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Yolanda C.

2 years ago

Dr. Ruth Scott is awesome. Started going here when my spouse and I met as she was using them. I loved the honest down to earth approach and the great rapport Dr. Ruth has with her patients and owners. Definitely recommend.

Mike Tinsley

2 years ago

Kind considerate, knowledgeable and above, they take the time to help you!!

Lewis Gaines

2 years ago

Dr. Ruth Scott is amazing and my family and I appreciate her and all of the staff at Whiteway Animal Hospital.

John Shinholser

2 years ago

I had been seeing Dr. Scott for years and thought highly of her, but have just had the worst experience of my life with her business. My cat, Maddie, who she served as vet for many years, fell ill and had to be taken to a veterinary hospital. Maddie's condition continued to deteriorate and I was asked to make a decision about extending time on very expensive treatments while her tests went on for several days. The alternatives would be taking her off life-preserving oxygen or putting her down and the hospital made it clear they could not make definitive statements about my kitty's chances. I called Dr. Scott's office to see if she could give me advice--even just a minute or two--about Maddie's situation. The lady at the front desk informed me, very pointedly, that Dr. Scott was far too busy to speak with me. I asked if maybe we could speak, even just a couple of minutes, by the end of the day, and made it clear that I was making a difficult choice about my pet's life or death. The front desk lady made it clear that she viewed this question as an imposition and that there was no way Dr. Scott could speak to me, even if we tried to make a paid appointment at the end of the day. She brought up the idea of a paid appointment, though I hadn't mentioned it. I would have been willing to pay if that was what it took, but hadn't considered the idea that a five minute phone consultation with a long-term vet might need to be billed. Fool that I am, I suppose. I had hoped someone who was ostensibly warm in all my previous interactions with her, and who had helped me look after my pet through most of the time she shared her life with me, would have the compassion to spend five minutes talking to me about the end of that pet's life. My exact words to them at the end of our conversation: "I'm making a decision about whether my cat lives or dies today, please." Their exact words: "I know. Have a *nice* day." Not even an offer to let the vet know what was happening. I'm heartbroken today, I feel alone and abandoned by the expert I had trusted, and my faith in humanity has been done a small injury. Dr. Scott is a competent vet, but her office lacks compassion. Don't expect much from these fair weather friends.

Ann Railsback

3 years ago

As the daughter of a large animal vet, this is just the type of care and place I was looking for after my other favorite vet retired and left the Atlanta area. Thankfully I found her through my neighbors. Just make sure you have all the information you need always from Dr. Ruth as other's have stated the front desk lady is not only short in her speak, but short in her research both from records and asking me the customer more information before she gives an answer. If you can please look past this as Dr. Ruth is great all around true quality vet. not over treating pets.


3 years ago

This vet feels different from other vets. The veterinarian we had when we brought our weimaraner for a stomach ache was probably the nicest, most loving veterinarian we've ever had. She genuinely felt like she wanted the best for our dog and she didn't charge us a lot either. Our usual vet, while we like them, doesn't really give off the loving feel (they're great at their job but they're expensive and feels like our dog is a pet and not a member of the family). It really feels different when you get someone that feels like your dog is their dog too and not just another patient. The reason I gave this place 4 stars however is because, like others have stated, calling can be stressful and the person that answers the phone doesn't have a lot of patience. Still, give this place a try if you need a vet when you can't make a reservation with your normal vet.

Connie McKinnon

3 years ago

Great vet. So sweet to our cat. Made me feel good and the cat seemed fine too.

trudy jacek

3 years ago

Dr. Ruth is the most caring vets I know.

Alicia Williams

3 years ago

I had an overall good experience. The doctor was sweet and super laid back. I felt that they cared for me and my cat. They took such great care of her while she stayed for 2 nights to recover. This place was highly recommended by my neighbor and I am ever so grateful!

Donna Pagan

3 years ago

Always a great experience! Great prices too!!!

Nick Shiovitz

3 years ago

She really cares about the animals and what’s best for each one. She took her time with us, had great recommendations for our senior dog and their prices were fair. We’ve already been back with both of our dogs!

Jay Collins

3 years ago

I picked up medicine for a friend...they just were not friendly at all. Made me feel like i was unwelcome

Jacqueline Owens (Jackie)

3 years ago

Couldn't tell ya. New to the neighborhood and asked around searching for a cost efficient but family owned clinic. A BUNCH of people referred Whiteway because of the veterinarian but when I called the very rude woman who answered the phone definitely deterred me from considering the place as an option. I hate that the obviously well accredited doctor's hard work is being overshadowed by a cranky customer service person.

John Chambers

3 years ago

I hold Dr. Scott in the highest regards. I have taken my pets to her for over 15 years and have been extremely satisfied with her advice related to and care for my pets. I highly recommend Whiteway Animal Hospital.

