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Angela Smart

3 years ago

At drop off I asked that my collie mix's long hair be trimmed by a half inch, among other things. When I picked her up, she was shaved. I politely said I was surprised by her short hair since I specifically asked for a trim. Susan was quite hostile and told me that for as much work as she had done on my dog that if I was going to whine I could find a new groomer. Since she charged me double of what a quality dog groomer usually charges for this dog, did a piss poor job of it at that, and provided atrocious customer service, I will be finding a new groomer. I wanted to share my experience in hopes it helps others. I did not tip as I felt the service was awful and not at all what I asked for. If you don't know how to trim a long haired dog, just tell me that at drop off, don't waste my time and yours. Edit due to Susan's response stating we had not been in more than a year- she should check her records more carfully. We've been there one other time before and it was less than two months ago on June15, 2020.


3 years ago

Great place for grooming. Susan is very nice, does a great job, and truly cares for our babies

Amanda Ellis

4 years ago

I found Susan through searching for a new groomer for my granny’s baby as the previous groomer decided to retire. Granny ended up taking her to the vet to get bathed (she’s a mini Maltese) but they did not dry her all the way which made her hair curl then start to get matted & when we took her back to see if they could fix it without shaving her, they said no, it would have to be shaved & they also had the audacity to blame my granny, saying to her that she didn’t “tell them to dry her all the way.” I mean, who dries a dog halfway? Part of the bathing process is brushing & drying their hair after the bath & NOT only drying it halfway!! After reading reviews of this vet, it seems the mistakes they make, they never own up to them & ALWAYS blame the pet parents. My granny didn’t want her shaved, so we left. After talking it over with her, Granny knew it was the best thing so Sassy wouldn’t have to go through all that pain of trying to get the matted hair out. Susan did a wonderful job and my granny is very pleased. Thank you so very much.

Joe English

4 years ago

Susan is well organized and really seems to care about the dogs. She does a really nice job. Our little pooch comes home all fluffy and clean. Always a job well done.

Ashley Smith

5 years ago

She’s a wonderful groomer! I’m never disappointed! I recommend her to everyone!

Deborah Alex

5 years ago

I acquired my first dog in 1996, it was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The breeder recommended that I take her to Susan to be groomed. I have had a weekly appointment with Susan for all my dogs since then. We have had 5 Cavaliers and one Golden Retriever since then. She has always done an outstanding job on ALL my dogs. She also has boarded my dogs. They always love to see her. Every week when I get close to her place my dogs know where we are and get excited to see her. Not only has she been wonderful, caring and compassionate with my dogs but she also is very flexible when “emergencies” arise. I’ve had to call her last minute, several times over the years, to board my dogs or groom them and she has always been able to accommodate me. I have a long haired cat that had several mats that I couldn’t get out so I asked Susan’s advice....she told me to bring her in and she would take care of the mats. 2 hours later my cat was beautifully groomed with no mats. She even showed me how to do it and my cat just sat there and let Susan brush her. Not only is she a dog whisperer but also a cat whisperer. I highly recommend Susan as a great dog and cat groomer. You can’t find anyone better.


5 years ago

Susan is a wonderful lady who really goes out of her way to make sure your pet is well taken care of. Every one comes back clean, happy, and everyone get a bandana!!

Juan Arroyo

5 years ago

Have found this Pet Care very close to home have it a try Susan worked miracles on my puppy Rose just loved it

Karen Owen

5 years ago

I have been taking my dogs to Susan since 2001. She does a fabulous job, and all my dogs have loved her! Her shop is always clean and neat too. I highly recommend her.

Katie Smith

5 years ago

Susan is a wonderful groomer. Very caring loving and professional. I am never dissatisfied after seeing her. Her compassion and flat out loving nature is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommed using Susan's Pet Grooming and I will never be going anywhere else. SHE IS THE BEST!

Kimberly Burky

5 years ago

My family has been seeing Susan for all of our dog grooming needs since my first dog growing up. Not only do our dogs love going to see her, they always come home looking great! Susan always makes sure to treat us and our dogs with respect. You can tell that she truly cares about animals and their wellbeing. I’m also thrilled that she’s now taking credit cards!

Nicole Evans

5 years ago

My negative experience was several months ago and I vowed to hold off on writing a negative review until I knew that I wasn’t coming from a place of anger.... This is the first negative review that I can recall ever in my life making. My mother has known and done business with Susan for as long as I can remember (I’m 39 yrs old now and we got my first dog when I was in the 2nd grade and the dog had a weekly appointment with Susan- every Friday. All this to say- I don’t make this review lightly). Cut to the present. I have a very happy and healthy 12 year old King Charles Spaniel that I would occasionally have Susan groom And/or board on the rare occasions we would go out of town. Susan isn’t exactly known for being “warm” and “friendly” which I don’t really care about as long as my dog is well taken care of. The last and final time I dealt with Susan- we had an appointment to fully bathe, cut and board my Cavalier. Admittedly, my dog was in major need of a makeover as she had some spots along her back legs and ears that needed to be shaved (I am also a busy mother with 3 little ones and hence WHY I made an appointment with a groomer- it wasn’t like I showed up to a dog show- THAT was the whole reason she was there). I arrived with my dog (on my way out of town because I was to leave her with Susan). When Susan saw the knots in her fur- she literally YELLED at me. She was vile, rude and hateful. She told me “you shouldn’t be allowed to have animals!” I was totally berated- more so than I’ve ever been in my entire 39 years of life. She screamed at me “get out of here and don’t come back!” Suffice to say- I left with the dog and had to completely change my vacation plans. After, I took my dog to the PetSmart groomers and I told them what happened. They literally could not believe it. I have been happily taking my dog there since (for 1/2 the price and no criticism). Buyer beware. Edited after the owner’s comment/reply- Malnourished?!?! You have GOT to be kidding me!! My Cavalier is healthy, perfect weight, 12 years old, up to date in her shots, microchipped, well cared for (zero complaints ever from our vet) and a member of our family. Don’t - you- even dare accuse me of not taking care of my dog- she was my first child and came along well before I had kids (AS IF I don’t get that a dog is a “living being.” I have had pets my entire life and been involved with animal rescue, both dogs and cats). Shame on you. Anyone reading this will more than likely get the gist of what I was negatively reviewing about. There are plenty of reputable groomers big and small out there. My mom taught me a long time ago- don’t pay someone to treat you poorly. And Susan.... deal with it.

Nicole Smith

5 years ago

Susan has been grooming and taking care of sweet animals for many years, and it shows!! She has a way with animals. Takes great care of our sweet, elderly dog, and makes sure he has what he needs to be comfortable. I can't believe we didn't find her sooner! Go to her without a second thought!


5 years ago

Friendly staff. Worked great with my pitbull.

Tracy King

5 years ago

My family and I have been going to Susan for 30+ years. Susan is a dog whisperer. My Penny hates her feet touched- we’ll guess who she lets trim them? Susan! All of our springers (foster dogs included) are groomed by Susan, and they look flawless after seeing her. She is the most caring, kind, honest person you will ever meet. You will not find a better groomer in East Cobb!

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