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Amanda Spivey

a year ago

Dr Sasha is amazing and literally saved our dog’s life when he was having uncontrollable seizures. She has consistently worked with me to come up with the best plan for him and I am so grateful to her for her treatment of him and compassion.

Joseph Mills

a year ago

The greatest experience everything. Thank you!

Laurentius Joseph

a year ago

Vet is thorough with her assessment of my new pup and have no issues getting appointment and getting seen . I came all the way from Cartersville.

Jared Tschupp

a year ago

Excellent veterinary clinic! I needed to take one of our cats back after surgery and they were able to squeeze me in first thing in the morning even though they were booked until the afternoon. Very professional and quality care for our cats! Thank you!

abbi E

a year ago

Dr Huston and Cain were exceptionally kind. I really appreciated the thorough explaination of all of the services. I feel very confident bringing my cats here for future visits!

Michelle Olsen

a year ago

Very pleased with my experience there today. They were able to fit me in on short notice and get my old pup in for an exam. Very friendly and accommodating. We left with a quote for the recommended procedure and antibiotics to use in the meantime. Waiting area is outside due to Covid but they were sweet enough to give a coloring book to my kids while we waited. I would definitely recommend.

Ellen Gray

a year ago

One of the most kind hearted, diligent and talented vets I have ever met.

Yelena Szatmary

a year ago

Dr. Huston help me to manage last years of my cat. She provided advice anytime I needed a second opinion since I live far. She has been professional, helpful and extremely empathetic.

Tanya Quillian

a year ago

Great vet and staff. My babies are definitely well taken care of. Dr. Sasha is so compassionate as well as her staff. I couldn’t be more pleased with their office.

Melissa Berelsman

a year ago

Dr. Sasha and her staff are great! She is a very compassionate and knowledgeable veterinarian!

Mary Weber

a year ago

I have known this vet since high school. She is the kindest, most caring person you could ask to meet. She is also such a hard worker and values the people and pets in her life. You can trust her with your beloved pet!

Maria Donnelly

a year ago

One of the most caring, knowledgable, and dedicated veterinarians I have ever worked with.

Kay Nyne

a year ago

Brought my dog in for routine vaccinations and my dog has had a slight limp that comes and goes, and was treated wonderfully by the Dr. Huston and her team. She gave me and my dog her undivided attention and after a few diagnostics and a thorough physical exam we concluded it was actually an injury from puppyhood. After a generous helping of peanut butter and some scratches, my dog and I didn’t even know the vaccinations had been administered. As the clinic doesn’t have an ultrasound on site to hone in on a diagnosis and he doctor said orthopedic surgery is not her strong suit, we talked over pain management options and I was presented a few differing options. I was explained the pros and cons and eventually settled on an affordable mix of kidney-friendly anti-inflammatory meds and pain reducers so I can eventually save up for further diagnosis and surgery with a specialist. Although it was a tad pricier for the services than I anticipated, I could not be happier with the compassionate and detail-oriented care I received from Dr. Huston and her team. You can really tell the team loves what they do by they way they interact with your pets and spend time learning about your specific situation to help create a plan that makes everyone happier! ALSO Shoutout to Jessa for the information about the different vaccinations for my new puppy, he loves playing in puddles so we HAD to get the Lepto vaccine!

Kate McGowan

a year ago

Great vet, wonderful staff! Highly recommend!

Julie Piccione

a year ago

Dr. Huston is a great diagnostician and compassionate veterinarian.

Jessica It's All Good

a year ago

My husband and I recently got 2 kittens. This is my first time ever having fur babies, and my husband only had fur pets when he was really young. So you can imagine how nervous I was when it was time to pick a vet. Now that we've found Sandy Paws, I am so happy. They are super kind and helpful to new pet parents. The kittens did so good on their first visit. The staff clearly LOVES animals! They are so sweet to our babies and from what I can tell, seem to really know what they're doing. The vet and the people, who I guess are like nurses for animals, answer ALL of my questions. That gives me confidence as a pet owner. They even answer questions on an app sometimes at odd hours for like emergencies and stuff. I'm so happy we found them and will be using them from now on!

Holly Deal

a year ago

I am very grateful to have found Dr. Sasha Huston for my pets!! She and her team are gracious, kind, and responsive. I feel totally comfortable bringing my pets to her, knowing they will get quality, professional care. I also very much appreciate Dr. Sasha's responsiveness to my questions! Her advice has been sound and helpful. Even when I've gotten emotional and grouchy the times I have brought in a sick pet, Dr. Sasha and her techs have been patient and understanding. They know how deep love for a pet can be and how hard it is to see them suffer. They still treated me compassionately, yet professionally, when I spoke unkindly out of my own grief for my pet's suffering that was no fault of their own. I trust Dr. Sasha will do all she can to help her clients (which subsequently helps their human companions who care for them) to be healthly and happy. She genuinely cares, takes time to explain pets' problems and needs, gives a price quote before administering treatment if any is needed, has reasonable prices, and she treats her clients as individuals and not just the next name on her schedule. For all of this, I highly recommend her.