Lilian Tejada

3 years ago

Dr. Ruth is very caring and has done a lot for our blind 16 year old cat with several tumors which she removed. He also has a heart condition and the eyes need regular treatment. She has taken care of him for 10 years at a very reasonable price.

Lill Elena

3 years ago

She is great with our 16 year old blind cat Granite. He has so many health issues and she is always there for him. Very knowledgeable and patient. Very reasonable prices.

Margaret Wise

3 years ago

Whiteway Animal Hospital has been a God Sent. Very understanding of my dogs needs and treats her like family attends to my old girl needs and concerns Takes time to talk to me about what we can do to get her back to as normal as possible. Love Love Love Whiteway Animal Hospital. 5 star.????????

Melinda Roberts

3 years ago

I have been going to Dr. Scott for years with my Basset Hounds. She and her staff have always been so friendly, taking the time to listen, & to explain everything to me. That is why they are always so busy, but never act like they are in a hurry. I only have one Basset now.....my sweet Digger got very sick several years ago. He was 13 1/2 years old. Dr. Scott suggested I leave him with her, so she could figure out what was wrong. Basically, he was old, & his body was worn out. She called me & asked me to come to her office to discuss his condition. When I got there, she told me she thought it was “time”, and sent Digger peacefully to heaven with dignity. I will always be grateful for her kindness during this hard, sad time. So now I just have Wally, who is 12 1/2. Wally , for some reason has always despised other animals.....regardless of what kind, their size, etc. Now that I am getting older, it became very hard for me to control him around other animals, so I decided to try a mobile vet for his needs. She came & gave him his yearly vaccinations, and exam, & was very sweet to him. He loves all people, but not animals! He has had a growth in his forehead for years, which both vets said was not dangerous. Last week as he was was exploring in our large backyard, he bumped into a branch or something, & tore the growth. Being on his head, it bled a lot. I knew there was no one else to call but Dr. Scott. They got him in that day, & welcomed us back with open arms. She removed the growth today, & when I went to pick him up, the receptionist had him resting behind the desk with her on a towel. He’s already eaten a little, & had a small amount of water. He even barked at a squirrel he could see in our front yard! I’m so grateful for the entire Whiteway Animal Hospital. The Mobile Vet was very nice, but no one will ever compare to Dr. Scott & her staff. Her love for animals is so obvious, & her prices are extremely reasonable. I am a Whiteway Animal client for life????❤️????

Miguel Lacayo

3 years ago

Super friendly vet and great communicator. Very personalized service and friendly staff.

Kelly Lewis

3 years ago

Dr. Ruth and her staff are awesome! I highly recommend!

Ellen Garber

3 years ago

Super service and reasonable charges.

Elfrieda Ellison

3 years ago

Best Veteran in the area.

Dianne Schread

3 years ago

Dr. Ruth is the best!

Crystal Grow

3 years ago

I love Whiteway Animal Hospital. Thank you for giving my dog the best care.

Phil Burchfield

3 years ago

so i've just returned from leaving our beloved 15 year old black tuxedo cat alice with whiteway to assist us with ending her suffering from late stage kidney disease. we did not have an appointment and the parking lot was full. we waited outside with the other patrons for the office to resume afternoon hours and they understood what we were experiencing. the staff quickly accepted alice and delivered her from pain and suffering. she was a beloved soft, furry, purring, warm, playful assertive beast who was deeply loved, and will be fondly remembered and sorely missed. we thank the whiteway staff and patrons for their kindness and consideration during this stressful and painful experience.

Aaron Stanford

3 years ago

No words for the care and compassion we receive here.

Phillip Bullard

3 years ago

Over three decades of great service to our pets. Great people to do business with.

Thong Le

3 years ago

I've brought many of ours and friends' pups here in the past 20 years. They've always been caring, friendly and very fair pricing. I highly recommend Dr. Ruth and staff. It's not the most state of the art modern looking building but that's not what matters so don't judge and you will be blown away by Dr Ruth's care.

Tiffany Ramsey

3 years ago

I was referred to this clinic, so with this being said it does say a lot. But just based off my 2 minute long phone conversation it was probably on the top of my worst clinics I have spoke with today. I was trying to find the best care possible for my Fur baby and the women answering the phone seemed like she may need to retire and or find a job she enjoys and will allow her to show some compassion. She was very aggressive speaking as I have already had a long day of crying and hard decisions to make and this was the last person I needed to have a run in with. I took my business somewhere else to say the least.

Emily A

3 years ago

It's cheap. But you pay for it in other ways like inconvenient hours, very long ways, and misdiagnosis. It happened to us and to multiple friends in the area. For us, we weren't able to get the correct diagnosis until it was too late and we were told it could have been prevented. Dr. Ruth is very nice and I know mistakes happen but since it has happened multiple times in recent years in my circle it feels more like a pattern.

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