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savannah costa

2 years ago

This staff has been NOTHING BUT AMAZING to me and my pup, Nugget! They’re always happy to answer my questions, and always have the best attitude. I’ve seen them for over a year, and I will absolutely continue bringing my dog here. Whenever I go, I always see puppy parents getting frustrated with the staff. During this tough time of companies struggling with the US employment issue, I ask that everyone be patient with this staff, and they will do their best to help as quickly as possible. We all need to give everyone a little grace, and they’re always doing the best that they can!

Matt Jay Fortune

2 years ago

Provided excellent care for my papillion very impressed was expecting a bottom of the barrel experience and got a excellent vet

Sean Sean

2 years ago

I have bought my cat food from here. The owner is Uhhh-mazzzzing.

Matt Fortune

2 years ago

Had a really caring vet that did a great job with my papillon

T D Johnson

2 years ago

Had an an awesome first time visit. Lorin and the entire staff were excellent. Glad we chose to bring our puppy and senior dog here.

maya wilson

2 years ago

Very helpful spoke with an associate named Lauren and was very informative. Happy with the communication

Andrew Starry

2 years ago

Terrible service. I originally went there a few months ago to get my dog off a medication and into another one as he was having secondary effects. They made me do a heart worm test then proceeded to inform me that I needed to get another one in a few months. They failed to mention that I would be charged for the second exam. When it came time to pay, they hid it and once they gave me the receipt I let them know that I was under their health plan and they said that I would still need to pay for it as it was not covered by my plan. The first one was covered but they never mentioned that the second wasn't. They proceeded on blaming me for not knowing all the stuff that was never informed to me. This is the most conniving way to squeeze every cent from their clients.

A Google User

2 years ago

Had all my pets enrolled in their wellness plans for years, they had been great. At an appointment, I asked the vet if it was safe for my elderly dog to undergo a dental cleaning. They said yes and asked if I wanted to schedule. So I took her in next week for the cleaning. She died that day due to “complications” during the procedure. They had also told me she was completely healthy. Personally haven’t gotten over it but Banfield did cover all expenses after she passed away. Make of that what you will.

Shaleah Grice

2 years ago

I took both of my cats to get groomed. They looked so cute and smelled sooooo good!!!! We'll be coming back.

Aisha Miller

2 years ago

Just wanted to leave a review after the amazing customer service I received at Banfield perimeter. I’ve been going to this location and the Tucker location for awhile, however this visit I was really impressed. Candace was the first person to ever walk through wellness plans with me. She also made sure to ask me if I had any concerns I wanted to address while I dropped my cat off for his yearly vaccines. My main concern was making sure he was healthy to fly. From there she gave me a lot of great advice and walked over what they could do for his appointment while he was there to help him get prepared. It really made me feel comfortable about leaving him while he had his appointment. I can tell Candace cares about people’s pets and that she has a love for animals. My little guy is now greatly prepared to fly. Left him in great hands! Thank you Candace, Dr. Chappell and Banfield!

Mon Fern

3 years ago

Very kind office staff, vet techs, and doctor.

Courtney Eslyn LLC

3 years ago

Does great with my dogs care. I would recommend!

Chuck Gillmore

3 years ago

Banfield will not let owners into their location to consult with the vets during visits due to the pandemic. Even though I have never had covid, my temp is normal, wear a face mask and have been vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine. During the last visit they injured my dog while new vet techs expressed my dogs anal glands. I received no apology. The foreign vets are not easily understood during consultation. I have cancelled my dogs wellness plan and moved to a different vets clinic that is not a Banfield location. I have become very dissatisfied with Banfield in the last 12 months.

Wesley Inman

3 years ago

If you care for your pets, DO NOT BRING THEM HERE. I brought my kitten here when she came down with a common virus. The "physical examination" that was given must have been an exaggeration as they missed my cat's tongue being completely blistered from the virus. When we attempted to have an emergency follow-up days later, because my cat could not eat or drink due to her tongue, we were left to sit in the parking lot for over an hour for a scheduled appointment. At the end of waiting for the appointment we had scheduled days before, we were told by the receptionist that the doctor on call told her, "We are already at capacity, I can't do anything for you." That was it. Somehow before they had even opened, and with us scheduling an emergency appointment days ahead, they were full and turned us away like we were the problem. This experience was unbelievable in many ways and we stated this to the poor employee on the phone delivering her bosses' cowardly words to us. We even received a personal phone call from this individual later stating how often this happens to their clients and begging for us to make a formal complaint to corporate! I will be following up with whatever complaint options are out there including the Better Business Bureau, hoping to keep other loving pet owners from experiencing this horrible excuse for a hospital.