Christina Cain

a year ago

While my pets are not current patients at Sandy Paws (unfortunately we live too far away), Dr. Huston has treated them in the past and she is one of the best!! I’ve also had the privilege of working with Dr. Huston at a prior veterinary clinic and her dedication and commitment is beyond compare. From a client/patient perspective, it can sometimes be easy to forget my pets aren’t the only patients. From a coworker perspective, I can personally say I’ve seen Dr. Huston “behind the scenes” after her patients have left where she has continued to put hours into research, treatment, etc so a pet receives the best possible care. I’ve watched her work 12-14 hour days multiple days in a row, spending more time with coworkers than her own family, all while providing a level of care and expertise that every animal deserves. I truly cannot say enough good stuff about Dr. Huston and would 100% recommend her as the best for pets!!

Chelsea Cameron

a year ago

I love Dr. Sasha! I drive from 45 minutes away to take my pets and any rescue fosters to her. I love that she is very knowledgeable and takes her time to listen to you during the appointment. My absolute favorite part with Dr. Sasha is that she emails you a summary of the visit and everything that was discussed. As a nurse I don’t know of a human medical doctor that does this and am truly amazed that she does this and makes it so easy to keep up with your pets medical records and treatments.

Cain Henderson

a year ago

Wonderful staff and caring crew that will give it to you straight with a side of compassion. If you are looking for yes men to agree with your self-diagnosis this is not the place to go. The force free atmosphere makes you feel much more at ease upon arrival and definitely makes for a smoother experience all around

Roxanne Parsa

2 years ago

Spoke with a very nice veterinarian

Brandon Coffey

2 years ago

Dr Sasha was great. She was very patient with Momo as he tends to get very anxious at the vet. She also had some great recommendations for his health as he is starting to get a bit older. Couldn't recommend this clinic enough.

paul swaine

2 years ago

Just brought our new Pug puppy to this clinic. Staff were super friendly. . Facility is clean and welcoming . Totally recommend this Dr.

Phillykid 512

2 years ago

Nice and friendly service and staff. And Covid-19 friendly.

Jim Perkerson

2 years ago

One of my pups had veterinary urgency with a badly broken, but not completely sheared, front toe nail from a nasty spill he took. The vet I've regularly used thought setting an appt for two weeks out was ok or I could go to the 24 hour vet (one star for cobb emergency vet btw). Since we were turned away at the door by vet...I started searching. On the way home while making calls I saw this office had opened where another vet's office had been previously and swung in to see if they could help. They did. And they were muuuch more reasonable in cost than those I'd called just before. He had to be sedated for the removal. And they let me be inside with him (not sure that's their normal policy, but I'm grateful for the exception if that's the case). Dr Sasha and her team were fast, friendly, effective. Ias so impressed I said to them on the way out the door, "I'll make sure I leave you five stars on google...." As a small business owner, I know how important that is. So here I am Great job, Sandy Paws. Y'all saved the day for my boy and I. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Bryan Gonzalez

2 years ago

Great staff, went in for a check up and they were very nice and friendly. They are currently treating my dog and I would definitely recommend them.

Emily Surber

2 years ago

Dr. Sasha and the staff at Sandy Paws are wonderful! They treated both me and my cat with kindness and respect. Even though I called probably every 30 minutes while my cat was in surgery, I always got an update without any sense of being an annoyance to the staff at all. I really appreciate that.

Michael M

2 years ago

I decided to go to this vet since our primary wasn't able to get my cat in as soon as we hoped because he started to produce a foul hormonal oder smell in which my pregnant wife and I couldnt handle. Neutering was quick and fast, no issues with the procedure so far. I left my cat there for the day and came for pickup before closing, as I had to be at work. My cat was not treated very kindly as he sat in his carrier with no food ⁶ water for the day. Poor thing peed in the carrier and vet was aware as she told my wife he peed in there.,I wouldn't have minded paying for him to be fed, sat in a rommier cage rather than his carrier, and taken care of for the day. Then medication was very pricey, in which I opted out of since our primary vet already provided us with it. I wasnt able to pick up my cat due to work so my wife did. I did discuss the totals as to what we will be paying for during pick up in which my wife paid for whatever the total was not realizing that the medication of over $40 was added to the bill. (Once again what I opted out for since our primary already provided it to us.) Overall, they did a good job during the operation, but their pet care service and billing wasn't professional.

Vera Henson

2 years ago

Dr. Sasha is incredible! She not only is knowledgeable but she is so attentive to me and my chocolate lab, Alfie. She sends follow up emails of what was discussed at the Appointment as well as answers any questions I have via email or phone call. Her staff is Uber friendly! I highly recommend this vet!

Stephen Bianchi

2 years ago

Brought my special little kitty in to be spayed and the team here was really nice and put me at ease. Dr. Sasha was kind, the surgery went fast, and my little on healed well. Really appreciate it.

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