So quick to hang up…customer service 101, always wait for the customer to hang up first.

Lori Mailot-Reeise

2 years ago

Very Professional and Friendly staff

Patti Reim

2 years ago

I was concerned about not being able to go in with my pet but I believe this actually was less anxiety for both my and my pets. The technicians that came to the vehicle were kind, professional and caring.

Lynn Mitchell

2 years ago

The doctors and staff at Eagles Landing Vet are always friendly and professional. They genuinely seem to care about each and every pet they treat. In addition, they are excellent at communicating with pet owners.

Jessica Scroggs

2 years ago

ELVH always takes great care of my 2 dogs and 2 cats! The staff is so friendly and professional. Maranda and Chanelle always make sure my pets receive the best care possible! After bad experiences at different vets, Eagles Landing is the only place I trust with my pets!!!!!


2 years ago

Every time I call I can never get an appointment. Even when I call during the prescribe hour of 8am either there’s no doctor on staff or some other crazy excuse!

Alyssa Valentin

2 years ago

Every time I take my dogs aka my children here I know they will be well taken care of. The staff always keeps me in the loop and makes sure to answer any and all questions I may have during my appointment and after. I don’t trust many people to treat my babies and it’s been hard finding an office that has, but I’m so happy I decided to put my trust in this office, best decision I have made by far.

Crystal S

2 years ago

Paid for wellness program and asked them not to use credit card for automatic renewal. So they canceled the program. I just found out they did not provide all the shots I paid for now I'm being told it is too late even though a year is not up. Followed up with CS now they want to charge me another $160 for the shots I paid them for. They made the decision not to give her the shots. If I paid in advance for the shots, I should get ALL the shots unless I say do not give her the shots.

Rida Haroon

2 years ago

If I could give them 0 stars, I would. I, being a first time pet owner, went to the vet closest to my house, and paid for the puppy plan. The first time my dog got sick, he threw up, and had diarrhea. I immediately took him here. The doctor came in, touched his stomach, did NO test, nothing, and said “oh he’s fine, just make sure he gets water.” I was not satisfied with that answer at all, so I took him to Stockbridge Veterinary hospital. The difference was night and day. those doctors actually listened to my concerns, they did a fecal test and figured out that my dog had parasites and gave me medicine for it. The second time my dog got sick, I decided to go to eagles landing vet, decided to give them a second chance. This was when my dog wasn’t eating, feeling well, etc. they said the same thing, just take some probiotics, and he’ll be fine. Anyways, my dog got worse, so I took him to get checked at SAVES (as Stockbridge vet was closed during that time). They helped me figure out what was wrong with him, gave my dog fluids, and I kid you not, as I was checking out of there, my dog, you could LITERALLY see him getting better. Whenever my dog has gone here, he has never gotten better. Please, take them elsewhere.

Sonja Baker

2 years ago

Don't waste your time energy and money they have a large staff of young people that don't know what there doing, all they want is your money. Beware of the wellness program. There prices are the highest veterinary in Georgia, stick with the older staff veterinary office. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Rachel French

2 years ago

Gracie loved the staff here! Friendly, reliable, and professional!

Juliane Ingalls

2 years ago

Well they were great until I had an emergency. We have been there numerous times with our cats. Last week my 21(!) year old cat with advanced kidney disease was lethargic and soiling himself when I found him at 6:30 am. We knew it was time and we did not want him to suffer any longer, so we planned on going to the vet for help when they opened. We arrived promptly before 8 am and were told to make an appointment to be seen. - yes, we did tell them that the cat was dying and they did not care. In disbelief we scheduled an appointment  for 11:45 am. Of course our poor cat had to suffer until 11:15 am until he took his last breath and passed away on his own. We called to cancel the appointment and were met with an "oh". I have been there many times and had to wait because an emergency came in. Never did I complain, knowing well that one day I may need help, too. - I am so disappointed and hurt because my cat had to suffer, that I will not go back there again with my other cat or any other pet I will have.

Laquasia Thomas

2 years ago

I have brought my dog here multiple times and it was okay, but just a few weeks ago I brought my dog here for a sore on her paw. I did think she may have been pregnant so I told them I needed to make sure she was Incase she had an infection on her paw, I didn’t want anything to happen to her or the puppies. Anyways long story short they made me pay 200$ for an ultrasound, because they said the medicine would give her a miscarriage if she was carrying. I didn’t have a problem because I wanted my dog to be safe. So after all of that they told me my dog was never pregnant and she was having false pregnancy! A few weeks later I called back because I just knew they told me nothing but lies because I could feel puppies moving in her belly, they would not give me another ultrasound, would not try to fix the problem but still go on to tell me she was still possibly having false pregnancy! I know I’m not a licensed vet tech or vet at all but I Dan sure know fetal movement!!!! So anyways after 200$ and a headache here I am a few weeks later and 10… TEN PUPPIES LATER… A HUGE MEDICAL MISTAKE! Good thing I never even gave my dog the medication but one time, I trusted my gut feeling and will never bring my dog here again! **** I added photos of the dog and the puppies they told me they GUARANTEE weren’t there. ****

Patrick Boado

2 years ago

Had a great experience with Eagles Landing Veterinary Hospital. My dog Xena ate almost an entire box of chocolate. She was taken in immediately despite the fact they were busy. We were clearly explained the procedure and given a few options. Our little pup is back at the house safe and sound now! The staff was extremely courteous and patient with Xena (she hasn't been able to socialize to much due to the pandemic). Dr Joey was extremely sweet and even went as far as to call Russell Stovers regarding their cocoa powder content as an extra precaution. The bill was even lower than expected. Extremely satisfied with the entire experience. Thank you so much again you guys!