Erin Morrissey

3 years ago

I cannot emphasize this enough: if you love your pet, do NOT bring them here. I honestly believe that they just try to jam as many appointments as possible to make as much money as possible, and it’s truly sad for those of us who treat our pets like family. A recap of the issues in my most recent visit: (1) when I called to make an appointment, they told me they were only doing curbside drop off due to Covid. Ok, that’s good. They told me to drop off my dog at 8:45 am. However, they did not explain that my dog’s appointment wasn’t at 8:45. I waited four hours then called. They told me the vet hadn’t seen him yet. I was horrified. My dog is very anxious and I know those four hours must have been awful for him. If they would have communicated to me that there would be this wait, I would definitely have taken him elsewhere to begin with. (2) when I picked him up, no one explained his chart or his issues to me whatsoever. (3) after I paid my (exorbitant AF) bill, The receptionist (who was super flustered and dealing with a million things at once) informed me that they didn’t have one of the medications I had just paid for, and that I would have to come back the next day. No respect for my time whatsoever. To be clear I don’t blame her personally. I blame this insane corporate pet hospital for caring so much about their bottom line that they refuse to adequately staff this very busy location. (4) I had requested that they trim my pets nails. Once I got in the car with him it was clear they hadnt done this. Clearly their communication is not working. Sure the nails is a small issue, but this signifies bigger issues. What if my pet had a life threatening condition that the overworked staff failed to communicate? I called and the practice manager offered an extremely half-hearted, excuse-laden apology, and offered to refund me the cost of the medicine that I had paid for and didn’t receive. However, we will never be going back. I honestly believe this place should be shut down due to the lack of care they show towards the animals. It is not only disorganized, it’s dangerous. Shame on you, Petsmart, for caring more about nickles and dimes than you do about living, breathing animals and the humans who love them. This pet hospital is an abomination. I just hope I can persuade others to go elsewhere and avoid this terrible place.

A Google User

3 years ago

If i could give them 0 starts I would. Their medical negligence killed my cat because of their incompetence and lack ability to maintain a chart. We had been going there for a year since we had Hercules and we got him the yearly plan, we paid for them and were up to date on all his appointments and never missed a single appointment. On 1/7/2020 he got diagnosed with a heart murmur level 1/6 by Doctor Doyle-Edwards we were told that as long as he was kept in fit condition and given the proper food he would be okay. We then visited Dr. Chapell and were recommended to put him on a well balanced raw diet which we did through one of Atlanta's local vendors. The next time he visited Banfield on 5/29/2020 it is written on his chart that his murmur was stable but chronic but there is no grade associated with the murmur (which there should be). On 8/26/2020 his chart marks heart murmur 3/4 but that is once again stable and persistent. His chart also states we should get radiographs to evaluate his heart but once again the staff neglected to notify us regarding any radiographs or anything we should do. On 12/11/2020 he attended the vet once again to do preventative work and his chart states his cardiovascular observations to be "WNL" (within normal limits) which is not possible given his prior history of heart murmur and heart problems. Another problem with that visit is that the staff failed to get his weight and notice that Hercules had lost a FULL POUND and that was cause for concern. That was his last appointment before he passed away on 12/29/2020 due to a pulmonary edema that was caused by HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) which means the thickening of the heart ventricles. I called banfield after he died to cancel his plan and was told we needed to pay $300 for services rendered even though HE WAS A PART OF THE WELLNESS PLAN. I spoke to the Practice Manager who was dumbfounded at the lack of competence to complete something so basic as a chart and speaking to the client. AT NO POINT WERE WE TOLD HIS HEART MURMUR GOT WORSE. Not to mention that he asked to use his chart as an example to show the staff that its important to upkeep a patients chart. We are broken by the loss of our 1 year old kitty and even more upset over the fact that we could have prevented his death. Banfield is a trash hospital and a trash corporation

Christopher Conner

3 years ago

The vet was fired for negligence. It's currently 12am and our 2yr old lab is having seizures while my girlfriend cries for ever trusting Banfield. Protect your pets and save them from Banfield. This company is only in it for the money. We have 6 more months of seizures ahead of us because the vet didn't care about our dog and gave her medication that causes seizures. It's so severe that the medication manufacturer is giving us money to help with the medical bills. Stay away from Banfield. Every time I talk about this with strangers at the dog park they say the same thing. Everyone knows this place is horrible.

Emily Sexton

3 years ago

I have never been treated so nicely as I was today with this Banfield. I called to make an appointment for my pup and Julian said he could see us right away. We got there a few minutes later than we thought but Julian welcomed us with open arms. Julian and Bianca went above and beyond for us and we are very grateful! Thanks! You guys rock!!!!

Eva Valentine

3 years ago

I have a very nervous, fear aggressive little dog and they took great care of him

Jill Shuberg

3 years ago

I signed up for their plan but it was much more of a gimmick than I expected. Multiple times I would take my pup in for a check-up and in turn found out 2 weeks later from my pet camp (different company) that his vaccines needed to be updated. There were SO MANY times that I would have to take him twice within the same month because they just "forgot" to give him something. I would always find out like right before I was about to board him for a trip or something. They're just extremely disorganized. I rarely saw the same employees twice. Their turnover seems really high which might explain why all the chaos. Also, they always ask for post visit surveys which I'm assuming nobody reads because after leaving about a dozen - there was never a response. I don't recommend anyone spending their time on them. It doesn't help that my pup is extra terrified of this place. Their top priority is getting you to sign up for a plan which isn't worth it at all. Whenever you have to take your pup in for a "visit covered by the plan" they always have additional tests or fees. Also, trying to get out of the plan is about as difficult as getting out of a gym membership. I am very excited to try a more local vet that cares about my dog and not just getting money.

levi biddy

3 years ago

I called and told them my puppy was shaking & was acting very weird. I asked if I could come up there so they could check my puppy out. they said they were busy.. go some where that cares about animals

Lilia Alvarado

3 years ago

Banfield Perimeter has some amazing staff members that definitely puts an anxious dog mom and her dog at ease. My dog is not a fan of the vet at all but Julian and Candice loved on my puppy so much and assured me he will be just fine. Dr. Edwards called me on my cell phone to go over my dogs lab work and also told me he did a great job too! She also talked to me about what the next steps we should take for him going forward. I highly recommend Dr. Edwards at this location! She provides superb medical knowledge and is so tender and patient with my anxious pup. Dr. Edwards, Candice and Julian are freaking ROCKSTARS!!! Make sure you check them out when you are dropping off your furry loved on here.

Melissa Byrd Reed

3 years ago

Took care of my Brat

Zack Gonzales

3 years ago

I have had other upsetting experiences with Banfield locations, but at this location rather than calling to check on the health of my pet the next day the doctor called to see if I was accidentally sent home with the title to his car. I have been sent home with the wrong animal's medications before((at another location)but they made that right,) BUT THIS ACT WAS BEYOND UNPROFESSIONAL! I never did receive my wellness call the next day. Come November I will be canceling my wellness plan and finding another vet.

tailah michael

4 years ago

I’ve been here 3 times in the last 2 months. Every time, there are people waiting to be seen and no staff around. I myself wait AT LEAST 15 minutes EVERY time before seeing a staff member. The phone rings, and rings, and rings while I wait, so don’t bother calling. Today, a woman who was waiting when I arrived was told that she missed her appointment. After waiting 15 minutes (plus the minutes she was waiting before I arrived) they attempted to tell her SHE was late. Mind you, we watched this same man come from the coffee room with a fresh cup and not greet anyone as he walked to the back. The other staff member proceeded to argue with her. I stepped in and told them they were out of line and she was seen. Unprofessional. Poor customer service. No sense of urgency. Don’t bring your pets to this hospital.

Shardi Griffin

4 years ago

Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. I had an appointment. It took me 45 ADDITIONAL minutes past my appointment to be …

Kris Cole Image Consulting

4 years ago

If you like FREE CLINIC kind of treatment and professionalism this is the place! After waiting at the EMPTY front desk for over 25 minutes an employee strolls past with a cup of coffee in hand, looks back at us and heads straight to the back. Not once stopping to acknowledge the now 3 people waiting at the front desk. He then emerges another 5 minutes later and waves me to the desk telling me that I would now have to wait until everyone else is seen because i'm "late". I explained to him that I wasn't late and another EXTREMELY RUDE employee who was also in the back the entire time says "Yes you were late!" "You weren't here at 3:00!". i then stated I was here and he said "No you weren't rolled his eyes and proceeded back to his resting place in the back. This character "Avery" then proceeds to walk past the holding cell they placed me in and laughed out loud rudely while I complained about his behavior to the "nurse" who was working the front desk. He passed by the room laughing and saying things under his breath like "chile whatever" the entire time. At that point I decided to call his manager that was at a completely different location in Midtown. These people clearly need on site management and TRAINING! I continued to wait in this room for over an hour without seeing a nurse or doctor. I was told I can just send my dog to the back??? Granted he's due for Bordatella so he shouldn't be in the back with other dogs. I mean ZERO common courtesy, professionalism or respect for long term clients. After the now hour and a half wait i'm headed back home without seeing anyone on one of their slowest days of the week! This is how much they care! I have paid for two plans at nearly $100 per month for almost 20 years so you do the math at the THOUSANDS invested in this terrible company. I also paid over $5000 for cataract surgery at the other company they OWN called Blue Pearl. Long story short they botched his surgery and he was blind within 2 weeks of having it. His left eye requires constant care now. No refund of course! They too refuse to return calls about it or even try to fix it. There's a facebook group dedicated to complaints about this company as well. Today was the last and final straw for me. I will be in touch with corporate. ALL plans will be cancelled and I would suggest that you stay FAR AWAY from these hideous, rude, unprofessional, UNDER qualified, condescending company!

Kimberly Patton

4 years ago

Had a really good experience. My cat is usually not so docile but they handled him very well.

Caroline Johnson

4 years ago

Just don't do it. Go somewhere else! Booked our annual dental cleaning appointment here and dropped my 70lb dog off …

Jamie Poirier

5 years ago

Excellent first visit! Brought my Frenchie in because he wasn’t feeling well. The Office was clean and staff was both friendly and welcoming. Dr. Chappelle was very personable and informative which made me feel at ease. Signed up for their monthly wellness plan, can’t wait to return! Thank you!!!

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