Betty Pate

3 years ago

we are very pleased with service.Everyone very nice.Id refer ya to anyone. Kitty doing fine. betty Pate

Detrice Daniels

3 years ago

First time bringing my dog Marco Polo. Very professional,updated me before any services was rendered,staff was friendly.

Jessica Johnston

3 years ago

I believe some of these stars came from staff! The staff is rude and act as if they are high and mighty! And this whole confirming or cancel stuff they pull is absolutely absurd. Who thought that would be a good idea? My relative had her appointment cancelled because she didn't "confirm". If she didn't call to cancel then obviously she was planning on coming. I understand COVID is happening, but that shouldn't be an excuse to have such poor attitudes and service. Take your business elsewhere folks. This place isn't it.

Melissa Reddick

3 years ago

The staff was friendly and very informative throughout the whole appointment. It was real busy but the staff was still pleasant.


3 years ago

I am new to Eagles Landing Veterinary Hospital. My first encounter with inquiring about bringing my pet to them was great. They were very professional when gathering information and making an appointment. When arriving at Eagles Landing Veterinary Hospital, everything was clearly spelled out on what to do. Once I called to let them know I made it, they explained my next steps and determined the appropriate wellness plan for my pet, and took him in for his exam. I have been back several times since May 28th for shampoo, getting one more vaccine so that I can board my pet, and getting the necessary vaccine records. Every one is so professional, caring, and patient. They make you feel like when they care for your pet, they are caring for their own.

Va'Rhonda Jackson

3 years ago

I would not even bring a pet rock here! My friend brings her shishus there and recommend I try them since I had an issue with my vet. They were booked out a week or so which I was fine with I just needed a few shots. From the first phone call to schedule, to the actual appointment this establishment had more rules for me to follow than my HOA! I waited well past my appointment time, the staff was rude to me and seemed very incompetent in doing their job. The lady I spoke with didn't even seem confident in answering my questions, but wanted to make sure I had enough money to pay. I don't see myself returning or recommend anyone wasting their money here.


3 years ago

Repeatedly hung up the phone five times I called after saying “hello, how are you doing” would never recommend using services here. DISRESPECTFUL!

Sylvia Grant

3 years ago

Dr. Ashlyn & Maranda were very nice and pleasant. They are were great to talk to about Zoey!

Jasma Stevenson

3 years ago

Rude office manager and receptionist! Bad customer service! My senior dog was brought there to use the wellness plan to make a dental cleaning affordable. She was current on preventative care and heartworm preventative done 2 weeks prior to her 1st visit at Eagles Landing Vet Hospital. During her exam the vet called my cell phone. Clients wait in the car while services are given to their pet. The receptionist interrupted our conversation twice making it hard for me to understand the medical findings from the exam and care recommended. I informed the receptionist both times that I was talking to the vet. She walked off with an attitude. The vet was informed during the call. The doctor said that was rude of her and would speak to her. Next day I return to drop-off fecal material I captured and to inquiry why a heartworm test was done without my request or notification the day before. Rachel, the office manager, kept repeating "that's how we do it here." She was irritated by my questions and said she didn't understand my point when I kept saying she just had a test done 2 weeks ago. I asked, "Can you help me understand why an annual test was done twice in a month?" Rachel was cutting me off while speaking. After asking the question multiple times in different ways it was finally explained that bloodwork is not done in-house. As a result multiple tests are done at the lab even though the heartworm test was done 2 weeks ago at a local vet. This was not explained to me the day before. I shared that I was not receiving good customer service based her communication style. It was my 1st visit the day before and there was no way I could know their norms especially if never explained to me while I sat in my car during the dog's exam. I asked to speak to someone else or the vet to share my experience as a new client. Rachel said, "I am my own boss." Told me I could not speak to the owner of the practice about my experience nor the vet. I cancelled my plan the same day I was rudely spoken to by Rachel, which cost over $300 to do. It is sad I had to do this not to experience a year of poor customer when I ask a question about my dog's medical procedures. I was informed the next day after signing my plan that most of the communication with the vet is done via email and I was not permitted to speak with the vet to understand the bloodwork results for my senior dog. *Chanelle put in the medical chart that the plan was cancelled due to nonpayment though all services rendered were paid in full during my dog's visit day 1 and the next day when the wellness plan was cancelled.

Marcelle Michalski

3 years ago

I took my puppy to be neutered. They called me to let me know about his baby teeth, which were not falling out, and the Vet took care of his mouth as well. They e-mailed me the next to see how Ollie was and even sent a note by mail. I really appreciate a Vet's office that cares about my baby and much as I do. I would highly recommend Eagles Landing Veterinary Hospital to everyone I know.

Tiffany Amey

3 years ago

This company is so unprofessional. I wouldn’t take a worm there. If I made an appointment and didn’t call to cancel it, why should I have to call and confirm it. I was not able to confirm the appointment because I didn’t know I needed to and was at work. They cancelled my appointment after I drove all the way there and didn’t even try to be accommodating that I didn’t receive the email. I just moved here from Ohio I will definitely find a vet more accommodating.

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